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The walls were lit with the candles left in the storage room. It was a terrible way for both Drew and Jay to be spending their Friday nights. As usual the weather in the city managed to keep them. The power was out and the entire building was dark. Luckily they found a couple of candles and some food left in the company fridge. Being quarantined in a small dark office led them to finally learning more about each other. Partners in business but world strangers, these two men finally were able to relax and converse. Drew was an older exec that didn’t care much for his subordinates. Jay was barely on his second year and struggling to understand the post college world. They were both athletic and testosterone driven which allowed for the ability to open up quickly. As the conversation was prolonged by both interest and hidden desires, Jay couldn’t stop but finding himself enthralled with the older man that sat in front of him. The candles highlighted the creases in his laughter, the shape in his form and the innocence and vulnerability in his eyes. Jay was eager and cold. All he wanted was Drew’s weight upon him. He wasn’t even listening; the fantasies kept running through his head over and over. As Drew finished up the story about his many jobs, Betturkey he noticed Jay’s aloofness.

“I hope I’m not boring you Jay.”

“Of course not..”

Drew chuckled and Jay melted. All he wanted now was him. They both began to notice that the air conditioning gave out.

Drew began to sweat and smile,” Great now we’re going to be hot and sweaty.”

Jay thought, “if only.”

Luckily Jay was able to keep the conversation going and Drew remembered that he had some vodka and wine in his secret stash. As he got up his impatience with the heat got to him.

“Fuck this, I’m going to die if I don’t take off some layers. I hope you don’t mind, I mean we are all guys here. Feel welcome if you need to as well.” Drew began to take his tie off, his shoes and then slowly his pants and button up. All that was left was his tank and boxer briefs. He laid them in close proximity to the corner where Jay was sitting. “I’m going to leave this here in case we get too drunk.” As he reached to set his carefully folded clothes, he gently grazed his bulge on Jay’s knuckles. He got up and took a candle to look for his mini fridge. As he walked away Jay couldn’t keep his mind off the feeling that had just covered his Betturkey Giriş knuckle and the fact that his fantasy was nearly naked. As Drew came back and sat on the floor, the wax fell on Jay’s pants. Jay jumped up in pain and Drew became embarrassed and tried to help Jay clean up the stain. Little did he know he kept rubbing Jays bulge. As he kept rubbing it off, Jay became semi-erect and pushed Drew away.

“It’s fine Drew, I think you got it all off.”

“I’m so sorry dude. I really didn’t mean to. Here lets take a shot.” He unscrews the bottle and takes shot after shot. The room got warmer and the storm became harder. By this point Drew had taken off his t-shirt and was completely hammered. He couldn’t shut up nor could he stop touching Jay. As Jay became more intoxicated, his inhibitions and desires became less timid. He faked not being able to undress himself that lead to Drew helping him undress. Half bottles of tequila in, they were both on the floor in their boxer briefs. With the candles lighting their physiques. Drew became more and more turned on by Jay’s comedic quirkiness. Jay wanted Drew. The bottle of wine became lost in the jungle of Jays clothing and as soon as the first candle turned off, Jay reached for Drew’s bulge. Grasping it and not letting go. Drew didn’t resist and soon Jay was on top of Drew, kissing and dry humping him. Jay began to make out with him then slowly pecking all the way down to his bulge. The candles all lit out and Drew’s cock entered Jay’s mouth. Drew became more and more erect inside of him. Jay wrapped his lips around Drew, slowly at first. Tasting all of him, kissing and embracing his balls. Then it became wilder with both of his hands barely reaching half of his cock. Up and down, side-to-side, Drew moaned and ran his hand up and down his back. The thunderstorms became louder and louder and Jay wilder and more controlling. He sat on Drew allowing him to enter his young body. At first Drew was gentle, slowly lifting him up and down. Then Jay became used to his width. They both thrusted in and out, gliding off each other. Embraced together as one, they kissed and giggled. They had fucked the vodka away and soon they were making love.

Drew began to rub Jay’s hair while kissing his neck, “you’re so beautiful.”

Jay thrusted harder and Drew embraced his forbidden love. They spooned for hours and as the storm settled and the sun came up, they came all over each other and the office. They lay together sticky and wet, with Drew holding Jay. They kissed until they fell asleep. With the sun up in all its glory they both woke up and faced each other. Smiled, giggled and fell back asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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