Aralık 4, 2023

King Omega

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He walked his way through the gardens. The wet lush grass brushed against his toes with each of his steps. He was dressed in his usual attire for nights like this. Simple woolen garb, with a brown belt at his waist. A dark blue cloak over his shoulders to defend against the cold night air as well as to help hide him in the shadows. Not that he was worried about being caught. For years the guards followed the same path, the same schedule. All of them had grown lazy in the mundane, some of them not bothering to even circle the full garden at all. Instead, they cut halfway through and joined up together near their main station, laughing and playing dice.

Vars had long taken advantage of this, ever since he first came here as Prince Harvel’s Omega bride. That’s all he was to the kingdom and to the Prince. An Omega who was seen as an object to own and to breed heirs to. Not a person with feelings, thoughts, or skills. No, no they never considered an Omega to have skills. The Alpha’s of the world assumed the Omega’s too soft, too pliant, to dumb to learn. But Vars had learned. Ever since he could remember he has learned the ways of the cruel primitive world he and all other Omegas were stuck in.

He learned by listening, by pretending. By acting and batting his eyes. He watched the guards with equal scrutiny as the Nobles of the court. He learned which guards were lazy, which ones would sell secrets for a few favors, and which ones wanted to possess them in his bed. It should be Alpha’s who were pitied for they were the ones too stupid to learn. Because they never did. The moment an Omega so much as glances at them they puff up, grow hard, and are so very easy to manipulate.

There had only been one guard in the palace that was not like the others. Was he easy to manipulate? Oh yes, but he wasn’t like the other Alpha’s. Gail actually cared about Omegas, not only did he see them but he treated them as people. He hailed from a continent across the sea, over there Omega’s were seen and treated more favorably and equally. Was there work to be had yet? Oh yes, but it was a vast improvement to the limiting and narrowed place Vars was currently trapped in.

Vars glanced at the wedding ring on his finger, it bore Harvel’s royal crest. He even had a matching collar, but he only wore that thing to official functions, and even then he’s managed to get away with not wearing it by designing outfits with tall collars or scarves that wrapped around his neck. So instead of wearing a thick heavy golden–gold representing the royal house–metal collar with his husband’s name on it. He wore delicate soft silks, in the blue colors of his original House before he came here.

He was sure some of the Court has caught on to his fashion statements. It was small enough that only those paying attention would see the ‘treason’ of the Royal Omega not wearing his collar. But he was not some beast to be collared, no, he was a beast that should never be messed with.

Harvel wasn’t the worst Alpha, nor was he the worst husband. But Vars held no love or even respect to him. He was just a Prince waiting around for his father to die so that he could take the throne. His sisters married off and his Omega brother fled at the age of sixteen to the continent across the sea–Aria– that’s the name of the place. But to Omega’s it was known as the place of freedom. Harvel had no competition to the throne, not that the throne would recognize an Omega as King…but perhaps that would one day change.

The good thing about his husband was that he was always so busy. Trying to prove his worth, out hunting and fighting, hardly ever visiting their chambers. It allowed Vars to have nights like this. Nights where he could briskly walk amongst the shadows of trees and stone walls until he found the west door. There he entered and weaved his way through the halls, selecting a familiar path to Gail’s room.

Gail was particular, he was an oddity, a Knight gifted from Aria, and because of this, he didn’t sleep with the other Alpha’s and beta guards in the barracks. Instead, he had his own small room in a dimly lit hall in a quiet part of the palace. Truly it was like fate had decided they were meant to be together. Perhaps he should let the man bite him on his neck. Vars shuddered at the memory of his wedding night when Harvel had done just that.

It did nothing, of course, as always Alpha’s were just misguided by old tales and misinformation. The ‘mating’ bite didn’t bond you to an Alpha. You didn’t feel each other’s emotions or sense the other’s thoughts. It was just a stupid awkward bruise that took far too much powder to cover up.

He knocked, the quick light rap followed by a heavier blow so that Gail knew it was him. Cautiously the Knight opened the door to him. Gail was always a sight to behold. Not because he was an Alpha but because he was just objectively good-looking. He was tall and broad, thick muscular neck and shoulders. His nightshirt gripped his frame tightly, istanbul travesti allowing Vars to wander his eyes over every curve of muscle.

Gail had square, chiseled features, his nose was slightly crooked from a fight long ago but not enough for Vars to consider unattractive.

Easily he slipped into the man’s chamber, shrugging off his cloak and sighing in contentment as he plopped himself on Gail’s small cot in the corner.

“Make yourself at home your Highness” Gail huffed in a mocking tone as he bowed his head.

“Gail, stop being a shit” he clipped meeting the man’s flinty gray-colored eyes. Gail smirked before stepping forward and dragging him up in a long kiss. The two of the sighed as the man leaned in and breathed against his neck.

“You smell good, as usual, such a lovely scent…flowery” Gail mumbled against his skin. Vars rolled his eyes.

“It’s not a ‘usual’ scent. It’s called having a bathing schedule. You’d be surprised how well you’d smell as well if you bathed more than once a week” he stated stepping away from the Alpha.

“Sorry, fell into the habit of the Alpha’s over here. Back home I did bathe more. I understand though, perhaps that’s why that belief is still held so strongly amongst your people. The whole Omega’s smell sweet and fine and Alpha’s smell musky…” Gail commented with a snort.

“Misconceptions of partial truths, most Omega’s only job is to be a hole to fuck and breed. So we spend most of our days laying about and bathing. Making us soft, and smell quite good” Vars replied with a roll of his eyes. His mood was being spoiled by yet again more conversation on how being an Omega just made him oh so different.

“Okay, less talking and more what I came here for” he stated pulling off his shirt and tossing it to the side. Gail grinned and stepped up next to him immediately kissing him, arms wrapping around him before picking him up and plopping him on the bed.

“Hold on, a few more things,” he said playfully pushing Gail away as he undid his trousers and belt, tugging them off his lanky frame to reveal the last layer of his ‘formal’ ensemble. A metal cock cage was elegantly wrapped over his cock. It even had a few gemstones on the main ring that held the device in place around his balls. He gave a disgusted look towards the ugly, useless cage. Taking a set of pins that he hid in the braid of his long raven-colored hair he made quick work of the small golden padlock on his cage.

The cage fell away from him and he tossed it and the ring off to the side. They clattered against the floor, and he was glad to be rid of them. Immediatly Gail was ducking down to take his cock into his mouth. Growing up he was told Omega’s had small cocks–some people even making the gagging comment that they were ‘cocklets’– but that wasn’t the case. On average were Omega’s smaller compared to Alpha’s? Yes, but only because Alpha’s had an extra muscle in the base of their cocks, making them protrude out more and causing them to be wider.

But compared to Beta men, Omega’s could sometimes have larger or longer cocks. If of course the Omega was allowed to have the freedom of their cock being free. But sadly too many Alpha’s followed old traditions, forcing their mates into cages to keep them small and safe. Wanting to make sure Omega’s learned their place in the bedroom, as holes to fuck. There was to be no pleasure for them, and definitely, no way was an Omega using their cock.

Someday in the afterlife, he would track down whatever drooling Alpha came up with the idea of cock cages. He was going to find that person and castrate them. He didn’t know if the afterlife was even real or if castrating the spirit of someone could even happen. But Vars was going to fucking do it.

But until then, he’d enjoy the feeling of his cock–slightly longer than his hand and as thick as three fingers– being engulfed by the Alpha’s talented mouth.

His husband Harvel would never debase himself to see to his Omega’s pleasure. Would never dare put an Omega’s cock in his mouth. But Gail? Oh, Gail was an expert and his tongue laved his head and caressed his slit with such lovely attention he was practically whimpering for the man to fuck him in a matter of seconds.

He could feel his slit gather up wetness, similar to what women produce. He always found it fascinating that Omega, Beta, and Alpha women all grew wet and had the same anatomy. But it was only Omega men who stood out differently amongst the men of the world.

Gail’s head moved downwards, he kissed both of Vars’s balls before finding the coveted slit just below. Immediatly the Alpha’s tongue was lapping up every last drop, the man’s muscular fingers digging into his hips as he groaned loudly. Hot breath fell over Vars’s flesh, making him shudder and groan, the room was already spinning as he clawed at the sheets beneath him. One of his hands fell down to stroke himself. Relieved he no longer had to wear the annoying cock cage for istanbul travestileri at least a few hours.

He took it off and kept it off for as long as he could. Making sure to keep it nearby in case his husband abruptly made an appearance. Harvel was usually announced so it gave Vars just the right amount of time to quickly jam himself into the cage and lock it back up before Harvel could see.

Harvel would come to their bed chamber and glance him over. Always flicking the cage and teasing him about his locked cocklet.

“It’s been a while since I visited you last, I’m sure my Omega bride wants to cum, I bet his little useless balls are full, aren’t they? You’d think they’d learn by now they have no need to do so” his husband would tease. Vars of course would whimper and act like the desperate little beast his husband wanted. Then the man would unlock him and fuck him in a bored and exhausting way. Sometimes he’d fake cumming just to get the man off of him.

His husband would do his duty and fill his womb. Vars would thank the Prince before kissing him goodbye. Once the Prince was gone he’d unlock himself and have an actual real orgasm by his hand or just go find Gail. Have a real man give him real pleasure. Which is what he was doing tonight, getting a real fuck to forget the sad excuse of ‘sex’ his husband seemed to only be capable of. Bending him over and pushing into him like a stud uses a mare.

Harvel didn’t even have the courtesy to unlock him tonight. Just shrugged and commented something along the lines of ‘It’s being said now Omega’s shouldn’t come, messes with their hormones, perhaps it’s why you haven’t conceived or gone into a heat yet’

Vars laughed to himself. His stupid Alpha husband.

Gail lifted away, Var’s wetness on his face as the Knights’ pupils were blown wide in lust.

“What is it? Ticklish?” Gail questioned with a grin. Vars shook his head and leaned forward, swiping his tongue once over Gail’s lips, tasting himself on his Knight before motioning for the man to wipe off his face. Gail turned and grabbed his cast-off shirt, using it to clean himself off. Vars hated tasting slick and cum, it was bitter and disgusting.

“No, our Prince commented something tonight before he used me” he started stretching himself out on the bed and tugging at Gail’s wrist. Getting the larger Knight to lay overtop of him, kissing and licking away at his chest.

“What is it?” Gail asked dropping down to continue lapping over his flesh.

“He informed me it’s now the belief that Omega’s shouldn’t cum at all, apparently orgasms mess with fertility?” He joked with a shake of his head. Gail scoffed angrily.

“Your people at this point will die out, hundreds of years ago my people thought the same, lack of pleasure caused our Omega’s wombs to wither, few could conceive and their children were born sterile, now Omega’s pleasure is required, they must never be withheld from cumming or pleasure at all, their wombs thrive and out population grows” Gail voiced leaning up to plant a few kisses along his jaw. While he did that he positioned himself between Vars legs.

“Well hopefully the Omega’s of Kisara do die out, no more Omega’s no more Alphas either, just Beta’s left” he sighed before spreading his legs as Gail’s cock nudged at his entrance. Slowly filling him up with the Alpha’s thick cock. He grunted in relief as Gail began thrusting into him nice and slow, circling his hips slightly so his cock brushed against all the sensitive nerves hidden deep within him. Harvel would never do anything like this, the man just jerked himself back and forth until his knot popped, then he rolled off and left Vars both frustrated and annoyed until of course the Prince left and Vars could unlock himself and get a proper orgasm by his hand wrapped around his cock.

Vars moaned softly as Gail started to add more strength to his thrusts, then the Knight kissed him, the two of them becoming breathless and panting after a few seconds before Vars twisted his hand between their bodies, stroking himself with Gail’s thrusts.

The Alpha whined before leaning back to watch his movements. Gail’s eyes were enraptured by his hand on his cock. Watching the organ throb and pulse, as pre-cum dripped from the tip. His skin was flushed red as Vars was floating in pleasure. Real pleasure from both his insides and outsides being stimulated at the same time. Of course, it wasn’t long before he was tipping over into an orgasm. He bit back his cry as he clenched down on Gail.

Gail gave a muffled shout as he buried his Alpha cock deep within him and began to unload. Gail didn’t knot, on duty Alpha’s took a special tonic to limit their capabilities of knotting. They could get hard, fuck and cum but couldn’t knot. Vars was thankful for that, honestly, he hated the feeling of a knot expanding and painfully stretching his hole. Who fucking liked things that hurt in sex?

Gail and he breathed heavily, their bodies slick with sweat travesti istanbul as the two of them came down from their highs. Vars’s stomach and hips were covered with his spend while he felt Gail’s spend inside. Stinging and burning as his seed settled within him. Nothing would come of this, he had a special hidden place within the garden where he grew foreign herbs from Aria. One prevented his heat, another prevented pregnancy, and the other…well…that one didn’t have use just yet.

They basked in their coupling for some time, he loved tracing his fingers over the bronzed skin of the Arian Knight. He liked following the contour of his muscles, but both of them knew he couldn’t stay long. Slowly he sat up and slid out of bed. He used a basin and towel in the corner to clean himself off. He’d have a bath to get rid of the rest.

Sighing heavily he picked up the scattered pieces of his cock cage. Glaring at the metal device as he regrettably put it on and locked it in place…for now. He hid his pins back into his braid before tugging on his clothes. He did all of this while Gail watched him silently.

“Those things they make you Omega’s wear…it is one of the many things I don’t understand, how have your Omega’s not all runaway?” Gail questioned.

“Many have, escaping into the mountains in the North or across the sea…the Omega’s of this land grow less with each generation, and the ones trapped are overbred and exhausted. I’ve managed to defy the odds…although I do wish to escape across the sea someday, until then I suffer in silence” He admitted sitting down on the bed beside Gail.

“I’m here,” the man replied, taking his hand in his. Vars smirked to himself before turning to look at Gail. This man was perhaps the only person who he stopped trying to manipulate a long time ago.

“If I do not fall pregnant or produce an heir in ten years of being married, my marriage to the Prince will be annulled and I’ll be fully free to leave. My parents would not want me and no one would want an ‘infertile’ Omega” he stated. Gail remained silent, pursing his lips as he took this information in.

“I have five years left, after that, I’m truly free and I’ll go to Aria…perhaps a certain Knight could disappear and return with me?” he stated glancing at the Alpha. Gail smiled, a genuine soft smile as he nodded once and lifted his hand to press a kiss to it.

“Of course, and just know…if things don’t work as planned, I’d fight a thousand men to free you” Gail replied. Vars hummed under his breath once before leaning over and kissing Gail one last time. He then left his Knight in the cover of darkness and returned to his rooms.

A few days later Vars was in his rooms, out on the sundeck drilling himself through some exercises in swordsmanship. Things he got Gail or other guards to teach him in trade for a few bedroom favors. He only allowed Gail to penetrate him, the rest he’d use his hand or mouth on, but he did what he had to do to get what he wanted.

He practiced with a branch he had shaved down and shaped to look somewhat like a sword. He couldn’t get an actual sparring blade as anytime he asked, his Husband laughed at the very idea. So instead he made do with what he could. Vars was not going to allow himself to be like the other Omega’s. He did not lay around growing soft and flabby. Instead, he did work and exercises filling out his form with lithe muscle so that when he was forced to wear beautiful skills and skirts they showed off his abdominals and muscular legs and arms. His broader shoulder and of course his flat-toned chest.

The other Lords in court who had Omega brides walked beside their Omega’s who were soft and weak, and looked nearly like women, especially with their bellies swollen with children. All the while the Crown Prince strode beside him, tall, athletic, and toned, with a flat muscular belly and no sight of a collar around his neck. Prince Harvel was talked about on these occasions, and so many comments towards him and his barren Omega bride.

Vars could only smile and pretend to not notice while his husband’s mood would sour and he’d be found later in the evening drunk and melancholic on the outside balcony. During the first few years of their marriage, he did pity the man. But then Vars remembered how he was practically purchased like a common object for the Prince. The Omega son of a very prominent Noble, his father the only Noble with the ability to produce ships, and who owned the harbor that a majority of the nation’s food and goods came through.

He also remembered being forced to be collared and caged after the consummation of their wedding. The moment that lock closed around his cock. All previous love and respect for his new husband died. Of course, the Prince was just like all the rest. He should have fled while he had the chance. But Vars couldn’t distract himself with the past, he had to look toward the future. For that was the only thing he could affect.

He whirled himself in a circle, doing a series of overhand swings before dancing back and practicing parries from below. His arms and shoulders ached with use, his body was warm and sweat dripped from his brow. He felt strong and alive, in control of himself for once.

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