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Annie: Settling Down

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My sister’s life-changing hello to College

Author’s note: This is my entry for the Halloween Story Contest 2022. Like its predecessor tale, it could easily fit in First Time, Exhibitionist and Voyeur, Humor and Satire or Erotic Couplings, but it is in Incest and Taboo because the main protagonists are sister and brother. Also like its predecessor, it’s meant as a light look at certain Rites of Passage and I hope you enjoy it. Regardless of any contest, voting and constructive criticisms are how I learn how better to please you, the Reader.

Additional note: the largest criticism received about Annie: Floating Along was that it involved more than just Brian and Annie. Just a heads-up, this one does, too… specifically Jill. Hope you enjoy the story.


“Aw, nuts!”

“What’s the matter?” I called to her. This time, she wasn’t across the house. She was in her bedroom in our apartment.

“Jill just texted me about the Sigma Epsilon Chi Halloween Party and it’s twenty-one and over, only.”

“Which means you can’t go,” I pointed out needlessly.

“Yeah,” she pouted. “Unless some really brilliant Comp Sci grad student could figure out a way I could attend without anybody knowing who I was.”

“Oh, no,” I hastened to tell her. “You are not dragging me into some morass of hedonism, immorality and poor judgement. Especially, not a frat party!”

“It’s a sorority,” she countered, coming out of her bedroom, naked. “And you wouldn’t have to get dragged into anything you’re not already in.” She gave me a grin and knew she’d scored a point.

Life with Annie since school started had been… let’s see… chaotic, enticing, tempting, distracting, unethical, illegal, immoral and fattening. Yes, fattening. Eating real meals, I’d put on five pounds. Oh… and interesting. In the Chinese curse sort of way.

She’d come down to campus two weeks before start of term. Dad had driven her down in the van, packed with the stuff she’d need. The reason for the lead time was so she could help me clean my office out of the second bedroom and set it up for her. I’m sure the reason Dad drove her down was so he could scope out the place. As a Freshman, she wasn’t eligible for an on-campus parking sticker and hence, no reason for a car.

As a concession to the fact that we might need to be in two separate places at the same time, I’d asked Dad to bring down my YZ125 dirt bike, which Annie had nicknamed Deathtrap. My theory was, on those rare occasions, I could take the bike and she could use my car. As a grad student, I was pretty sure I could get a second parking sticker for the bike. It was theoretically more eco-friendly than my Camaro. Theoretically.

* * * * *

[Week Term-minus-2]


For appearances sake, when Dad showed up we put most of Annie’s stuff in the living room and she had a suitcase she could live out of while we got her room ready. The couch was made up like a bed for her and I had packed up most of my office stuff. I explained to Dad the process of move some stuff out, move some of her stuff in, move more of mine out, then more of hers in and so forth. He appeared to approve and helped get the van contents unloaded and moved into the apartment, pretty much just staged wherever. We went out to dinner together, and then he pronounced us good-to-go and headed back. It was a five to six hour drive, but he didn’t want to stay overnight in a hotel, so he just decided to tough it out.

After he drove off, Annie turned to me and grinned.

“Hi, Roomy!” she told me. “What’s the plan?”

“Well, to start,” I told her, “let’s go back inside and get comfortable. I’ve gotta let this pizza settle — I kind of overdid it. We can compare your schedule to mine and figure out where the conflicts are. And for tonight, if you’re feeling energetic, we can move some of the stuff from your bedroom to the dinette area, to get it out of the way. Then we can wind down with a little gaming or something, before bed. Hopefully the couch will be comfortable enough for you.”

“You don’t really think I’ll be sleeping on the couch, do you?” she asked, giving me one of those looks.

“No,” I answered honestly, “but I couldn’t pass up trying. And after you’re settled in, you will be using your own bed a significant part of the time. Remember, not only do I have classes, I have a job. I do, really, need to get some sleep.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah… I got it,” she faux-groused. “Okay, I’ll refrain from jumping your bones until a slightly more opportune time. Let’s go.” She turned to head into the apartment and I followed. I had her use her key to make sure it would work and we settled into chairs in the living room. She had her phone out and I had my tablet, and we made short work of matching up our schedules.

I had work Monday through Friday nights, six to midnight, and every other Sunday night, also six şişli escort to midnight. Which of course meant Friday night partying, for me, went right out the window. My going out, if I was going to do any, was Saturdays. Class-wise, she had the normally assigned Freshman load of 8am classes… the time slot nobody else wanted. I didn’t have to be on campus until noon, and then only Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Since she was out of class by early afternoons, though, I decided I could be the nice guy and drive her to and from class. Honestly, I could use the extra Library time to work on my thesis. In my previous life-before-Annie, I’d take a sack lunch — dinner, actually — with me to work. She and I were going to have to work out meals and such. It might be a case of her being on her own.

This was a Saturday preceding a Sunday I didn’t have to work, so I wasn’t in any kind of hurry. I thought I’d game a little to relax and take a major stab at rearranging the office/bedroom situation tomorrow. Annie pointed out she’d be more than happy to join me in some First Person Shooter games, if I didn’t mind. She did want to get her bathroom stuff set up, so she went off to do that while I fired up my PS4. I’d thought seriously about upgrading to the PS5, but everything I was interested in playing worked on my Four, so I wasn’t worrying about it.

Annie came out and we set up a COD: Vanguard split-screen in local mode. Later on, we’d mess around with hooking up her Xbox Gold so we could do Live together. She was good, and we had a nice, relaxing, shoot-the-fuck-out-of-everything rest of the evening. Eventually, it was time to knock off.

“Are you going to do your usual nightcap routine?” she asked as we shut everything down.

“Yeah, I usually do,” I told her. “But normally it’s just one and it’s to relax to go to sleep. Why?” I thought I knew, but I figured I’d better ask.

“Because I’d like one, too, if it’s okay with you.” Yep, that’s what I figured.

“You aren’t making a habit of this, okay?” I countered. Truth was, I was going to cave, anyway. I just didn’t want her to get started down my path of dissipation.

“How about not on school nights? Or seldom on school nights?” she offered. Okay, that I could live with.

“Okay. I’m not limited to cranapple and rum this time. In case it makes a difference to you.”

“So what have you got?”

We went over my current stock of booze… I wasn’t really into beer, but I did have some flavored malt drinks… and she decided either my usual or a glass of Moscato. I poured her a glass of wine while she hit the head and changed for bed. I forgot that, like me, she preferred nude. Not just on the river.

Damn, I have a beautiful sister! And of course, I was chubbing up.

When she came back, she noticed. She took her drink with a smile and told me it was my turn, then headed off to the bedroom. I took a deep breath, let it out, and went to get ready. I walked in from the bathroom clothed, but I wasn’t going to stay that way long.

She sat cross-legged on the bed, brushing her hair like she had in the tent, with the covers up over her lap, watching me. She was definitely smiling as she watched me strip. I, on the other hand, was definitely hard. A flood of memories conspired against me.

“Now that’s the Big Brother I remember,” she smiled. “Is that for me?”

“If I said ‘no’, would you accept it?” I asked. I didn’t intend to say no… I just wanted to know where her head was at. I could see my question had brought her up short. Her shoulders slumped and she got a kind of sad / serious look on her face.

“Yes,” she told me, sounding like someone had killed her puppy. “But I wouldn’t like it.” Well, at least she was being honest.

“Good to know,” I told her, climbing in. “Because there will be plenty of times living together where the answer is going to have to be no. However, tonight is not one of them.” She brightened right up.

I think the word mercurial would apply. Getting what she wanted equaled happy and up. Getting frustrated equaled dejected and down. We were going to have to do something to even that out. Life at school was going to be a lot different than life at home had been and there would be a lot more frustrations.

I settled in and took a pull at my drink and she did the same. I killed the light on my side and told her she could turn hers off when she wanted to, then I tried to relax back into the pillows. That lasted about as long as it took her to finish her wine, turn out the light, pull down the covers and go down on me.

We’d done the life-changing float back in July. I’d come back to school and work, and hadn’t really done any socializing, except with myself. So it had been a few weeks since my last lovemaking with Annie. It didn’t take long to reacclimate. In fact, just about every good feeling in the Universe came charging mecidiyeköy escort down to settle in my cock.

“Oh, God, Annie…” I moaned as I quickly ramped up. “You’re gonna make me cum! Like zero to sixty cum…”

“Mm-hmm,” she agreed, still bobbing up and down on me and using her amazing tongue to do swirly things that drove me out of my mind.

Well, fuck… I thought. I give up. And shortly thereafter I erupted in my sister’s talented mouth.

She kept going on me, sucking and swallowing, until she got all of my jizz… and probably some that hadn’t been made, yet. I was feeling incredibly lightheaded and thankful I was in the bed. Finally, she came off my cock, sat up, licked her lips and smiled at me. Even in the near dark, I could see it.

“I have so missed you, Brian,” she told me. “And I’m not even going to make you return the favor. You can do me some other time, if you’re too wiped out. But I am going to demand you hold me while we fall asleep.”

“Ga-ga-goo-goo-ga-ga…” I made gurgling baby sounds in answer. That got a laugh.

She snuggled back in and pushed up against me, rolled up on her side with her left tit in my chest and her left leg up over mine, like we used to do in the tent. She leaned her head up so we could kiss, and I could taste me in her mouth.

“Good night, my most wonderful Big Brother,” she told me softly, then settled her head into my shoulder. It wasn’t long before her breathing changed and she was out of it. I wasn’t far behind her.

* * * * *


Getting a morning routine sorted was going to take some effort.

It was my habit to start preheating the coffeemaker, then shower, dress, get coffee and start the day’s to-do list. Annie’s was similar, except she added some kind of light breakfast to her list, whereas my breakfast was usually just the coffee. Obviously, the first point of conflict was the bathroom.

“If I have to be up God-awful early every morning,” she told me, “I’m going to need a few things. First, a lack of privacy. We have to be able to share space, and especially the bathroom. Second, access to the shower, even if you’re in it. I don’t do my hair in the morning, but I do have to do a PTA, which shouldn’t take too long. Third, someone else to start the coffee. I may as well be deaf, dumb and blind, running on radar, when I first roll out. And fourth, somebody to help me keep track of the time. I am horrible at it. Maybe because I refuse to let that infernal machine called a clock run my life.”

This conversation had started because I’d been sitting on the can, first one to roll out in the morning, with the shower running to warm up, when Annie had blown into the bathroom, doing the Bursting Bladder Boogie.

“Shit, Brian! I need to pee!” she almost yelled at me. Obviously, we had a problem, because I wasn’t about to magically teleport off the toilet so she could have it.

“What do you want me to do about it?” I virtually yelled back, which was odd because we very, very seldom yelled at each other.

“Fuck! I don’t know!” she shot back. Then she realized the shower was running.

She went over, stuck her hand in to check the temp, stepped in, squatted down and unleashed a torrent worthy of Snake River whitewater. I think my brain got derailed, watching her. When she finished, she just grabbed her soap and started washing up.

I finished up, and then was uncertain what to do next. My very beautiful, very naked sister was occupying the shower I had intended to use next. I also realized she’d rushed in without bringing any towels with her and my extras were in the linen closet. I decided getting out an extra set would be a good distraction. It was… sort of.

While getting out towels for her, which was an autopilot sort of thing, I kept ‘envisioning her loveliness’ as the poets are wont to say, and replaying some of our outstanding lovemaking, That was severely counterproductive to losing the hardon that kept trying to show up. I finally gave up, took the towels over to the rack to hang them and told her I was putting them there. Her response surprised me.

“Thanks!” she told me, then turned to look through the fogged up glass at me. “What are you going to do? Just stand there?”

“No, I figured I go start some toast or something for you, for breakfast. I started the coffeemaker preheating before I came in here. I’ll get my shower after you’re done.”

“Brian, don’t be silly,” she admonished me. “There’s plenty of room in here for both of us and I don’t want to feel guilty about using up all your hot water. Besides, you can wash my back. Get in here.”

I hesitated. Washing her back in the past had led to other things. Things we couldn’t spend all our time doing.

“No shenanigans, I promise,” she told me, reading my mind. “Just a wash up before Resume Human Form potion.”

Alright, so I decided escort istanbul to trust her. I eased into the shower behind her, taking the offered washcloth — she’d change them out for those plastic pouf things later — and starting on her back. The somewhat satisfied moans she made as I washed her encouraged me to go ahead and do everything from her neck to her ankles. Then she turned around.

“As long as you’re so good at it, would you do my front, too?” she asked, and I could swear there was actually some innocence in there. She had to know that I knew that she’d already washed her front before I got in the shower. But, what the hey…

“Sure,” I told her and proceeded to do that, and just that. I think she figured out I was serious about no shenanigans.

“Okay, so your turn,” she told me as she rinsed off. “Turn around.”

I did, and she did a thorough job, then had me turn. I could have hoped she’d make it all the way through that one, too, without messing with me, but I guess my semi-hard cock was too much to pass up. She didn’t get me off, but she did drop to her knees and inhale me for a few moments before standing up and telling me, “sorry… couldn’t resist…”

We finished up in the shower and headed to the kitchen for the Elixir of Life, and I decided it was Sunday, I could be a nice guy and do bacon and eggs and toast. That’s when she hit me with her “I’m going to need a few things” spiel.

“Okay, you’re right,” I told her and surprised her. I think she was expecting an argument. “We have to be comfortable being in each other’s spaces. But we also have to respect our need for privacy, too. We’ll have to figure out some way to signal that. And sure, we can share the shower, but we have to give each other room, there, too. I can’t be afraid of being sexually assaulted every time I turn on the water.” She kind of smiled and shook her head at that.

“I’m serious, Annie. You are incredibly beautiful and a fantastic lover, and I get hard just being around you when you’re undressed. And sometimes when you’re dressed. You can’t see my involuntary erections as an invitation to mess with me.” That got a shift to a more serious expression.

“I don’t mind firing up the coffee in the morning, but since it’s a Keurig, even you can figure out how to touch the little icon on the screen. And fill the reservoir when it needs it.” I got a bit of an irritated look at that one, but from my point of view, it was the truth.

“And I don’t mind helping you keep track of your schedule, but you really need to take responsibility for setting your own alarms and knowing what you’re supposed to be doing when. I’m sure you’re aware you can program several alarms into your phone, and since you are seldom without it, the only problem I see is you getting up in the morning. Which I am willing to help you with. Even when you’re not in the same bed as me.” I added that last to get at least a bit of a smile from her.

It did soften the scowl the coffee jab had gotten. Then she turned thoughtful looking.

“So what things are you going to need?” she asked. One of the things I loved about her was that she looked beyond her own concerns.

“You’ve already bumped into my usual routine,” I told her. “I’ll adjust to getting up and going earlier than my usual so I can get us to campus and back. Otherwise, starting coffee, hitting the head and shower, getting dressed… those are all the normal stuff for me. I don’t usually eat breakfast, but I can adjust to that, too. My conflicts are going to come in the areas of privacy and alone time. I’m used to operating solo and not paying attention to someone else. I don’t date, and I seldom go out. That may be changing when our ONat friends come active, but generally, I need to concentrate on school and work.”

“Okay, so get used to being ignored,” Annie rephrased. “I can handle that, although I do want some of your time and attention.”

“And some of it, you’ll get,” I confirmed. “But you’ve got to realize this is school, not a river float.”

“I do realize it,” she nodded. “Are you interested in ‘bread and butter’ sex on a regular basis?”

“What’s ‘bread and butter’ to you?”

“You know… I blow you, you eat me, we fuck, roll over and go to sleep.” She was smiling when she said it, but it also confirmed where I thought she was going with it.

“Okay, let’s deal with it this way,” I suggested. “If you or I have studying, that takes precedence. If either of us are exhausted, that takes precedence. If we’re just plain not in the right headspace, that takes precedence. If we can account to each other that way, then I’m fine with Bread and Butter.”

“Sounds good to me,” she decided. “What about the other stuff? Cooking, cleaning, laundry, dishes… the usual crap.”

“I’ve been baching it for over three years now, Annie. Actually, more like four. My habit is to skip breakfast, hit Mac’s if I’m going to campus for lunch, or nuke something if I’m staying here, and brown bag it to work. I usually cook a week’s worth of dinners and freeze ’em for when I get home from work, although a lot of the time I just skip it. I’m not sure how that plays into your routine.”

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