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“WHAT?” Ch. 01

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My continued thanks to my editor, ‘larryinseattle,) who makes me work harder to become a writer.


I met Daniel Matthew Richards the first day I attended the University. He was rugged, handsome, and rich, everything I wasn’t so it was amazing when we became quick friends. As crazy as it seemed, for the next three years we did virtually everything together … except date. There he still outclassed me and while I had my share of ‘encounters’ he fell totally in love with the most beautiful woman on campus. Crazier still was that she fell in love with him, too.

Soon it was the three of us doing everything together; camping, hiking, and kayaking. Then, as to be expected, I was invited to join them less and less until by the time we graduated I was almost completely on my own. After graduation, they went off their way and I went mine which is why I was so surprised when I received a call from him the next Spring.

“Hey partner, how ya’ doin’?”

“I’m doin’ pretty good. The job is everything I’d hoped for. The only drawback is that I had to move back in with my dad and step-mom until I can save enough for my own place. To tell ya’ the truth though, right now, I’d settle for a dorm room again.”

“How come?”

“My step-mom had a baby just before I graduated and … well, let’s just say things aren’t all that smooth around here right now. How about you? You still with Jess?”

“That and more. We’re getting married.”

“Wow. I thought you’d always said ‘IF’ it happened you wanted to take your time before taking the leap.”

“Yeah, I know, but things change when you find the right woman and …,” he hesitated.

I’d seen this before. As I said, Dan was everything I wasn’t but I was different from him, too in that I knew what I wanted out of life. “Okay, buddy. What now? What did you get yourself into?”

“Mmmmmm, well … Jess is pregnant.”

“I thought … you always insisted … you know, protection.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know I did but one night we went out, had some fun, wayyyyyyy too much to drink, and ended up on a very romantic stretch of beach. One thing led to another and before you know it … WHAM … I’m gonna be a daddy.”

“So do I wish you congratulations or offer condolences?”

“That’s what I’m callin’ about.”


“I was … actually, WE were wondering if you’d do us the honor of being my ‘Best Man’ at the Wedding. Then you can decide which of the two choices fits.”

I was shocked and speechless. “Me? What about all your other friends?”

“It turns out they weren’t the people I thought they were. As soon as Jess began to help me control all the money I was spending, my ‘friends’ slowly disappeared. Not that it really mattered, Jess and I had already made up our mind about asking you.”

“In that case, I accept.”

“Before you do, there are two things you need to know.”


“Number one, the wedding is being held in Jamaica …,”

“JAMAICA,” I shouted. “How am I …?”

“Don’t worry about it. Jess and I already bought you a ticket and booked you a room.”

“You already …? Pretty sure of yourself, aren’t ya’?”

“Not me, Jess. Besides we were best buds so I guess I had a pretty good idea what ya’d say.”

“Okay,” I sighed. “What else?”

“Mmmmmmm, where was I? Oh yeah. The wedding is in two weeks.”

“Two …?” I stammered. “You don’t give a guy much time.”

“Jess wants to get this done before she can’t fit in her Wedding dress,” he whispered.

“Well, I better let my boss know and start packing.”

“Oh yeah, there’s no need to talk to your boss. He already knows.”

I was speechless for the second time since the conversation had started as I listened to him continue.

“Ya see, when we decided to do this, Jess got on the ‘Net’ and did some checking on ya. One of the first things she noticed was that you were working for a company that’s owned by a friend of her dad’s soooooo Jess made a call to him, and he made a call to the regional supervisor, who made a call to your boss. Presto, done. Oh, and before I forget, the owner says he’d like to sit down with you before the week is over. Apparently, he’d already taken notice of you and some of the ideas you’ve come up with.”

“So let ME get this straight. You already knew I’d say ‘yes’. You already bought me a plane ticket. You already got me a room. You’ve already made arrangements for me to have the time off work AND that the owner of the company I work for wants to meet with me. Do I at least get to pack my own clothes?”

“Sure,” he laughed. “Just a bit of advice. Bring your blue swim trunks and leave the ‘Hawaiian’ shirt at home.”

“How …???”

“Because every guy has one,” he continued laughing. “See ya’ in Jamaica.”


I stood there looking at the phone in my hand. The only question going through my mind was, ‘What else?’ It was a question I’d learned to ask myself when doing anything bahis firmaları with Dan and the answer was always the same. “Who knows,” I whispered softly.

The following morning, I found myself sitting in a first class seat on a large jet heading East. The rest of the passengers sat staring at computers or resting except for a few, apparently from the same company or group, that sat in the rear talking in low, hushed voices. That left me as the sole passenger in first class for the flight attendant to deal with. She was tall, blonde, had sea-blue eyes, and a figure that curved in all the right places. She also had on a uniform top that was so tight the third button kept popping open every time she leaned over. She kept asking if there was anything she could do be for me, her voice soft with a Southern drawl, the double meaning of her words obvious. Unfortunately, she was also a tease and kept everything completely professional causing my fantasies of becoming part of ‘The Mile High Club’ to quickly fade.

By time I got off the plane, two thoughts swirled throughout my brain. “I can either find a place to get so drunk I never think of that bitch again or I can stay here and strangle her.” Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your point of view, I didn’t have to decide since Dan and Jess were waiting for me at the luggage casserole.

“Hey, you,” Jess yelled as she waved.

I shook my head as I looked at her. “Damn. She looks even better now than when we were at school.”

Jessica Margaret Whitman was the youngest daughter of a well-known business owner with companies spread across the country. At only 26 years old, she’d traveled most of the world and supposedly was worth well into the high six figures but that’s where any resemblance to the ‘upper crust’, as she referred to her families friends, ended.

She stood 5-foot, 7-inches tall but was always wearing high-heels or high-heeled sandals to add two to three inches. Her hair was a deep auburn that was highlighted by the sun. It was tied back in a long-ponytail and she refused to go to a ‘beauty parlor’ for anything other than an occasional trim so it hung almost to the upper slope of her butt. Her eyes were a rich, chocolate-brown, with a depth that I never could explain and green flecks that seemed to twinkle when she was happy, as she was now. Her figure was toned, but not like one of those female weight lifters. Instead, she moved with the grace of a dancer. Her bust was ‘more than a handful’ as Dan had once told me and her hips swayed with every step she took towards me. The only two things that I could see that were different were the golden-brown tan of her skin and the beginning of a slight bulge in her stomach.

“Hey, yourself,” I called back. “I’ll be right there.”

I seemed to fly through customs and soon she had me wrapped in her arms.

She kissed me lightly on the cheek before pulling away from me, a smile on her face. “I’m glad to see you, too but … ummmm … I’m getting married in a few days.”

“Ha??” I replied unsure of what she meant by the comment until I noticed her looking down.

“FUCK,” I thought as I looked down at the bulge in the front of my pants. “Sorry about that. Long story.”

“So it’s not for me?” she said as she licked her lips and fluttered her eyes.

“You wish,” I teased in return.

“Always the gentleman,” she laughed, loudly.

“My downfall,” I groaned, jestingly.

Instantly, she hooked one arm through mine and the other through Daniel’s. “Look out Jamaica, the three musketeers have arrived,” she called out as she started to skip down the lobby floor.

“Oy,” I sighed, doing my best to imitate the character from “Fiddler on the Roof.”

Dan simply smiled. “That’s Jess for ya’.”

The next three days were filled with last minute plans for the wedding and catching up on what we’d been doing since graduation. It was only when one of the other ‘groomsmen’ asked what was planned for a bachelor party that I remembered that it was my responsibility.

After getting ‘the evil eye’ from the staff at the hotel reception desk, I figured who better to ask about the sexiest, nastiest bar in town than the bartenders. I asked four of them and got the same answer from three, the “SS Lounge.” I didn’t remember seeing anything by that name listed in the phone book so asked them for more information.

“Technically, it’s known as the ‘Silver Slipper Lounge’ but most of the locals know it as the ‘SS’ or the ‘Sexy Slut’ since everything on the sign is burned out except for the S’s.”

“Okay. Sounds like the right place for a bachelor party.”

Dan, the three groomsmen, and I met in the lobby at 8 o’clock that night. I had already arranged for a taxi to pick us up. When I gave the taxi driver the name of our destination, he gave me a ‘knowing look’ in the rear view mirror before asking, “Are you sure?” I nodded my head and off we went.

The moment we got to the place I realized that not everything kaçak iddaa was as it might appear. The outside was ‘white-washed’, without a trace of the dirt and grime that seemed to coat the buildings around it. Also, when I looked closer at the sign, I realized that it wasn’t damaged or broken, it had been made so only the two S’s lit up.

The inside surprised me even more. The lighting was just dim enough to provide ‘private, secluded areas’ yet still bright enough to keep anyone from tripping over anything on the floor. There was a long mahogany bar with cushioned bar stools and the tables were made of a deep, brown wood with matching chairs. At the far end was a small area where a band played and across the whole wall opposite the bar was a stage which was empty at the moment.

We grabbed an empty table and had just barely sat down when we heard, “And now gentlemen and ladies, if you’ll please take a seat the show is about to begin.”

The lights dimmed slightly as first one, then two, then three, and finally four scantily dressed women paraded out onto the stage. The first was a tall blonde with small breast and piercing blue eyes, the second was a brunette with breasts the size of large melons, the third was a native woman with skin as dark as coal, and the fourth dancer was a Latina with flame red hair. The four of them instantly began to swing and sway as they danced across the stage. They changed positions on the stage continuously so that everyone got a look at their favorite. Then, bit by bit, their costumes began to disappear; a top thrown to a customer, a bra wrapped around another’s head like earmuffs, a bottom that seemed to simply evaporate until the four of them only had on their panties.

That was the moment that my night, my week, and my life changed.

The sound of breaking glass instantly caused most of the people to look in the direction of the sound. That was when I saw her. She looked like a duplicate of the porn star Julia Ann except that she had brown hair, that was streaked from the Caribbean sun. Her skin was a well-tanned brown without any sign of tan lines and all she was wearing was a pair of red high-heels that strapped and buckled half way up her calves and a g-string.

Our eyes met just as she knelt down to pick up the glasses she’d dropped. “I know her,” I thought, “but the hair color is wrong and so is the color of her eyes … and what the fuck would she be doing in a place like this?” I asked myself, but when I looked for her she was gone. A few moments later she suddenly appeared at our table.

“Good evenin’ boys. I’m Becka, your waitress. What can I get ya’ tonight?” Before I could say a thing, she looked at me and continued, “I’ll bet you’re an Amaretto-Sour kinda guy.”

Dan laughed, “You’re good, lady. Now how about guessing what the rest of us want.”

She quickly ran down the list only missing on one of the groomsmen because he changed from what he’d been drinking earlier.

“Okay boys, I’ll be right back.”

She disappeared and reappear just as fast for the next several hours, the drinks continuously full even though I wasn’t drinking anymore. Just before midnight, the lights changed and a set of ultra-violet ‘black lights’ came on bathing the lounge in a deep purple. Dan poked my in the side and pointed towards Becka as she walked away. The words “For Sale’ now clearly visible on the cheeks of her ass.

“What da’ ya’ say buddy? Interested?”

“Mmmmm … I ahhhhhh,” I stammered, tongued tied.

Dan started to laugh and I thought the whole thing was over until Becka returned a short time later.

“Hey Beck, is that true?”

“What?” she asked, innocently.

“That,” he pointed towards her ass.

“Ohhhh, that,” she replied, before she looked each of us in the eyes. “For the right guy and the right price,” she finished in a seductive tone.

“Not me,” he shifted away. “Maybe a couple of years ago but I’m getting’ married tomorrow and if my new wife would ever find out I can guarantee she’d do three things. Number one, she’d let me know she knew what I’d done but she’d still marry me, making sure I felt like a piece of shit the whole time. Number two, as soon as we were alone she’d cut off my cock and balls with the dullest knife or scissors she could find and stuff them down my throat. And number three, she’d divorce me.”

“Poor baby,” Becka purred.

“What about him?” Dan asked now pointing at me.

“Hmmmmmm,” she looked me up and down, like a piece of raw meat before answering, “Maybe.” After which she walked away.

“Did I just hear what I thought I heard? She’s willing to go to bed with me … to fuck me??” I thought as my mind went into overload.

For the rest of the night, my head was in a fog until suddenly the lights came on and I heard, “Thank you for coming to the Silver Slipper. We hope you enjoyed the show and please tell your friends about us.”

“Over? Already?,” I thought.

It was then that I noticed Dan, a huge smile kaçak bahis on his face, as he stared at me. “Show wad da’ ya’ thi’k bud? Ya’ up ta it?” he slurred.

“Wha …?” I asked, not sure what he was talking about.

“Her,” he pointed. “Becka. Thi’k ye’r up ta it?”

“What da’ fuck are ya talkin’ about?” I asked, slurring my words slightly.

“She’s yers, ya dumb fuck. I god her for ya fer ta nite.”

“You what?!” I replied, totally in shock.

“Yep, al’ bou’t ‘n paid fer,” he smirked just as she arrived.

“I can’t … I …,” I mumbled.

“Wad ya don’ like womens anymore?”

“Of course I do. It’s just …”

“Then what are we waiting for,” Becka said, taking my hand and wrapping it around her waist.

The taxi ride back to the hotel was quiet as a tomb. Two of the groomsmen passed out almost as soon as they got in while Dan and the other whispered, occasionally glancing over at us. Becka snuggled next to me, her hand lightly resting in my thigh.

I could feel the warmth of her body against mine and the soft, sponginess of her breast pressed against my arm. The tension between us almost a living, pulsing being. When we got to the hotel, I half expected her to stay in the taxi but instead she got out and took my hand.

“Where to?” she purred, seductively.

“Room 707,” Dan yelled, as he swayed, drunkenly, toward the elevator. “E’s got the secon’ bes’ room in da place.”

“Okay, lover boy,” she said, sensuously, as she took my hand.

It felt like I was in a dream as we exited the elevator and walked to the room. I opened it and allowed her to step in first. “So what no …?” I started to ask only to stop the moment I saw the sundress she’d been wearing slide from her shoulders and on to the floor. The moonlight reflected off her nude body. All she was wearing was a pair of high-heels, nylons and a garter belt, the ultimate male fantasy. I moaned softly as I saw the strip of brown fur that pointed like an arrow towards the junction between her legs. My heart raced as she walked towards me, the soft ‘click, click, click,’ of her heels on the carpeted floor, the only sound until she leaned against me and whispered into my ear, “This.”

Her hands went to the belt and zipper on my pants. Within seconds, they were piled around my ankles and her hand was wrapped around my exposed cock. I felt it begin to swell as she slowly ran her delicate hand up and down its length. All thought of who she was and what we were doing faded from my mind. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me.

When I looked down at her, her deep-blue eyes were staring back up at me. It was so hot! I watched as she sensuously ran her tongue across her lips before biting on her lower lip as it trembled. It reminded me of a scene from a porn movie I’d watched just a few nights before.

I felt her skin pressing against mine as she unbuttoned my shirt with one hand while continuing to tease my cock with the other. It was obvious she was in control as she stepped forward and pulled my head down to hers. Our lips met and the world around me disappeared.

Her lips were moist and full, the softness contrasted by the stiffness of her tongue as it slid between my lips. Our tongues battled back and forth, first in my mouth and then in hers.

Instinctively, my hands moved to her ass and squeezed the cheeks. She gasped into my mouth as I lifted her in my arms causing her to squeak in surprise. I leaned her back against the wall and she yelped at the shock of the cold glass from a picture pressing against her skin.

The heat of her body and the musk from between her legs made my cock harden even more. I knew she could feel it pressing against her as she shifted until it was rubbing against the opening to her pussy.

She broke our kiss just long enough to whisper, “Fuck me,” as she lifted herself higher.

My cock found its mark and slid into her, in one long, continuous thrust.

“Yessssssssss,” she hissed as she hooked her heels behind my ass as I began to pump into her. “So deep … so fucking deep.”

She felt as light as a feather as I drove into her. Each thrust accompanied by an animalistic grunt. “Fucking you, Beck. Fucking your pussy. Umph … Umph … Umph.”

“Do it. Take me. So fucking sexy. Yeah … yeah … yeah … just like that … ohhhhhhh … need this …”

We continued thrusting against each other until I stepped away from the wall, taking her with me.

“DON’T STOP.” she wailed.

“Gotta lay down. Can’t stand any more,” I groaned. It wasn’t that I couldn’t have held her there but I wanted to get deeper into her, as deep as I possibly could.

With her arms wrapped around my neck and her legs locked behind my back, I staggered to the bed where I collapsed on top of her driving my cock into the depths of her pussy.

“MOTHER FUCKER,” she yelled as my cock smashed against her cervix.

“If you say so,” I wheezed. “Do you want me to stop?” I asked as I withdrew until just the tip of my cock was still inside of her.

“Don’t you dare,” she growled, playfully. “Fuck me … fill my pussy with that marvelous cock of yours … pump it into me until I cum all over it.”

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