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Cheryl slammed on the brakes when she looked up from her phone and saw the taillights looming ahead.

Too late.

Shit. Shit. Shit, she thought as she heard the sound of plastic shattering. A previous fender bender had jacked up her insurance rates to a point where it was a struggle to keep up. Another would leave her in dire straits.

There was just enough light from the street lamps to tell that the other driver was a younger man. As quickly as she realized it, she popped open two buttons on her blouse. It would hardly be the first time that her charms and a little flirting had turned a situation to her advantage.

The door opened on the other car, so Cheryl quickly did the same. When the man climbed out, she ticked off another point in her favor. His eyes homed in on her chest.

“I am so sorry,” she said as she approached, wearing a vapid smile. She lifted a hand to her chest as she said it, drawing attention to her exposed cleavage. His eyes widened, so she assumed he was falling under her spell. A quick glance revealed only a broken taillight on his vehicle, which was another point in her favor. “Are you okay?”

“I guess,” the young man said, and shrugged. He then reached into his back pocket for his wallet. “You do have insurance, don’t you?”

Cheryl said, “Of course. It’s such a little fender bender, though. Maybe we could just take care of it without all the paperwork and hassle.”

He broke out into a smile that struck her as a little smug. “Maybe we can. I was pulling into my place here when you rear-ended me. Let’s get out of the street. Pull in next to me.”

Caught off-guard by him taking charge, she nodded and said, “Okay.”

He climbed back in his car, and she did the same. As instructed, she pulled in next to him, and shut off her car. He quickly exited his vehicle, and walked in front of hers, waving for her to follow. Cheryl hesitated for a moment, feeling that things were spiraling out of control, but swallowed hard and got out of her car.

The young man unlocked his door, and waved for her to follow him inside. She said, “Why do we need to go inside? I can—”

He cut her off with a raised hand. “Look, lady. It’s obvious you don’t want this on your record, for whatever reason. Unless you want to show me those tits you’re trying so hard to draw attention to out here, you’d better come inside.”

That was that. She’d just been offered a choice there was no escaping from. Either she took another point on her license and an insurance bill she couldn’t afford, or she paid for her mistake with her body. He wasn’t beating around the bush.

Though she was feeling shocked, indignant, and more than a little frightened, the thought popped into her head that he wasn’t bad looking. In fact, he was rather handsome.

“What’s it going to be, lady?” he asked while her chaotic thoughts swirled. He gave her a few seconds, and then pulled out his phone.

“Okay,” she blurted while gesturing for him to put the phone away.

He let out a chuckle, and stepped into the house. Tentatively, Cheryl followed. He closed the door behind them, and immediately said, “Get those tits out.”

She reached for the next button on her blouse. As she unhooked it, he lifted his eyebrows and theatrically tapped his foot. Taking the cue, she quickly unhooked the rest of the buttons, shrugged off her blouse, and reached for the clasp of her bra. She unhooked it, slipped her arms out of the straps, and bared her breasts to him.

“Not bad,” he said.

“So..?” she asked, hopefully.

“So, keep going. Let’s see that pussy, too.”

“I… What do you want?”

He shrugged and said, “Okay, I’ll give it to you straight up. I’ve never found a girl that will let me try anal. You rear-ended me, so I’m going to rear-end you. Let me fuck that ass, and we’re square.”

Cheryl gasped, and her butt cheeks instinctively clenched. Though she was hardly an anal virgin, it wasn’t something she did regularly, and she’d never done it with a complete stranger before. She didn’t even know his name, and he didn’t seem to care what hers was.

As before, he gave her little time to think, and asked, “So, what’s it going to be?”

She gave a curt nod.

“Get your clothes off,” he demanded, and then whipped his own shirt over his head.

Cheryl found herself biting her lower lip when she saw his chest. He was cut, if not overly built. Though she was being blackmailed, it wasn’t as if he was some disgusting slob. She lifted her right foot and slipped off her heel while he plopped down on the couch to take off his own shoes.

She dispensed with her other heel, and erotik film izle then pulled down the zipper on her skirt. By the time she pushed her skirt over her hips, he was standing to take off his jeans. She couldn’t help her gasp when the denim slid down, revealing an eye-catching — and frightening, considering where he wanted to put it — bulge in his briefs.

They both slipped thumbs into the waistbands of their underwear at the same time. Cheryl shivered when his big cock sprang free, to bounce in anticipation. She couldn’t keep her eyes off it. Her twenties had passed her by, and having a good looking young man with a big cock ogling her caused arousal to surge within her, despite the situation.

“Yeah, that’s nice,” he said as she pushed her panties down past her knees, and then kicked them away. “C’mere.”

Cheryl crossed the floor toward him, thinking, What is wrong with me? as his demanding nature further swelled her arousal. She was being blackmailed — ordered around like a whore — and it was turning her on.

He left little doubt what he wanted when she reached him, and pointed at the floor. She sank down to her knees in front of him. Naked, on her knees, in a stranger’s apartment, with his cock looming large before her eyes, she shuddered from a fresh rush of wetness flooding her pussy. She wrapped her hand around the root of his cock and leaned in.

A growl escaped him as she licked his stiff organ. One of his hands settled on the back of her head, while the other sought her breast. She steeled herself, expecting him to maul her tits, and was surprised when he instead cupped the right one and began to caress it with his fingers.

Cheryl licked him up and down, wetting his erection. His hand, which had been simply resting on top of her head, tilted it back, forcing her to look up at him.

“You like that dick?” he asked.

“Yes,” she answered, deciding that playing up to him was the wisest course of action. She also did like his cock. As her tongue slathered over it, she could imagine it stretching out her pussy.

Of course, that wasn’t where he planned to put it.

“Then suck it.”

He grabbed a fistful of hair as she parted her lips, but didn’t pull on it. If anything, it was keeping her hair out of the way, rather than causing her any discomfort. She sucked on the purple helmet, tickled it with her tongue, pulled back, sliding her lips over it, and then took him in again.

Pressure on the back of her head let her know what he wanted.

Cheryl’s lips slid down his throbbing shaft as deep as she thought she could manage without gagging, and then retreated. He groaned when she took him in again, his hand exerting light pressure, causing her to suck him faster.

She was proud of her oral skills, and found herself caught up in the heat of the moment. She sucked him hard and fast, reveling in his growls and groans. His hand squeezing her breasts and pinching the nipples made her pussy ache.

She let out a croak when a twitch of his hips pushed his big cock into her throat. She fought the pressure of his hand to quickly jerk away, trailing thick strands of saliva. A cough escaped her, spraying spittle on him, and leaving drool running down her chin.

He chuckled as she swallowed, sniffled, and fought against her rebelling stomach. The hand teasing her breast moved to her armpit, and pulled. She planted one foot underneath her, and rose to her feet at his urging.

A crooked grin decorated his face as he stared into her eyes, filled each hand with one of her butt cheeks, and squeezed. “Time for the main event,” he declared.

Once again, her buttocks clenched, which drew out an even louder chuckle.

He nodded toward the hallway, and then walked that way without another word. Cheryl followed, wiping the spit off her chin, feeling a mixture of excitement and dread. He turned into a room, and she walked over to the bed when he gestured at it. He bent down, picked up a towel that looked a little damp, and spread it out in the center of the bed.

She didn’t need to be told what to do, and climbed into the bed. When she sat down on the towel, it confirmed her observations, as it was just a little damp.

He stood at the foot of the bed watching her, and then said, “Play with that pussy for me.”

Cheryl spread her legs, and slipped her hand between them. She trembled and drew in a shuddering breath as her fingers touched her clit.

“That pussy wet?” he asked while walking toward a nightstand next to the bed with his big cock bouncing.

“Yes,” she admitted, somewhat ashamedly. “So wet.”

He slid open a drawer in the nightstand, film izle pulled out a bottle of lube, and said, “Show me. Finger-fuck that pussy.”

Cheryl pushed three fingers into her needy canal, the sound alone testifying to how wet she was. When she pulled them out to bury them again, they were absolutely coated in her juices.

He stood watching her masturbate, the lube in one hand, and his cock in the other. He squeezed it and ran his thumb over the purple helmet for a few seconds, and then slid into the bed.

“Pull those legs back and open that ass for me,” he said while popping open the top on the lube.

Cheryl reluctantly stopped taming the ache in her depths, lifted her legs, and pulled them back toward her chest. She had to adjust the grip on her right leg when her pussy-slick fingers nearly slipped off.

He turned the bottle upside down and squeezed. Cheryl yelped when the chilly lube drizzled onto her puckered opening.

“Push it in,” he demanded.

She let go of her leg with her off hand and did as he asked. A quiver rippled through her from the sensation, the knowledge of what was coming, and the strain of keeping her leg held back without support.

He squirted more lube on her ass, and she pushed her fingers in, knowing something far larger was next. After the fifth squirt, he pulled the bottle back and upended it over his cock.

Cheryl bit her lip and whimpered — with two fingers buried in her ass —while he drizzled lube over his erection. He spread it all over the shaft, then added another long squirt, leaving him covered in a thick coat.

“You ready for this?” he asked as he knee-walked toward her.

She nodded, pulled her fingers out of her ass, and grabbed her leg again.

“Tell me you want it.”

She dutifully responded, “I want you to fuck my ass.” To her shock, at least a small part of her meant it.

He didn’t hesitate. Cheryl sucked in a deep breath when he positioned the head of his cock against her back door. She whimpered as he increased the pressure. When she looked up, she saw a touch of surprise in his expression. He placed a thumb just behind the head of his cock, and pushed harder.

Cheryl yelped and he groaned as the head of his cock popped into her ass.

“Ah fuck, that’s tight — and hot,” he exclaimed as he pushed harder.

Grunts and whimpers tumbled from her lips as he violated her ass. She felt the hot stretch and the urge to push while she struggled to relax and let him in. He growled and adjusted his stance, slowly pushing ever deeper.

“You want it all, don’t you?” he growled.


“Say it.”

“I want all of that big cock in my ass,” she cried in a high-pitched voice.

He wrapped his hands around her right leg, using it for leverage. Cheryl screamed as the rest of his cock vanished in her ass, and his balls tapped against her skin.

“Ah, fuck yeah. Fuck yeah,” he said in a breathy voice while bucking his hips, making her breasts quiver.

Cheryl grunted with every movement of the stiff organ buried in her ass. He maintained his grip on her leg, so she let her free hand slide down to her pussy.

He grunted three times, shoving his cock hard into her burning ass. “That’s right, play with that pussy while I fuck your ass.”

She dipped her fingers into her wetness, and then centered them over her clit. The digits flashed back and forth, and the pleasure that caused took some of the edge off her discomfort.

She still yelped when he pulled back and thrust again.

Cheryl desperately frigged her clit as he pumped his throbbing cock into her forbidden hole. She couldn’t hold back the yelps and whimpers erupting from her tight throat.

After a few thrusts, she whimpered, “More lube. P-please.”

She screamed when he yanked his cock out of her ass. He snatched up the bottle of lube, put the tip over her gaped hole and squeezed. She cried out again when the cool, slippery liquid dribbled into her abused ass.

When the lube welled up into a pool over her puckered opening, he gave his erection another generous squirt as well. He dropped the lube and took aim again.

Her back arched and she squealed as he shoved his cock to the hilt in her ass, which was accompanied by a hissing, flatulent sound.

The additional lube cooled the burning, and the pleasure of her flashing fingers intensified, but it wasn’t enough. Cheryl pushed three fingers into her depths, curling them to her g-spot. The heel of her hand rolled her clit while she fucked herself hard with her fingers.

His next thrust was powerful enough to make her breasts bounce. “Oh yeah, love seks filmi izle that ass. So fucking tight.”

Cheryl yelped and responded, “Fuck me! Fuck my ass!”

A growling chuckle accompanied his next thrust.

“Yes! Yes!” she cried. She was so deliciously full from both ends. It hurt so good, and her pleasure soared.

“Tell me you love it,” he demanded.

“I love… Your big… Fucking cock… In my ass!” she screamed, the words vanishing in gasps with every thrust of his cock.

He pounded her mercilessly, making her breasts bounce every which way. The discomfort couldn’t compete with what was swelling inside her, though. She looked up at him, and saw his face growing red. His teeth were clenched, and his breaths hissed through them.

“Oh! Oh! Gonna… Gonna… Gonna come!” she cried as she neared the brink.

He grunted, “Fuck yeah. Do it. Getting close.”

“God yes! Fuck me! Come in my assss! I’m…” She sucked in a noisy breath, and let it out in a screech when the first titanic wave of orgasm crashed over her.

He froze mid-thrust when her ass pinched tight around him and said, “Holy fuck.” Then he let out a primal growl and forced his cock the rest of the way inside her.

Cheryl writhed and came, her body jolted by his cock pounding into her ass. The first white hot flash of her orgasm was just beginning to cool when she felt a hitch in his next thrust. She forced her eyes open to see his face contort. He jammed his cock into her three more times, and then roared.

“Ohmigod,” she squeaked as he erupted inside her. She could feel every pulse of his cock, and every spurt of cum. It set her off again, and she let out a hoarse wail.

His hips bucked spastically as he filled her ass full. The high-pitched, inarticulate sounds he was making might have been amusing, if there was any tiny part of her mind not drowning in ecstasy to recognize them. Cheryl was still coming when the last dribbles of his semen joined the pool around the head of his cock.

She drew in a desperate gasp when he yanked his cock out of her to sit down heavily. His cum immediately began to seep out of her red and gaped hole, and she whimpered at the relief of the cool air kissing her hot, tormented flesh.

Cheryl had no idea how long she lay on the bed, twitching through the aftershocks and listening to him pant for breath. She groaned as soreness reasserted itself over the waning afterglow of her orgasm.

“Where’s your bathroom?” she asked, beginning to feel self-conscious about the river of cum and lube still dripping out of her ass.

He lifted a weary, shaking hand and vaguely pointed while saying, “Left.”

Cheryl reached beneath her to grasp one edge of the towel, and then pulled the other up over her pussy. Holding tight to both, she scooted to the edge of the bed, and draped her wobbly legs over the side. She gingerly made her way to the bathroom.

After the thoroughly embarrassing, noisy act of forcing all the cum and lube out of her ass, she climbed into the tub and washed up. Though she was sore, she couldn’t help but grin as she sauntered back into his bedroom.

He lay half-dozing on the bed, his soft and sloppy cock draped over one thigh. She leaned against the doorway, struck a seductive pose, and said, “You should probably go clean up.”

He opened his eyes, looked at her, and offered a half grin. “Yeah. Literally fucked the shit out of you.”

She rolled her eyes and said, “Uh huh.”

He lurched to the edge of the bed, climbed out, and grabbed a handful of her ass when he passed her. Cheryl turned to watch the play of muscles in his back and butt until he vanished into the bathroom.

She sank into the bed, trying to ignore the pain in her bottom. It may have been blackmail, but it was well worth it. She had almost drifted off when he returned to the bedroom.

“So, we’re good?” she asked.

He answered, “Better than good. That was fucking amazing.”

The sight of his big cock swinging as he approached the bed made her shiver, and she took a chance. “If it was better than good, maybe you could do something for me?”

“Like what?”

“Fuck my pussy with that big cock?”

He shuddered and asked, “Seriously?”

Cheryl offered him a slow nod and moaned, “Mmm hmm.”

“Don’t know if I have any condoms,” he said while walking toward the nightstand.

She said, “I’m on birth control.”

He paused in the process of opening the drawer. “Come inside you?”

“Uh huh.” She twitched her eyebrows and teased, “If you have any left.”

He took his already straightening cock in hand, ready to prove that he did.


Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed this little backdoor quickie. As always, please take a moment to vote, as that’s the bread and butter of a free author. Comments and favorites are most welcome as well.

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