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Two Women and the Glory Holes Ch. 02

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When I wrote “Two Women and the Glory Holes,” I simply wanted to write a piece that was a little different (even a little shocking) and never intended to write any sequels or follow-up stories involving the characters. However, after receiving a number of positive feedback messages from readers who hoped to read more stories involving Jenny and Rachel, I decided to bring them back and continue the saga. While the term “glory holes” is used in the title, there are no glory hole scenes in this chapter (my apologies to anyone who opened this story seeking more glory hole action, I merely used the term to link this story to the first chapter). This story picks up where the first chapter ended. The final chapter will follow shortly, filled with a couple of new twists, erotic exploration, and final justice for the soon to be divorced Rachel. Thank you for reading. Your feedback and votes are welcomed and appreciated.


“I cannot believe you poured toilet bowl cleaner on Charlie’s dick, Rachel!” I shouted at her in disbelief. I was actually shocked what my lifelong friend, who always stayed on the straight and narrow path, had just done to her soon to be ex-husband.

Rachel had been so frustrated by the fact that she had been advised against having any sort of relationship until the divorce was final. This coupled with the fact that her ex was being a real bastard — flaunting his affair with the woman Rachel had witnessed having sex with him in their own bed. She needed to release her pent-up sexual frustrations without jeopardizing the compensation she sought in the divorce. I had offered to help her in anyway possible. That is how we ended up in the back room of that bar downtown, the one that backs up to the adult bookstore. It was in that room that we experienced the glory holes. It was in that room where Rachel shed her inhibitions and discovered her inner sexual being. Her transformation happened fairly quickly as she stroked, licked, sucked, and ultimately fucked so many strange cocks. She also explored her bi side with me — touching and licking each other until we both came. When it was over, Rachel seemed to be finally free from Charlie. Liberated.

Then it happened. We were about to leave the glory hole room, when another cock appeared. Rachel recognized it as Charlie’s cock (a birthmark gave it away). I wanted to get us the hell out of there, but something was different about Rachel. She teased Charlie’s cock enough until it was fully erect, standing up and out through that hole. Then she asked him if he wanted to feel something he had never felt before. When he moaned a ‘yes,’ Rachel poured the thick, caustic liquid all over it. We fled the room and the bar, leaving the agonizing screams behind us.

Now we were heading back out of town like a couple of renegades.

Rachel just sat there in the passenger seat looking pleased with herself, but not saying anything.

“I mean, seriously Rachel…you poured a chemical on his penis!”

Rachel smiled and looked at me, “Jenny, if I really wanted to do irreparable harm to the asshole, I would have done what Lorena Bobbit did when she cut off her husband’s dick with a kitchen knife! Charlie will recover…his prick will just be too sore and irritated to use for a while. Maybe he will think next time before sticking it anywhere it doesn’t belong!” I could not help but to smile as she started to laugh. It had been a long time since she had a good laugh.

“Thank you Jenny. You are the best friend a girl could ask for. I feel so alive for the first time in years! That was just what I needed…cocks with no faces…and…” she hesitated in continuing. “…I am a little confused though.”

“About what, Rach?” “Well…I am a little worried…I mean, I…REALLY liked…you know…” Rachel looked down as she fumbled for what she wanted to say.

“I know…What?” I inquired, knowing what she was trying to talk about. This awkward conversation was beginning to make me wet again, remembering Rachel’s first licks on my pussy.

“Damn!” Rachel suddenly blurted our, “Jenny, I loved the way you taste and the way it feels when you touch me and tongue my pussy! There I said it! Are you happy now? I loved it! Just thinking about it gets me horny all over again!”

Rachel just stared straight ahead while she took deep heavy breaths. I put my hand on top of her thigh to reassure her that it was ok. She then slowly turned her face toward me and whispered, “I…am just worried that I might like it better than having sex with a man. I still like cocks. I am not a lesbian…I think…”

“No, Rach…you are definitely NOT a lesbian…I watched how you handled and enjoyed all of those cocks, especially that huge one at the end. This little adventure opened a few doors to you and let you explore your ‘bi’ side. Selfishly, I am glad that I was there to share the experience with you.”

Jenny gripped my hand, raised it to her soft cheek and replied, “I would not have wanted to share Betturkey it with anyone else.”

We were nearing her neighborhood when Rachel stated the obvious, “Jen, this car smells of sex!” She was right. While we cleaned ourselves up as best as we could, the mixed odors of our own juices as well as the semen residue on our bodies had pretty much filled the air. “Why don’t you come in when we get to my place and we can shower off? You can borrow some of my clothes to change into.”

I had to admit that I was feeling a little filthy and a hot shower would feel wonderful right about then…I also felt a little tingle, at the thought of this being more than just a cleansing experience, so I eagerly accepted her invitation.

When we arrived at her house, we quickly made our way up toward the master bedroom’s bathroom. The shower stall was quite large and surrounded by glass walls. There were seats in each corner of the stall and the showerhead was one that could be also used as a sprayer.

“Why don’t you shower first Jenny? Give me your clothes and I will toss them in the laundry and get them back to you later,” Rachel offered.

I quickly nodded and began to peel the clothes off my slightly sticky body. I could feel Rachel’s eyes on me as I stepped out of my panties and unhooked my bra. She smiled as she took my clothes and handed me a towel, before walking back into the bedroom. I started the water and adjusted the temperature, then stepped into the stall. Taking a relaxing and deep breath, I closed my eyes and tilted my head back under the shower’s wide stream. I let out a sigh as the hot water flowed all the way down my body starting at my face, over my throat, cascading over my breasts and down my stomach.

Running my hands up my torso, I ultimately cupped my breasts with both hands and held them up to the gushing water — the fine streams felt like little erotic needles, dancing on my hardening nipples. I began to think about what it was like to be with Rachel in that room. My labia began to swell again and I leaned forward against the glass wall of the shower stall. I could see myself in on of the mirrors as it began to fog up. Leaning my chest against the glass wall, I could see my breasts compress against it – my nipples poking at the glass like they were going to drill right through it. Looking down between my legs, I could see my fingers frantically massaging my swollen lips and clit.

I closed my eyes for a moment and began to lose myself in my orgasm. I did not hear the door to the shower open. Then, I felt a soft pelvis press against my buttocks while a couple of hands began to run up and down my thighs. Keeping my eyes closed, I began to moan and press my ass back against Rachel, whose hands began to caress their way up my stomach. I leaned away from the glass wall and into her chest, feeling her nipples prod in between my shoulder blades.

My cheek backed up to hers and she whispered, “you forgot to use some soap.” With that, Rachel began to run her soapy hands up and down my entire torso. She slowly washed each breast, giving the nipples a gentle tweak. I returned the favor by washing her from head to toe.

When we had both rinsed off, we faced each other and began to kiss passionately. The feeling of our breasts pressing together sent electrifying charges throughout my body. I pressed my groin into hers and we began to grind against each other.

Rachel then pushed me down onto one of the corner seats. She knelt between my spread legs and sucked on my breasts while I through my head back and wrapped my fingers around the back of her head through her wet hair. She then began to kiss her way down my stomach and finally found her way to my now aching pussy. Smiling up at me, her tongue darted out and began to explore my folds again. I arched my back as she found my clit and began to gently suck on it.

“Rach…you…have an amazing tongue,” I moaned. “Ahhhhh…yes…” The feeling of the shower’s hot water sprinkling over us while Rachel licked me to another orgasm was incredible.

Then Rachel stopped just before I came. “NOOOO!” I whimpered loudly. She stood up and reached down the showerhead. With a turn of the dial, the water began to pulse out of the head.

“You have to experience this Jenny…Charlie bitched about the extra cost for this shower head, but it was worth it!” Rachel aimed the pulsing water at my chest and I began to feel my orgasm build again as the pulsing water began to stimulate my nipples and then the hot water flowed down between my legs, over my nearly convulsing lips. It was not long before Rachel directed the pulsing water at my pussy. I could no longer stay seated, so I slumped onto the floor of the shower stall with my legs spread wide open, my hips rising and falling to meet the pulsing stream of water as it jumped around my clit.

“Rachel!” I screamed. “You…are driving me…insane!” Rachel then knelt with a knee on either side of my head, Betturkey Giriş while holding the showerhead above my pussy. Looking up, I could see her swollen lips. I grabbed onto her thighs and pulled her onto my mouth and began to lick her pussy and clit. Rachel began to moan loudly as she pressed her pussy harder onto my hungry mouth. I could feel her labia contracting and her clit was throbbing under my tongue. My own clit was having convulsions of its own and I soon felt my orgasm building to the point of no return.

We both screamed and shuttered as we came. Rachel lost her grip on the showerhead and it swung into the wall with a crash, water still pulsing out of it in random directions as Rachel’s face slumped to my still throbbing pussy. She kissed it tenderly while the final shutters of my orgasm rattled my body.

Panting, I lifted my mouth to her pussy and kissed it as well. Rachel then struggled to her feet and grabbed at the shower hose that seemed to be whipping about like a wild snake. After she turned off the water, Rachel helped me to my feet. My legs were still a little shaky. We dried each other off slowly, savoring and exploring every inch. I could feel the heat within me begin to rise again as the soft towel caressed over my nipples. When she dried my inner thighs and ran the towel up to my pussy, I could not help but to let out a soft moan.

Rachel then led me from the bathroom into the bedroom. The bed covers had been pulled down. “Why Rachel…” I mused in feigned surprise, “you were that sure of yourself that you could get me into bed with you, huh?”

“Call it ‘horny women’s intuition’ Jenny!” She quipped back at me with a devilish smile.

With that, Rachel slipped between the sheets and pulled me in next to her. We kissed deeply as our naked bodies pressed together and our hands roamed up and down each other’s backs. I could feel her heat and wetness against my own as we pressed our pelvises together. Rachel began to kiss and suck on my neck and shoulder while her hands squeezed my buttocks, pulling my groin harder into hers. My hands gripped the back of her shoulders and pulled her closer…it is almost as if we wanted to be inside each other, one with each other.

I pushed Rachel onto her back and began to kiss my way down her throat and onto her chest. She had begun to moan when my lips found her nipples and began to suck on them…hard. Her arms were around me and she began to push me down her body. “OHHH…Rachel…a little EAGER, aren’t you?” I asked with a smile.

“You have got me…so horny Jen! I want to feel your tongue on me…please?” She begged.

“The best things…CUM…to those who wait Jennifer!” I chided. Pushing myself up, I straddled her midsection with my legs and gently lowered my crotch onto her now heaving navel. I began to rub my wet lips against the soft skin of her stomach. She must have felt how wet my pussy was because she let out a little gasp. Lowering myself toward her, I positioned my breasts so that they were inches from her face. She strained her neck and tried to get her lips to them, but I teasingly kept them just out of reach — my long hair hanging down and framing her pretty face. Rachel’s tongue reached out as far as it would go and I lowered my breasts just enough so that the tip of the tongue could taste the hardened end of my nipples. I guess she could not take any more, because Rachel’s hands quickly shot up and grabbed the back of my head. She pulled my right breast to her mouth, almost as if she were trying to take it all in.

“UNNNNNGGGHHH!” I moaned into her ear as my forehead pushed into the pillow. I began to suck on her earlobe while feeling her tongue work on my nipple and her lips sucking the flesh of my aching breast. I could feel how slick her navel was becoming as I continued to rub against it. My clit was so hard and would twitch each time it made contact with her belly button.

When I pushed myself back up, my breast made a slight popping sound as it broke away from the “vacuum” grip Rachel’s lips had on it. I raised my torso straight up and continued to rub myself against Rachel’s stomach while massaging her saliva into my breasts. Knowing she wanted more of them, I teased her by lifting my right breast up to my lips and began to lick where she had been sucking. I could tell this was driving her insane.

“Now Rachel…I want you to keep your arms down and not touch me until I say you may…do you think that you can do that?” Rachel quickly nodded without saying a word. I could tell from some of the movement behind me that she was squeezing her thighs together and squirming quite a bit.

Lowering myself once again, I placed a hand on either side of her and began to let my hair fall down onto her face. I began to move my head around and directed my flowing hair to glide and softly caress the skin of her neck, shoulders and chest. Rachel began to whimper a bit as my locks lingered and tickled her breasts and nipples and then down onto her stomach.

I moved back up so that my breasts were above her face again. Rachel started to lift one of her arms. “UH UH…not yet Rach!” I gently scolded. Her arm dropped back onto the bed. Continuing, I lowered my breasts to her face and began to rub them on her cheeks and across her lips, which tried to grab the nipples as they passed by. Rachel’s tongue was out a little and I let it trail down between my breasts while they rubbed on both of her cheeks.

My breasts then began to lightly brush against hers. I held them close enough so that just the tips of my nipples would barely touch the tips of her nipples. We both moaned as we our hard nipples swirled around together. Slowly lowering myself toward her, I began to move my breasts in circles as they fully caressed her breasts. This sensation sent electrifying pulses straight to my dripping and throbbing pussy.

“OHHHH JEN…” Rachel moaned, “You feel …so…good against me!” She closed her eyes and tilted her head backward, arching her throat. While our breasts were pressed together, I kissed and sucked on the soft skin of her throat. My lips could feel vibrations coming from her vocal chords as she moaned and purred.

My breasts left Rachel’s to continue their decent down her body. My breathing quickened as I felt the slick and slippery skin of her navel — caused my own flowing juices. The feelings of my nipples sliding into her belly button – filled with my nectar – were indescribable. It was as if my nipples were entering touching part of my pussy. This feeling sent a shiver up my spine and caused me to flow even more.

Rachel had now placed her hands firmly on my shoulders and was pushing me close to her navel. Her hips were beginning to gyrate wildly. I was going to remind her of the “rules,” but we were so close to the point of no return and I wanted to head for the next level.

Sliding down between her widespread legs, I moved her thighs over my arms so that my right breast could rub up and down along her wet swollen lips. Her moans became deeper and louder as my nipple slipped in between her lips and began to glide up and down the entire length of her pussy — while Rachel raised and lowered her hips in harmony.

“JENNN…MMMM…OHHHHH” Rachel moaned each time my nipple neared her eager clitoris. Finally, my nipple felt her very hard and throbbing clit. I began to quickly rub my nipple around her clit and was surprised to feel myself cum, just from the stimulation of my nipple on her clit.

Rachel gripped my shoulders and tightly pulled me toward her as I felt the tip of my breast begin to enter her pussy. “OHHHHH….Rach! You are soooo wet and feel so good on my tit!” I moaned.

Meanwhile, she began to grind her clit on the top of my breast. I could feel its erection poking into my flesh while my nipple was being sucked into her contracting vagina, her lips caressing my areola. “Yesssss…Jen…fuck my puss with…your tit…harder…don’…stop.!” I began to move my swollen and aching breast in as far as it would go and then back out again. The feeling of her pulsing around my nipple and tit was indescribable.

Rachel’s hips were writhing and pumping to meet my breast’s movements. I looked up at her — head arced back, her hands squeezing her heaving breasts and pulling on her nipples, her glistening navel rising and falling. I began to kiss, lick and suck all around that navel, tasting my sweet honey on her soft skin. She began to shutter and shake slightly. I could feel her contractions around my breast as she continued to buck and grind her crotch into my chest.

“Yesssss! MMMM…Jenny! UHHHHH HUUUUUU! HARDERRR!” Rachel screamed as her hands flew back down to my shoulders, digging her fingers in as she pulled me into her convulsing pussy. My breast felt like it was being sucked all the way in, being swallowed hole — a mixture if intense pleasure and a little pain. She was arching herself toward me and I could see her breasts bounce and quiver each time she humped my now throbbing breast. I could barely breath as I felt her legs wrap around my arm and shoulders.

“JJJENNNN! CCCC…UMMMMINNNNG…GGGHHH!” She screamed as her hips were lifting up off the bed only to crash back down – my upper torso held by her leg-lock, her pussy spasming and contracting all around my burning breast. She began to shake and shutter again, this time I could feel it start in her legs and work its way up to her groin, then up her torso toward her chest.

“OOOOOHHHHHHHHH!” Rachel moaned as her hips raised my up with a final earthshaking convulsion before slowly sinking back onto the bed. My breathing began to return as she lay panting; her legs still wrapped around me, my breast felt the lingering contractions begin to subside. Slowly, her legs loosened their hold and slid down to the sheet.

I could feel her pussy twitch as I pulled my breast away. Rising onto my knees, I gazed down at her and saw a glassy look in her eyes. Her upper chest was so flushed that it looked crimson; and her nipples were still standing at full attention on top of her breasts as they continued to rise and fall while she her breathing was slowly being restored.

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