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Mom is a Opportunist

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This a more recent incident. I will write more stories about when and how I first found out that my mom is a whore later. Till then enjoy my first story. Also give review of how I should write these stories and feel free to contact me through this profile.



I am 19 years old and live with my mom and dad. Dad is a professor at a local institute in my area. Mom is 38 years old but I don’t know how she has maintained herself to look at least 10 years younger. she sure doesn’t do any exercise or yoga, neither she has to do any of the work at the house as we have house help. My mom is also having sexual relations with him. I know that my mom is very promiscuous. I think my dad knows too but I am not sure, but if he doesn’t know, he is the most stupid person I know cause I know at least 8 people who have fucked my mom.

Coming to this specific incident.

This year(2022) in August, our house was under renovation but we were still in the house as we did not have anywhere else to go and hotel would have costed too much. we had 2 workers doing the job, one around 25 years of age and one was older, like 35 or 40. Both of them were average looking but the younger one was more muscular and tall. The renovation work continued for nine to ten days. Our lives were continuing like normal, dad used to go to his classes, me and mom were in the house as always, we just had to adjust a little bit and let those two do their job, there was always some noise like nails being beaten into wood, wood cutter machine, drilling machine. From the first day itself, my mom started flirting with the younger guy, she would bring him water, chat with him while he works, joke almanbahis around, compliment him. I remember her saying ” you sure know how to drill ” while looking at his biceps. She would wear tighter cloths to show off her body, also deep-neck tops to show off her boobs. This all continued throughout the renovation period.

On the fourth day, after my dad went to college, it was 1 PM, the workers were replacing my room’s door. They first removed the old door, then put a almost door sized wood piece in its place to measure. I was on my computer before this but I turned my chair around to see what they were doing, they fit the door to its location without fixing it in place. I was watching all this from this inside my room and they were this from the other side of the door. Suddenly I realized, they were not there(on the other side of the door), so I stood up and went to the door and tried to push it, but it was too tight, it was forcefully put in its place and was jammed form all four sides.

“Are you there?” I asked slowly, then banged the door three to four times.

“Yes” The older guy said. ” The door is stuck, Jim(younger guy) has gone to take the cutter, so we can remove the door, we didn’t put a handle on it so we don’t have anything to pull it off with.”

“Ok, no problem, it suddenly went silent, so I just thought that you guys were not there.” I said and went back on my computer desk.

“I am going to check, I think he is not able to find it” the guy replied.

I didn’t reply back and continued do what I was doing on the computer. All of a sudden I heard something, it was not very loud, but I was in shock. I knew exactly what the sound was. It was the sound of my mother moaning. almanbahis giriş I was stunned, stopped what I was doing and was still and listening to her moaning. The more I focused, the more clear it became that my mom was being boned by the two men renovating our house.

I didn’t move a inch from my chair, till her moaning went silent. It was all for ten minutes. Then suddenly I heard the workers on the other side of my door. I panicked and put a headphone on. They removed the stuck door within a minute. I stood up and walked outside the door, telling both of them that I needed to pee. I waked fast towards the other part of the house hoping to see the freshly-fucked condition of my mom. I saw my mom standing in the kitchen, perfect looking, like nothing happened, she was wearing a red legging and a long tight t-shirt which reached to lower part of her ass and around mid thighs. She asked me if I needed anything. I said “water” in plain voice.

She came towards me to where the refrigerator was, she opened it, took a bottle poured some water in a glass and gave it to me. I was too shocked to speak anything. After that she turned around and walked to where she was before. That’s when I noticed that her legging was a little wet around her crotch. I smiled and returned back to my room. I went to the laundry room and checked in the basket if there was any panty she might have put after the fuck. There was none, I checked 2 more times in the laundry if she has put any panty there, but no luck.

The workers left at around 5 PM. My dad came around 6:30 PM. Now it was 8 PM and I went to the dining room, saw that mom has changed her clothes, which she definitely did after my dad came home. Because almanbahis yeni giriş I saw her receive my dad in the same cloths she wore whole day. I was too excited, I finished my dinner as soon as possible and directly went to the laundry room. I her red legging in the basket, I picked it up and there I found beneath it ‘HER PANTY’. I picked it up, I could feel that it was wet. I quickly turned it around to find the inner part of its crotch area. I found it, and it was covered in cum. I instantly became hard the thought that my mom wore a panty filled with those worker’s cum whole day. I masturbated on that panty and put it the way it was before.

Next day I woke up after my dad was already gone. I came outside to the living room area. The older worker was working on a window and the younger guy was standing at space between the living room and the kitchen taking support of a wall, his hands folded. I went to the bathroom waking past him. I was ready to take a shower when I remember, I forgot to take a underwear with me. I come outside the bathroom and I see directly at the back of that standing guy, but this time my mom is also standing beside him, she is wearing a Tight jeans and a T-shirt which is shorter than the one she wore yesterday its barely reaching the top of the jeans, they are both facing the other direction, he is still standing with the support(leaning) of the wall with his left shoulder and his right hand is on my mom’s ass, he is squeezing her ass, he then goes a little lower and starts rubbing her pussy from behind, then he suddenly stops and slaps her ass once and walks forward to continue his work.

I still don’t know if both of them fucked her or just that younger guy, but I found her cum-filled panties all the remaining days when they worked and I am sure they were not filled with my dad’s cum.

Give feedback as this is my first story, I will write about other incidents and all of them would be real, unless I specify otherwise.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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