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The Royal Court Ch. 01

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Please note all characters in this story are above the age of 18.

The princess tossed and turned in her bed, her ample breasts heaving with desire, their peaks painfully erect, peaked through her gauzy nightgown thin with the sweat of her arousal. Below the thin material her pale thighs quivered as they rubbed together, parting to reveal her cotton undergarments sodden with excitement.

Heat pulsed from her forbidden depths which almost begged her to reach down and touch them.

As if in response to the whims of her nethers Her hand’s roved beneath her nightgown, grasping at the soft pampered flesh a result of the pampered life she led, Magdalene’s soft skin usually pale was flushed and felt feverishly warm to her touch.

The princess glanced at the door to her bedchamber conscious of the view if someone should walk in however, none of her maids would dare enter without permission. She was truly alone and the thought made her shiver in anticipation holding back a moan as her hands massaged her bosom, kneading her breasts roughly as she attempted to soothe her hardened aerolas.

She had been denied her nightly satisfaction for over a month, as her family almanbahis had traveled to their winter residence and there had been no time alone for herself. Of course she had sneaked rubs beneath her dress or massaged her bosom at night but the temporary relief was only that, increasing her desperation for a more satisfying conclusion to her predicament.

By the time she had reached the winter residence the lower confines of her heavy dress was damp, her folds a red mess and every step sent a jolt of pleasure through her clit which now sat large and swollen, it’s engorged outline visible through her underwear.

Magdalene reached down as if in response stroking herself above the soft cotton, she sank into her bed reaching for her soft mammaries, grabbing handfuls of her pale flesh, her nails digging in almost painfully as she suppressed another moan.

Stroking herself properly now, her panties became unable to cope as her desperate pussy leaked arousal, swollen and needing to be touched more.

The poor princess overcome with desire desperately rubbed at the wetness over her pants yet was no closer to any kind of relief than when she started, her undergarments almanbahis giriş had go as they blocked full access to the places where she might gain the most pleasure.

Magdalene tore her hand away and slid out of her dress which was now completely soaked with her exertions, a cool draft now caressed her erect nipples making them painfully hard their colour darkening as if bruised. The princess cupped them with her hands, massaging them to relive some of the pressure however, her ministrations of her sensitive globes only drove her further into a frenzy.

Now shaking with need Magdalene pushed down her pants to her ankles bringing her legs up in one fluid motion, both her nightgown and now pants lay in pile next to her bed however, they were quickly forgotten as all attention was turned to the spot between her legs, now exposed to the air and the cold draught, her sticky petals rippled as she parted them, stroking her clitoris with her thumb which was now engorged like a small olive.

The princess moaned into the dark shadows of her room forgetting who might hear or perhaps not caring, wracked with mindless pleasure she turned over, grinding almanbahis yeni giriş on her hand to simulate the movements of an imaginary lover beneath her. She gasped and panted, her body shaking and quivering, she greedily squeezed her breasts and her eyes closed as she tweaked at her hard nipples imagining the hands of a strong man on her as she worked herself up.

Magdalene’s world seemed to narrow to the small place between her legs, the stress and frustration of the past month melted away as she neared her orgasm. Her hands worked even faster as she desperately tried to reach completion, her fingers plundering deep into her molten depths and stroking her clit which was almost painful to the touch as she pressured it with her thumb.

The princess arched her back screaming into her pillow, her eyes rolling to the back of her head as the orgasm hit her. Her body shaking uncontrollably, the relief, now she had it was almost unbearable, her clit was white hot as her pussy spasmed and contracted, leaking her arousal onto the mattress. Magdalene’s limp hands fell to her sides as she finally collapsed onto her bed, naked and wet, her abused breasts squished under her back and her large, soft bottom quivering from her exertions on full display to anyone that might come in the following morning, but the princess was too tired to care, moaning contentedly as she fell into a dreamless sleep, satisfied for the first time in a month.

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