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Daddy Dearest Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: All characters depicted are 18 or above. This story contains themes of incest and reluctance / dubious consent.




Chapter 2: Children Will Listen




Emmett felt awkward. He had agreed to come to his mom’s wedding per her request, but Jacqueline was so busy accepting congratulations and making conversation that she hadn’t found time to talk to him. Once in a while he would find her giving him a painfully apologetic look and respond with a reassuring smile. He’d hated her with a fiery passion after finding out she’d cheated on Hugh, but time had worked its healing magic, and now he didn’t feel so strongly towards her anymore. Besides, he’d always been curious for an explanation. Why would she cheat on his father, the most wonderful man he’d ever known?

Emmett looked at his glass of Coke, feeling bummed that he couldn’t drink yet. He glanced at the bar, where Hannah was laughing and getting handsy with some random guy. Emmett rolled his eyes. The only two people he knew at this wedding had abandoned him alone at a table. His tux was getting uncomfortable. The music was way too loud. He hated being here.

Emmett heard a chime in his pocket and retrieved his phone. The message made him smile.

“Still at the wedding?” Yahir had texted him.

“Yep. Save me pls,” Emmett replied. His heart fluttered at the sight of the three moving dots.

“I would if I could. Cant u just leave tho?”

“I still need to talk to my mom about sth.”

“Damn. What abt Hannah?”

“She’s flirting with some dude. Ugh I hate it here.”

“Hey u can go flirt with some dude too.”

Emmett chuckled at Yahir’s winky face emoji. “Don’t worry. Already chatting with this crazy hot dude,” he wrote.

Emmett saw the three dots for a second, but they disappeared. Instead, a Snapchat notification popped up from the top of his screen. Emmett opened it to see Yahir making puppy dog eyes and a pout, and a text that read: “is… is it… me???” Emmett giggled. He replied with a selfie of himself making the same face and wrote: “no sorry I said crazy hot.” He quickly sent another snap of Yahir raising his middle finger, and as Emmett was about to reply with his own, he heard his mother’s voice.

“Emmett,” Jacqueline said. Emmett looked up to see his mother standing in front of him. She looked just as young as when she left three years ago, if not even younger. Her hair was longer and shinier. The sleek white dress hugged her curves. She was visibly sweaty from all the dancing and talking, but she was smiling at him, her hazel eyes glinting curiously at his phone screen.

“Talking to someone special?” she asked.

“N-no!” Emmett said, hurriedly turning off the screen and putting the phone inside his pocket. “Well, not not special. We’re… still figuring that out.”

“I see,” she smiled again. Emmett couldn’t help but feel weird. It’d been a long time since they last talked, so telling her about his personal life didn’t seem right. After all, he hadn’t even told Hugh about Yahir.

“So, you wanna talk?” Jacqueline said.

“Yeah, I do,” Emmett said. He pulled out a chair for her but she patted his arm.

“Oh, no need. Let’s talk outside, somewhere quiet. This music is ridiculous,” Jacqueline said. She extended a hand, and Emmett grabbed it as he stood up, but let go of it right after.

They went to the hotel’s garden, which was right outside the hall where the reception was being held. Jacqueline motioned to a bench and they sat down. It was a cool evening. Emmett felt the breeze against his face and looked at his mother. She was staring at her lap, toying with her fingers.

“So, how’s school?” Jacqueline asked, turning to look at Emmett.

“Um, fine, I guess. The semester just started so there’s nothing much to say, really.”

Jacqueline nodded. “Friends? Boyfriend?”

“Some friends, and… a potential boyfriend,” Emmett answered, shyly.


“What? How did you…”

“I got a peek at your phone earlier. My eyes are still surprisingly good for my age,” Jacqueline let out a laugh. “Sorry about that.”

Emmett nodded and smiled. “It’s fine.”

The music from the hall was audible even out here, though it sounded somewhat muffled. Silence hung between them for a moment, before Emmett finally mustered up the courage to ask what he wanted to.

“Mom?” He looked into her eyes with determination.


“Why did you cheat on Dad?”

Jacqueline wasn’t surprised. Just as she’d known Hugh would find out about her affairs some day, she’d also known Emmett would ask this question when she invited him here today. Jacqueline looked up at the sky, where the moon was shining behind a waft of clouds.

“I felt suffocated in that house, basically. I was a stay-at-home mom and your dad never allowed me to do anything. I wanted to help, you know, with the hotels. I went to college for Business Administration, too, by the way. But he never let me,” Jacqueline said.

“But… almanbahis but why? Dad doesn’t seem like that type of man,” Emmett asked.

“Well, I hate to break this perfect illusion of your Dad you have but he is,” Jacqueline said. “He made you play baseball, didn’t he? Hannah told me.”

“Yeah, but he let me stop when I got bored.”

Jacqueline shook her head. “That’s because he quit baseball, too. He played in high school, but he knew he’d never be good enough to play in college so he quit. That’s why he didn’t really mind you quitting too.”

Emmett’s mouth fell open a little. Jacqueline smiled.

“That’s the thing with Hugh. He’d always leave you- I mean, me, wondering if he loved me or if he loved having me. And I realized it was the latter.”

Emmett was silent. He wasn’t sure what exactly to make of his mother’s perspective.

“I know I wasn’t the best mother, Emmett. To both you and Hannah. And I don’t blame you for loving your dad so much. Lord knows I was once head over heels for him, too. But I hope you know that he can be… possessive at times. So, just be careful and keep a clear view of what you,” Jacqueline pointed at his chest, “want to do.”

“Um,” Emmett said quietly, “thanks, Mom. I’ll… keep that in mind.”

“Great,” Jacqueline beamed at him and stood up. “Let’s head back. You wanna talk to Will? It won’t be awkward, I swear.”

“Sure,” Emmett shrugged and took a deep breath as he stood up. “Let’s do it.”




Emmett nuzzled his head into Yahir’s neck and put an arm across his chest. It was a strangely cold day, and they were cuddling on Yahir’s bed.

“Aw, look at my boyfriend. So cute,” Yahir said, planting a peck on Emmett’s forehead.

“You’re so cheesy,” Emmett wheezed.

“I’m just speaking facts,” Yahir rolled over and Emmett ended up under his strong body. Yahir gave him a deep kiss. “You’re my boyfriend, now, officially.”

“Yeah, yeah, we’re boyfriends,” Emmett pushed Yahir to the side and he plopped on the mattress with a chuckle.

“Why did you have to ask your Dad before making it official again?” Yahir asked.

“I just,” Emmett rolled the words around in his tongue, “needed his blessing.”

“Blessing or permission?” Yahir raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, stop it. Why are we talking about my Dad, anyway? Let’s talk about being boyfriends,” Emmett smiled and went in for a quick kiss. He loved Yahir’s lips. He couldn’t help but compare them to Hugh’s. Yahir’s lips were thinner and softer, and he tasted less of musk. Yahir was different from his father as a whole, actually. He was well-built, but leaner and less bulky. His skin was a beautiful tan and his hair was dyed a dirty blond.

“Sounds good to me,” Yahir kissed him back and Emmett let himself be enveloped in his warmth. Emmett had been nervous when he called Hugh to talk about Yahir. After his talk with Jacqueline, he wasn’t sure how Hugh would react to him having a boyfriend. But it went well. Hugh even laughed at the fact that Emmett thought it was necessary to ask if it was okay to date. Emmett still felt uneasy, though. He couldn’t tell if Hugh was honestly fine with Yahir. And now that they were boyfriends, Emmett was starting to wonder if he could do with Yahir the things he did with his father.

“Can I ask you something?” Emmett said.


“Do you want to like… do stuff?” Emmett felt himself cringing as he spoke, his body scooching even closer towards Yahir’s.

Yahir looked down at him. “You mean sex?”

“Yeah. Sex,” Emmett said in almost a whisper. Memories of the summer with his father flowed back into his mind and he tried to shake them away.

“Yeah, I do,” Yahir gave him a small smile. “Who wouldn’t want to have sex with their super sexy boyfriend?”

“Have you done it before?”

“Yeah. With my ex in high school. You?”

“Not really,” Emmett felt his body get hot as images of his father flooded his brain even harder. “I’ve… done some stuff, but not sex sex.”

“Hey,” Yahir put a hand on Emmett’s cheek and gently lifted his face up. “You scared?”

Emmett blushed. The look in Yahir’s eyes was so tender he could melt. “K-kinda…” he answered.

“It’s OK. We don’t have to do anything, then. Not until you’re ready,” Yahir said.

“But if you want to, I can…”

“It’s cool. I’m serious,” Yahir smiled reassuringly and wrapped his arms around Emmett. “You’re hot as fuck, Emmett. But even just staying like this is more than enough for me.”

“You sure?”

“100% positive.”

Emmett felt his muscles soften against Yahir’s body. Something about Yahir made his heart flutter in a way that he hadn’t felt before. Not even when Hugh praised him.

“Yahir?” Emmett called.


“I love you,” Emmett said, his eyes staring into Yahir’s chest.

“I love you too,” Yahir said. Emmett was still too embarrassed to look at his face, but he could practically hear the smile in Yahir’s voice.




To make up for the fact that almanbahis yeni giriş he couldn’t accompany his son during move-in day, Hugh decided to fly to Wisconsin and join Emmett on the flight back to Michigan. He was excited for winter break. Even if they wouldn’t be able to do the things they used to do given that Emmett had a boyfriend now, Hugh was still eager to see his son. He thought that while things might be awkward initially, they would still end up having some non-sexual father-son bonding. And he would be absolutely fine with it.

That is, until Hugh saw Emmett walking out from the dormitory, suitcase in one hand, and Yahir in the other.

They seemed so happy, Hugh thought. Emmett was laughing, his beautiful hazel eyes looking at Yahir in a way Hugh hadn’t really seen before. Their hands were interlocked, their shoulders rubbing against each other. Yahir turned to give Emmett a peck on the cheek, which made Emmett blush but also chuckle. Hugh was suddenly reminded of the days when he and Jacqueline were in college. He’d always make sure they were holding hands when they were in public, so that the other guys knew that Jacqueline, one of the most beautiful girls on campus, was his.

Before Hugh knew it, Emmett and Yahir were standing right in front of him.

“Dad!” Emmett let go of the suitcase and Yahir’s hand to give him a hug. “Oh, I miss you so much.”

“I miss you, too, buddy,” Hugh smiled and patted Emmett’s back. Just as he was realizing how much he missed Emmett’s warm body against his, Emmett pulled away.

“Um, so,” Emmett glanced at Yahir then looked back at Hugh. “This is Yahir.”

“Hi, Mr. Rosenthal. It’s so nice to finally meet you,” Yahir said, extending his arm forward.

“Likewise. I’ve heard so many good things about you,” Hugh smiled as he shook his hand. “Thanks for taking care of this kiddo for me.”

“Dad…,” Emmett whined.

“No worries,” Yahir let out a laugh. “It’s been a pleasure.” For some reason Hugh flinched at that wording.

“Well, I believe our Uber is already waiting for us. Come on, buddy, we have a flight to catch,” Hugh let go of Yahir’s hand and looked at Emmett.

“Oh, ok,” Emmett said, before turning to Yahir. “I’ll see you in the spring then.”

“Alright. I’ll see you then,” Yahir smiled and leaned in to place a quick kiss on Emmett’s lips. Hugh clenched his teeth and took a sharp exhale as they pulled away from each other.

“It was really nice to meet you, Mr. Rosenthal,” Yahir said to Hugh.

“Oh,” Hugh’s lips forced a smile. “The pleasure’s all mine.”




After dinner, Hugh poured himself a glass of whiskey and plumped down on his chair in the office. He thought about the past few months. He’d been lonely. Without Emmett, the house and its vast emptiness became a place to dread. He would go to a gay bar downtown and have a quickie in the toilet, or he would open up Grindr and invite someone over. He’d always thought of himself as bisexual, but since Emmett left, he’d only had hookups with men. Younger men, to be specific. Men who were around Emmett’s age. Men whose bodies were sculpted like Emmett’s. He knew what he was looking for in these college-aged guys, but he never found it. He was still lonely, Emmett’s absence unrelentingly wafting over him like a dark cloud.

Hugh downed the whiskey and walked to the kitchen, where he found Emmett washing dishes.

“Hey, buddy. Why are you doing the dishes? Carla is going to take care of that when she comes tomorrow afternoon,” Hugh said.

Emmett glanced at his father and smiled. “I had nothing to do and it’s just a few plates, anyways.”

“Wow, look at you,” Hugh said as he took a seat at the dinner table. “Adulting.”

“It’s really no big deal, Dad,” Emmett said as he scrubbed the red tomato sauce off a plate.

“So, uh, Yahir, huh?” Hugh said.

“Yeah? What do you think about him?” Emmett asked. On the flight home and over dinner, they’d caught each other up on everything, except Yahir.

“He seems like a nice kid. Very handsome, by the way.”

“Yeah,” Emmett blushed. “He is a really nice guy.”

“So,” Hugh licked his lips. “Have you guys… done anything yet?”

Emmett’s hands stopped moving on the plates. “No,” he said. “Not yet.”

“Really? I imagine two young boys in love like you two must be getting it on.”

“Um, well, we’re not,” Emmett said, trying to focus on the white ceramics before him.

“Really? Nothing? Not even a handjob?” Hugh asked.

“Nope. Nothing. We’re just,” Emmett took a deep breath, “waiting for the right time, I guess.”

“I see,” Hugh said, getting up from the table. “Does this have anything to do with… what we did?”

Emmett’s head snapped around. “N-no, Dad. It’s not about that.”

“It’s not?” Hugh moved forward, inching closer and closer towards Emmett.

“It’s… I don’t know,” Emmett said. He gasped as he felt Hugh’s body pressing into him from behind and his father’s breath hot against his ear.

“Oh, almanbahis giriş buddy,” Hugh put his hands on Emmett’s shoulders. “You don’t need to lie to me. I’m your Dad. You can tell me anything. Like the fact that you can’t have sex with your boyfriend because you can’t stop thinking about me.”

Emmett swallowed. Cold water from the faucet was running down his hands but his body felt warm.

“Oh, you’re tensing up. Hey, hey, no need to be scared,” Hugh moved his hands down Emmett’s torso. “You know, I’m thinking about that night before you left, when you gave me a blowjob for the first time. I remember I was saying some pretty nasty things to you then, like how you’re gonna remember your Dad’s big cock no matter how many guys you suck. I just didn’t imagine that you’d think about me so much that you wouldn’t be getting any action at all. Am I right, Emmett?”

“I… I don’t know,” Emmett muttered.

“I see,” Hugh said. He felt flattered, emboldened, and really horny. “Well, given that you’re not doing anything with Yahir, I know a way we can both get some release.”

Emmett felt Hugh’s hand slipping under his shirt and his father’s bulge poking against his ass. “Dad, we… we shouldn’t. I have a boyfriend now,” he said, his voice shaky.

“Oh. Is your boyfriend more important than me?”

“Dad, that’s not what I meant-“

“Listen, Emmett. I’m gonna tell you something that I hope you remember,” Hugh whispered into Emmett’s ear. “All these boyfriends, they come and go. But I’ll always be here for you, buddy. I’m your Dad and I’ll always love you, buddy.”

“And, and I love you too but-“

“Just think about it, buddy. I’ve raised you your whole life and you only met this dude, what, three months ago? You don’t even know each other that well yet.” Hugh pressed himself firmly against Emmett, “I mean, what would Yahir think when he finds out about what we did, Emmett? What happens when he knows what you did with me?”

“W-what?” Emmett tried to turn his head around to look at his father. “How… how would he find out…”

“I’m just saying, I don’t regret what we did, buddy. I loved it, in fact. But other people might not be so approving, you know? They might call you a pervert or depraved or disgusting, but I’ll never do that. I’ll always be by your side, buddy. I love you so much.”

Emmett was silent except for his breathing, which was getting heavier by the second.

“No one will ever love you as much as I do, Emmett,” Hugh said as he reached a hand inside his son’s crotch. “I hope you’ll reciprocate Dad’s love for you, buddy. It’ll make me so happy. And I’ll know you’ll be so happy if I’m happy, too.”

Once again, when Hugh felt Emmett’s muscles relax, he knew his son was wrapped around his finger.

And so, Emmett and Hugh restarted their dalliance. Hugh was over the moon. Emmett was exactly what he’d been missing these past few months. Getting to kiss Emmett seemed to immediately expel the dark cloud of loneliness around him. The boy was exquisite. His hard body had only gotten more muscular during his time at college. His touch was just as magical as Hugh remembered. And his mouth was simply unparalleled. Every time Emmett sucked his cock, Hugh could feel his son getting better and better. It was as if Emmett’s throat had gotten so used to the size and shape of Hugh’s cock that the entire thing would slide right in each time Hugh inserted it. Just as importantly, Hugh got to taste the load that he’d been longing for all these months. Hugh relished in the fact that he could get Emmett hard with just a few tugs and finish his son off inside his mouth in an incredibly short amount of time. Emmett was like putty in his hand, and he loved it.

Yet, Hugh also knew that his time was running out. Once the break was over, Emmett would return to campus and be all lovey-dovey with Yahir while he would be alone again. And even though Emmett was pleasuring him every day, he would still feel bothered whenever he saw Emmett smiling while texting with Yahir. Occasionally, in the evening, he would walk past Emmett’s room to hear him chatting and chuckling with Yahir on the phone, which made Hugh even more incensed. He needed to do something, something drastic, if he was to keep Ememtt around in the way he wanted. So, Hugh decided to make a call to a friend.




Yahir was walking down the street when he heard a voice call his name.

“Yahir! Over here!”

Yahir looked to the side and saw Hugh in a car parked next to the sidewalk with his windows down. The man was waving at him with a big, friendly smile on his face.

“Mr. Rosenthal? Wh- What are you doing here?” he rushed towards the car.

“Oh, I was in town for a meeting and happened to see you,” Hugh said. “I’d love to talk to you for a minute. Come in!”

“Uh, alright,” Yahir tentatively opened the door and sat into the passenger seat. “You’re having a meeting here? In San Diego? Is Rosenthal Hotel branching out into the West Coast or something?”

Hugh shook his head as the windows went up. “Not really.”

“Oh… okay,” Yahir said. “So wha-“

“I need you to stop seeing my son.”


“You heard me. I need you to break up with my son,” Hugh looked Yahir dead in the eyes.

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