Şubat 4, 2023

Sarah’s Anal Holiday Surprise

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Ashley Fires

“What…you actually let him put it in your mouth?”

“Of course. It’s great. I just love the way he shivers all over when he cums.”

“In your mouth? You let him do that in your mouth!”

Sarah was shocked. She’d been best friends with Lisa for years, some people even thought they were sisters because they had the same body shape and the same long blonde hair, but this was the first time they’d ever talked in any detail about sex. They were on the first day of a holiday together at an upmarket country club, and while their husbands were out playing golf, Lisa and Sarah were having a few drinks by the pool. The alcohol had loosened their lips, and the conversation had taken a surprising turn.

“Of course, Sarah. Everyone does it. I’m really surprised that you haven’t. You always seem so…sexy.”

Sarah thought she was sexy too. Lisa and her were both in their late 30s, but they were in good shape. And Sarah had always enjoyed sex, though she had to admit that Dave, her husband, didn’t seem as interested as he used to be. Sex was now only a once or twice a month thing.

“Yes, but I like…you know, normal sex. But putting a man’s thing in your mouth! That sounds so yucky.”

Lisa laughed.

“Well it’s not the only place Mike puts his…cock!”

Sarah giggled at hearing the word out loud. Lisa really was being naughty.

“Oh Lisa, you’re terrible. But of course, I like it in my…” She giggled again. “…in my pussy. ” Another naughty word. “But not in my mouth.”

Lisa took another sip of her white wine.

“I wasn’t talking about my pussy, hon.”

Sarah looked at her blankly. What did Lisa mean?

“What…where else is there for Mike to put his…cock?”

“Well, there’s another hole not far from my pussy that he likes to fill as well.”

Sarah’s face dropped.

“No! You don’t mean…? You can’t mean that. Not there.”

Lisa lay back on her deck chair.

“Yep. He likes to take the back door, the chocolate highway, make a rear entry, walk the dark road. He likes to fuck my ass. And you know something else Sarah? I love it when he does.”

Sarah went silent. She was wondering what she was doing sitting by the pool with this total stranger. Because surely this wasn’t Lisa beside her, not her lifelong buddy and pal. Surely Lisa couldn’t do these horrible things.

“I’m sorry if I shocked you Sarah. I just thought…well, I thought you’d have done all these things yourself. After all, Dave is a good-looking man and you’re a great looking girl. I thought you two would be at it like rabbits all the time, and trying everything going. Hasn’t he ever…um…you know…asked you to suck him? Hasn’t he ever even touched your…other hole?”

Sarah thought about it. Well, yes, Dave did sometimes ask her to kiss his thing, but she always politely but firmly refused. And his fingers sometimes ‘accidentally’ strayed around her dark hole when they were making love, but she always pulled his hand away. But she was sure Dave wouldn’t want to do the things Lisa was talking about. Or was she?

“No Lisa,” she lied, “and I’m sure it’s never even crossed his mind.”

“Well, I’m amazed. Mike had me swallowing his cum when we were still in High School. And because I didn’t want to get pregnant, I let him fuck my ass instead of my pussy before we got married.”

Sarah didn’t know what to say. The language Lisa was using was terrible enough, but she was shocked to realise that while she and Dave had been kissing in the front seat of the car when they were all young, Lisa had been sucking Mike’s cock in the back seat. And yet…horrible as it all sounded, Sarah suddenly felt her body tingle. She started breathing deeper. She looked down, then quickly crossed her legs. A wet spot was forming at the crotch of swimsuit. She decided she had to change subjects, and fast.

“When did the boys say they’d be back?”

Lisa was disappointed. The conversation was making her hot, and she was warming up for a big night with Mike. But all that would have to wait. She looked at her watch.

“They’ll have to be back soon. We have to get dressed for dinner. We’re going to that Italian place tonight.”

Sarah stood up, quickly wrapping her towel erotik film izle around her waist.

“Well, I’m going to have a shower. We’ll see you downstairs at seven, okay?”

She walked away hurriedly, still shaking from her conversation with Lisa – and from the surprising way her body reacted to it.

Upstairs, she quickly took off her bathers and turned on the shower. Then she stopped, catching site of her naked reflection in the mirror. She was quite proud of what she saw. Her breasts were still round and firm, her stomach flat and taut, and her hips nicely rounded. She turned around, looking at her ass. Yes, that was as good as ever too. Then, without thinking, she parted her ass cheeks. Her little dark asshole peeked out at her. She ran her finger down along the crack, then gently poked at the small, gaping hole. No, no, no, she thought. Even if I wanted to try, Dave’s cock could never fit in there. It would split me in half. No, no, no. Then she stepped into the shower.


The Italian restaurant was good but crowded. The food was slow coming, so the two couples found themselves drinking more than they normally would. The boys talked about their golf game half the time, but as the evening wore on it was clear that they also had other things on their mind. Mike’s hand regularly strayed onto Lisa’s knee and beyond. Sarah was sure that things were happening below the table. Then Dave started playing toesies with Sarah. She smiled. They hadn’t made love for a few weeks, and – after her afternoon conversation with Lisa – she was really quite hot.

By the time they had left the restaurant, all four of them were drunk. Not rolling over drunk, but well above merry. The girls went straight to their room, but the boys decided they’d have one last beer in the hotel bar.

“Okay, we’ll leave the door unlocked. Don’t be long.”

But boys will be boys, and one beer became three. Sarah waited expectantly for Dave, but finally turned out the light and dozed off. The door creaked open, and Sarah opened her sleepy eyes and could just see a silhouette of Dave as he dropped his clothes on the floor and crawled into bed. But Dave didn’t have sleep on his mind. Right away, Sarah could feel something hard and hot against her back. Then a hand slid gently under pyjama top and brushed over her boobs. She didn’t react. She was too tired now and still quite drunk from the dinner drinks.

Then she felt the hand travelling down her belly, under the elastic of her pyjama bottoms, and down between her legs. Tired or not, as the fingers expertly massaged her clit, she found herself quietly moaning. Dave’s technique was definitely improving. She rolled over onto her back and kissed him. His cock was hard against her belly now, and it felt bigger than she had felt it before. Dave slowly lifted her top over her shoulders, then pulled down her pyjama bottoms. She was naked now and feeling very hot.

Then, to her surprise, Dave slid under the sheets and squeezed his head between her legs! Sarah was alarmed. Dave had never done this before. She wriggled her hips to try and push him away, but that only seemed to spur him on. And when his tongue found her clit, all fight sank out of her. It was…amazing. She opened her legs a little wider, giving Dave more room to move – and move he did. His tongue darted all round her soft pussy lips, inside her hole, then round and round her clit. She found herself rocking her hips, pushing herself against her face. She could hardly believe it – Dave’s tongue was doing what his cock had never been able to do. She was going to have an orgasm!


Sarah heard a voice moaning with deep, deep pleasure and was almost shocked to realise that it was her voice. But not as shocked as when Dave swivelled his hips and swing his rock hard cock up towards her face. She could feel it pressing against her lips, but this was too much – no way was that thing going in her mouth. But then Dave’s tongue found a spot that she never knew existed. It was breathtaking.


And as she opened her mouth wide in ecstasy, Dave’s cock slid in. Her eyes shot wide open. Almost in panic, she twisted her head, pushed at film izle the intruding cock with her tongue trying to get it out, but that only made Dave moan and push it further into her mouth. And with Dave’s tongue still working overtime, somehow the cock didn’t seem like such an unwelcome visitor at all. To her own surprise, she wrapped her legs around Dave’s head, then grabbed his cock with her hands and sucked as hard as she could on it. Dave groaned in a way she’d never heard before – deep, sensual, satisfied – and pushed he cock hard down her throat. Before she knew what was going on, Sarah felt a gush of hot, steamy, creamy liquid pour down her throat.

My God, she thought, he’s cumming in my mouth! And…and…my God…it’s delicious! Sarah suddenly realised that she loved the taste of cum. It was unbelievable. How could she have gone all these years missing out on this wonderful stuff? She sucked hungrily at Dave’s cock, wanting every drop, and at the same time pounded her pussy against his face, cumming again and again.

Normally after Dave had cum, he would roll over and go to sleep, but not tonight. Tonight he was a new man – and Sarah was a new woman. He pulled his cock from her mouth, very much against her will, then swung her around and took a leg in each hand. He was going to fuck her, and that was just what she wanted. Even wet from all the cumming, Dave’s cock felt huge as it pressed against her pussy lips, and she groaned with surprise as he rammed it hard into her cunt.

If all that sucking has made it grow this big, she thought, I’ll be doing a lot more of that in the future. She was in ecstatic heaven as Dave bounded his cock into her. She had never felt so full. He rolled her over, still driving his cock into her. Lifted her up, carried her around the bed, threw her back on the other side, always pounding into her, looking for ways and positions to drive his meat deeper and deeper into her. Sarah was like a rag doll, floating on a cloud, cumming more often on this one night than she had in her whole life.

Finally Dave fell back on the bed with Sarah on top of him. She sat up, lifted her knees, driving all her weight down on his cock, wanting every last fraction of an inch inside her. She was so delirious, she hardly noticed Dave’s hands first grabbing her ass cheeks, then parting them, then sliding fingers into her crowded cunt and rubbing the cunt juices and cum over her asshole. When he slid one, then two fingers into her tiny hole, she could feel it stretching. Still hammering down on Dave’s cock, a thought crossed her mind: had Dave had the same conversation with Mike that she had had with Lisa? If so, was he going to try to…


Suddenly Sarah felt like she had been electrocuted. Dave had lifted her up so his cock slipped out of her cunt, then dropped her down again – ramming his cock all the way up her asshole in one amazing, exhilarating, red-hot-poker painful movement.

She tried to lift herself off him. She felt like a stake had been nailed right into her asshole – which, in a way, is what had happened. But Dave wouldn’t let her go. He clung onto her hips, slid his cock half out of her, then drove it back in. I was excruciating. Sarah flayed at him with her arms, groaning, screaming, mesmerised with pain. Or was it pain? She now found herself joining Dave’s wild rhythmic dance. Again she was pushing down hard on him, but now it wasn’t her cunt he was filling, but her asshole – her tiny, tight, sweet, never been fucked virgin-no-more asshole. And, just like the cum down her throat, Sarah discovered something amazing. It wasn’t just good – it was great. It was fantastic. It was…it was…it was…


…it was making her cum. She couldn’t believe. A cock was making her cum, but not in her cunt. She was cumming in the wildest, loudest, most incredible way ever by being fucked in her ass. And then, suddenly, she felt hot liquid streaming into her ass – now Dave was cumming too. But no, no, no…that wasn’t what she wanted. She lifted her hips, pulled Dave’s cock from her ass, the took it all down her throat. Even with the taste of her ass on it, it tasted sooooo good. She sucked at Dave’s cock hungrily, slurping down every last drop.

Then, seks filmi izle in a state of bliss she had never known before, she collapsed on her pillow and went straight to sleep. And what a sleep it was! She dreamed happy, sexy, ass-fucking, cum-sucking dreams that made her cum over and over in her slumber, only waking for a moment in the early morning, when it was still dark, to see Dave slip out to join Mike at the hotel gym.

At nine, she went downstairs to have breakfast with Lisa. She almost floated to the table, her smile as wide as her pussy had been the night before. Lisa couldn’t help but notice.

“Someone had a good night’s sleep.”

“Oh, it wasn’t the sleep, trust me.”

Lisa smiled.

“That’s great. I was worried yesterday that maybe you weren’t…you know, getting enough sex.”

Sarah sipped her orange juice, her eyes glazed over, looking into the empty distance and seeing nothing.

“Mmm…last night I had enough to do me for the rest of my life. Only, I want it to happen again and again, every night. Dave was…amazing. I never knew he had it in him.”

Lisa smiled.

“So was Mike. I was worried that I was going to miss out because he’d had too much to drink. He came in after turned out the lights and was almost asleep, and even then it took me a while to get him started. But once I got the motor running, it was the same old Mike – he seemed to enjoy himself more than ever.”

Sarah nodded in agreement.

“Dave too. It must be the holiday. Getting away from work and the kids. And you want to know something else?”

Sarah leaned towards Lisa with a conspiratal smile.

“You know what we talked about yesterday.”

Lisa thought for a moment, then her face lit up.

“You mean…”

Sarah glowed back at her.

“Yes…and you were right. It was…heaven. Absolute heaven.”

The two friends started to giggle. Then they heard a voice – it was Mike.

“Looks like you two just heard some good gossip. Anything we should know about?”

Lisa gave him a friendly slap on the rear.

“Girl talk…so it’s none of your business. Hey, how come you two are wearing your dinner jackets? Didn’t go out again after…well, after we went to sleep.”

Dave reached across and ran his fingers fondly through Sarah’s hair.

“No, we were being thoughtful husbands. Our training gear was in the locker at the gym overnight, so and put on our dinner clothes this morning instead of waking you while we tried to find our day clothes. Now we need our room keys so we can change.”

Sarah and Lisa reached into their bags and pulled out the room keys. Sarah smiled as she gave her key to Dave.

“Don’t change too much. We quite like you the way you are.”

The girls giggled again as the boys started to walk away, then they stopped suddenly. Mike looked at his key.

“Oh, you girls have got the keys mixed up. I’ve got 305, that’s your key, Sarah.”

Dave noticed the same thing.

“And I’ve got Lisa’s key, room 304.”

The girls looked at each other. Lisa spoke first.

“Don’t be silly. They’re the right keys. We’re in 305.”

Sarah pitched in.

“Yes, and we’re in 304.”

Dave and Mike looked confused.


“No, that’s not…”

And then, for the longest 30 seconds in history, no one spoke. Sarah broke the ice.

“Um…well, you boys must have drank way to much last night…because you’ve gone and forgotten your room numbers…”

Then she added, quickly.

“This morning I mean. You’ve forgotten your room numbers this morning.”

Everyone laughed nervously, happy to agree.

“Yes, of course…”

“Silly boys…”

“Okay, we’ll…um…go get changed.”

“Yeah…um…be back in a five minutes…”

The subject was closed. They walked away quickly. Lisa and Sarah were silent for a long moment, not able to look at each other. Then they slowly lifted their heads and looked directly into each other’s eyes. And then…they laughed. Giggled wildly. Tears rolled down their cheeks. They hugged each other, still roaring. Other guests looked across, wondering what drugs the two crazy women had been taking. Sarah wiped the laughing tears from her eyes.

“Well…I think I’ll go for the eggs and bacon this morning. Could do with a hearty breakfast after last night.”

“Me too,” laughed Lisa.

And they sat back in their seats and called for the waiter.

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