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Road Show 05

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Road Show 5: Audition

So far It has been all talk, well OK not all, but in this chapter Michelle the wife transforms into Mickie the whore and has to strike out on her own. She will have to demonstrate to the top whoremaster of these parts she is capable of a top performance grade as a paid prostitute. The audition unexpectedly escalates when the Law drops by and Mickie experiences an anal DP.

Seduced by masterful oral sex and her own fantasies Michelle has agreed to become a whore pimped by the hotel desk clerk. She found her reactions to Jimmy’s tirade and abuse were equal parts shame and exhilaration. “This is the life of a whore! She serves her johns and sees to their satisfaction. She is a fuck machine who is willing to do anything the johns are willing to pay for and her pimp sets her sexual standards. Jimmy is a pimp and I am his whore!” She mentally defined her position while pumping her cunt up and down his cock in an attempt to wring semen from his balls.

Faster and harder she bounced now focused entirely on pleasuring the cock in her cunt so her next orgasm swept over her like an unexpected wave on a beach but this spasm was rewarded by a flood of semen milked from her pimp’s cock.

“That is more like it slut!” Jimmy growled “Now use your mouth to clean me up and then go explain to Randy how things are going to be.” He directed thereby reminding Michelle of her husband operating the video system in the next room.

“I wonder how he is going to take it?” Michelle speculated as she bent to lick her pimp’s cock clean. “I guess I will find out in a few minutes….”

Michelle got up from the bed and padded into the next room where her husband Randy was operating the controls of a video system that in all probability captured the entire cunlingus and fuck session. She stood awkwardly shifting her weight and finally cleared her throat and said in a small voice. “Randy I have agreed to be a whore. I am to go with Jimmy to an adult store, buy club dresses with sex, be auditioned as a sex worker by his uncle and tonight you are to take me to the strip club and watch me pick up truckers who will get to fuck me back here in the room.”

Randy looked back at her calmly. “No!” He said in an even voice.

“No?” Michelle cried. “I have to do this. I am committed to do this. You have to let me do this.” She whimpered.

“Look I am not going to stop you from this adventure or even cutting Jimmy in on the cash flow, but he is just a kid and there is no way I cannot be a better manager of your ‘professional career’ than a motel room clerk. I will take you to the adult store and approve the club dresses you select. You will still have to face the ‘management review’ and cover the cost of your purchases without dipping into the family finances. The adventure is yours but the management is mine!”

Michelle stood stunned and relieved. “Her husband was letting her play out the whore fantasy but was going to control her ‘career.’ She was not going to lose her marriage and home, and Randy would protect her better than some kid.” She realized.

“Now Mickie, go get yourself washed up because you have a date with a special dress store and an audition where you will have to demonstrate your talent.” Randy said.

“Mickie?.. ” She mentally reviewed what Randy said. “That was a name they used when she played a bar pickup game with Randy while on a getaway trip to Chicago last year. I went to a bar in their hotel lobby, dressed fairly provocatively and pretended to pick Randy up. At the time he had joked that I could have had anyone of the men in that bar pay me for sex. Anyone that I choose! …”

Michelle walked to the bathroom and Randy went to confront Jimmy, who was basking in the afterglow of a great fuck and the potential triumph of adding a new ‘roadie’ to his stable.

“Nice try kid!” Randy started. “I know my wife and she has always been a sucker for oral foreplay so I never doubted you would win our bet and get a bareback fuck.” He paused for emphasis “But really you are just a kid. You are playing in a sandbox your uncle built. You got talent but you really lack experience.” He told a perplexed Jimmy. “I am going to take over from here on. I’ll be taking Michelle to the adult dress store. Your uncle can have his licks but I call all the important shots what the fee structure will be and how much you keep personally and how much goes to the establishment and how much Mickie keeps.” Seeing the question on Jimmy’s face he continued. “Yes Mickie. That will be her professional persona… Everyone forgets ‘Michelle’ starting now. Make your calls and set up Mickie’s audition and after I meet your uncle, you and I will settle the split.”

Walking back into the bathroom Randy called out. “Just wait a second baby. I am going to join you and scrub your back Maybe you can do something about the byproduct of your sex show had on me… Do you think doing it while we both straddle the shower crotch fountain is possible? It ought to produce some interesting sensations…..”


Ninety minutes later a erotik film izle very refreshed and relaxed Randy was watching Mickie put the last of the war paint on prior to driving to the Road Show complex. “You know Babe once we walk out this door we are on a path that you might regret. What I mean is whores are not pampered escorts and the johns who patronize Road Show are not Richard Gere. Romantic this will not be. Intensely sexual it most certainly will be. Risky it will be! We run the risk of having our reputation exposed by some mishap. However, I do think it is an adventure that we can replay in memory to spice up things for the two of us but we should carefully weigh the downside and not expect it to be as romantic as a movie.”

“Honey, I know you fixed it up so you are in charge, but I still find the idea, even stripped of “Pretty Girl” illusions, very enticing and sexually challenging. I do want to go through with the store visit and the audition no matter what.” Mickie concluded.

“OK but the johns may want access to your backdoor, and I know how wet a little foreplay makes your pussy but anal sex is best with some actual prior attention…” Randy said.

“This room is really well stocked with some unusual amenities.” Mickie began. “For instance there is a whole supply of Fleet Enemas above the toilet and I used a couple. I would, however, like some help with this bottle of lube that was also stored in the bathroom..” She said turning her back and bending at the waist. “I guess I won’t get much realer than this.” She thought to herself as she pulled her buttocks apart so her husband / manager / pimp could lube up the inside of her anal passageway.

The view presented to Randy literally took his breath away and gave him an instant erection. “Am I nuts to let her go through with this afternoon’s encounters?” He wondered to himself. “She is awfully determined but I worry that she is also awfully naïve, but I guess that is what I told her I would do” Keep her safe…” He concluded giving Mickie a playful slap on her ass indicating they were ready to go.


Arriving at the Road Show complex Randy found only four cars in the parking lot and a convenient space near the entrance. He walked around to open her car door and give her a hand out of the car. Mickie was now standing naked in a public parking lot about to walk into an adult book store and offer sex for sale. Taking a deep breath, she turned and walked confidently toward the door. The shop had the usual clerk / door attendant who would collect a ‘purchase deposit’ from each single male, but Mickie’s naked body display earned immediate access.

The clerk, Joe the name tag read, tore his eyes away from Mickie’s lush body and he said.”Mr. Jarema? My dad is expecting the lady. I will escort her over to his office, if you will wait behind the counter over there….”

Behind the counter was a marked doorway that led to a flight of stairs. At the top of the stairs was an open door to a large office where a sixtyish man sat. He was expensively dressed and the office was modern and had several computers and monitors. There was a divan against the far wall.

“We don’t have a lot of time while Joe leads … Mickie? .. around to the club and up another set of stairs. I am Arnold Darcy and as you guessed I own the motel and the Road Show as well as the truck stop out at the interstate. Jimmy said you had a proposition for me.”

In the next few minutes Randy laid out his expectations as far as a fee structure and revenue sharing. Arny agreed to most but wanted to revisit the fee structure so Mickie would not be out of line with other ‘roadies’. “We can finish these points once I have assessed the value of Mickie’s services, but in principle I think your revenue splits reflect the contribution each party plans to make.” Arny said. “In a few minutes Mickie will walk in this other door. You can watch from the annex and finish discussions after her audition if you wish.”

Moments later the other door opened and Mickie walked into the office. She had no doubt as to why she was there but was uncertain as to how to get the ball rolling, as it were, and what exactly would be expected of her to prove her ‘abilities’. She reached her hand out and said “I am Mickie. I understand you like to audition anyone who might find themselves performing in any of your businesses. Well I would like to start tonight, so what will it take to convince you that I meet your standards?”

Arny stood up and walked around his desk to shake her hand and draw her into an embrace. After releasing her he sat back on the edge of his desk. “Well the first thing would be to get a good look at you. Strike some poses and slowly turn around. While you are doing that you can tell me details of your sexual experience.” Arny ordered her.

Mickie gambled that her tits and ass were best visual assets so he posed as provocatively as she imagined would generate the most response while starting a recitation. “I guess I am a slut because I love sex. I may be less experienced than some but I have film izle never had had a fuck I did not thoroughly enjoy, even on rare occasions where I did not come. I orgasm easily and frequently and I let my partners know they are pleasuring me. I think that should be a key to making certain the johns are satisfied with the encounter. Don’t you?”

“Your tits are truly spectacular! Your ass ain’t at all bad either! You move so gracefully, were you a stripper somewhere else?” Arny asked.

“Thank you, but no I never stripped in a club before. I did study dance and I work out regularly. I recently discovered that showing my body off is a terrific turn on for me. The more I show the hotter I get. Right now I know you can see how erect my nipples are but I am almost dripping on your carpet and all you are doing so far is talking.” Mickie said.

“Well that is about to change.” Arny smirked. “I try to be a good host so tell me which hole do most of your lovers seem to use most often? Your ass or your cunt? Where do you like to be fucked if given a choice.?”

“The answer to both questions is my cunt.” Mickie proudly said. “Having said that, I know that a good whore should be prepared to be accommodating to the preferences of the johns who pay her, so the thought of fucking what part of my body turns you on the most?”

Before Arny answered his cell signaled an incoming call. “I gotta take this.” He said “Hey Joe! What’s up? …. Outside? …. Inspection? Come On that isn’t due for two weeks? ….. I have someone in my office now …. Yes! An Audition …. Well OK” His half of the phone call went. “Mickie Baby, that was our local sheriff Joe August. He is coming up to see me, and he knows someone is here for an ‘audition.” I want you to walk down the corridor and meet Joe at the top of the stairs and lead him back here.

As soon as Mickie was out of the office Arny opened the door to the annex and asked if he wanted to duck out or stay for the show. Randy said he’d like to watch his protégé take them both on.

Moments later the office door opened and Mickie led the grinning sheriff into the room. “As I was telling Sheriff Joe, you were just about to choose where you would like to fuck me, and in the spirit of a good whore I told our sheriff he could also have his choice… Mickie announced.

“Let’s get started with some oral sex Mickie. I want to see how you handle the two of us.” Arny began her actual audition.

The two men leaned against the desk leaving a spot for Mickie to drop to her knees. As she was busy undoing belts and unzipping flies, she did not notice Arny gesturing to his eyes and then to the closed door to the annex where Randy was watching the proceedings. Arny also raised a finger over his lips in the ‘silence signal’ and then a negative head shake toward the kneeling fellatrice conveying the information that Mickie was unaware of the unseen audience.

The two men were enjoying the sight of this gorgeous 36D endowed woman bending over their cocks. Although oral sex was clearly not first in her sexual talent repertoire, Mickie was giving the men all she had. Mickie found herself pleased at the stiffening of the cocks she orally caressed. She found herself pushing harder to take the lengths of cock deeper in her throat fighting the gag reflex and thereby deriving her own sexual pleasure from the act.

Mickie was pretty much lost in her fellatio so once again she did not notice Arny gesture emphatically to the closed annex door. This time Arny raised his pointer finger up. First looking toward the door and then toward Sheriff Joe. Arny then made a circle with his thumb and pointer finger with the other hand. After a moment he raised the middle finger next to the pointer and slipped the two fingers through the finger circle on the other hand.

Mickie was going to get doubly penetrated and from the hand signals Arny sent, she was going to have two cocks in the same hole!

Behind the door Randy was sure that unless he took some action, his bride of twenty years was going to face a sexual physical challenge well beyond the bounds of any Pretty Woman fantasy. From the feral looks on the faces of Arny and Joe, it was clear that this would not be the first time this pair had double penetrated a whore so they knew what they were doing. Arny began speaking and the moment he could put a stop to the proceedings slipped away from Randy.

“Mickie Honey, you are doing a nice job getting Joe and I ready so it is time to move the program along. I know how you suck; it is time to see how you fuck.” Arny said.

“I know, I told Joe that he could fuck me too.” Michelle assented.

“I am going to fuck you in the ass.” Arny said

“So am I.” Joe added almost immediately.

“Who will go first?” Mickie asked naively.

“It’s your office Arny why don’t you lay down on the bench here and Mickie can mount you in a reverse cowgirl.” Joe evaded the actual answer to her question seeking to avoid a panic attack. The men knew well that a gradual approach produced a better result and was necessary seks filmi izle dealing with relative novices.

On his back Arny’s cock stood almost straight up. Michelle stepped over and straddled Arny. She was congratulating herself on the foresight of using the enemas and having lube applied to her anus as she positioned his cock at the entrance of her anus and began to press downward. Mickie was somewhat surprised at how good the anal penetration felt. This was not her favorite position but Randy had her this way a couple of times and she eventually reached orgasms. Without any discomfort whatsoever Mickie felt her buttocks touch Arny’s thighs. He was all the way in her!

Mickie shifted her weight forward pulling herself and sliding up his cock. She noticed Joe standing off to the side so she could clearly see her reflection in the full length mirror on a door to the side of the office. It was a very erotic image that presented itself to the candidate whore (and to her unseen ‘manager’ behind that door.) Her ‘john’s’ cock was shiny with lubricant and was clearly embedded between her legs. Watching her reflection intently she sank slowly back down. More quickly now she rocked forward and then sank down. “This was really quite a trip.” Mickie realized. “I can feel him sliding in and out and am in control of my own sensations.”

Before the next several cycles completed, Arny was gripping her hips. Alternately pulling and pushing which increased the speed and force of these strokes. Arny then gripped her firmly when she was fully embedded pausing the action. He slid his hands up to tweak her erect nipples and pulled her down so she was lying back against his chest. Arny played with Mickie’s nipples and flexed his gut to draw his cock slightly out and back in. The sensations were marvelous! Mickie only vaguely noticed Joe straddle the couple and push her knees up and apart. “I guess he is too impatient to wait a turn at my anus….” Mickie thought as the Sheriff’s cock neared her crotch.

Then! “You are missing the target. That’s not my pussy!” Mickie admonished.

“I know…. You are going to get an anal DP…. Just relax as much as you can…. We have done this before and we will go slowly.” Joe reassured the candidate whore.

Joe had smeared his cock with lube so as he pushed ahead Mickie felt pressure and her anus yielding to the push stretching open to accommodate the added penetration. Once past the sphincter Joe slid his cock slowly deeper pausing repeatedly to give her anus time to adjust to the increased volume of two cocks in one hole.

Although Joe’s standing crouch position blocked Mickie’s view in the annex door mirror, Randy had a ring-side seat and could see every detail as his ‘protégé’ was receiving her first single hole DP. The speakers in the annex also let him hear her moans. They started as whimpers of discomfort, but changed, more quickly than he imagined to be possible, to moans of pleasure.

“Damm! This slut is actually taking both of us. She will be a great whore Arny.” Joe grunted as he continued to plow deeper.

Mickie heard herself described as a slut and a great whore. Instead of shame or chagrin she actually felt proud and triumphant. “If they told me what was coming I’d have freaked.” She thought. “But my johns turned out to be great instructors in the’ university of sex’ so I should be grateful they pushed my boundaries.”

“You fucking studs are doing a number on me!” She groaned. “I would never believe how great a DP feels if you hadn’t taken these liberties. I am a slut and expect to be a whore so fuck my ass you bastards and show me what two studs can to do drive me nuts with passion.” She cried with increasing volume.

Joe finally reached full penetration and growled back at her. “Work for it! Whore! Move your ass! You are here to satisfy us and bring us off! If you get something from the deal besides pay, that is up to you.”

Mickie was frantic for the stimulation of the cocks sliding in and out. Planting her feet on bench stirrups she tried to slide up and back but could not get any real movement. “Arny, Push up on my back about the middle of my ribcage and let me see if I can rock back and forth a bit.” She asked.

Success! With Arny pushing her up a few inches, the leverage of her feet allowed more movement. About an inch at first but Arny was able to tilt her up a bit more and Joe added some lift just above her waist and she found she could move back and forth several inches. By now the exertion was getting to the threesome, but the sensations goaded each of the team to greater efforts. Mickie Came!

“Fuck … Fuck…. FUCK ….FUUUCK Hold me up you bastards and I’ll show you what a whore can do.” She growled. She came again! Another! Her erolalia was no longer even coherent.

The guys were amazed at the slut’s reaction. She was going nuts. Her extraordinary response encouraged them to continue to strain to support her weight while she fucked herself in the ass on their combined cock penetration. The physical stimulation could not be resisted forever and first Arny then Joe flooded Mickie’s anus with semen. The threesome collapsed on the coffee table. Joe pulled out and stood up offering Mickie a hand while she pulled herself off Arny. Finally they all were standing together.

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