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Reina Learns

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He had to have her. From the moment he saw her he knew. She would be perfect. She fit the very profile of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was short, maybe just over 5 feet tall with perkey large breasts and a small pout centered in her otherwise flat belly. She had the brightest green eyes and hair the color of honey. At the moment, she was clothed in a ragged red dress torn and frayed. It looked like she had been forced out of her home somewhere. She was gagged and bound on the stage and was trying half heartedly to wriggle herself free from the pole she was tied to.

A stalky man came out before in front of her and bellowed, “We will start the bidding on the fine piece of virgin flesh at 50 silver pieces.” Immediately, the bidding began. Soon, the numbers skyrocketed into the hundreds, and he was bidding the whole way.

“250 Silver pieces and 50 Gold pieces,” he bid loudly. The crowd went silent, and the bidding stopped. No one in the town had quite that much money and the auctioneer’s mouth started to water.

“The bitch is yours,” He untied her from the pole, retied her hands and threw her out into the crowd. She landed with a small ‘oof’ on the ground, unable to get up.

Kendrick went over to his beautiful new property, lifted her into his strong arms, threw the money at the auctioneer and carried her to his carriage. “Sleep little one, we have a long way to go”

She looked up at him with scared eyes and started to mumble and whimper. He looked at her, “You will stay bound for now, until you learn to trust me. You are mine now, and I assure that if you do as I say, nothing questionable will ever happen to you. I take good care of what’s mine.” He set her gently down on a seat in the carriage and comfortably sat across from her, watching her. He signaled for the driver to move on and with a small jerk the carriage moved forward.

“I said,” said Kendrick firmly, “close your eyes. The sooner you sleep, the sooner we will arrive at the manor.”

She closed her eyes. After a while, her breathing became even and deep. He sat looking at her for a while. His groin stirred. When was the last time he had seen something this beautiful? He moved over to her and rested her head in his lap. Slow and careful not to wake her, he undid her gag. Behind the rough fabric, that seemed to have been ripped from her dress, were two perfect and round lips the color of a rose. He leaned down and kissed them softly. She tasted wonderful. He lifted her up and carefully untied her hands and let them lay at her side so she wouldn’t ache when she woke.

The easy sway of the cart kept her asleep, as if a baby being rocked, in the arms of her protector. He couldn’t wait to teach her, couldn’t wait to have her. His Betturkey felt the rush of blood move to his groin and felt himself grow hard. Perhaps a small touch would keep him from devouring her right then and there.

He maneuvered his hands down the front of her frayed dress and pulled. The tired fabric tore easily and two perfectly round creamy white breasts fell from the dress. He started to run his fingers across her nipples and soon, two pink buds stood erect from them. He quickly took them into his mouth and suckled for a while. He noticed her breathing became a bit quicker, but she was still fast asleep.

He slowly reached farther down and lifted up her frayed skirt. Between two shapely thighs held the object of his desire. He started to reach down, he wanted to touch it, to taste it. He released her nipple from his mouth and cupped her small mound in his hand. She was wet. His finger found its way to her budding clit and encircled it a few times. Her breathing became quicker and she began to stir. He immediately moved his hand. He couldn’t take her like this. It was unfair.

He positioned her lying down and let her sleep the rest of the way. But he couldn’t help staring at her two perfect breasts. He slowly undid his trousers and grasped his erect gland. Slowly moving his hand up and down he pictured himself setting her on his dick and pushing down. Stroking faster, he imagined breaking her virgin barrier for the first time, making love to her. He was about to cum, he looked at her sitting there, so vulnerable. He thought about fucking her. He thought about pushing in to her again and again, his stroking became faster as he pushed himself over the edge. He quickly moved over to her and came on those perfect breasts.

Afterward, he cleaned himself off and waited for the carriage ride to end. Kendrick sat and looked at the pool of cum on her breasts. How many more times would he cum on her? He couldn’t wait to fnd out.

After what seemed a lifetime, the carriage pulled to a stop in front of his manor house. The small jerk of the carriage woke her and she looked around. It took her a minute to find her surroundings and soon she discovered the pool of white on her chest.

“Leave it there” he told her. She stood still. “You will do as I say. I will get out of the carriage and you will follow me. Your eyes will always stay on the ground”

She met his gaze questioningly and nodded. He got up and and grabbed her hair, pulling it down, “You will answer with ‘Yes Master’or ‘No Master’ is that clear?”

She strained against his force, “Yes Master”

“Good,” he let go of her hair and got out of the carriage. He started walking towards his manor house. He went in the front door and headed Betturkey Giriş to the room which was to be hers. He walked up a couple flights of stairs, he could hear her light bare feet following him softly. When he came to the room that was to be hers, he opened the door and walked in. She followed.

“You are a good little slave aren’t you?” He asked, turning to look at her. She looked so erotic, eyes cast to the floor, her chest bare, oozing with his cum, “I want you to take off your dress, little slave.”

She tugged and pulled at the dress until it fluttered down to her feet, leaving her bare. It was very drafty and soon, she was covered with goosebumps from head to toe. He smiled. Her nipples formed into the pink little peaks he so adored.

“What is your name, little one?”

“Reina, Master”

“Reina. Lovely. Come to my side, Reina, and kneel there”

She took a moment to consider this, but when she glanced and saw his stern look on his face, she quickly did as she was told.

“I like being pleased, Reina. I want you to please me. As long as you please me, you will have whatever you want, whenever you want. You do want to please your master, don’t you?”

“Yes Master.”

“Good.” He glanced down at her. Her breasts were pinned against the floor and her round little bum was so perfect, he felt the familiar stirring of his groin. He couldn’t wait any longer, “Crawl over to the bed and climb up on it, little one. I want you to stay on your hands and knees.”

A scared look came over her as she did as she was told. He took off his clothes and went over to her. He examined her closely. He cupped her breasts, pinching her pink little nipples. She gasped. He chuckled as he moved down her body and inserted a finger into her tight pussy. He pushed it in until he could feel the tiny membrane that stretched across her opening. He pushed a bit on it and she gasped in pain.

“Lay down on your back.” he ordered. She did as he climbed up on the bed next to her. He took one of her hands and positioned it on her clit, “I want you to touch this. I want you to rub this. I want to see you pleasure yourself for me.”

She looked scared, but she did as she was told with a meek, “Yes Master”

She started to rub the little nob, first up and down, and then in circles. As she discovered the pleasure this brought, she started to rub it faster and arched her back and moved her hips. She moaned and rubbed it harder and faster. She could feel the force of orgasm rising inside her. She moaned. This was ecstacy. She could feel the unstoppable pleasure mounting when his hand stopped her.

“I did not tell you to cum.” He said. She looked disappointed. He smiled at her. “Not to worry, little one. You will cum tonight. But tonight is a night of learning. What you just did excited your Master very much. As you can see, you affect your Master in a big way.”

Her eyes looked down to see his raging erection standing proud before her. She looked up at him, he was smiling at her, “I want you to touch it. Explore it, get used to it.”

He guided her hand to it and wrapped her fingers around it. She started to slowly pump it up and down. Her skin was so silky and it felt so soft against his organ, he nearly came at the very touch of it. He fell into ecstacy, “Put it in your mouth, little one. But do not bite, only use your tongue and your lips.”

She obeyed his command and slid it into her mouth. Her tongue enciricled the head as her lips focused on the shaft. He positioned his hands behind her head and pushed her head down until she swallowed all of it. She was a natural. She licked and sucked over and over until he came in her mouth, “swallow it, little slut.”

She gulped every drop down her throat, “You liked that didn’t you little whore?”

“Yes master”

“And you want to feel this giant cock in your tiny pussy don’t you?”

“Yes master”

“Get on your hands and knees again” She obeyed, the emboldened look that she had when she sucked on his dick left her and she became scared again. He positioned himself behind her hole as easger as she was scared, “beg me for it. Ask me to fuck you”

“Please fuck me” she said quietly.

He slapped her ass, “I can’t hear you, Reina. Ask me to fuck you louder”

“Master, please fuck me” she said louder.

He slapped her ass harder, “beg for it, slut”

“Please, I need you to fuck me. Please FUCK ME!”

“You are a little slut aren’t you?” he said as he pushed his dick into her pussy. He felt the head pushed through the membrane and she screamed in pain. He pushed all the way in and stopped.

God, he had never felt anything so tight. Her pussy walls kept milking him and soon he had to move. He pulled all the way out and pushed back in again. Her small sobs slowly turned into small moans of pleasure. He pulled out all the way and suddenly, without warning, plunged into her, jerking his hips faster and faster. Fucking this tight little pussy.

She started to scream with pleasure as wave after wave of orgasm sped through her body.

“Yes little one, cum for me. Cum for me,” He jerked his hips into her. e felt the walls of her pussy tighten from her orgasm. His own orgasm started to come over his body and in a final thrust, he emptied his cum into the tightest pussy he had ever fucked.

He collapsed onto the bed and held her close to him. “Thankyou Reina. You have proved that you will be a good slave to me. you want to be my slave, don’t you?”

She dared to look up at him and saw he was smiling at her. She happily smiled back at him. “Yes, Master I would love to be your slave.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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