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Yvette Ch. 01

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My father died six years ago due to prolonged illness.

My mother remarried and moved to live in another town.

By now, at 44 years I was married too and had a 6 years old daughter.

After finishing my studies to become an engineer at a far away university, I continued working there for several years. Now, since my parent’s old house was vacated, we moved back to live there.

One day I spotted Yvette, who used to be a good friend of my parents, walking in front of me in one of the aisles of the nearby supermarket.

I haven’t seen her in years, but her familiar body and walk didn’t change much…

I approached her.

“Hi Yvette, how are you doing these days?”

She stared at me blankly, obviously not knowing who I was…”

“I am Ron! You used to be friends with my parents…”

“Ron?… How can it be?! I remember you as a nice boy and here you are a giant of a man…”

I chuckled, “I am no giant. I am 6’2”. But YOU look wonderful! I love your hair…

I guess that’s as good a time as any to describe Yvette.

When I was 14 years old, I was already taller than her. In order to compensate for her short stature, Yvette was always wearing high heel shoes and she puffed her hair. Her face was pretty. Once she was seen from the front, her most noticeable feature was her huge breasts… Perhaps on a taller woman they’d look average, but Yvette was short and had slender waist… Think Dolly Parton…

She had to be 60-65 years old now. Her face was still pretty, although some wrinkles were noticed around her eyes and near her mouth…

Yvette smiled at me, “Ron, come here, I want to hug you! I haven’t seen you in ages… You became a handsome man! It is so nice to see you at last…”

“Listen, I promised to be home in 20 minutes, so I have to run now. But can I visit you one of these days in the afternoon? I’d love to chat with you…”

“Ron I am free almost every afternoon and evening. Let me know a day in advance and I’ll prepare a cake & coffee. Or dinner if you wish…”

“Girl, can we have a date next Tuesday afternoon? It’s my easiest day at work. Is 5 pm OK?”

Yvette laughed. Her beautiful face lit up… “You make me so happy. I’ll be waiting for you at home.”

On Tuesday I rang the door bell at 5:10 pm.

Yvette opened the door for me. She had on a short black dress with matching high heels shoes. The puffed hair was freshly done and her makeup was flawless. She looked much younger than her true age…

“Yvette, you look beautiful! If I weren’t married…”

Yvette blushed, “Oh Ron, stop the flattering and tell me about you and your family. I’ll go to the kitchen and bring something to eat, so talk loudly!” Then she turned around and moved to the kitchen.

Actually a better word is ‘swayed’ toward the kitchen… Yvette round cheeks were dancing on her high heels…

Jeez! This lady is more than 60 years old!… What am I thinking?!…

“Well, I got married 8 years ago and I have a daughter, who’s going to be 6 next month. I work as an engineer in a medium size firm… Look, enough about me! What about your family?”

“Benji, my husband was much older than me. He died years ago after a fatal stroke. Renae, my daughter, is now married with 3 cute children. They moved to California long time ago. She is a high school teacher.”

“So you stay all by yourself in this big house?!…”

Yvette gazed at me with her big blue eyes, “Yes Ron, that is usually almanbahis what happens when a woman gets older…”

“So what do you do all day long?”

“I read a lot. Three times a week I go to yoga classes and 2 other days I go to Zumba. At least once a week I do shopping in the same supermarket you saw me and occasionally old friends visit me…”

“Yvette, you look fantastic! Why isn’t there another man in your life?”

“Ron, you are young. At your age everything is simple and logical… I tried twice, but it didn’t work. So I gave up…”

If I weren’t married, I’d grab you myself with both my arms and carried you to a wedding place!…”

Yvette, blushing again, “Oh, shut up… Stop flirting with me and eat your cake! I made it especially for you. I still remember how much you liked my chocolate cake when you were younger… But if you like something else now, let me know. It will be nice to bake for somebody else for a change…”

Memories… Yes, I used to love this delicious cake… In fact, I like the taste a lot now too!

“Yvette, if you continue feeding me awesome cakes, you won’t be able to get rid of me!…”

“Ron, seriously now. You are always welcome. I liked you when you were a child and I like you now. You give me a list of your favorite cakes and other foods, so when I know that you’ll be joining me, everything will be ready for you! We can watch TV together…”

“Yvette, I’d love to… Is it all right if I show up on Thursday?”

“That’s perfect. My yoga class is in the morning, so I’ll have time to shower… Any idea what you wish to munch on?”

“Yvette, I don’t want you to work extra because of me! We’ll watch TV and as far as I am concerned, even simple popcorn will do. I’ll bring wine. BTW, what alcoholic beverage do you like?”

“You choose. But I prefer white wine over red!”

We sat on the loveseat in the living room and watched an old chapter of M.A.S.H. It was funny. We both enjoyed it and laughed a lot.

I left her house at 8:30 pm. My wife was used to me occasionally arriving home late and didn’t mention it.

I played with my daughter for 15 minutes and then I put her to sleep.

Thursday at 3:30 pm I was already at Yvette’s.

She held my hands, pulled me down and kissed me on my cheek. “Thank you for thinking about me…”

“Oh, nonsense! Here is a French white wine. I hope you like it…”

I poured from the bottle for both of us. It was a great wine (I discovered it when we went to a French restaurant before). Yvette liked it too. Together we finished the whole bottle that evening…

I let Yvette choose the TV program we watched. She selected 2 episodes of Seinfeld. I sat by her side, hugged her shoulder and together we were glued to screen, laughing like 2 children…

It was simple, so unpretentious and fun!

Before leaving, I kissed her forehead, “Yvette, food or no food, I like being here with you… Can we do it again?”

“You are joking now, aren’t you??? You know that you being here makes my day!… When do you want to watch TV again?”

“Yvette, I can watch TV at home if I wanted to. I love to be with you… TV is just a nice excuse…”

She stared at my face for a long moment… But she didn’t say anything.

“See you again next Tuesday. Next time I’ll bring a case of that wine, so you’ll feel obligated to invite me again…”

“Ron dear, as I said, you do not need an excuse. With you I feel like family. almanbahis giriş You can drop in whenever you want, I am rarely out…”

“Next Tuesday then.” I kissed her cheek and left.

The upcoming weekend we visited good friends. The ladies sat in the kitchen while we, men, were watching football. There was a lot of beer and our team was winning. Everybody was cheering and shouting and jumping…

Suddenly we heard the hostess, “Guys, little quiet please. We are not as sophisticated as you guys, and football is not our thing. We silly girls chat about unimportant subjects like yoga, but we cannot hear ourselves when your screams are so loud!”

“Yes, ma’am!” her husband responded.

Our group quieted a bit.

The word ‘yoga’ reminded me of Yvette and for the rest of the day I could not take Yvette off my mind…

Her gorgeous smile, tall heels and especially her enormous tits juggled in front of my eyes every couple of minutes…

At one time one of my friends commented that I was unusually quiet. I told him that stress at work was taking a toll on me.

Tuesday at 3 pm I was at Yvette’s door.

She let me in, dressed in a long sleeveless gown. I complimented her (absorbing her voluptuous body…).

“Yvette, you look prettier and prettier every time I see you!…”

“Ron, you really do not need to compliment me every time you come here.” Chuckling, “I promise that I’ll continue baking and even cooking for you whenever you show up.” Pensive, “I just want you to continue visit me and be nice to me…”

“Yvette, during the weekend I was thinking about you… a lot! For some reason I couldn’t get you off my mind for hours… How can you even think that I might be ‘not nice’ to you?!…”

Yvette silently stared at my face for a minute.

“Let’s watch TV. There is a romantic drama that is starting soon. I don’t know if you are going to enjoy it, because it may turn out to be a chick flick, but let’s give it a try.” Pleading, “OK?…”

“On one condition lady! It may turn out to be a sad story, so I want to be very close to you, in case I’ll begin shedding tears…”

Yvette smiling, “You are so cute when you behave like a child… Go pour us some wine and I’ll bring the cheesecake. Yes, I decided to use your mother’s recipe and prepare for you something different today. Please don’t hate me if it’s not as good as your mother’s…”

I hugged her. Her massive boobs felt soft against my tummy. My cock started throbbing…

We sipped the wine and I ate a large piece of cake. I felt great…

I sat on the sofa. Yvette sat on my right. She leaned on my chest, then grabbed my right hand and placed it on her sleeveless shoulder.

Her skin was smooth and silky.

While watching the movie, my hand started trailing from her shoulder to the arm and back.

Yvette eyes were focused on the screen and she did not talk.

During a sad part of the show, Yvette’s head turned away from the screen and she hugged me.

I hugged her too and gently kissed her forehead.

She lifted her face and looked me in the eye…

“Yvette dear, you have no idea what I am tempted to do right now…”

She didn’t answer. Her beautiful eyes were aimed at my mouth…

Slowly I bent down and softly kissed her red lips.

Yvette continued staring at my face. She was speechless.

I kissed her again. This time more passionately.

Slowly I felt her lips open almanbahis yeni giriş up for me. My tongue licked her tasty lips.

She sighed and let my tongue slip into her mouth.

I found her tongue and swirled around it, forcing hers into my mouth.

I gently sucked on her tongue and hugged her tighter…

Suddenly her face moved away from mine.

She looked at the TV screen again for sometime and then her body moved even closer to me with her head now leaning on my mid chest. Then she took my hand, put it on her shoulder again and was leading it up and down with her own hand. I let her guide my hand offering no resistance.

Then I noticed that my hand was gradually being shifted medially…

Yvette was directing me to meet her marvelous breasts…

Before I even reached her boobs, just the thought of what was coming next made my cock to start tenting my pants…

Yvette planted my palm on her covered tit and moved her hand away…

Initially my hand shook slightly as I was touching the softness as gently as I could.

Then I massaged the big soft areola, making sure to avoid the nipple for now.

I heard Yvette starting to moan. Her left hand moved to my thigh and she was holding it tight.

At last my hand reached her nipple. It was harder than expected…

Her hand squeezed my thigh harder.

I used my free hand to grab hers and guided her back and forth on my thigh.

Yvette stopped watching TV and turned her head toward my chest. She sniffed my shirt and sighed again.

My right hand was now openly massaging her glorious breast.

She moaned and lifted her head toward my face.

I French-kissed her, this time with her lips obediently open and my tongue exploring freely the inside of her moist mouth…

Her moans became whimpers and her hand reached very close to my groin!

I turned slightly in her direction and slowly I began unfastening her gown buttons.

Yvette breathing quickened and her heart beat sounded like a racehorse gallop…

She was aroused… Just like me!

My cock was now pushing hard against my pants, trying to break free…

Yvette’s mouth disengaged from mine and she lowered her face down.

Her gasp told me that she noticed my predicament…

Her hand slipped onto my boner and lovingly caressed it.

She then lifted her face again and silently watched for my reaction.

I nodded ‘yes’…

Yvette continued staring at me..

I felt her fingers struggling to unzip my pants.

Once she was done, I kissed her again.

Her hand found my briefs waist, lowered it and then her hand met my tumescent pole.

By now, fully erect, my cock has extended to 7.5″.

Her small grip could not reach the whole circumference.

She gasped again. She was likely surprised by my size…

I was proud!

My hand began kneading her bra covered orbs more forcefully than before and every now and then I pinched her nipple. Every time her nipple was touched, Yvette’s whimpering grew louder…

It was time to make it more comfortable…

I lifted her face to mine, kissed Yvette gently and said, “Dear girl, I think it’s time to move to your bed…”

She looked at me, the lust in her eyes easily noticed, and whispered, “Are you sure? Once we go all the way, there is no going back…”

“Love, I don’t want us to go back! From the first day I saw you in the supermarket I wanted you! I want to touch you, to feel you, to play with your marvelous tits, to lick you and… YES, to fuck you too… I want to give you the best orgasm you ever experienced! And after that to continue playing with your sexy body until you cum again and again… I want to leave you tired… but HAPPY!!!”

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