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Anally Yours

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***This is a short story suggested by an anonymous comment on my story Lovely Linda’s Back Door that intrigued me. I hope you enjoy it.***


My pussy is getting wet as I slide the lubed nozzle of the enema bottle through my anus and further into my rectum. I can’t resist stroking my lips to spread my juices over my clit. I contemplate stroking it to orgasm but decide to wait. Teasing myself by inserting a finger into my neatly trimmed pussy and rubbing my g-spot as I feel the warm liquid fill my ass. The preparation for an evening out is almost as exciting as the sex that is sure to follow. I almost cum anyway as I hold the liquid in before finally expelling it, then repeating the process.

My name is Susan James and I am an anal queen. I have been for years since my late husband first suggested we try it. I can cum harder from anal sex than anything else, with no other stimulation. Don’t get me wrong, I adore vaginal sex and love a hard cock in my mouth. However, nothing beats fingering my pussy and clit while a big, stiff cock slides in and out of my ass!

I am 59 years old but I work out regularly and definitely do not look my age. I am tall at 5’10” and a slim 130 pounds. My best feature are my long sexy legs and tight ass. Numerous aerobics classes have seen to that. I wish my boobs were bigger than the B cup that they are but they fit my body well. I have dark brown hair (okay, with some help from Ms. Clairol) and large brown eyes. I have some wrinkles that are unavoidable at my age but Mother Nature and Cindy Crawford help with the rest. I am no super model but am told regularly that I am pretty.

I live in rural Virginia on a horse farm that my husband Jim and I bought 20 years ago. He was the love of my life until he passed 4 years ago. He was a cardiologist with a hugely successful practice. I am a pharmaceutical rep and we met while I serviced his office. I guess his office was not all I serviced. Jim was 10 years my senior and ironically died of heart failure. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss him terribly.

We had a wonderful and exciting sex life until Jim’s heart started to cause him problems. We made love/had sex/fucked as often as our schedules permitted. I am unable to bear children, so we dedicated ourselves to each other. We had great careers and this afforded us a very comfortable life. I really did not need to continue working as Jim made more than enough but I enjoyed my job and was quite good at it. As a matter of fact, I am still working. It keeps me busy and gives my life purpose now that Jim is gone.

As I said, our sex life was quite active and Jim made me promise to not mourn him by being celibate after his death. I was faithful to him everyday of our marriage, but he is gone now and my libido is still quite healthy. I mourned his passing despite my promise for months before I found a letter to me as I finally cleaned out his things. It said that he knew I had failed to do as I promised (he knew me well), but that he spent his life trying to make me happy. He refused to let his death change that. At that point I decided to to put myself out there again.

I went on several dates with different men but none compared to Jim. At this point I decided to forget about a relationship for now and just find men to fulfill my sexual needs and urges. It took a while but I now find the variety of men intriguing. Discovering their sexual strengths (and weaknesses) is empowering. Which brings us to the present.

I am on a sales trip to Baltimore, in a very nice hotel where a popular lounge is located. I am extremely horny and need a good hard assfucking! So after a light dinner, I am preparing myself to go down to the lounge to see if I can find someone that excites and intrigues me. After my enema, I shower, shave my legs smooth and trim my pussy. I put on a bahis firmaları tight, low cut yellow dress. My small boobs do not really need a bra, so I go without. I pull up my pale yellow g-string and some flesh colored thigh high stockings with 4″ heels. At 6’2″ in heels, I can intimidate some men but this just weeds out the fearful. I fix my hair and make up, adjust my boobs in my tight dress and wink at my reflection in the mirror. Even at 59, I still got it!

I feel all the eyes upon me as I enter the lounge. I pause, then see an empty seat at one end of the bar. I put a little extra shake in my step, highlighting my long legs and tight ass. I sit and cross my legs, causing my skirt to ride a little higher on my thighs. I talk to several men and even dance with a few, but none hold my interest. Then I see him walking towards me.

He is tall, probably 6’4″ and 220 pounds of muscle. He moves smoothly, like an athlete. He has blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. I guess his age around 30-35. I smile as he approaches. He stops next to me and orders a drink for both of us. How does he know what I am drinking? He introduces himself as Pete Harrison and it turns out he is staying in the hotel too. He is in medical equipment sales and we have an instant connection. I was right, he is 32, played football in college and is recently single. We spend the next hour talking, drinking and dancing. I can’t believe the size of the bulge I feel in his pants as we dance! He readily accepts when I invite him up to my room.

We start to kiss in the elevator, our passion rising with every floor. We enter my room and we are naked in seconds. I think we may have torn my dress in our passion but I don’t care. His body is chiseled with a large chest, slim waist, and muscular legs. And his cock? OMG! It is a thick, veiny 9″ with a large mushroom head. It is already leaking fluid from the tip which I can’t wait to lick off. Then I picture that meaty monster sliding in my ass and I start to cream, my rosebud is tingling just thinking about it.

“You are gorgeous, no way you are 59!”

I just moan as Pete kisses me, our tongues dueling in each other’s mouths. He kisses my neck and nibbles my earlobes, giving me goose bumps and making my nipples harden. I feel my juices leaking from my pussy as his rock hard shaft makes contact with my pussy lips. He gently lays me onto the bed kissing his way down to my excited nipples. He kisses all around my boobs, making my nipples ache to be licked and sucked. I moan and think I may cum when he sucks my right nipple into his mouth while twisting the left with his fingers.

“Ohhh yes!”

Pete works his way down my stomach kissing my trimmed mound until his lips taste the juices leaking from my pussy. He starts to lick my pussy with long sweeps of his tongue from bottom to top, sticking his tongue in as he reaches the middle. He starts to tongue fuck me as I writhe beneath him. When he works his way up to my clit, I cum quickly.

“Oohh fuuuckk!”

As the aftershocks of my orgasm subside, I lift my legs. I hold them up and open wide, exposing my well prepared rosebud. “Lick my ass too, baby,” I plead.

Pete hesitates a second, then tentatively reaches his tongue out to touch my little starfish. After considering the taste, he dives right in. He starts to lick my crack and tease my rosebud gently. As I relax, he starts to fuck my ass with his tongue like he did my pussy. “Turn around so we can 69 baby,” I say.

He shifts his body and I see that big cock descend upon me. I open my mouth wide to accept his beautiful slab of meat. Pete starts to slide his cock in and out of my mouth rapidly in his excitement. I gag slightly, then relax my muscles as the large head reaches my throat. I don’t want him to cum too quickly, so I grab his cock at the base to control his motions. kaçak iddaa My fingers do not even touch around his thick cock, and I slide that big head in and out of my mouth. I slide my tongue around it as best I can, but it fills my mouth too much, limiting how much stimulation I can provide.

Suddenly, Pete lifts his body off me. “I can’t wait, I have to fuck you now!”

I just spread my arms and legs wide to accept him inside me. He rubs his cockhead up and down my slit, spreading both our juices, then slowly slides that large cock inside my needy cunt. I moan loudly as it fills me like no cock ever has. That large head spreading the walls of my pussy until it nestles against my cervix, fully sheathed. It is reaching places no cock ever has! Pete withdraws several inches, creating such wonderful friction, then starts to fuck me slowly. He grinds the base of his cock into my clit as he bottoms out, causing me to cum again.


Pete lifts himself up and starts to fuck me faster and faster. Feelings are firing off in my pussy as his big head rubs my g-spot and it seems like I am cumming continuously! His cockhead batters my cervix but the small pain seems to increase my pleasure. I am almost out of control but one thought remains, “I need this big cock in my ass”. I look up and Pete’s eyes are closed, his face scrunched up in pleasure. I grab his face gently with both hands and he opens his eyes.

His eyes open wider and his mouth too as I say, “I want you to fuck my ass.”

“No one has ever let me do that before. They all say I am too big,” he replies excitedly.

“We’ll need a lot of lube, but I can’t wait to feel your big cock in my ass!”

I grab the lube that I laid out on the nightstand earlier and hand it to Pete. “I cleaned myself out for you earlier, use a lot of lube. Rub it around and insert one finger then, when I relax, add more lube and another finger. Then a third. Then lube that big cock up and slowly slide it in.”

Pete gently and carefully does as I ask, my excitement building until I think I will cum before his cock penetrates my ass. We do it missionary style as I hold my legs open wide for him. This is my favorite position and I love to look at my partners face as they experience my ass for the first time. He presses his cockhead to my ass and I feel my rosebud open for him slowly. It is such a tight fit! Finally, that big mushroom head slips in with a “pop” and I cum again. “Oooohhhh fuck yeeesss!”

“Add more lube then start to fuck me slowly,” I say.

Pete starts slowly, easing more of his hard shaft into me with each stroke. The feelings it causes in my ass is indescribable, my whole lower body is tingling. After about 10 minutes of slow assfucking, I have all 9″ inside my ass. I feel better and fuller than ever before. I can feel his big cockhead deep in my bowels. The look of astonishment on Pete’s face is precious but it changes to one of excitement when I say, “Now fuck me, fuck my ass hard!”

I pull my legs back farther and tell Pete to hook his elbows under my knees. I am totally open to him as he starts to fuck my ass harder. Slowly building speed, he starts to hammer my ass with his big cock. I am in heaven as I reach down and rub my clit roughly and fuck my pussy with two fingers. Pete is using long, hard strokes as he batters my ass with all 9 inches! We are both moaning, screaming and breathing heavily in our passion. I let out a keening noise like a wounded animal as my entire lower body seems to pulse, “Oooooooaaaaaahhhhh!”

My juices spray out of my pussy and cover Pete’s abdomen. I rarely squirt, but Pete’s big cock in my ass is causing sensations I have rarely experienced before. It seems like every muscle in my body is tensing and pulsing! This causes Pete to cum with a loud roar, “Fuuckyeeaahh!!”

I kaçak bahis feel his cock spray my rectum with a large load of cum as Pete continues to grunt loudly with each pulse, “Uh, uh, uh.”

Finally spent, Pete lowers himself down on me as I hold him in my arms and legs. We kiss gently as our breathing and heart rates finally slow. We roll on our sides and Pete says, “Oh my god Susan that was incredible! I never imagined it could be that good.”

“For me too lover. Your big cock caused sensations that few ever have before.”

We were a sweaty mess, so after a while, we showered together. We started to get excited as we soaped each other up, Pete’s big cock filling with blood again. “I want to fuck your ass again,” he said. I could not resist those baby blue eyes and pleading expression, so I turned around. I leaned forward and grabbed the towel rack.

“Between the soap, the leftover lube and your cum in there, we should be ok. Go ahead.”

Pete eased that big cock in again slowly as I concentrated on relaxing my sphincter. It went in a little easier this time and he started to quickly pick up speed and again was burying all 9 inches inside me. Having cum once, he lasted a while and I had two small orgasms as he fucked me hard. The soap caused a slight burning sensation in my ass but this just seemed to increase my pleasure.

“Oh fuck,” Pete moaned as he finally came again. The water was turning cold as we quickly cleaned each other up and went to bed.

I was exhausted and fell asleep quickly as I snuggled up to Pete’s warm hard body. I awoke to Pete’s gentle caresses and kisses. Looking at the clock, I saw we had slept for a few hours. “Sue, I can’t stop thinking of you. My cock is so hard for you, I need to fuck your ass again.”

I had created a monster! I was tired, but could not resist those puppy dog eyes. I told him, “Ok, but I am exhausted, you will have to do all the work.”

His face lit up as he said, “Sure, no problem!”

I laid face down with several pillows under my hips, propping my ass up high. Pete used copious amounts of lube to ease his entry. He positioned himself between my legs and slipped his big cock in my tender ass again. He held himself up on his powerful arms and started to slowly fuck me deeper with every stroke. It hurt at first but then morphed into pleasure as he continued his slow pace. I was so tired and just let my body relax as Pete continued to fuck my ass deeply.

It was almost an out of body experience as I seemed to cum continuously as I drifted in and out of consciousness. I did not have any huge explosions just numerous small cums as Pete fucked my ass for a long time. His stamina was amazing as he just kept fucking me and fucking me…and fucking me. The feeling of that long, thick cock sliding all the way in and out of my ass repeatedly was heavenly.

Just when I thought I could not take anymore, I felt Pete tense up and push his cock all the way up my ass. His pubic hair tickled my ass cheeks as I felt his cock pulse, dumping another load of cum deep in my bowels. Incredibly, this triggered another small cum for me as we moaned out our pleasure together.

We again laid next to each other, both too tired to move as we drifted off to sleep. The alarm woke us a few hours later. We both had sales calls to make that day. We exchanged phone numbers and Pete was going to shower and get ready in his room.

“Susan, that was the most incredible experience for me. I would really like to see you again.”

“I would like that too, baby. You wore me out last night! Call me and we can see when our schedules match up.”

I see Pete several times a year when our schedules permit. The sex is amazing but we really have little else in common. We do have more than just anal sex, both my mouth and pussy have received many loads of his cum. However, nothing feels quite as good as taking that big cock up my needy ass!

Thanks for reading about my time with Pete. Let me know if you would like to hear of some of my other anal adventures!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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