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Sugar Baby Scarlett

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Scarlett is a gorgeous, voluptuous 18 year old girl who loves sex. Until meeting Viktor she had experienced only guys of her own age, but now finds herself deeply attracted to this rich older man. She desperately wants to become his kept Sugar Baby.

Viktor is a 69 year old Russian billionaire. He has had countless women in his lifetime and still enjoys the younger female, and consequently is very attracted to Scarlett when they meet. He has a number of fetishes and fantasies which stem from his younger adolescent days and which he likes to perform on his ladies.

If you wish to know more about him, his exploits and his background, then please read my series “Viktor’s Fantasies”!

My following story is purely a work of sexual fantasy and is complete fiction. The names of my characters are all fictitious and do not represent anyone living or deceased.


Dean and I were on our way back to his house. We had met up with some of his friends for a drink in Covent Garden, and were now going back to watch a film. His parents were out for the evening, so it would be perfect for our first real intimate night together. I was excited. We had only recently started dating, but it was our third date, so I had prepared myself for our first night of sex, as I knew that’s probably what he expected – and I wanted him!

“I love this car. It’s so sexy.” I told him, as I ran my fingers along the smooth leather seat.

“Yeah, my mum loves it too. I guess I’m lucky she lets me use it.”

It was a black Mercedes SLK, with tan leather inside. It felt so damned luxurious. I was used to my mum’s little Fiat, and had never been in a car so gorgeous as this. I really felt the ‘bees knees’ being driven around in it! And Dean looked so fucking hot as he confidently handled the small sporty steering wheel.

“How are you finding the course?” I asked. We were both doing business management at college, and both in our second year.

“Yeah, it’s good.” But I could tell he wasn’t really interested in talking. He clearly only had one thing on his mind. Getting back to his place as quickly as possible, and fucking me no doubt. To be honest, I was pretty keen too. I had fancied him for ages and I knew from the moment we first met he was smitten, and I could see, like most guys, he couldn’t take his eyes off my breasts.

I had realised a long time ago that my massive twin babes were what a lot of guys were after. They were always eager to get my bra off to get to them, and in my first year of college, I had been fucked by some gorgeous guys. So I was certain Dean would prove to be no different.

You see, they are perfect 34K monster tits. Not droopy or floppy. They are soft creamy mounds topped with delicate rosy pink nipples which always point firmly forward. I must admit I am proud of them and I love them to be played with! I love sex and was now looking forward to my new, hot boyfriend filling me up with his hard cock.


We finally pulled into the driveway of a gorgeous mock Georgian London mansion. Fuck his family were clearly pretty wealthy. Like a true gentleman he came round to open the door for me, but that was as far as his gentlemanly acts went!

He opened the front door and after disabling the alarm, he immediately led me upstairs to his bedroom.

“I thought we were gonna watch a movie.” I said.

“Yeah, shortly, but I want us to have sex first. I’m desperate to have you babes.” He said as he laid down on his double bed. “Come here.” He told me as he patted beside him.

Well, who was I to object? My panties were already wet, and I really looked forward to him filling me up. He was pretty gorgeous.

He lent over me as I lay next to him, pushing his soft tongue into my mouth. He was such a great kisser and we snogged for quite awhile, until the temptation was all to much for him. He started to unfasten the buttons at the top of my dress. I had deliberately not worn a bra, making access easier for him. He unfastened as far as my belly, my huge tits finally wobbling out at him like two creamy blancmanges.

“Fuuuck! Your tits are amazing.” He groaned.

I smiled as his eager eyes surveyed them. He pulled on my nipples and squeezed my soft flesh before hungrily taking each of my breasts in turn into his mouth. And now I was groaning as he sucked deliciously on my hard swollen nipples. I lay beside him for what seemed ages as he sucked and licked them, not wanting him to stop. And now I took hold hold of his delicious hard cock in his pants, rubbing it. I was about to unfasten his jeans, but he had other plans. He was now lifting my dress and parting my tiny thong, pushing a couple of fingers inside me.

“Shit, you’re dripping. You want me don’t you.”

“Yeah.” I groaned.

And then he was on all fours, pulling my thong off to get to my neatly manicured hairy pussy. I was pleased I had decided to wear stockings with a suspender belt. I could see he obviously liked them. He pulled me to the edge almanbahis of the bed and lifted my legs high before sticking his tongue straight into my wet cunt, watching me pull on my hard nipples as he licked me out.

“Take off your dress.” he told me.

I immediately stood up and started to remove it, while I watched him undress too, then I lay back down on the bed, my huge rippling bouncy tits completely naked and my legs wide for him to access my pink glistening cunt, and now wearing just my sexy black stockings and suspenders. He couldn’t take his eyes off my voluptuous body, and I watched him as he finally removed his boxers, his gorgeous erect cock springing out at me.

“I wanna do 69 with you.” He said as he crawled towards me.

We both lay on our sides and I opened my mouth for him to push his erect prick inside as he in turn opened my legs and started to suck on my clit. It felt so delicious, his soft tongue lapping at me, his fingers opening my moist pussy lips wide as he licked. He groaned as I nibbled and sucked the crown of his sizeable cock, taking the length of his shaft deep into my mouth. And then he was getting up and pulling me straight, ready to mount me. He climbed over me and started to push into my wet, embarrassingly slurping pussy.

“Mmmm you feel good.” he said as he slowly fucked me back and forth, his hands squeezing my soft melons which wobbled around as he pounded me. “You sexy bitch, you’re enjoying this aren’t you.” He groaned.

But before I could even begin to come, he was thrusting faster and faster until he quickly pulled out of me and showered his white gloopy cum like a fountain all over my tits.

“Oh yeah baby, that felt so good.” He said as he lay his head next to mine, his hands still fondling my breasts.

“You and these beautiful tits are so fucking hot.” He said as he kissed them.

No mention of let me finish you off baby, or let me suck on your clit again. He was happy and sated and it seemed that was all that mattered!

So I continued to date Dean for a while, but was repeatedly left to satisfy myself later, alone in my bedroom, whilst he continued to come either inside me or all over me, every time we had sex. No thoughts of making me climax. No thoughts of my satisfaction.

Frankly, I was getting well pissed off with his selfishness!


“How would you like to earn some money?” My mum asked me.

It was now the beginning of July and to be honest, the summer vacation was getting a bit boring, and I did need to get some money together if Dean and I were ever gonna get to go away together.

“What do you have in mind?” I asked.

“Christina wants to travel for a month, so I need to get someone temporary to replace her.”

My mother worked as housekeeper for a Russian billionaire called Viktor Gregori. She had been with him a couple of years now and he paid her really well. Christina worked as some sort of house maid, so it would involve a lot of cleaning.

“How much will I be paid?” I asked.

“£15 an hour.”

“Hmmm, pretty good. Ok, when do I start?”

“Next week.” She told me.


We travelled in mum’s car together and arrived around 8am, using the staff entrance to Viktor’s amazing house in Notting Hill.

We were stood in the kitchen drinking coffee while mum was introducing me to other staff members.

“And this is Vladimir, Mr Gregori’s head of security.” She said as a large, ugly, muscular man walked in.

He grunted at me, but I noticed him focusing on my tits. I had tried to hide them as best as possible, but there’s no disguising the two huge prominent mounds that jut out tantalisingly in front of me. I could swear I saw him licking his lips as he looked at them lecherously. I crossed my arms in front of me to hide my nipples from this leering, creepy, Russian thug.

And then it was time for work. Mum showed me the ropes, and by the end of the day I was exhausted. I had dusted, hoovered and polished non stop. I wasn’t sure how I would keep this up for four weeks, but I kept reminding myself of the money and going away to Greece with Dean for a week.

Although, I was now thinking of going on my own. If he didn’t improve his selfish ways soon, it might seriously be worth considering!


I had finished my first week of work and thankfully had a great weekend with Dean. And at last he had managed to make me come, by simply sucking on my tits. And now he couldn’t get enough of them, so I was in heaven! We were both laying naked on his bed, both of us having climaxed.

“I’d better get going now. Work tomorrow.” I told him. “Apparently Mr Gregori is coming home, so I may get to meet him at last.”

Dean just grunted, then took one of my nipples in his mouth and started to suck. “Oh come on babes, it’s only early. I wanna fuck you again.” He said as he fondled and suckled my tits.

I was seriously tempted, but I needed an early night, and I wanted to look good when I met Viktor. I had read up on him and had learned how he liked young women and that he’d once almanbahis yeni giriş had a young mistress in Moscow.

In my imagination I thought to what it might be like being ‘kept’ by him. Being kept by a ‘Sugar Daddy’. Designer clothes, bags, shoes, jewellery.

Yes, I definitely needed an older guy like him. Someone who would take care of me and my needs! I was really looking forward to meeting him.


I had got up early to put on make up, and was wearing one of my thin cotton dresses that clung to my boobs. No man could resist them and I was sure Mr Gregori would be no exception. I deliberately didn’t wear a bra and looked down at my prominent nipples jutting out like hard delicious cherries. I decided to unfasten the first button,

I saw mum looking at me quizzically. Maybe she knew what I had in mind.

“Careful not to bend over in front of Viktor in that dress Scarlett. He’s quite a one for young women, Especially ones with large breasts. Maybe you should put a bra on.” She told me.

“Yes I’m aware of his reputation, but I feel uncomfortable with a bra on in this heat.” I lied.


“Mr Gregori has requested some coffee in his study. I wondered if you could take it for me Scarlett?” she asked.

“Yeah of course mum.” I said as she handed me the tray. I headed up to his room and knocked the door before entering. As I walked in, he eventually looked up from the papers he was going through on his desk.

“Ahh thank you.” He said, looking me up and down, studying my face and of course my tits. His eyes definitely lingered on my nipples. “And who might you be young lady?”

“Hello Mr Gregori. It’s very nice to meet you. I am Victoria’s daughter. I’m standing in a short while for Christina.”

“Oh I see. Well it is also very nice to meet you too. And I do hope I will get to see more of you while you are here.” He said in his thick Russian accent, rolling his ‘r’s!

I wasn’t quite sure how to take that comment. His eyes were now firmly focused on my tits and I felt my panties moisten. There was something about him. The power he exuded. The wealth. Yes, I knew he was pretty old – nearly 70, but something about him was very, very sexy. I imagined he would have been a very handsome man in his younger years.

He didn’t look to be very tall and he was greying, his grey beard was fashioned neatly into a goatee. He had nice deep set eyes which were currently stripping my clothes from me. Shit my tits were heaving and my nipples were hard. I knew by the way he looked at me he sensed it too. He gave me a smile, his lips turning up at one corner. I lowered my face from his eyes with embarrassment.

“Don’t be shy my dear. I am sure you and I will be well acquainted by the time you finish your few weeks of work here.” He told me.

“I do hope so.” I said to him before telling him I had better get on with my duties, then exiting his room.

I closed the door and leant against it behind me, breathing hard. Fuck, I hadn’t expected that kind of encounter. I knew from the way he looked at me that he wanted to fuck me.


“Well I warned you what he’s like Scarlett. He’s always got a young sexy thing on his arm. And you are a very attractive young woman. Just be careful though. Personally I wouldn’t go there with him, but if you do want him, then play with him, make him wait. Make him want you desperately.” She advised. “But I will warn you he can be quite kinky.”

She was right of course. If I stood any chance of being special to him, I needed to hold out.

And kinky? – well maybe that could be fun!


It was the middle of the week, and I hadn’t seen Viktor since that Monday. I was beginning to think he wasn’t interested after all. I was bending over, polishing the huge dining table and turned round with quite a shock to find him stood behind me.

“Oh, Mr Gregori. I didn’t know you were there!”

“I was just admiring the view.” He said, cheekily.

I blushed. I was wearing a tight pair of jeans which showed off my big rounded butt, and a skimpy tee shirt clung to my huge melons.

“You know, you really are a very attractive girl.” I blushed again. “Join me for a glass of champagne after you finish tonight.” He suggested. “I would love to talk to you and get to know you better.”

“That would be lovely. Thank you Mr Gregori.’

“Call me Viktor.” He said as he walked out of the room,


I watched as Viktor poured the bottle of Cristal into two flutes. We stood in one of the sumptuous rooms used for entertaining. “Nazdarovya!” He said as we clinked glasses, then both sipped from them. He sat in one of the large leather sofas and patted for me to sit next to him. “So tell me about yourself. Are you studying?” He asked.

I told him about my course and what I hoped to do. “Maybe I can find a position for you in one of my companies.” He said.

“Oh wow, that would be amazing.”

“But in the meantime, I really would like to get to know you better.” He said, taking hold of my hand and stroking it gently.

Once almanbahis giriş again I felt the warmth in my cheeks. I smiled invitingly towards him, and before I could say anything, he was leaning in to me, his lips gently touching mine, his tongue trying to push in. I opened my mouth to let him kiss me properly. He pulled me towards him, and kissed me deeply, one of his hands fondling my breasts, pulling on my nipples through the flimsy material.

It seemed really strange being kissed and touched by such an old man, but I really was enjoying it. I could feel his course grey goatee around my lips. I started to wonder how it might feel on my pussy! Would it feel course or soft as it brushed against such an intimate area?

“You really are very sexy Scarlett. Are you still a virgin?” He asked.

I thought of lying and telling him I was, but decided to tell him I had only ever had one boyfriend and I was not very experienced.

“Well I can teach you many things little one.” He said as he slowly lifted my tee shirt and looked at my large naked breasts.

He pulled it off over my head then bent down and started to gently kiss my tits all over. My two delicious melons were heaving with the delicious feel of his lips and hands all over them and I gasped as he expertly licked and sucked.

“Mmmm your breasts are so beautiful.” He groaned as he started to unbutton my jeans while he gently licked and nibbled my nipples.

Then I remembered what mum had advised me. I stopped his wandering hands. “Not yet, Viktor. I need to get to know you first.” I told him. He looked very disappointed.

“Yes of course, you are quite right kroschka. We will take our time.” He said before taking hold of my huge melons and burying his head between them, kissing and fondling them, totally lost and absorbed in my mounds of sumptuous flesh.


We continued to meet after work every day for the next week. Him constantly wanting to play with my tits, and me fumbling with his cock. It felt surprisingly large and hard for a man his age and I really wanted to suck on it, but I needed him to feel desperate for me first.

It was now Friday. “You know I really want you Scarlett, but I respect that you want to wait.’ He said. “However I would like you to come over tomorrow and clean my special room for me. “Will you do that?”

“What is your special room?” I asked, intrigued.

“Come with me and I will show you.”

We headed down into the basement where he unlocked a heavy door and turned on the dim lighting. Oh my God. I had never seen anything like it, but I knew by the equipment it was some kind of sex dungeon.

“Oh wow.” I said, as I ran my hands over the leather chairs and benches.

There was a huge leather bed and silver chains that jangled as I pulled on them hanging from the ceiling. Crosses and manacles were mounted to the walls, together with whips and equipment and a huge selection of toys. My mum was right. He was definitely kinky, and I suspected I maybe too as I felt myself becoming wetter and wetter.

He came towards me and started to kiss me before removing my top to reveal my huge tits. He sucked hard on them and kissed and licked them.

“So what do you think baby. Do you like my room? I could teach you many things here.” He said, eyeing me lecherously. “There will be no-one around to disturb us tomorrow.”

“It’s certainly making me feel very horny.” I said as he continued to pump my nipples with his mouth. “But why do you want me to clean it?” I asked, gasping.

“You will see my little one. We can play on Saturday.” He said as I started to pant from his continuous suckling of my tits.


Dean had asked me out that Saturday, but I made my excuses. I didn’t tell mum where I was going. I had left the house looking very respectable in my pretty blue dress, but it seemed Viktor had other ideas about what I should wear.

“Take off that dress and put this on.” He said as he handed me a bag.

I went into one of the bedrooms to change and was shocked when I emptied the bag to find the outfit Viktor had chosen for me. It was a maid’s outfit made from shiny black pvc with a white cotton apron. There were black stockings with a vinyl garter belt and a tiny pvc thong and really, really high shiny black platform shoes, like a hooker’s.

“Shit this is sexy!” I said, holding it up. I felt eager to put it on.

The shiny black bodice of the dress groaned and rustled as I zipped it up my back, tugging and stretching it over my huge tits. It was ridiculously tight across my big melons and my nipples poked out tantalisingly. Fuck it felt so sexy as it tightly hugged my tits. I rubbed my hands over them and pinched my nipples.

I had already clipped the side fastenings of the tiny thong, and the stockings were held in place by the shiny garter belt. I smoothed down the dress and apron which just about covered my large naked round ass before stepping into the sky scraper heels. I then grabbed hold of the feather duster then carefully headed down the stairs. Fuck I felt hot as I walked, the shiny outfit rustling and creaking with every step I took. I was worried my pussy would gush juice all over the floor out of the sides of the tiny little thong which was cutting sensuously up my ass crack. Viktor immediately headed towards me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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