Nisan 13, 2024

A Detective Story

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If this story seems familiar, you may have come across it on another site and in a different format from a couple of years back. It has been re-named and re-edited for this site.

Catherine noticed as soon as it turned the corner down on Luke and third, it lacked the normal rusted patina that the majority of the motor vehicles from around this way normally shared, that was the first thing, the second and probably more obvious was the fact the vehicle was European in make, Mercedes to be exact, what model Catherine didn’t know, late model-yes, shiny even blingy – definitely. The fact that it was now stopping outside their and more to the point, their down-stair neighbours premises (Porn Shop) made Catherine smile inwardly, “Jan, come and look at this, will ya! This sure as egg’s ain’t gonna be still parked there when they get back.”

Catherine was pointing at something down in the street, Jan took her time walking over to where Cath was standing, she was still trying to get her head around the need for answering the inane questions and answers about her high school history on this damn Fire Arms License Request form. ‘What the fuck they gonna need to know about my early school life for’, part of her brain was telling her it was just another wind up from the clowns that thought that Cath’ and her were wasting their time starting a PI business, the other part of her brain told her that she smelt her Father’s involvement in this somewhere.

She’d rarely seen him come unhinged the way he did when she’d revealed her plans to him, hadn’t really expected such a strong repulse to the idea. Rather than deal with it and the inevitable fall out, she’d turned on her heels not bothering to even look at her Father and without shouting turned her head so that her father couldn’t misunderstand what it was she wanted to say, “Fuck you Daddy, Fuck you very much!”

As she slammed the door to his Den, she realised it did a damn good job muffling whatever it was the old man had said in response.

All that was two days ago as she reached the window that Cath was looking out, she realised the irony in it all now, it wasn’t the car although she knew whose it was in a flash, Catherine wouldn’t know she had never met the women, but no that wasn’t it either. It was the driver. At just over six foot and six inches his fine black muscular features and beautiful face made him so ruggedly handsome Jan could just about feel them in her hands. The strong powerful thighs she had come to wrap her hands and arms around in various positions, that large powerful chest with its hairless tight skin and those arms that could hold her whole body upside down so that she could tease him with her mouth as he did the same to her.

She mentally shook herself as she realised her friend was stood looking at her with a quizzical look on her face, Catherine spoke first, “What?”

“Oh, ummm just damn ….and damn, Cath.”

“OK, Why?”

“The guy is Jerry, Jerry Paul and that older blonde thing that just got out of the back, well SHE, …is my Mother, …Jerry and Mommy, get it …. damn and damn.”

Catherine waited for more explaination, and then realised Jan was obviously struggling with trying to sort out the facts to tell her. That was typical Jan, she could be all blasé and confusing in one mouthful and revealing and logical with the next, Cath was hoping when it came it would be worth waiting for, only trouble was she knew they didn’t have all day.

It wasn’t the ‘what’ Jan was mulling over it was the ‘who’ and that was the dark, handsome Adonis that was driving the Merc.

Cath’s body, specifically her now wet pussy, had reacted the same way when he hopped out, stretched and she had spied the ripple in his lower body, torso and huge thighs as he stretched, the other ‘thing’ that became obvious was the shadow on what was placed between those thighs, she supposed Jan’s thoughts were reminiscing about the same as Cath’s going by the look on her face.

Cath hadn’t missed Jan’s thighs and legs flex and press tightly while she held the stare, so Cath knew there must be a serious tie, maybe in the past? Maybe physical? to Jerry, or ‘Am I assuming? — don’t think so’.

“OK, so spill Jan, before they get here.”

“Umm, Let’s just say it’s physical, really the absolute BEST physical with Jerry I’ve ever had, if you get my drift.”

Something took Cath’s thought’s away from Jan’s reply, ‘What’s that smell — OH FUCK! – IT’S ME’. Cath caught herself and quickly moved to sit at her desk. “Oh, so what, Jerry’s what? You’re secret lover, liaison? You’ve been a bit of a hold-out Jan, this is all new.”

“No, He’s part of my Daddy’s ‘help’ as he always sez.”

“So Jerry works for your Dad, as what a Chauffeur, is that right Jan?”

“Yep, amongst other things, the Paul family have always worked for my family going right back to my great Grandfather. I grew up with Jerry and Josiah his brother, Emily, Nathalie and Beatrice are the daughters.”

“And they all work for your Dad?”

“No internet casino just Jerry and Beatrice.”

“Ok, I can hear them coming, Jan are you gonna be alright with this?”

“Yeah, I’ll get through.”

“Ya sure Jan?”


“I’m not convinced, what is it?”

“Well its Jerry.”


“Well he’s not only MY secret lover.”

Cath stood willing Jan to continue with her story, right up to when she started to run things Jan had said back through her mind. Jan saw the realisation appear on Cath’s face. The only relevant reply Cath could come up with was, “Ohhh SNAP!!”

Jan wanted to elaborate on her and Jerry’s history to her friend, she’d do that after they got through this little quagmire working it’s way towards their office. She still found it hard to hide the snide little smirk that she knew appeared on her face everytime Jerry and the whore were in the room with her. She didn’t think her mother had a clue that she had been playing with her boy toy for the last two years sometimes in rooms seperated by one wall. Stupid, stupid woman.

“Good Afternoon Janice,” She flew into the room, her eyes settling on Catherine, before she had even glanced at Jan, extending her hand she leant over the desk Cath was sat at. Cath knew she had to stand to take the stranger’s hand and instinctively looked down at her crotch hoping there wasn’t a wet stain on her front, trying not to be too obvious she forced her eye’s up to take in the womans face.

“I’m Marissa, you must be Catherine, Jan’s told me all about you Cath? Can I call you Cath? You don’t mind, do you? Good.”

Cath’s questioning glance at Jan was responded too with a shift of Jan’s facial expression as well as a shoulder shrug meant ‘fucked if I know what she’s on about’ stance.

Catherine’s eyes scanned Marissa’s face, she noticed the high cheek bones that her daughter shared, the deep blue eyes, although unlike Jan’s, her eye’s just about smiled in response, Marissa’s appeared hard and calculating. Her expression really wasn’t one of friendship or even warming, more business-like if anything. Cath knew she could deal with Marissa, she knew the Mother was trying to exert a degree of influence over them concerning what ever matter it was that had bought her here.

Unfortunately for Cath she had also observed that when she stood and held her hand out to Marissa, the woman had reached further across the desk and at the same time took a deep breath, Cath hadn’t missed the look in Marissa’s eyes, the woman was trying to recognise a familiarity her senses had picked up.

So it came as no surprise that Cath recognised Marissa’s expression change, she had identified the scent that passed between the pair, a slightly raised eyebrow, and for a second, an outline of a smirk, ever so subtle, turned into a sly smile and Cath could feel the predatory nature of the woman she had extended her hand too. Marissa must have noticed as well as the mask was pulled over her face as she tried to hide her look with a smile, well, what would have to pass as a smile anyway. All the same she never broke eye contact with Cath, and Cath knew she was going to have to be wary of her, Oh she saw the beauty of Jan’s Mum and she knew in a second that given the right set of circumstances, well things happen between people, – Cath knew she could do this woman in a heartbeat, She knew Marissa would be a fighter but she’d met her kind before but once they’d submitted to Cath, well the fight just went out of them.

And then like it had never happened the spell was broken between the two woman, what happened?

He happened, he had ever so gently and slowly moved into right of center behind Marissa, Cath sensed his presence and watched as that area became chocolate colored behind Marissa.

Cath couldn’t help it, she was sure she had panted there for a second and didn’t dare look Marissa’s way in case the bitch had recognised that as well. He appeared in full sight of Cath now, he was huge, and smooth, silky smooth, and chiselled and looked like he was carved out of dark granite, they were similar ages she knew, and quite handsome.

‘Quite handsome! Really? Where in the fuck did that come from?’ The man was a womans version of a walking wet dream. Somewhere in the back of her consciousness she heard Marissa introducing him as Jerry Paul, she pretty much ignored that completely, sidling out from behind the desk she walked up to stand in front of him, her hand extended not all business-like as with Marissa though, it was rolled over in a submissive hand gesture, she knew he’d picked up on her scent too, ‘Fuck that! hopefully he know’s I’m his for the taking’. Yep he had, their eyes talking the recognition and the understanding. For a split second Cath wondered what Jan was doing and then she realised she didn’t fucking care anyway, more to the point if she had to fuck both Jan and Marissa to get to this bit of man-meat, well she’d take one for the team, the thought of them all in one big orgy hadn’t canlı poker oyna gone amiss as well.

Jan stood bemused by the scene playing out, she could feel the simmering anger, well not quite anger, but it was getting there. What the fuck just went on between her Mother and Cath she did not know, Jan had read it as something bordering on an amorousness ‘thing’ by the look on Cath’s face and that hawkish stare that her mother wears when the games on, or afoot, or what ever that saying is that Cath’s always on about, but Cath the bitch was all over Jerry, ‘Fuck did she actually pant at him!, Fucking really!?!’

And then all she get’s from Jerry is a passing sideways glance for fuck’s sake, ‘Can’t he even smile at me? Well fuck you too mommy’s walking butt-plug, you-fucking-asshole.’

Jan heard herself sigh, ‘Oh, …….. and I love you you complete fucking shit!’

She was still away with her thought’s when her Mothers voice interrupted, “Ahem, right, now that the introductions are over and everybody’s got off on everybody else, lets get down to business.”

Not hesitating for a moment, “I’ve bought Jerry with me because this concerns him and his family. Jan this may come as a bit of a shock to you, not so much for me, I’d had my suspicion’s for sometime, however, YOUR FATHER keeps putting road-blocks up and I’ve not been able to find out as much detail as I’d hoped.”

Everybody’s attention was focused on the woman talking. “It appears that your great Grandfather Jan, had a weakness for women other than the one he married, not so unusual these days.”

Jan saw it, that little sideways smile between Jerry and her Mother that occurred even though their eyes never met,

‘You fucking Bitch, you’re both getting off on this!’.

Jan suppressed any look that might give her away, she glanced over at Cath and realised her Mother’s speech had Cath’s full attention. She drew Cath’s attention and Jan shifted her eye’s downwards toward the voice recorder on Cath’s desk, Cath flashed Jan a look, so she knew it was on.

“Anyway’s it appears your great Grandfather may have been breeding most if not all the women in the Paul family the result being a lot of his offspring from those affair’s being related down your father’s line, unbeknown or not, I believe they do know, they’re tending to keep it below the line of sight so that it doesn’t cost the family either annoyance, embarrassment or shame, however I, like Jerry and his siblings all agree that there has to be entitlement of some kind, I want you two to find us the proof.”

Cath was about to interject, when Jan put her hand up, “NO Mother!”

“No, what Janice.”

“NO, We’re not taking on your business, go find a PI company that’s independent of the family if you need too but don’t come here, and Jerry I would of expected more from you than this, what were you thinking? What part of this story did you not think had some ethical or moral breech of code of conduct attached to it? Hmmm.”

Jerry looked down with a sick expression appearing on his handsome face, “Ah,but… um.. well now you’ve bought it..”

Cath couldn’t believe it, Jan had curtailed the conversation pretty much in one foul swoop, she looked at Marissa and realised she looked apoplectic enough, she was having trouble forming a reply, and despite his size and physical appearance it appeared like Jerry was ‘on the mat’ in front of his High School Principal, all that was missing was the cap that he’d hold in two hands as he stood looking shame-faced, that took some thinking about, but Jan hadn’t finished again she interrupted, “And as for YOU MOTHER, and your so called SHAM marriage to my father and the so called infidelity’s that MAY be attached to my Great Grandfather and the embarrassment and dishonor that MAY have been caused to OUR family, Mother I have three words for you, Pot, Kettle, Black. Now just go!”

Nothing more was said, the two antagonist’s cirlced each other with glaring stares as the elder headed for the door. Jerry subtlely stepped out of the way of both and followed Marissa. He felt it best not to look at Janice just retreat and face that problem later.

As the door slowly closed Catherine found her self open-mouthed staring through the mottled glass door at the two figures disappearing down the corridor.

“Gee’s Jan, that was so fucking powerful, if you were a guy I’d let you take me right here. Fuck I’m impressed, disappointed but seriously impressed.”

Catherine hadn’t even noticed Jan was now standing behind her until she felt her friend’s hot breath on her ear, “Well gorgeous, I’m NOT a guy, and I’m NOT gonna fuck you over your desk, I’m gonna FUCK you in my bed, so move!”

Cath’ felt Jan’s breath again, she turned her head so Jan would only see her profile, she was sure Jan wouldn’t miss the lust she was feeling though, “Really?”

“YEAH, fucking really you slut!”

Cath let herself lean back on her friend, laying her head back so it was nudged up to Jan, she spoke softly, poker oyna “Hmmmm, Lock the door Jan, huh.”

Jan’s hands had moved to lift Cath’s breast’s, and then rub and tweak her nipples through the coarse material of the drab green military issue shirts she liked to wear at work, “FUCK THE DOOR! They won’t have to break it down when they hear you screaming, that way they’ll know I’m only fucking you, not killing you.”

“Aaarrrgh, ahh, ahh, aah, Jan,Jan,Jan, please,please,please, just, just, ooohh, whoo, whoo….whhoooo..”

“Suffer my little SLUT, YOU TAKE IT ALL Cath, not so tough now ARE WE gorgeous, I’ve only just started on you. You’ve got two more orifices that need exploration, its gonna be a VERY late night for you.”

The pretty blonde writhed and struggled under the body of her friend, partner and now whatever she had morphed into and become, Lover? Master? She had gone willingly with Jan to her bed, had all but soaked herself as the sexy brunette had forced her to strip out of her clothes, she had tried to be as seductive and slinky as she could be for Jan, but she realised now that what she had thought was out and out horniness on Jan’s part to get Cath out of her clothes was actually angry impatience on Jan’s part. She had realised once Jan with mounting frustration had pulled at her panties from behind stretching them all the way out of shape and in the process just about lifted Cath’s core up and back off the bed, what had stopped Cath being dragged off the bed?

Well it was Jan’s well placed bare foot which was now positioned at the juncture between Cath’s beautiful supple thighs. As Jan kept pulling Cat’ let out a scream as Jan’s toes started to invade her pussy, oh wait, no Jan actually had stopped pulling on her stretched panties, so why were Jans toes still invading her hole. Cath realised all too late and the resulting scramble she made to get away was all for nothing as Jan reached out and grabbed one of Cath’s legs and proceeded to pull the hapless blonde back towards her and onto her foot.

‘This wasn’t meant to be happening like this, I’m the dom, I’m always the dom, how did SHE get me here so easy? Wait, WAIT! Jan WAIT!! This is meant to be YOU!!’

Jan looked at the struggling sexy woman now wearing Jan’s petite little foot like an oversize phallus, it stretched Cath’s hole as Jan manipulated the whole of her foot to the instep inside of Cath. She could see the point where Cath gave up the struggle and submitted to her inevitable outcome as her hips twitched and rotated on her foot.

To Cath’s surprise the orgasm went on forever, she thought it would roll off of her, but now each time she moved or Jan wiggled her toes inside her it reawakened her bare nerve endings to more pleasure. She was wet and kept on getting wetter as the orgasm process rolled over her again.

Once Jan had wetted her appetite for her partner, Cath really was starting to look the worse for wear, Jan decided they needed a ‘settling’ period she went to their fridge, retrieved two water bottles. Carefully lifting the comatose blonde’s body around so that she was rested on Jan’s legs she lifted Cath’s head up where she could feed her friend some water.

Cath guzzled the water fed to her, she never realised how parched her throat was til the cold liquid hit the back of her throat. She opened up her eye’s and they met Jan’s staring down, gone was the anger replaced by a smiling softer look, had Jan had enough of Cath’s body?

Actually if Cath was honest her true feeling was conflicted. Part of her was hoping that this really was nothing more than an interlude, that there was more to come. The opposite side was hoping that Jan maybe considering backing down on her aggressive stance, that maybe she would relent to what Cath’ had always considered her norm, the huntress.

As if to answer her questions Jan lifted Cath’s head, Cath was disappointed, it felt so good lying her bare face on the silky smoothness of Jan’s thigh’s the heat radiating had just about allowed Cath to drift off, close her eye’s and seek a moment’s relief. Instead her eye’s opened not with any kind of alertness mind you, they were tired weary eyes and a brain that normally worked at the top of it’s game was having trouble throwing the visual signal’s it was seeing into a semblance of order.

Cath knew one thing for sure, the fake appendage that Jan had strapped to herself was the biggest fucking cock she had ever seen. As Jan reached over Cath’s limp body grabbed her shoulders and rolled her back over on to her front, Cath was already wondering whether her pussy could actually take the girth of that thing she was about to get. That was the last time she thought of her pussy, at first she thought that Jan had aimed wrong, she had obviously lubed the thing up it felt so slimy but Jan was taking her time to realise her mistake.

It hit Cath that in fact it wasn’t going to come out again, Jan hadn’t made a mistake and Cath didn’t have the energy to fight it, she felt her hands grip the bed sheets so tightly in her hands that when she looked at her knuckles of one of her hands she realised that they were truly white in color. As Jan started to meet resistance she slowed her movement forward allowing Cath to get accustomed to the size.

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