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Black British Bisexuality

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Meet Lucinda Lovitt, a fine lady living in the City of Berkshire, United Kingdom. A newcomer to Southeastern England by way of Durham, North Carolina, this six-foot-tall and bodacious, lovely African American lady is adjusting to life in a new country. A lot of African Americans have been moving to England lately, mostly to the London Metropolitan Area, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s about time that African Americans left the confines of the U.S. and made their presence felt on the world stage. The Age of the African American Expatriate has officially begun.

After moving to Berkshire, Lucinda found the place to her liking and decided to leave her mark on it. To that end, Lucinda opened up an African American-themed bookstore and lately, business has been booming. It’s like the white British public knew nothing about black literature and black artists. Well, Lucinda is changing that and making a profit at the same time. Every businessperson must find a niche for their business and ensnare their clientele. It’s what makes the difference between boom and bust for a lot of new businesses.

Lucinda Lovitt is introducing the avid readers of Berkshire, UK, to the works of African American authors like E. Lynn Harris, Eric Jerome Dickey, La Jill Hunt, Tananarive Due, Sister Souljah and many more. As it turns out, those nice white folks living in Berkshire are fascinated by all things American, and African American literature has them utterly mesmerized. Lucinda realized this the first time a white British grandmother bought ten novels authored by classic African American street novelist Donald Goines. African American literature is going to rock the British folks world…

Lucinda is a savvy businesswoman who knows her clientele and its unique needs, and as a result, business is booming. Lucinda realized that with her business on the rise, she needs to expand and hire local talent. To that end, Lucinda has hired a young man named Stanley Cosgrove to help her with things at the store. That’s when things got a bit dicey. When a new element is introduced in a system, the potential for both success and failure will depend on how this new element is managed. Lucinda’s business is doing alright, but has she made a big mistake by hiring the newcomer?

“Ma’am, you can count on me,” said Stanley Cosgrove at the end of the interview. The tall, brown-skinned and green-eyed, Afro-sporting young man smiled at Lucinda, his new boss. Prior to interviewing for the position of bookstore clerk, Stanley did his research on Lucinda Lovitt. The tall, curvy and dark-skinned African American gal was born and raised in the City of Durham, North Carolina, and has a bachelor’s degree in commerce from Duke University, along with an MBA from Carolina State University. According to her various social media profiles, Lucinda likes younger men of the light-skinned or biracial variety. Nothing wrong with that, as far as Stanley Cosgrove is concerned.

“Stanley, take care of business and we won’t have any problems,” Lucinda said, and Stanley nodded and smiled. With his good looks and easy smile, Stanley Cosgrove reminded Lucinda of the Hot Mugshot Guy, who took social media by storm a few years back. Hmm, while Lucinda does like the bad boys, she wasn’t about to hire one to help run her business. Lucinda thoroughly researched Stanley’s background prior to hiring him. The brother was born in Berkshire to an Irish father and a Jamaican immigrant mother. Stanley had a degree in business management from Brunel University, but had been out of work for six months prior to meeting her.

“I’ve got your back, ma’am,” Stanley said with an easy smile. Lucinda thanked him for his time and sent him on his way. As the brother exited the bookstore, Lucinda couldn’t help check out his ass. Stanley is a fine-looking brother with a nice ass. What Lucinda didn’t know is that Stanley’s mesmerizing ass has a habit of getting him in and out of trouble. For example, six months ago, Stanley escort izmir came into a boon. Fifty seven thousand two hundred and fifty five British pounds, or seventy seven thousand American dollars, got deposited into Stanley’s account with HSBC Holdings, of the UK’s top banks. No, the young Afro-British fellow did not win the lottery.

Berkshire MP Wilford Forsythe is by all means an ambitious man. Tall and handsome, with blond-white hair and blue eyes, he looked more like a Hollywood actor than a career politician. Educated at Brunel University and Cambridge College London, he worked in the business world for a number of years and was even a corporate manager with HSBC Holdings before venturing into politics. Wilford Forsythe is married to a tall, lovely Ethiopian-British woman named Isabelle Girma, and they have two adult daughters together, Mariam and Adele. It’s through his daughter Adele that Wilford met Stanley Cosgrove…

Stanley Cosgrove is the kind of man who causes both women and men to get nervous around him due to his good looks and confidence. During his final semester at Brunel University, Stanley became friends with Adele Forsythe, a young mixed-race woman who had a crush on him. The plump, homely Adele wasn’t really Stanley’s type, but upon meeting her father, MP Wilford Forsythe, Stanley sensed an opportunity. Men who are bisexual or gay or heteroflexible tend to make eye contact with other men in a way that heterosexual men never do. It’s a dead giveaway that a man is not straight.

“Pleasure to meet you, Stanley, my daughter Adele has told me wonderful things about you,” Wilford Forsythe said to him during that fateful first meeting, in the dining hall of Brunel University. Stanley looked at Wilford and nodded while shaking his hand. Even though Wilford had a lovely wife and two adult daughters, Stanley sensed that the British politician was at least bisexual from the way he ogled him. Straight men don’t gawk at other men the way that gay men and bisexual men do. It’s simply not in their DNA. Stanley decided to play it cool with Adele’s father. There’d be plenty of time to investigate and use the fellow later.

“Nice to meet you, sir, Adele is one of my closest friends, I wouldn’t have passed accounting without her,” Stanley said with a grin, and both Adele and Wilford looked at him the way fans looked at celebrities. Stanley bantered with Adele and her father, and that’s how it all began. Stanley would visit the Forsythe household and dine with the whole family. He was tall, handsome and smart. Adele liked Stanley but he saw her more as a sister type than a romantic interest, and that suited her father Wilford Forsythe just fine. Mr. Forsythe had big plans for Stanley Cosgrove.

After Stanley and Adele graduated from Brunel University, Adele moved to Boston, Massachusetts, to pursue a job with Fidelity Investments. MP Wilford Forsythe offered Stanley a position as his executive assistant. Stanley did his job well, and was smart, savvy and pleasant to be around. The secretly bisexual Forsythe put the moves on Stanley, as he had with numerous young men over the years. What Forsythe didn’t know is that when Stanley came into the world, mother nature forgot to give him a conscience. Bad things happen to men and women who make the mistake of getting too close to Stanley Cosgrove….

“Oh yes, fuck me,” Wilford Forsythe groaned, as Stanley bent him over his desk, in his MP Office, and banged him. Grunting, Stanley worked his long and thick brown cock into Wilford’s ass. The tall older gentleman moaned deeply and stroked his own dick as Stanley pumped his cock into his ass. A lot of older white males can’t get enough of young black men who happen to be bisexual and Wilford Forsythe is most definitely one of them. Since Wilford wanted the dick so much, Stanley grabbed a condom and lube and fucked him, right in his office.

“Take this dick,” Stanley said, gripping Wilford’s hips while pumping his cock into his butt. Women izmir escort bayan and men of all races love black dick, but it seems like older white dudes crave black cock more than the average horny young white woman. As a brother who’s been fucking white chicks for most of his adult life, this isn’t a statement which Stanley makes lightly. Stanley fucked Wilford’s ass until the older British gentleman tapped out, utterly conquered by the awesome power of the big dark dick which filled his ass. Stanley pulled out of Wilford’s ass and slapped his pale bum for good measure. Black dick is king, and women and men of all races had better recognize it…

“Hmm, you’re the best, Stan,” Wilford said, and after taking the condom off of Stanley’s dick, he sucked him good. Thrilled by such attention, Stanley grinned and nodded. What Wilford Forsythe didn’t know is that Stanley planted cameras in his office and their sexual encounter was neatly recorded. Wilford paid for pretty well for Stanley’s executive services but Stanley is always after a bigger score. Wilford Forsythe had a fortune in the low millions thanks to his time as a high ranking executive with HSBC Holdings. Stanley wanted some of that dough, and like a true bisexual sociopath, he would do anything to get it…

“Yes, I am the best, Wilford and you’re going to pay me to stay silent about our fun and games, otherwise your wife, your daughters and your constituents will know how much you love dick,” Stanley said to a shocked Forsythe. Smiling like the Devil himself, Stanley showed Forsythe the tape of their sexual encounter. Forsythe got mad, and even threatened Stanley, but Stanley had him over a barrel and they both knew it. A lot of rich old white dudes look at young black men like they’re possessions rather than human beings. Anyone who messes with Stanley regrets it. It’s just the way Stanley does things…

“You’re evil,” Wilford Forsythe said to Stanley, before agreeing to pay him off. Stanley went home and verified his bank account with HSBC Holdings and was thrilled to see the funds were there. Wilford Forsythe, MP for Berkshire, UK, and secretly bisexual married man, had kept his word. Stanley gave Wilford the tape but kept a copy as collateral. The tall, dark and handsome bisexual stud lived large for a while thanks to his padded bank account, and waited for the next big opportunity to come along…

“Thank you for patronizing our store,” Stanley said to barrister Joanne Murgatroyd and her wife Lillian Roy, who just bought multiple copies of books authored by African American erotica legend Zane. The two middle-aged white women thanked Stanley after paying for their purchases and left the store hand in hand. Stanley doesn’t care if he’s dealing with a woman or a man, a heterosexual person, a bisexual person or a lesbian, he knows how to charm everyone. Lucinda, watching from a corner, marveled at Stanley’s charm and business savvy. The tall, wickedly handsome biracial brother was something else.

“You are one of a kind,” Lucinda said to Stanley, who smiled politely and nodded. The brother’s display of selflessness and modesty was admirable. Lucinda looked at Stanley, and wondered what kind of girls he liked. Lucinda had grown fascinated with Stanley in recent weeks. On Stanley’s various social media accounts, he could be seen in pictures with attractive women, but he didn’t seem to have a girlfriend. Stanley, the guy who popped up in pictures with hot women in bars, nightclubs, beaches and pool parties. Why is such a fine man doing alone?

“I like that you’re diversifying British literature with African American content, and I like working for you,” Stanley said, and Lucinda blinked at him, pulled out of her musings by his deep masculine voice. Lucinda smiled at Stanley, and he picked up a copy of the novel Succulent : Chocolate Flava II by the inimitable erotic fiction author Zane. Lucinda grinned, for books by Zane were a guilty pleasure of hers. Hmm, Lucinda considers izmir escortlar herself a connoisseur of male flesh and knew that Stanley might be magically delicious. Time for a lonely sister to shoot her shot…

“Hmm, I see you like Zane books, her stories are mild compared to how I’ve lived my life,” Lucinda said, and Stanley grinned. Suddenly, he drew close to her and looked into her eyes. Lucinda closed the gap between them and kissed Stanley. Just like that, boss and employee began making out right in the middle of the bookstore. Lucinda didn’t want clients walking in on her and Stanley’s mid-afternoon tryst, so she put up the closed sign and got down to business. Somehow, Lucinda and Stanley ended up getting it on in her tiny office. Passion is as passion does…

“Oh my, you look delicious,” Stanley said as Lucinda sat on her desk, with her thighs spread wide open and her dress around her ankles. Lucinda nodded and Stanley got on his knees and inhaled her scent. Lucinda exhaled sharply as Stanley began eating her pussy. Lucinda closed her eyes and leaned against the wall, loving what Stanley was doing to her. The biracial British stud ate Lucinda’s sweet pussy like a prisoner devouring his last meal. Lucinda felt her nipples harden and massaged them as Stanley lathered her pussy with his tongue. The brother had some fine oral skills, and Lucinda was thrilled to be on the receiving end of them…

“Hmm, how do I taste?” Lucinda whispered, and the sexy wink that Stanley gave her was all the answer she needed. Stanley sucked on Lucinda’s clit and fingered her pussy, working her over until she came. Lucinda squealed in delight as Stanley coaxed a wicked orgasm out of her. After taking a moment to catch her breath, Lucinda looked at Stanley like a hungry woman. Stanley smiled and kissed Lucinda, then unzipped his pants. When a sister is thirsty, a man has better give her what she wants, or else…

“Go for it,” Stanley said to Lucinda, and she had him lean against the wall while she sucked his dick. Stanley smiled, for he loves getting his dick sucked. A lot of people are tripping over heterosexual and homosexual stuff. Stanley doesn’t give a shit about labels. Whether he’s sticking his hard dick into a woman’s holes or a man’s butt, Stanley just likes to have a good time. That’s what the bisexual lifestyle is all about. After Lucinda got Stanley’s dick good and hard, he put on a condom and then put her on all fours.

“Just fuck me,” Lucinda said as Stanley came up behind her. Stanley caressed Lucinda’s thick round ass. Tall, curvy black women with big butts are totally Stanley’s type, and he playfully smacked Lucinda’s big booty, causing her to giggle. Without further ado, Stanley pushed his dick into Lucinda’s pussy. Lucinda moaned deeply as Stanley gripped her wide hips and thrust his hard dick into her pussy. Stanley bucked his hips as he slammed his dick into Lucinda’s pussy, making her big dark booty bounce. Is there anything hotter than black MILF booty? Probably not.

“Hmm, that was fantastic,” Stanley said to Lucinda, after an hour of steamy, stupendous sex. Lucinda smiled at her new beau and took a drag from her cigarette. Normally, Lucinda doesn’t mix business with pleasure but the man next to her is simply irresistible. Stanley and Lucinda parted ways with a hug and a kiss, and then he went back to his stately apartment located in the opulent Keller Heights neighborhood of Berkshire. Another one done, as far as Stanley is concerned. The tall, handsome, bisexual and somewhat sociopathic stud uses both females and males, for pleasure and money, and then discards them. That’s how the game is played…

Lucinda Lovitt went home that day with a big smile on her lovely face, and a bit of pleasurable soreness between her shapely legs. The tall, dark-skinned and bodacious African American businesswoman hadn’t had some good dick in a while. Stanley Cosgrove is a fine specimen of man and Lucinda wouldn’t mind having some fun with him on a regular basis. Of course, after Lucinda grows tired of Stanley, she intends to discard him and move on to her next plaything. Lucinda lives life without scruples or regrets. The dame from North Carolina just wants to have fun…

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