Mart 24, 2023

My Pantyhose Android

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How can I best describe my fetish? Is it pantyhose? This would not be hundred percent correct. Maybe it is more about having a second layer of skin. I think it might have started like that. I remember watching comic superheroes dressed in those tight costumes. Spiderman was one of my favorites. But when I saw spidergirl my mind was eternally ingrained with the idea. I started perceiving women dressed in tight clothing as exceptionally attractive. And what is the best out there? Pantyhose. Yep, nothing beats a nice pair of legs in pantyhose.

But why was I thinking about that? Maybe because I was awaiting a special delivery. That day was the first day the newest generation of sex androids was launched. It was supposed to be a breakthrough, nothing like those early attempts of the past. This was a fully interactive robot, that looked like a real woman, moved like a living person and was programmable. The advertisement campaign for this thing was huge. Some ads even reaching mainstream media. They must have invested a lot in this. “No different than a real woman. The one thing she can’t give you is a baby” that was the slogan.

I feared this might be the end of humans. If that invention proved to be what they claimed, men were going to lose interest in real women. Why bother when you have your personal sex partner. It was a once off purchase and the product was self-sustainable. All it needed was an access to sunlight and nutrients. It was equipped with bio-synthetic skin which converted light into electrical current and more importantly it constantly regenerated itself. They somehow found a way to make it efficient enough to power a human size android.

I knew the energy crisis was going to be solved sooner or later. I just did not know it was going to be sex industry that was going to do it. It is not perhaps without irony that porn industry was also responsible for establishing VHS as a standard and leaving Betamax out back in the day. This time they were the driver of solar innovation and solved energy crisis for virtually the entire world. The technology was about to take over allowing global economies to transition from dirty coal to bright sunlight.

But what about my order? It was scheduled to arrive the next day. My own lover who would do anything I asked her.

The product was being shipped naked so I thought it might be a good idea to shop online for some clothing.

“What would I like her to wear?” I asked myself.

Pantyhose for sure, but what else? What about a smart business suit composed of a grey pencil skirt reaching well above the knee and a matching jacket. A white shirt should complete the look. This would be a regular office outfit. Bra? No, let her go commando for now. Shoes? Four inch black high heels would be perfect.

Now pantyhose and no panties. She could wear pantyhose directly over her pussy. In fact, that was preferable. I had a very specific pair of pantyhose in my mind. Nude sheer compression pantyhose. I selected a very stretchy pair. Not too opaque though, still sheer to give that perfect translucent look. I also had a very specific idea how these were going to be used.

So, I went to bed. My thoughts were circling about the next day.

“Is it going to be what I hope? How is she going to look in pantyhose?”


It felt right to think about her as a real person. I needed to come up with some name for her. I did not want to call her “it”.

Yuno. I was going to call her Yuno.

The day came. My pantyhose android arrived. Yuno arrived. After I opened the crate, I saw a naked girl, standing still, eyes closed. There was a small remote control in a form of a bracelet she was wearing. The robot was made in Japan and had Asian appearance. The name Yuno seemed very appropriate.

Browsing through the manual I found pages describing basic operations. It instructed to press a button on the remote and speak those words: “sheer”, “energy”, “pleasure”. After that the unit recognized the voice of its owner and reacted to their commands.

“OK. This is it,” I thought.

“Sheer. Energy. Pleasure.”

Yuno opened her eyes, looked at me and said:

“Android model RX-D3 on-line.”

She looked amazing. According to the specification she was 5.5 ft high and weighed 125 pounds. She had a look of a 21-year old woman. Her breast was not too large. She had medium size firm tits. I must say the combination was perfect. But most importantly she had the perfect legs one can wish for, just asking to be cladded in pantyhose. Short bob haircut and nicely trimmed pubic hair.

“Can I call you Yuno?, From now on I would like you to have a name,” I asked her.

“I am Yuno, nice to meet you. Would you like to hear basic demonstration of my functions?” she asked.

Why not? Let’s see what she can do. She explained that she can take care of herself. She only needed access to water with nutrients and sunlight from time to time. She informed what her energy level was and when she needed to recharge. Other than istanbul travesti that, she awaited commands.

“OK. I would like you to do something,” I asked her. “I would like you to put these pantyhose on,” and I handed her the package. She examined it, smiled, and waved it at me as she was trying to say “you naughty boy”.

She took the pantyhose out of the box and placed her cheek on them. Then slowly moved her hand, holding the silk fabric, over her mouth and began to inhale. Either she was doing this to get familiar with the item or she was trying to arouse me. Perhaps both. It was very erotic play on her side. The pantyhose show was about to begin.

After sliding the hose over the different parts of her naked body she examined which way was front and which was back. She took one leg and began to fold it carefully. Then she placed bunched up material on top of her foot. I could not help but noticed she had beautiful, small feet with nicely done toenails.

She began to unravel pantyhose pulling on them firmly yet carefully. I could tell this required a bit of effort as these pantyhose were very tight. She got one foot on, then the next one. She proceeded to continue working her way up bit by bit, alternating legs, pulling firmly each time.

“I want a perfect fit and look. Everything needs to be smooth,” she said. I could not agree more.

She finally reached her crotch and carefully adjusted the seam, so it ran perfectly along her crack in the back. Those pantyhose had sheer gusset, which she aligned over her pussy. While it was perfectly enveloping her pussy lips, the seam ran straight up dividing her pubic hair into two equal fields.

“Do you like what you see? Is it ok?” she asked.

“It’s more than ok. You look fabulous,” I replied.

“What would you like me to do now?” she continued.

“I would like you to take a shower in your pantyhose. Can you get wet?” I inquired.

“Of course I can. I can even swim.”

Wow, I thought. The engineers really nailed it.

She opened the faucet and stepped underneath the stream of water. Her pantyhose started becoming wet as she moved her hands around her hips in a sensual motion. The pantyhose eventually became fully wet and were no longer distinguishable from her otherwise naked body. You could only tell she was wearing them by looking at her waistline and the seams going straight from the waistline down her clit, then splitting, enveloping her pussy only to meet again around her asshole to go up straight along her crack meeting the waistline.

“Yuno, I would like you to run your wet hands along your legs and butt and pull those hose really high up.”

She smiled and leaned forward. Wrapping her hands against her left foot she started dragging the stretchy material. I could see the excess material being pulled up. She finished with one leg and repeated the procedure on her other leg. Then she reached inside her pantyhose and pulled up the top part over her boobs. All the way up to her armpits. The wet fabric was clinging to her body.

The view was spectacular. Now her pussy was bulging out against the sheer gusset. A perfect camel-toe. What a view. My cock was already pulsating. This was something I could not resist. There was this girl dressed just in pantyhose that was almost invisible. It reminded me of those many times when upon passing a woman on a street I was wondering whether she was wearing nylons or not.

“Now let’s get you dry,” I proposed.

She began patting her voluptuous body with a towel. Moving her hands erotically, produced an amazing view. I could see patches of material being dragged lightly with each of her movement. The rest was wet clinging tightly to her skin. Like almost there was nothing there. Yet I knew she was wearing pantyhose. She quickly finished and was standing before me.

Her pantyhose was barely visible. I dimmed the light just so the tone of her skin matched that of the pantyhose. She gripped her ankle and slowly dragged her hands up her leg, stretching the silky fabric to the limit teasing me relentlessly.

“I want those pantyhose to perfectly encase my body and I want them tight,” she said.

Her voice was very sexy. It was one of those very delicate, submissive voices. People with a pleasant voice like that usually get hired as speakers.

“Let me give you a little presentation of what I am capable of,” she continued.

When she sat on a sofa and looked at me, I realized she had a beautiful pair of green eyes. With a sultry look she started sliding her hands against her pantyhosed body. Hands moving up and down, over her boobs, over her legs, over her pussy.

Turning around she positioned herself doggy style, exposing her round ass. It was a perfect ass, not too small and not too big either. She spread her legs and pulled her hose up her back. The seam was running in a one straight line throughout her back and was burrowed in her crack. Her buttocks became more exposed. She ran her hands on her firm ass.

“These travesti istanbul pantyhose are so tight. I can feel them with every inch of my body,” she moaned.

Her pussy lips were crammed against the sheer panel of her nylons. She sat down turning her front to me. Moving her feet closer to her butt she gave me a nice look of her pussy.

“You’re thinking how you can enter inside me, don’t you?” she asked rhetorically.

“Indeed that thought occurred to me,” I answered.

“I want you to just watch for now, ok?” she replied.

Her hand movements became more intense and more focused on her pussy which was getting wet. This initially seemed quite weird. She was an android after all. But then again, she was the newest, the most advanced model capable to lubricate naturally.

She lied down with her knees bent and the side of her face pressed against a pillow. She was looking at me. Mouth half opened exuding soft moaning.

“You like that, don’t you? You pantyhose freak. You like when my nylons are stretched over my body like that. You like them compressing my legs, my butt, my pussy.”

She grabbed the waistband and pulled it even further up. Her pussy lips were virtually smashed against the fabric, desperately trying to get out. Yet there were enclosed in a nylon prison. The prison that makes you feel like you are almost free, yet you have that second layer of skin on you.

I was getting so lost in this situation that I could no longer tell if she was wearing pantyhose or not. The material would blend with her skin. I came closer. I had to touch her skin. Yes, they were still there. The pantyhose were clinging tightly to her body.

My hands were now exploring every inch of her pantyhosed body. Gently rubbing her legs, they moved towards her butt. Massaging her buttocks I noticed that when I was clenching her cheeks together, the seam of the pantyhose would bury between and disappear. This was so sexy.

She turned on her back and stretched her legs together up in the air touching them with hands, then proceeded to move her hands down to her hips while holding tightly to the sheer material. I thought for the moment these nylons were going to burst but they were holding on.

After she had done one leg, she did the second. Then holding the waistband, she pulled it up to the limit. Finally, she spread her legs wide apart. That was it. As much as these pantyhose were stretchy, they could not withstand this continued abuse. Constant sheering forces won over the integrity of the fabric.

The seam circling her pussy burst open exposing entrance to her pussy. She must have sensed something happened because she probed her crotch with her hand. When she discovered her pussy was free of the nylon prison she smiled.

“My pussy is sticking out, isn’t it? That’s very naughty. Don’t you think?” she whispered. “Is this how you would like to fuck me?” she continued.

“That’s correct,” I answered idiotically. I was hoping for some better answer, but my head was buzzing.

“Why don’t you come closer and inspect if the opening in my pantyhose is of the right size.”

I could smell her juice. It had a pleasant scent that I could not identify. Nevertheless, it was very alluring. I wrung tips of my fingers around the opening assessing the damage.

“I must say these tore very strategically,” I announced my verdict.

“You won’t fool me. I know you fiddled with these nylons before, didn’t you?” she stumped me.

“How come… How did you know it?” I was curious.

Truth to be told, I made some microcuts along the seam in the crotch area, hoping they would make it easy to poke a hole without creating a nasty run in the whole pair.

“I am quite surprised you can tell that,” I told her.

“I can also tell you have some outfit for me as well. Some shoes maybe? I bet you would like to see me in those,” she continued teasing me. “Remember, I am here to please you. When you asked me to wear these pantyhose for you, that moment I knew all about you. We’re going to have some fun.”

She put on the shirt first. But before buttoning up she pulled her hose way up making sure her boobs were squeezed under the pantyhose. Then she put the skirt on and finally the jacket. Her chest was looking quite flat. She must have noticed my disapproval because the second later she extended her arms way up causing the pantyhose to slip down underneath her breast.

There were still shoes to go. She put them on. Now I was looking at a very sexy secretary.

“Let me model a bit for you,” she proposed.

“OK, walk up and down the hall,” I suggested.

The clacking sound of her heels stepping on the floor was synchronized with her perfect gait. She would place one leg in front of the other, but not like those trained models on the runway. Her movement was more subtle, more innocent, yet incredibly sexy. And those legs in pantyhose. These were to die for.

When she was walking towards me, she accidently caught a run in istanbul travestileri her nylons. The flawless invisible barrier was broken.

“Oh no. I got run in my pantyhose. I need to change them. Do you have another pair I can change into?” she asked.

“Unfortunately not. That was the only one I had,” I answered.

“That’s ok. Don’t worry. Tell you what. Let’s go pantyhose shopping! Are you ready to go? I am,” she shouted very excited.

She was walking 10 feet ahead of me giving me an incredible look. My thoughts were swirling around her pantyhose. I knew she was not wearing any panties underneath. But there was no way for other people to know that. Just as I never knew whether a girl, I was passing, was wearing panties underneath her pantyhose. I bet some of them did not.

When we arrived at the local department store, she quickly turned to me.

“Ok. I need money. Give me as much as you deem appropriate, and I will get what we need. It’s going to be a surprise for you,” she said.

“Take this card and buy whatever you like,” I handed her my credit card. At this point I did not care. I just wanted to get back home for more action.

I was strolling around and wondering, how many women I pass were like Yuno. Yes, I was thinking about her like a real person. Like a long-awaited girlfriend that finally came to my life. So what she was not human? To me, she was just like any other girl.

She called me from the distance. When I turned around, I saw her raising her hands and waving at me. She was holding two bags in both her hands. Presumably these were full of pantyhose, some outfits or who knows what else. I wanted to peek into one of them, but she moved them away turning her head left and right.

“Not until we get home,” she smiled.

But perhaps the most interesting thing was that she was now wearing thin black pantyhose with a straight black seam running on the back of her legs.

“I took this opportunity to change pantyhose. The old ones had run in them,” she teased me. “Look at these ones, they are seamed,” she turned one of her legs, bending the knee slightly and glided her finger along the seam.

“I must say these look pretty good on you,” I stated the obvious. There was no way I could pass that kind of a girl and not turn my head around.

“Let’s head home. I have a big surprise for you,” she commanded.

Once we arrived home, she pushed me down on the sofa.

“Sit down and watch,” she said.

Next, she started rocking her body. Raising her arms she lifted her skirt, but not too much. Her ass was still covered. She approached me, grabbed my hand, and placed it over her crotch. I could tell she was not wearing any panties. The pantyhose were in direct contact with her pussy again.

Our heads came closer, and she laid a kiss on my lips. Her tongue started penetrating my mouth. I returned the favor, and we engaged in a deep wet kiss. My finger was working around her pussy entrance. Upon trying to shove my hand underneath her pantyhose she stopped me.

“You can only touch on the outside of my pantyhose for now”.

The bulge in my pants was getting bigger which did not escape her attention. She proceeded to gently massage my crotch. Slow, circular movements were very arousing. I was reciprocating the same thing feeling her silky nylon. I could tell there was no cotton panel in her pantyhose. Only one seam going back to front.

The seam was a guide. I was sliding my hand along it from one end to another. And back again. Occasionally I would try and force my way in. But the pantyhose were strong. They were guarding her pussy like a sentinel. At each attempt she would moan gently and then smile. She knew well how to tease me sending subliminal signs. It was not going to be easy to get to her.

I enjoyed the situation, her playing hard to get, me being presented with a challenge. But maybe my mind was just running crazy. The impatient part of me just wanted to rip her pantyhose off. But she knew I was not going to do that. And even if I tried, she was not going to let me. Not yet anyway.

“I know what you’re thinking. I know your secret. I know that you like girls in pantyhose. I know it turns you on,” she whispered into my ear.

“Here, let me change these nylons. I want to show you what else I bought,” she changed the tone suddenly and reached inside one of the bags pulling out a packet of pantyhose.

“What have we here? A pair of a tan colored, shiny tights.”

She took off her skirt, spun around quickly before taking the rest of her clothes. Now she was standing just in her black pantyhose wearing only high heels. Her legs looked very shapely from behind augmented by a straight line of the backseam.

“Did you notice that these pantyhose had five seams?” she asked, while taking one of the shoes off and pressing her foot to my face.

“There is one here on the toes,” she curled her toes and placed them on my lips.

She then wiggled her toes stretching the nylon material. That was the invitation to suck her toes which I gladly accepted.

“There is another one on the other foot,” she exposed it by taking the second shoe off.

“Then we have two backseams,” she demonstrated them by spinning around like a balerina on her toes.

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