Mart 4, 2024

Pleasuring My Boy

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I perceive that perfect naked boy lying there in front of me. His clean-shaven face. His smooth and hairless chest. I gently run my hands over his entire body, seeing all his physical detail with my fingers.

I feel his hands. Each and every finger. His arms. I feel the fine hairs as I trace my hands up towards his shoulders.

I pause for a second to listen in silence to his quiet breathing. I know he is patiently waiting for what is next to come.

I invite him to roll onto his stomach.

I massage his shoulders from behind, hearing him breathe deeply. I run my hands down his back tracing his spine and noticing the almost imperceptible tiny hairs all over his skin.

As I approach his bottom, my hands move in slow circles over each globe. I note how soft they are as I begin to massage both sides in unison.

I move my hands to his hips, and slowly down the back of his legs to his feet, massaging his muscles all the way.

I very gently run my fingers over the souls of his feet, causing them to involuntarily twitch. I hear a short intake of breath from him. Almost a little giggle.

I have him turn on to his back again, and I slowly start my journey upward.

I trace my way up his legs with my hands, taking extra time and concentration to travel up his smooth inner thighs, both of us knowing my hands are getting closer and closer to that special place.

I know this excites him. I hear his breathing slightly increase in speed with the anticipation of his genitals being touched.

But instead, I place my fingers in the middle of his chest, moving my hands out to the sides, tracing his ribs around and up under his arms. I feel the slightest hint of sweat there, no doubt produced due to the sensations I have been giving him.

I slowly slide my fingers down his sides, past his hips, and again one last time all the way down to his feet.

This istanbul travesti time, I think he’s ready. This time I cannot delay things any longer.

And so, I place my hands on his knees, and slowly slide my fingers gingerly up over his inner thighs towards his genitals.

As my hand finally comes into contact with his penis and testicles, I know this is what I have been driven towards for so long. The urge to gently massage and fully explore this part of this boy’s body is almost primal. The half little moan, half contented sigh I hear from this boy confirms for me that he definitely likes what I am doing.

As I explore and stimulate the area with my hands, I feel his penis slowly grow in length and girth. I feel it begin to rise up from his body. A positive signal that my touch is arousing him. His body is preparing itself to receive maximum pleasure.

And although my task is to put all attention on him, like on auto-pilot my own naked body also starts reflecting a state of arousal.

I place my hand around his now fully erect penis and slowly move the foreskin up and down, as I use every one of my senses to read his reactions. His breathing. His vocal noises. His involuntary muscle movements. Using these queues to Change my speed and pressure, expertly guiding him towards the peak.

Apart from my hands, I also continue to use my mouth to explore his body. Kissing and nibbling my way over his neck, shoulders, arms, and chest. His nipples also becoming erect from the stimulation.

Moving lower, I place little gentle kisses up his legs. But similar to with my hands, my kisses become slower, firmer and more deliberate as I move up his inner thighs.

Being so close to his genitals, I take the time to smell and process his wonderful sent. I can detect his natural hormones. As I move closer to his penis, I can also detect the dull istanbul travestileri but present smell of recent urine that has exited his penis perhaps only half an hour ago. These clean and natural smells of this boy majorly adding to my own arousal as I begin to taste and explore his penis with my mouth.

His penis slides in and out, my lips providing enough friction to slightly move his foreskin up and down, repeatedly causing the underside of his exposed head to run over the top of my tongue.

My mouth allows me to see his penis in even greater clarity and resolution than my fingers.

I continue to pleasure his penis with my mouth, tasting the slightly salty precum he is producing. My tongue manipulates his foreskin, sometimes dipping inside, making contact with his glans. At the same time, I use my hands to gently explore his loose scrotum with its precious gems inside.

I help him to sit up, and I move behind him so that he is sitting between my legs in front of me. His naked back against my chest.

I cuddle him from behind, at the same time kissing his shoulders and neck, causing him to move around from the stimulation. His movements sending little jolts of pleasure through my body as his back rubs against my own erect penis.

I reach my arms around his front, feeling his chest. His nipples with their few little hairs under my fingers.

My hands move lower, feeling his stomach, and lower still, to his erection. I masturbate this boy with one hand, while the other gently cups his testicles.

Being so close to him in this position, it almost feels as if we are one. As if I am pleasuring my own body. Yet, I know that the pleasure is all for him.

I move back around in front of him, gently kissing him on the cheek before carefully laying him back again.

I lean down and place more slow firm kisses on his inner thighs, travesti istanbul at the same time I continue to masturbate him by moving my hand up and down on his penis. My mouth reaches the gap between his thigh and genitals, and I kiss and lick within.

I move my kisses across his scrotum and then slowly up the underside of his erection.

For the next minute or so, I alternate between pleasuring his penis with my mouth, and masturbating him with my hand.

Increasing my speed on his penis a little now, I notice with my other hand that his scrotum is starting to contract up towards his body. A sign that his body is getting ready to reach climax very soon.

With my fingers, I slightly pull back his foreskin just enough to expose the tip of his glans. Sticking out my tongue I lick the underside of his penis head, tracing my tongue right up and over the opening of his urethra. He is so close to cumming now. I want, need, to taste his eventual ejaculation.

I again let his penis enter my mouth, and I silently suck and lick, bobbing my head up and down. I listen to his heavy breathing as I finally bring him over the edge.

I feel his first jet of semen squirt out of his penis onto my waiting tongue. I enjoy his offering. Swallowing it like a milkshake. I process the complex taste, but not stopping my actions. I must continue providing maximum pleasure to this boy as he rides his orgasmic waive.

I remove his penis from my mouth and switch to masturbating him with my hand as fast as I can. His breathing, little vocal noises, and squirt after squirt of his semen now landing on my chest, confirms his continued pleasure.

I place my hand just below his testicles, so I can feel the powerful muscle contractions that are pushing the semen out of his penis.

I begin to decrease my speed on his penis, letting his body float the rest of the wave, until it slowly but eventually subsides, and his breathing slows to normal.

I pull him into a tight embrace, and we lay together silently, sharing in the afterglow of an extraordinary feeling.

I am so thankful he has allowed me to share in this experience with him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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