Mart 24, 2023

The Call

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I wait, in the dark, silent and still. I wait with my eyes wide open, listening for the change in his breath to let me know he’s asleep. I think about you, also waiting. Only when I hear the gentle noise of relaxed sleep do I move. I make my way to the sofa, laptop clutched to my pounding chest. I send you a text to tell you to be on Skype. I log on and no sign of you. I’m naked, I had to be, my panties were already soaked from the anticipation. My pussy has ached all day. Every text you sent, every hushed phone call we’ve made, everytime my mind wandered, I felt my body react. I idly reach between my legs, shocked at how wet I already am. Then there you are, calling me. My nipples harden travesti istanbul and I move my still damp fingers to accept. You look perfect, sleepy and relaxed. We cant use mics, it’s too risky what if he hears me? What if she hears you? I’ll admit its awkward at first, all I want to do is finger my pussy and release this built up tension, but we text. I can see you smile when I say something amusing. I can see you thinking before answering my questions. Then you break and tell me you want me to cum. You must have seen it in my eyes. The urgent need to show you all of myself. I position the camera face on. I sit up, naked for you. I can see your eyes looking me over. I hope istanbul travestileri you like what you see. My legs are closed, not wanting you to not fully see me yet. I don’t want you to see how my pussy is dripping its load all over the sofa. I dont want you to see how its moistened my thighs and how desperate I am. I take my hand and run it over my breasts, taking in a sharp breath as I pass my puffy pink nipples. It feels so good already. I slowly work down past my stomach and finally reach my shaved pussy mound. It’s no good, I can’t hide that this is going to be quick. I’ve needed this all day, all week, all my life. I use my whole hand to rub my clit. It builds intensely. istanbul travesti I move my legs apart to allow myself easier access. I see you inhale shaprly and I know you like this. I place a finger at my slit opening. I am so wet. I look directly into the camera and slide two fingers knuckle deep inside. I feel tight and soft. The angle is perfect. I can’t help it; I need to cum. I ram my fingers in and out, hard, feeling my hot pussy walls clench around them with every pound. I move my legs into the air, driving into my cunt deeper and faster. I take my other hand and tug at my clit. I dont take my eyes off you. My orgasm crashes through me. My back arches and my cunt tightens. I feel a small gush of liquid seep out between my fingers and I am spent. I take my fingers out and can’t resist licking them, tasting myself. Knowing that you wish you could be tasting me I don’t want to waste a drop. I lay back down and you allow me to recover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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