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Mum’s Still Got It Ch. 04

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Bertha arrived at seven, I knew she would be on time, mum was in the kitchen preparing dinner, she was excited about tonight; she had bought a new crotch less bodysuit which pushed her tits up but the cups were small and showed a lot of cleavage. I opened the door, Bertha was standing there wearing a Burberry raincoat, which came to just below her knee. I took her in my arms, we tongue kissed lovingly then Bertha said, “My pussy and ass have been tingling all day, I can’t get you or your magnificent cock out of my head, I’m so happy to be with you.”

We kissed again, I asked, “May I take your coat?”

Bertha took it off slowly and deliberately, I was amazed; she was wearing the identical bodysuit as mum was wearing, though Bertha’s was in lemon and mum’s was in red. I said, “You look gorgeous in that, it suits you perfectly. Mum is in the kitchen; shall we join her for a glass of wine?”

“Of course, you have a beautiful house, if I’m honest, I am nervous.”

I gave Bertha a hug as I looked into her eyes. I put my hand inside the left cup of her bodysuit, there was no difficulty in finding her hard left nipple, which I squeezed tightly. Bertha raised her head and we kissed affectionately as I brought my hand out of her bodysuit, moving it across her stomach till my fingertips felt the warmth of her skin around her vulva, she spread her legs in anticipation as I slid two fingers deep inside her hungry, wet cunt, Bertha gasped with pleasure as I whispered in her ear, “You’re so wet, you make me so horny, I’m going to give you a great fuck later, will you be noisy for mum?”

“If that’s what she wants, I’ll do it, do you have any lube here? I want ass fucked first, then my cunt will be so wet for you.”

“Mum has everything we need in her bedroom, we should go to her now, she’ll be wondering what we’re up too.”

I led Bertha into the kitchen where mum was working at the cooker, she looked stunning in her red bodysuit, I was sure her long sex slit was winking at us. She smiled and went to Bertha taking her in her arms she said, “I’m so happy to see you again, we have the same taste in lingerie, I love that in yellow, did you buy it in Sal’s?”

“I did, I love that shop, Sal has excellent taste and obviously so do we as we’ve both bought identical bodysuits, apart from the colour. I’m sorry but I have a problem, I don’t know your Christian name or do you want me to call you Mrs Ryan?”

Mum laughed and said as she took Bertha into her arms, “We’ve had so many parent-teacher meetings where I called you Mrs Butler and you called me Mrs Ryan, I never dreamed we’d meet like this, though I think I prefer meeting like this, please, call me Jill.”

Bertha pulled mum closer to her, next minute they were tongue kissing, their hands exploring the other’s bodies oblivious of me standing beside them. I had my wineglass on the kitchen table; I sat down and sipped my wine to watch the peep show that was happening in front of me.

It was so sensual to watch what they were doing to each other; they had started off kissing and pushing their pussies against each other, the smooth circular motion of their hips told me Bertha was enjoying this. Soon they had their tits out sucking each other’s as they sucked, both their hands moved to the other’s pussy, both spread their legs in expectation. Soon they were fisting as they tit sucked each other. They broke off when mum said, “Dinner is ready, Jack, please get Bertha a glass of wine.”

As I poured Bertha’s wine, Bertha said, “Jill, I loved how you tightened your pussy muscles around my hand when I was fisting you, it felt so good, my pussy muscles are not as strong as yours.”

I gave Bertha her glass and topped up mum’s and mine and went to mum’s bedroom to get the brand-new Kegel Balls. Back in the kitchen I opened the box and gave Bertha the instructions, she read them and inserted the two balls up her wet pussy. Mum said, “Jack, you’re a genius, Bertha, tighten your pelvic muscles for five seconds then rest for ten seconds. Keep doing this, watch television and do it. You can have short walks with them in. You’ll soon be able to grip Jack’s cock tightly.”

Bertha soon had the hang of it, she was exercising as we ate mum’s delicious Goulash, mum and Bertha looked so happy and relaxed. Mum was clearing the table after the meal, Bertha and I were sipping wine when mum said, “Bertha, I feel good around you, but how do you feel being around Jack and I?”

“Jill, I feel so comfortable, I feel I’m part of the family already, I’m an only child. Both my parents are dead and I have no known relatives, though I believe I have a second uncle in Australia. I would love to have Jack’s child and believe I could be so comfortable being part of this family.”

Mum put her hand on Bertha’ shoulder and said, “Shall we go to bed now and see how we get on?”

As we went upstairs, I said, “Mum, will you get the Coconut Oil out, as Bertha wants ass fucked?”

“No problem, do you have vaginal orgasms when Jack ass fucks you Bertha? I şişli escort get such powerful orgasms when he does me. Would you like me to lube you, then you and Jack can enjoy some intimate foreplay?”

“Jill, until Jack, I’d never had anal before, the orgasms I had were incredible. I’d love you to lube me, we should all work together.”

We were all lying on top of the bed, mum said, “It’ll be more fun if we’re all naked, I also don’t want to get Coconut Oil all over your beautiful bodysuit.”

We all stripped naked, I was now in bed with two gorgeous naked women my mum, who was in total control of this threesome, said, “Bertha, you have a lovely tight ass, do you like my long fingers?”

“Jill, they feel so good, you are making me so horny, Jack’s monster cock will soon be up there. Jill, one thing I’d like to see which will make me so hot, can I watch you lube Jack’s cock? Watching a mum lube her son cock before he ass fucks another woman excites me.”

“Of course, I will darling, I want to watch Jack shoot his load up your gorgeous holes. My thumb can hit your big clit, it’s the same size as mine, would you like me to thumb your clit as I finger fuck your ass?”

“Jill, of course you can, this is incredible what we’re doing, Jack playing with my big tits as his mum arouses my cunt and ass, I love everything you are doing.”

“Bertha, I’m always looking for ways to give Jack and I different pleasure and you fit in here so well, I can’t wait to watch Jack give you a good fucking.”

“Jill, my clit is so sensitive, you’ll make me cum, I’m also very open-minded, I’m into anything that makes it interesting, please lube Jack’s cock, I need him now.”

Mum lubed up my cock, it glistened and looked so impressive. As Bertha got up on all fours with her butt at the bottom of the bed, I went behind her and mum moved underneath, looking up at Bertha as she caressed her massive tits. I slid inside her tight ass, as mum started fingering her clit. Bertha cried out, “Fuck, this is so good, both of you are wonderful, I want the full package.”

She got the full package, three very powerful vaginal orgasms in ten minutes, making her pussy dripping wet. I pulled out and slid my cock up her dripping cunt; it didn’t take me long to get a powerful rhythm going, Bertha loving every minute. Mum then spread her legs and pulled Bertha’s head down to her wet cunt, Berta started sucking on mum’s clit as I pounded my cock into her tight gripping cunt.

Five minutes later an amazing thing happened, Bertha, mum and I all came simultaneously, it was incredible to watch mum push her cunt against Bertha’s mouth as I emptied myself inside Bertha’s cunt. Felling her warm cum being lapped up, mum cried out, “Bertha, hold my cum in your mouth and we can all cum kiss.”

Bertha held it in her mouth and as I pulled out, I quickly turned her around so we could cum kiss. Transferring some of mum’s cum into my mouth, it tasted delicious as always. Then as Bertha and mum kissed, there was a definite affection in the way they kissed. Both pulled the other closer as they cum kissed and eventually broke free with Bertha saying, “Jack, that was a powerful climax you had, the spurts were so strong, both my clit and I loved it. You are still hard, are you going to do your mum now?”

And that’s what happened, mum wanted it doggy style in her pussy which we did, Bertha was so attentive to mum, caressing her massive tits as I rode her, as I got into a rhythm Bertha spread her legs and brought mum’s face to her pussy, mum loved it, me fucking her as she sucked Bertha’s clit.

Bertha came first, then mum, I was so close with mum but held back when she came. I pulled out and entered Bertha in the missionary position, three minutes I shot another load into Bertha, who was over the moon when I did this. Mum then cum kissed me and Bertha.

As we all lay on the bed, with me in the middle, we laid there in complete harmony for over five minutes, when mum eventually said, “Bertha, have you been to a gynaecologist, do you know if everything is good?”

“Thanks Jill, I have been, everything is good, I just need some excellent swimmers squirted inside me, hopefully it will happen soon.”

“I hope so too, I want to be a grandmother, though I also want my fun, I’ve loved it with you and Jack tonight and we’ve also tomorrow morning to look forward to. Bertha, I want you to be honest, did you enjoy the threesome?”

“Jill, I loved it, it was so good and we all wanting to give the other pleasure, I’d be happy to do this again anytime.”

Mum smiled and had a nice feel of Bertha’s left tit and said, “That’s super, we were thinking about extending our little group by inviting Sal to join us, would you be interested in joining us but don’t worry about anything, until you are pregnant, all Jack’s sperm will be for you?”

“Jill, I find Sal so attractive, she has a wonderful body, you can certainly count me in there too.”

“Finally, though we haven’t asked her yet, Jack likes older women, and mecidiyeköy escort wants to experience a more mature lady than us, do you know Su, she was at the funeral, she drives a silver Mercedes Sports? Bertha, the thing you must understand is that none of our group sleep around, it will just be our little sexy group.”

“Jill, you have chosen well, I also find Su attractive, there’s something so sexy about her too and I would have no problem in her being in our group.”

I was so happy that Bertha was going for it, mum had spoken so positively about it and Bertha was now going to be part of our group. Sal wouldn’t be a problem; I knew Su wanted my cock, but would she want to get into bed with me and the Group? On Friday, I would know a lot more.

The following morning was incredible, Bertha and mum aroused each other as I watched, their caresses were so intimate. I had to do Bertha first, she was so hot; I gave her a massive orgasm, which had her whole body shaking. Mum was also hot, watching me fuck Bertha had excited her so much. Once again, as I fucked mum she had Bertha underneath, sucking her clit, with mum’s head buried in Bertha’s dripping cunt. This was getting into a routine, which we all enjoyed.

Mum came in Bertha’s mouth seconds before Bertha and I climaxed, it was an incredible feeling. There was so much passion in what we were doing. We showered together, mum said, “The shower has given me some naughty ideas, Bertha, would you like to come over for supper tonight as I’m sure we can have a lot of fun in the shower?”

Thursday night and Friday morning were so imaginative in the sex we had, mum was orchestrating everything, Bertha and I loved it and so did mum. Over breakfast, mum said, “Bertha, Jack and I have a busy weekend planned, we would love to see you next week, can I message you and we can sort out our next meet?”

Bertha was happy with that, over lunch mum said, “Jack, I’m happy Bertha will have your baby, she’ll be a splendid mother and I’ll be a wonderful gran. I had a message from Sal saying she’d be back on Wednesday, I was thinking we should invite her over on Wednesday night for supper, what do you think?”

I thought for a moment and said, “Sal’s good, she’s an acrobat in bed and gives wonderful oral, she also loves my cock, mum there’s no problem with Sal, she’s bisexual and will love being with both of us, I think that she’ll want to be part of the Group, I’m more concerned about Su tonight, she wants me but will we get her in your bed?”

“Jack, do the same as you did with Bertha. Once she has had your magnificent cock she’ll want more, then tell her I love to watch you fuck other women, I’m sure that will work again, let’s try it, what wine are you taking to Su’s tonight?”

“I don’t know mum, I was thinking of messaging her and asking what she liked to drink?”

After lunch I sent a WhatsApp message to Su, it read, “Hi Su, hope all is well with you, I’m looking forward to my Chateaubriand tonight, I was wondering what wine you’d like me to bring for dinner? If you tell me what you like, I’ll bring it. Jack.”

Five minutes later she replied, “Jack, thanks for the message, I’m not one that chooses my wine to suit what I’m eating, I love Chablis and White Burgundy, if you can bring one of those, that’ll be great. Now a question for you, what would you like me to wear for you? Would you like me to wear something sexy? As we are alone tonight, I could just wear a nice Teddy, Basque or bodysuit? If you want any of these, then tell me if you want with a crotch or crotch less?

I’m excited about tonight, I have had no one over for dinner for so long. I’m looking forward to tasting the wine you bring and I’ll wear what you want. Love Su xx.”

I was happy when I read her reply; it meant if she came over for supper with mum and I then I could ask her to wear the same as Bertha had done. I replied, “Thanks Su, I’ll choose the wine I bring carefully, I agree with you, drink the wine you like and it will match any food you eat. I would love to see you in a crotch less bodysuit with heels and self-supporting stockings, that would be exciting. Love Jack xx.”

I arrived at Su’s a minute before seven, I rang the doorbell almost instantaneously the door opened, Su’s head appeared with a big smile on her face and said, “I can only show my face, the neighbour across the road can see this door so clearly, come in darling, I hope you like what you see.”

I went into the hallway, Su looked gorgeous in her black, trimmed in red, bodysuit, I felt my cock stiffen just looking at her, her three-inch heels made her legs look so long, I felt I was the luckiest guy in the world, if Su joined the group then I would have four of the most fuckable women you could imagine. Su cuddled me, her tongue went deep inside my mouth as she pulled me closer to her, the weight of her massive tits paled into insignificance as she pushed her pussy against my leg with a strong circular motion, she said, “Darling, I feel something hard down there, istanbul escort let’s eat then I’ll make him very hard for you.”

I followed Su into the kitchen, her butt looked superb, I presented the two wines to her, a Premier Cru Chablis and a Domaine Leflaive Les Pucelles Pulligny Montrachet, Su looked at it, she knew her wines and said, “Les Pucelles’ impressive wine, sadly I’m not a virgin but what a wonderful wine.”

I smiled and said, “As Alexander Dumas said of Montrachet, it must be drunk on one’s knees with the head bowed, Su it’s one of my favourite wines, I’m happy to share this wine with you.”

Su kissed me again lovingly and said, “It’s one of my favourites too, Jack, when I’m with a man I like, I can be on my knees anytime you want with my head bowed, I’m a kneeler and I love to gobble cock. Let’s have the Chablis first, do you like the Chateaubriand medium-rare as it will be ready in ten minutes?”

I opened the Premier Cru Chablis, Su was impressed, she knew her wines and Su’s kitchen was impressive as were her culinary skills. Once we finished the Chablis, we then started on the Montrachet, it was delicious, Su said, “This is so smooth Jack, the aftertaste is incredible, thank you for letting me taste it with you. In my cellar I have many excellent wines, I want to share them with you.”

I smiled and said, “So have I Su, we both have the same taste in wines. This Chateaubriand melts in the mouth.”

“My butcher is excellent, he cares about the meat he sells. Yesterday I was in the supermarket, I saw your mum but she didn’t see me, she’s a very attractive woman, tall with a voluptuous body, is she dating anyone?”

“No, she’s not, she looks after me. That’s two things we have in common, wine and tall, good-looking women with big tits, I wonder if we like the same things in bed?”

Su laughed and said, “I think that we’ll find out soon, Jack, that wine was delicious, let me stack the dishwasher then we can go to bed, I’m a little nervous, it’s been quite a while since I’ve been with a man.”

“What about Tom?”

‘I met Tom online, on a Christian Website, I like to be spanked sometimes, he liked his cock sucked as he spanked me, it was ok, I gave him a few blow jobs then he wanted to use a riding crop on me, that was sore so I told him to stop, he couldn’t get it up me so we never had penetrative sex. I paid him money to let me suck his cock, I should never have got involved with him, but I suppose that’s life. He was too old, Jack, I’ve never been with a younger man, I’ve got a daughter who is wonderful though I wanted a son, we tried hard but it never happened. Let’s go to bed and see what happens? Jack, is it ok if I undress you?”

“Su, of course you can, the last time a woman undressed me, it was my mum when I was a kid.”

In the bedroom Su cuddled me, then we tongue kissed lovingly for several minutes, she was holding me tight and pushing her voluptuous body against me; she felt so good. She took off my polo shirt carefully as her hands felt my chest, she said, “Jack, your body is so firm, I love your big muscles, now let’s see what you’ve got in here?”

As Su said this, she was unbuckling my belt and unzipping my trousers, my monster cock was so stiff, it had been since I arrived and saw Su in the bodysuit, she was a very sexy sight. She pulled my trousers down and I stepped out of them as, Su was stroking the huge bulge in my boxers. Swiftly, my boxers were soon at my ankles, kicking them free a second later. As Su caressed my rock-hard cock, she said, “Jack, you have a magnificent cock, I’ve never seen one as thick and long, your beautiful balls are so heavy are they full of creamy spunk for me?

“Of course they are, you have a lovely touch, take off your bodysuit and let me see your gorgeous body.”

“I love to be told what to do, do you like my big melons? I love them being sucked and played with, I also love to be felt all over, feel my cunt now, your big beautiful cock is making me so wet, your body is arousing me so much. Your fingers are so thick and long, give me another finger darling. Jack, I want to be honest with you, you are the first young person I’ve ever been with and I’m so excited, please excuse me if I cum quickly, this with your monster cock is like a dream coming true, you excite me so much.”

I had been nibbling on Su’s massive left tit as I finger fucked her dripping cunt, I said, “Su just relax, I want to make you cum a lot tonight, we have all night. We can do so much, tell me what you like and I’ll do it for you, just looking at your gorgeous body stiffens my cock, tell me what you enjoy and we’ll do it.”

“Jack, you make me feel so comfortable, I think we could be compatible sexually. I want to want to tell you my most secret thoughts, Jack promise me it will be our secret.”

“Su, I’m a man of my word, whatever you tell me, stays with me, I can keep a secret.”

Su looked at me so lovingly and said, “Jack, lately I’ve been on a role play website, everything has been online, I’ve never met in person any of the guys I’ve had online sex with. I’ve watched them cum and they’ve watched me cum, I’ve been on a mother and son role play site, when you fuck me will you call me mum? This is my biggest fantasy and I want to do it with you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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