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Tie Your Mother Down Ch. 01

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I woke from the ding of a text from my girlfriend, Kelsey.

“Today or never!”

I sighed and rolled out of bed. We’d been dating for a few weeks, and she was pressuring me for sex. I know. What 22-year-old guy isn’t putting out for his new girlfriend, right? Well, me.

Before I met Kelsey, I had a run of bad luck with girls. They were too clingy and wouldn’t give me any space to have a life of my own. I was constantly accused of cheating on them, and every girl that looked at me was accosted by these former girlfriends.

It’s not like I was a pussy hound or anything. I never cheated on any of my girlfriends. The problem was I was good looking and had a fat ten-inch cock.

You wouldn’t think that would be a problem. All guys want a big slab of sausage between their legs, right? Wrong! It turned my girlfriends into crazed, jealous, bitches.

Things had been going so well with Kelsey since I met her, I was hesitant to make love to her and have her change on me too. In our brief time together, felt a deep connection with her and thought she could be “the one.”

As I turned on the shower, my phone rang.

“Hello, Kelsey.”

“Hi, Blas. You’re coming over right? My mom is going to be gone all day.”

“I’m jumping in the shower now. I’ll be over in an hour.”

“Okay, sweetie. See you soon.”

We ended the call, and I hated the change in her tone. She went from “now or never,” to sweet as pie. If she had one character flaw, it was that she could be domineering. She tended to always want to have things her way.

I pushed back a lot. I got the feeling she wasn’t used to that and liked being with someone that didn’t fall in line with her all of the time. We didn’t argue all that much, but there were times I could tell she didn’t want to back down yet did.


I didn’t get a chance to ring the doorbell of the huge house she lived in. I knew her dad was dead, but her mom must have done well.

I hadn’t met any of her family at that point. She wasn’t keeping me away; we just never had the chance. Her mom traveled on business a lot.

The front door burst open, and she grabbed my arm and pulled me inside. The door was barely closed when she pushed me against it and started deeply kissing me.

“I want you so bad, Blas,” she moaned into my mouth.

I couldn’t resist any longer so I said, “Can we at least go to your bedroom?”

She smiled and dragged me away.

“I’ve been dying for this since I felt your bulge last week when we were making out,” she sighed as she lifted off her t-shirt.

She wasn’t wearing anything under her long t-shirt. Her breasts were amazing, just more than a handful and perky. Her areolae were conical and puffy, just as I liked them. Her mons hair was shaved into an inviting landing strip, leading me to her treasure palace.

I smiled and she asked, “What?”

I can’t decide what I like better, your eyes or your breasts. She slapped me as her icy blue eyes flared with hunger.

“Get undressed,” she commanded.

I obeyed as she jumped onto her bed.

When I was down to my boxer briefs, she said, “Jesus, Blas.”

She jumped off the bed and knelt before me. “You’re huge,” she said with a lust filled look into my eyes.

“May I?” she asked and didn’t wait for my answer before yanking my underwear down to my ankles. “Holy fuck!” she shrieked.

My hard cock bounced up and landed against her forehead. She reverently took it into her hands and nuzzled it on her cheek. I’ve had many girls shocked at the size before, but none reacted as Kelsey. She was worshipping it.

She kissed it up the shaft and licked around the head.

“Blas, it’s the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen. It’s absolutely perfect.”

She pressed it against my stomach and took one of my balls into her mouth.

“Your balls, baby. So…mm.”

She put the other in her mouth and alternated for a few minutes. My precum oozed and flowed down my shaft onto her hand.

She was brought from her haze and licked the flow up to the source.

“Oh, Blas. How could you keep this beautiful beast from me all this time? I should be pissed…”

She cut herself off by taking my glans into her mouth. She bobbed for a few minutes before I gently pulled her head off.

“Sweetie, I’m gonna cum. Let’s get into bed.”

She nodded and led me to her bed by the dick.

She sat and said, “Wait! You’re gonna tear me apart, baby. Let me see if my mom has some lube.”

She bounced off and I thought about her mom needing lube. That thought was shaken by her breasts bouncing back towards me.

“Got some,” she chirped.

“Why does your mom have lube?” I asked.

She giggled, “Women don’t just use lube for anal sex, perv. We also use it when we play with our toys or need some extra wetness during sex.”

She climbed into bed and straddled my chest in the classic sixty-nine formation.

“I have to suck you some more, baby. Eat my kitty.”

She dropped to my face, and I lapped at her pussy with gusto. I didn’t think she needed şişli escort any lube, as she was practically dripping wet already, but I wasn’t going to argue. Her sweet juices tasted like the nectar of the gods as I licked and gently nibbled her labia.

I teased my way down to her clit and she flinched when I slurped it. Suddenly I felt a jolt in my groin as my cock hit the back of her throat and she didn’t gag. The chock, chock, chock sound, coupled with the sensation sent me over the edge.

“Oh, shit! I’m cumming.”

I fired spurt after spurt into her mouth as she pressed her pussy onto my face, desperately searching for her own release. I managed to focus and a few moments later drove her over the edge.

“Yes!” she screamed. “Fuck, yes!”

Suddenly, I heard someone yell, “What the hell is going on in here?”

I couldn’t see where the voice was coming from. Kelsey sat back onto my face, dropping her pink rosebud onto my nose.

“What are you doing home, Mother?” Kelsey asked.

“Don’t worry about that. What is going on in here?”

“Mother, if I have to explain to you what a 69 is, then you’re beyond help.”

Kelsey lifted and rolled off of me. I was glad to catch my breath and then I was struck breathless again. Her mother was beautiful. She could have been a model. Her honey blonde hair was shoulder length, framing an oval face with dick sucking lips. Her makeup was amazing and made her look like she stepped off the cover of a magazine.

“Kelsey Jane Kramer, get your clothes on right now. And…and…you!” Her mother yelled and stopped. She was cut off when she looked at my still hard cock as it flopped on my belly. “Jesus!” she whispered.

She couldn’t take her eyes off of me and Kelsey smirked.


Her mom was in a daze. She didn’t, couldn’t respond.


Still no response. Her mom licked her lips and slowly stepped forward. Kelsey formed an evil grin.

“Slut, you may touch my man’s beautiful cock if you crawl on your knees to him and beg for it.”

She looked at Kelsey wide-eyed, then I couldn’t believe it when her mom dropped to her hands and knees and crawled seductively towards me.

“Kelsey?” I begged.

“Let her,” she said. “I’ll explain later.”

I was stunned. Kelsey sat on the bed and her mother reached up and held her hand over my wet shaft.

She looked at Kelsey then me, and asked, “Sir, may I please touch your beautiful cock?”

I was too shocked to speak, but Kelsey nodded. Her mom smiled and rubbed her cheek on my shaft almost causing me to laugh. “Like mother, like daughter,” I thought.

She began to lick up and down my shaft, stopping just before she reached the head. Then as if in a scene in porn flic, she took me as deep into her throat as she could.

“Fuck!” I groaned.

“She’s good, isn’t she?” Kelsey asked as her mother ignored us and bobbed up and down on my pole.

I nodded.

“I have an eight-inch dildo that I use on her. I make her take it all the way into her throat before I’ll fuck her with it.”

My mouth fell open and Kelsey smiled. “I’ll explain everything later.”

She looked at her mother, grabbed the back of her head, and shoved it down, “All the way, slut! Treat my man right!”

Her mother gagged as my cock went farther down her throat than the dildo ever could. She banged her hand on the bed and Kelsey let her up to gasp for air.

“Holy shit!” she shrieked between breaths. “Where did you find him?”

“Starbucks,” Kelsey shrugged and took my shaft into her hand. “He just came down my throat before you interrupted us. He should be good for a long time now.” She looked at me and I nodded agreement, still in a fog from the absurdity of the situation.

“Mistress, may I fuck him?” her mom asked.

I was amazed when she called her mistress. I couldn’t figure out what was going on.

“No. I haven’t had him yet,” she rebutted. “I tell you what, slut. You can lick my ass while I ride him. If he hasn’t cum before I cum twice, I’ll let him fuck your ass until he cums.”

I looked at her and said, “Don’t I get a say in this?”

“What?” Kelsey asked. “You don’t want to fuck this ass?”

She pulled up her mom’s skirt and I was surprised she wasn’t wearing panties. I hadn’t had a chance to take in her mom’s body before. I was too engrossed with her face. I turned out her ass was amazing.

Her pleated plaid skirt was knee length, but she wore sexy nude thigh high stockings. My cock pulsed in seeing my greatest fetish in the flesh. I loved a woman in stockings.

I slid back on the bed and said, “Okay, Kelsey. Let’s do it.”

She clapped her hands and straddled my hips. Her mother stood and removed her white button up blouse. Then followed that by dropping the skirt to the floor.

“Leave the heels and stockings on,” I commanded.

She smirked and said, “Yes, sir.” Kelsey nodded her approval.

She lay at the foot of the bed and watched with wonder as Kelsey slid onto my pole.

“Shit! Forgot the lube. Fuck! You’re mecidiyeköy escort huge.”

She grabbed the lube and handed it to her mother. “Get me ready, slut.”

“Yes, mistress.”

I shook my head in disbelief as the cool gel slid down my rock-hard shaft.

“Oof,” Kelsey shrieked as she lowered herself again.

I grabbed her ass and spread her cheeks to help open her up some. It also gave her mother the impetus to start licking her rosebud. I desperately wished I could see that action.

“Oh, yeah! It’s so fucking good,” Kelsey sighed.

She bounced and slammed; I couldn’t believe the force with which she fucked me. I could feel that I was bottoming out within her but had no idea if I were balls deep or not because the bed was bouncing, and my balls were slapping her mom’s chin. She felt so tight, so good, all I could think about was holding out so I could have her mom’s ass.

“Baby, oh baby,” she moaned. “I’m so close. Get your tongue in there, slut. I want it deep…yes.”

I looked up and her eyes rolled back and shut. I felt her hands on my chest vibrate as she slowed her movement. She stopped moving and her ass spasmed and shook her breasts. All she could mutter was, “Ugh!”

All through that, her mom kept up her rim job. I could feel her tongue sweep across my balls occasionally, but I wasn’t about to rat her out for that. It felt too good. I was extra sensitive as I’d just shaved the day before.

Suddenly, Kelsey fell onto me, and her face crashed next to mine. I was still embedded deep within her, as she said, “No mas.”

I smiled and rolled her to my side. “I think we broke her.”

She sat back and smiled, “I’ve never seen her pass out like that. My name is Angela, by the way.”

“Blas Davis. Nice to meet you. Weird way, but nice.”

We laughed and she slid up on my other side and gripped my shaft.

“I want you so bad, but I can’t. She didn’t cum twice.”

“What’s with all that?” I asked. “You went from pissed off I was here, to crawling to me, obeying her commands in seconds.”

“Her father and I had a master/slave relationship until he wanted a child. We agreed to tone it down and get married to start a family. He died when she was sixteen, and I was lost for several years. I always felt empty with my husband, my master, gone.”

She let go of my shaft and rubbed Kelsey’s back.

“One night, I felt I needed to be a slave again. I think I was just horny, but I was still feeling lost and alone, confused from missing my master. I went to a bar and looked for someone to pick up. All went well, until he beat me senseless and left me in a sobbing heap. The next morning, Kelsey found me and got me to the hospital. I confessed what happened, and she decided that she would take on the role of my mistress.”


She nodded. “We still have a mother/daughter relationship, which is what you saw when I found you guys. I was supposed to be on my way to a showing, but my client cancelled, and I came home early. I didn’t know about you, so I was shocked when I saw her with you. She never lets me meet her men. Oh! Don’t get me wrong. She isn’t a slut or anything. She just doesn’t bring boyfriends home. I think she’s embarrassed by me”

“I’m not embarrassed, Mom.” Kelsey, now back in the world, whispered. “I was just scared that you’d feel like I was leaving you.”

It was a tender moment as mother and daughter hugged as I lay in-between them, their breasts smashing into each other above my chest, directly in front of my eyes. What a sight!

My erection had not subsided, and Kelsey noticed.

“Oh, God! I’m too sore to take that baseball bat again right now. Mom, do you want to finish him off?”

Angela’s eyes went wide. “May I, mistress?”

Kelsey kissed Angela on the lips, “Just this once, Mom. You may do as you like.”

I asked, “Don’t I get a say?”

They responded, “No!” in unison, and laughed.

“Blas, you have my permission to use my mother’s body any way she will let you with no recrimination from me. Although, I’m still pissed you’ve been hiding that weapon from me all these weeks.”

While I was talking to Kelsey, Angela slid down on my cock.

“Jesus, Blas. I’ve never…” she sighed then bottomed out.

She held in place, getting used to my size for a few moments, then she began to grind on my pelvis.

“So good. You, sweet, huge-cocked stud.”

Kelsey giggled and kissed me while we each grabbed one of Angela’s bouncing orbs. Her breasts were significantly larger than her daughter’s, but they didn’t sag at all. I wondered how old she was. She didn’t look forty, but she must have been close.

“Suck her nipples, baby. She can cum from just that sometimes.”

I did as she instructed and took the breast I was fondling into my mouth.

“Yes, oh God! Yes!” Angela moaned as she bounced on my groin.

“Cum, slut. Cum all over my boyfriend’s cock.”

I wasn’t going to last much longer, but I had to fuck Angela’s ass. I did everything I could to hold back and then, finally, istanbul escort Angela’s body went rigid, and she came buckets down my shaft and balls.

I got bold and rolled Angela to my side, then looked at Kelsey.

“Clean her juices off of me then get her ass ready.”

Kelsey smiled before she moved down and inhaled my dripping cock.

“She fucks my ass with her strap-on, in case you’re wondering if I can take that thing back there.” Angela whispered, “I should be able to handle it.”

“We’ll see,” I said with a devilish grin.

My attention was taken away by Kelsey sucking one of my balls into her mouth. It was almost painful, yet it felt so good.

“Get in position, slut,” Kelsey demanded and left the room.

For the first time, Angela kissed me deeply, then said, “You have no idea how much I’m looking forward to this.” She moved to her hands and knees beside me, then went face down ass up.

Kelsey returned wearing a harness with a large dildo jutting out the front. I assumed it was the one they referred to earlier, as it was big, but not as big as my cock.

“Hand me the lube, slut,” Kelsey ordered.

Angela handed her the lube and returned to her ready position. Kelsey poured the gel onto her mother’s crack and penetrated her with two then three fingers. My mind was blown, and my dick throbbed in anticipation.

Kelsey rubbed some of the lube on the dildo and I understood what was going to happen. I slid off the bed and took the lube from her She lay on the bed and Angela moved on top of her in the classic cowgirl position.

Once she was penetrated by her daughter, I slid behind her and greased up my cock.

“Do it, baby,” Kelsey said as her mother rode the artificial phallus.

I took Angela by the hips and stopped her bouncing, “Are you ready?” I asked.

“Do it, please,” Angela begged, and I pressed my glans into her tight hole.

“Oh, yeah,” I groaned as I felt myself penetrate her rings. She was tight, but it was a different feeling than a pussy. It was indescribably wonderful.

I felt Kelsey’s dildo start to move inside Angela and that created all new sensations.

“Oh, Kels…mistress. I’m so full. It feels so wonderful.” Angela moaned as I backed almost all the way out and pushed forward.

It took a few minutes, but I almost got all the way in. I wondered if she could take my entire length if I put enough time in. I wasn’t going to worry about it and began to thrust opposite Kelsey’s thrusts. Angela was shaking and couldn’t form any words as I held her limp body like a rag doll.

I pinched her nipples, and she screamed out as she came harder than before. I was agonizingly close to my own orgasm, but I was desperate to keep going. I wanted to feel the sensation of her tight passage for as long as I could.

I pistoned hard and fast as she screamed my name over and over. I heard Kelsey cry out in her own orgasm, as the harness stimulated her pussy.

I gave in to the overwhelming urge to cum and unloaded my seed deep in Angela’s bowels.

I groaned and fell forward, pushing Angela down onto Kelsey, who laughed and slid out.

“How was that, baby?” she asked as I rolled off of her mother.

“Fucking amazing,” I sighed.

Angela smiled and kissed me, “You’re a sex god, Blas.”

I laughed. “I’m sure my parents will be proud.”

Angela said, “Do you guys want to get some lunch? My treat.”

Kelsey perked up, “Could we go to that Italian pizza place?”

“Aren’t they all Italian?” I asked.

Angela patted my chest, “Yes, but this one makes a distinctive style of Neapolitan pizza. They have super thin crusts, all sorts of different meats and cheeses, they’re quite good.”

“Any pizza is good pizza, if you ask me,” I said with a hungry smile.

“Settled then,” Angela said, brightly. “Let’s all take showers first though, hm?”

“Great idea, Mom.”


After the waiter set our pizzas down, Kelsey began, “I promised you answers to what was going on, it’s a little deeper than Mom told you.”

“Oh?” I asked, then took a bite of my four meats with buffalo mozzarella pizza.

She nodded.

“So, that morning I found Mom hurt, I was more afraid than I’d ever been. She didn’t realize that I knew all about her and Dad’s kinks. She didn’t know that even though I was young, I knew they didn’t have a normal sex life. I heard some of the things Dad said behind closed doors. I heard him call her slut, slave, cunt, and other names. I didn’t understand how he could be so mean to her, yet she would have the biggest smile on her face the next morning.”

“He wasn’t being mean, Kelsey.”

“I learned that later, when I realized I wanted to have that sort of control over my boyfriends.”

“They let you?” I asked.

She shook her head.

“No. I never found someone who would let me dominate them.”

Angela smiled and took Kelsey’s hand, “Until me.”

Kelsey squeezed Angela’s hand.

“I’m not that guy either, Kelsey, I’m sorry.”

“I knew that the first time we talked. You’re too confident. I knew you wouldn’t be submissive to me, but I don’t need you to be. I get all that out of my system with Mom. I had hoped you’d never find out and see that side of me, and I suppose you still haven’t. I was very mild this morning.”

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