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A Strange Encounter Ch. 06

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Anne woke about six pm and saw she still had Colin cuddled up to her, it was colder now and her nipples were stiff and puckered. Stuart lay sprawled across his pillows arm round Sue whose head lay peacefully in his lap. She smiled and shifted slightly to lift Colin off her leg. He mumbled and opened his eyes.

Colin stared at his mother’s pert nipple and the dark pink puckered flesh round it. He smiled and licked it with his tongue, felt his mother jerk in surprise and slap his arm as she cuddled him.

“Behave!” she said then stroked his head, He laughed and sat, feeling Anne reluctantly let go. She sat there as he rubbed his eyes and then stretched.

“Good sleep?” she asked, smiling at him and moving a hand over his forehead to move a stranded hair.

“Mmm, how long have we been out for?”

“about three hours, it’s just gone six, I’ll wake Dad and Sue in a minute, hungry?”

“famished, Sue and I just grabbed a bun as we walked round, so I’ve had nothing at all today. What’s on the Me and U?”

“Err pretty much nothing as we haven’t been shopping, and it’s a bit late to take anything out the freezer, unless you’re up for Pizza, chips or sausages.”

“Hmm, I could phone for a takeaway, I’ve got some cash, but you might have to sub me for some of it though.”

“Your Dad’ll pay, Stuart Wake Up! food time, we’re going takeaway, what do you want?”

“Huhh? wha?.. dunno, what’s everyone else having?” He sat up, tipping Sue’s head onto the duvet, rubbing his eyes he saw Sue and stroked her hair,

“Oh sorry princess, are you alright?”

“Yes, fine, what time is it?”

“Gone six, what do you want? it’s a takeaway”

“Oh! err, Chinese or Indian?”

“Not decided, what do you want?”

“Oh I’ll go along with everyone else.”

“No-one’s decided yet, this is hopeless.”

“Okay I’ve got a ten pence in my pocket, heads or tails, DAD?”


“Heads it is, so Mum?”


“..And heads it is, Chinese or Indian?”


“Good call?”

“Orders please?”

They called out their orders and Colin scribbled them on the back of an old receipt, jumped up and pulled his phone out, dialed and passed the orders on.

“Forty minutes, as it’s early evening,” he reported as he hung up.

“Bugger, I’m hungry so I’m going to make a quick sandwich, anyone?”

Stuart stood and padded out naked.

“Nice arse, Sexy!” shouted Sue and grinned at her Mum, Anne nodded in agreement.

“Thank you Princess,” came from the hallway as Stuart went downstairs.

“Are you two getting dressed?” asked Sue as Anne stepped out of bed.

“Doesn’t look like it!” Anne said smiling. She watched as her daughter pulled her clothes off without any self-consciousness, folding her clothes neatly on the bed. She sat back down and looked at her mother’s body with interest.

“Mum can I touch your boobs?” Sue asked, staring at her mother’s large breasts.

“Sure, but why?”

“I just want to know what they feel like.” Sue shrugged and sat forward reaching out to Anne.

“Oh no baby, quid pro quo, you feel mine, I feel yours, they look so delicious and pert, mine are starting to look a bit droopy.”

“OK, fairs fair I suppose, have you ever touched another girl before?”

“No, never, it wasn’t something that happened when we were younger, we weren’t that adventurous.”

Sue and Anne stood in front of each other and Sue reached for Anne’s left breast, Anne reached for Sue’s left breast, they touched and grinned, then cupped each others breasts.

“Oh wow mum, that’s lovely, so soft but weighty and smooth, I like your nipples they’re so dark and puckered, are you cold?”

“I was, this is excitement though, your breasts are so pert and tiny, like perfect little hills and your nipples point forward. It’s a long time since mine were that high on my chest.” said Anne wistfully.

“Mmm, can I kiss it?”

“Me too.!”

They bent towards each other and kissed and licked each others breast. Smiling they parted and stepped back, both now had pert puckered erect nipples.

Anne laughed and held her hand out, Sue grasped it and they came together in a hug.

“you’re such a beautiful girl Sue, I’m so proud of you.” They clung together, arms around each others lower back, heads on each others shoulders.

“Love you Mum,” Sue whispered in Anne’s ear.

Colin walked in and smiled at Sue, looking at his sister and mother with pride and love.

“Hi ladies, about fifteen minutes, are we all getting naked? If so I hope dad’s closed the curtains or Mrs Bishop’s going to get an eyeful.”

They laughed and walked to Colin, each taking an arm and sliding it round their shoulders.

“You stay dressed for now buster, someone’s got to go to the door when the food arrives,”

“OK, can I get naked after that?”

“Hey! are you lot coming downstairs or am I having a beer by myself?” Stuart shouted from the bottom of the stairs.

“Oh good he’s got beer in stock, see you downstairs.” Colin bounded off leaving them stranded. The two girls shrugged and bets10 wandered towards the stairs, they heard Colin shout something to Stuart and his muffled response. They stepped downstairs side by side, holding hands, as they turned the corner of the stairs Stuart stood looking up from the bottom.

“Colin was right, the two most beautiful women in the world side by side, cracking. What a fantastic sight.” Stuart said as his eyes glinted and sparkled.

“Smooth talking bar steward that you are, can I have white wine, Sue?”

“Coke for me Daddy, I want to stay sober tonight, is that OK?”

“Of course it is princess, White Wine and Coke coming up.” Stuart turned and walked towards the kitchen.

“I love his arse mum, so cute and hairy, like Colin’s.” Sue tightened her hand in Anne’s.

“I love it too, he’s not in bad shape for his age, his belly’s a bit large but overall he’s the same shape and weight as when we met.” Anne’s eyes sparkled as her memory went back some twenty seven years.

“That’s a long time ago mummy, and I’m so glad you straightened out your differences, it’s lovely having the two of you back, like when I was little and Colin was a baby, I love those memories, gosh I’m welling up, look!” Sue’s eyes filled with tears which ran down her cheeks, off her chin onto her chest.

Anne clucked and lifted her hand to wipe the tears away, she ran her hand gently over her face.

“Suzy-Sue, what a silly thing, come on, smile, you look beautiful when you smile, come on now, everything’s alright.”

Anne ran her cupped hand under Sue’s chin and lifted her head slightly, then kissed her gently on the lips. Sue smiled and hugged her mother too her.

“Thanks mum, you haven’t called me Suzy Sue in years, I used to hate it, but I love it now, you make me feel, loved and wanted, thank you, you’re special, a mum in a million.” Sue returned the kiss and they strolled into the lounge where Stuart stood with two drinks ready for them.

The doorbell rang and they heard Colin scamper from the kitchen, a muddle of voices and the door slam. Colin walked past with two plastic bags, filled with food containers.

“Grub up!” he shouted and they heard him unpacking the containers. The hatch from the kitchen to the lounge popped open and the containers appeared on the ledge. Stuart having dispensed drinks, walked over and began to take the containers and place then in the centre of the table which had a set of coasters ready for the hot food. More containers appeared and Stuart collected these and placed them on the table.

“Hot Plates,” shouted Colin almost running in with oven gloves on and plates held in front of him.

“Blimey when did you get naked?” asked Sue, glancing down at his small limp cock.

“Oh I surprised the delivery guy, he was so excited he forgot his tip.”

“Yeah right, I think he’d be disappointed and ask for more!” said Sue glancing back at his shrunken cock.

“Cold weather, which explains the chapel hat pegs!” he said kissing Sue’s stiff little nipple.

“Don’t be too sure buster!” said Anne cryptically, smiling at Sue.

“Mum’s right Col, there’s more than one way of stiffening my nips.” She raised an eyebrow and laughed.

“Hmm interesting, but the foods getting cold whilst you two get all lovey-dovey, let’s eat.”

The room grew quiet apart from the odd scrape of cutlery on china. Stuart refreshed glasses and handed Colin another beer.

“So dad, what’s on the agenda this evening, by the way sitting round naked is cool, can we do this more often?”

“Well I think that’s more a matter of individual taste, I’m happy but Anne and Sue might have certain times when they’d prefer not to, if you catch my drift.”

“Oh sure dad, but in general, we all seem fairly comfortable with it, so what the hell?”

“I’m happy to be nude, Sue how about you?”

“Yes I’m up for that, how strange that we should suddenly be comfortable in the nude around each other!” Sue said and glanced round.

“I think,” said Anne looking at Stuart,” it’s because we no longer have anything to hide from each other, we’re being open and I have to say I like it better this way.”

“Me too, I love seeing Colin and Dad naked, they’re so hairy and muscular, not in a body builder way, just nice, do you know what I mean.”

“I do hunny, your Dad and Colin could be brothers, let alone father and son, nicely built and handsome with it.”

“Thanks Mum, I love seeing you two naked, so round and curvy, easy on the eye and damned attractive if I may say so?”

“You may young man and thank you.”

Stuart stood and raised a glass, “To our family, together always.”

“Our family.” echoed round the table, they finished and the boys stood to clear up, Stuart reached across the table to refill Sue’s coke, Sue’s eyes widened and she glanced at Anne, who was laughing with her hand over her mouth.

“Umm dad, you’ve just dipped your willy in the cucumber raita!”

“What, oh damn!” Stuart looked down, Sue’s glass in one hand and the coke can in the other. Colin snorted and looked amazed, Anne’s breasts bahis siteleri heaved and rolled as she couldn’t hold her laughter back any longer, spluttering through her fingers.

Stuart was paralysed, unable to move one way or another. Sue stood took her glass and the can from him allowing Stuart to stand back from the table.

The yogurt mix hung off the end of his prick and he looked around for a cloth or napkin. Sue walked round the table her eyes on Stuart’s prick, she glanced at Anne, who knew what she was about to do and nodded her approval. Sue pulled Stuart round, knelt and gently took Stuart in hand, before popping his cockhead in her mouth. She swirled it around using her tongue to clean it off, before letting it pop back out.

Colin stared in disbelief at Stuart, who had a lopsided grin.

“Bloody hell, Dad you lucky sod, Sue’s never done that to me!”

“You’ve never dipped your cock in cucumber raita before!” Sue said smiling as she stood up.

Colin stood took the small container and pushed it up over his cock, he lowered the container and smiled triumphantly. There was a blur beside him, suddenly he felt a warm wet feeling around his cock and looked down to see Anne on her knees in front of him, cleaning his cock and allowing him to fall out again.

“God thanks Mum, that was lovely,” he said grinning at Sue.

Sue smiled and knelt again, taking Stuarts cock she popped it in her mouth again and began to fellate him as Colin watched. The warm wet feeling came again and he was aware his mother had taken him back into her mouth. Within seconds his shrunken cock had stiffened and he felt his mother wrap her fingers round it and begin to pump it.

On the other side of the table, Stuart placed his hands on Sue’s head and began to stroke her hair, she murmured and increased her ministrations on his hardened cock..

Colin felt his seed swirling and warned Anne he was coming, seconds later he felt his cockhead spurt four or five clumps of cum into his mother’s mouth. He grunted and sagged as Anne sucked and held him in her mouth. Colin’s groin spasmed as Anne’s hand slid up his thigh to find his ball sac, which she gently caressed. Colin bucked and pulled back, sitting back on his chair. He looked at Anne adoringly and watched as she moved her legs round, lay back and parted her legs invitingly.

Stuart jerked and growled as he came in his daughter’s mouth, he emptied his load in six or seven bursts, Sue took it all. She allowed Stuart’s dick to slide out and grinned at him as she swallowed.

“Your turn now, tongues, lips and fingers only,” growled Anne as she wriggled on the floor. Glancing across under the table she saw Sue lie down and wink at her.

Colin looked at his mother’s hairy pussy and licked his lips, diving down he began to kiss and suck her labia into his mouth. He alternated and licked the groove in the centre, watching amazed as the lips flattened and opened revealing his mother’s inner sanctum. Colin proved to be a willing and competent pussy muncher and soon had Anne screaming and wrapping her legs round his neck, whilst Stuart had brought his excited daughter to multiple orgasms and was enjoying the feel, taste, smell and sight of a young bare pussy.

Lying back exhausted the four of them waited for their bodies to cool down and relax.

Eventually they hauled themselves upright and made their way to the two large sofas at the other end of the room.

Anne sat on Stuart’s lap, feeling the dampness of his limp cock on her cheeks. Sue sat on Colin and also felt the dampness of his cock.

Anne looked over at Sue and mouthed “alright”, Sue smiled and nodded, wriggling on Colin’s lap and pulling a face, Anne nodded and mouthed “I know” as she too wriggled. They laughed and smiled.

Stuart coughed, “Look, that was fun, but before we go any further, is anyone phased or upset or worried by what just happened?”


“Not me.”

“Loved it.”

“OK, maybe I was wrong, I am worried though in case it causes problems later, but whatever, thank you Sue that was unbelievably good.”

“Yeah Mum, completely mind blowing.”

“Oh sorry Colin, I thought it was your cock I blew!”




“but that’s no fun at all.”

“I need to pee, but I can’t be bothered to get up, anyone want to pee for me?”

“Hmmm, bring your sexy arse upstairs Bro. and I’ll make it worth your while,” Sue winked, stood and swished her arse as she walked towards the stairs. Turning she beckoned and licked her lips, running upstairs.

Colin smiled and raised himself up, walking after his sister.

“Mind if we tag along?” Stuart asked, lifting Anne off his lap.

“The more the merrier, walk this way,” Colin walked through the doorway and raised a hand flipping his fingers forward.

Anne pulled his arm and he lowered his head and she whispered in his ear.

“I need to pee too, I mean I really need to pee.” She looked anxious, so Stuart took her arm and wrapped it round his waist.

Let’s just see what gives then you can use the loo,”

Anne güvenilir bahis siteleri nodded okay and they went upstairs.

“We’re in the bathroom!” Sue shouted and they found her standing in the bath, bent over.

Colin stood behind her outside the bath. Anne looked puzzled and looked at Stuart. He shrugged but pushed Anne forward and helped her climb into the tub. Anne bent over next to Sue, who winked and kissed her cheek.

“Mum put your hands behind you and pull the cheeks apart, trust me it’s worth it.” she winked again and moved her hands backwards, Anne puzzled followed suite. Meanwhile Colin whispered in Stuarts ear. Stuarts eyes bulged and he mouthed “wow”, taking his place next to Colin.

“Ready, steady, Go!” he shouted and lifted his prick to line up with Sue’s delicately fine arse. Stuart had his cock lined up on Anne. Both of them started together and two jets of piss made the short distance to the girls and hit their puckered anus’s. Sue sighed and spread her cheeks wider, wiggling and enjoying the sensation. Anne had jumped but pushed her plump arse backwards to catch Stuarts piss, feeling the warm jet teasing her anus, she wiggled and smiled, it was a lovely sensation and sent a thrill to her pussy, which began to moisten. Colin looked at his dad and they both gripped their pricks hard stemming the flow and stepping round each other. They let go and their piss jetted back against the girls again, Stuart on Sue and Colin on Anne.

“You’ve switched, Daddy’s feels different, mmmm.”

“Colin, just there, ohh, that’s wonderful.” Anne wriggled and forgot about her own predicament.

The boys stream dwindled and they moved closer on tiptoes to make sure Anne and Sue got all of it. In the end they pushed against the side of the bath as Sue and Anne squatted slightly to keep the last of the flow on them. Anne settled a little more and felt the head of Colin’s cock against her anus, she wiggled round it, teasing Colin, feeling his cock growing harder, she rocked so his cock slid down to her crack and moved forward and back. Sue turning saw and repeated the actions for Stuarts benefit. The air grew heavy with their breathing.

“Colin, step in the bath, mummy has something for you,” Anne said standing and turning, holding her hands out to him. Colin hopped in the bath, whilst Sue and Stuart continued playing “slide your cock along here”.

Taking Colin’s erection Anne pushed it gently down and between her legs, then allowed it to slide up her thigh to her pussy. She slid it gently along her slit, feeling her juices lubricating him, her pussy opening. She relaxed her muscles and a soft warm trickle of piss ran over and along Colin’s cock. He gasped and looked down seeing the yellowy fluid rolling along his cock in little rivulets, feeling it dripping off the underside and running down to his balls.

“God Mum that is unbelievably warm and wet, I love it.” He pushed upwards and felt his cockhead on the outside of his mother’s opening, he reached for her bottom and pulled on her slightly, dipping and rocking he felt the head enter her. She sobbed and reached her hands behind him, feeling his shaft rubbing her clit, driving her crazy. Colin rocked gently, feeling her heat on his cock and gradually inserting himself fully into her, his groin rubbing her little bud. Anne rocked on his shaft, it was so unlike Stuarts with a new but familiar sensation. Colin’s hands held her arse and he dipped his head to kiss the tops of her breasts. Moving up he found her mouth and they connected, grunting into each other, lost in the moment.

Stuart meanwhile had climbed into the bath and turned Sue round, he kissed her and his hands found her small breasts. He ground them under his palms as Sue moaned against him. She reached down to his cock and slid her hand round it, it was slightly longer than Colin’s and she wanted it in her. She made it clear to Stuart that penetration was needed and he crouched slightly and allowed her to feed it between her lips, feeling the warm moist heat as she rubbed him against her opening. Gradually she fed him into her, finally jumping up to put her legs round his waist. Stuart pitched backwards and forwards, easing his dick in and out, Sue panting, “Yes” into his ear, his hands on her tiny arse. Sue rubbed her tiny buds of breasts over his chest, feeling the hairs tickle and harden her nipples.

Colin felt his climax coming and told Anne, she nodded and rocked on his cock just seconds from climaxing herself. Colin stiffened and Anne felt the fiery jets of cum bursting inside her. She shuddered as her orgasm ripped through her, pushing rapidly against Colin’s groin. Stuart lost it and pumped his semen deep into his daughter, Sue climaxed and felt the world blurring, she was fucking her Daddy.





They gyrated and pumped against other, until they slowed and stopped.

After a while they relaxed, Sue sliding her feet back down into the bath. Stuart kissed her cheek, slapped Colin’s arse as he hugged his children, Sue looped an arm round Anne and Colin circled his arms round Anne and Stuarts’s waists. They hung together in the bath panting and gasping. Sue suddenly smiled and looked down as a trickle of cum ran down her thigh. Anne wiggled and saw a gob of cum sitting on her thigh trapped by her pubic hair.

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