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Pool Boy Ch. 40

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After giving Thia’s Ben-Wah balls several pulses she was so aroused that she couldn’t stand it anymore. She led me out of the living room to the bottom of the stairway. Out of site of the living room she threw her arms around my neck and pulled her body against mine. She was grinding her tits on my chest and her pelvis on my cock and it responded immediately. Thia said, “Fuck, little brother. I’m going to explode any second. I need you in me now.” She kissed me passionately and I kissed back in kind. It still felt strange kissing my sister like that. I told her to go to the first bedroom on the right at the top of the stairs and take out the ‘balls’. I told her that I would let Alexis know and she could join us in a few minutes. Thia grinned and shot up the stairs. I pushed the fob button about half way up the stairway and she suddenly stopped and rocked her hips as she dropped to one knee. She turned back to me and said, “Fuck. Please hurry.” I grinned at her condition. She was right on the edge of an orgasm and I wanted my cock to push her over. I pocketed the fob and left it there.

I motioned to Alexis and quietly told her what was up. She grinned and brushed a palm across her tits. I could see her hardened nipples through her dress. I held up three fingers indicating that she give me three minutes and then come up. She nodded. I hoped the sultry look on her face wouldn’t be noticed by my parents. I guessed that they probably wouldn’t. I had always figured that they were a little naïve like the 1950’s TV parents June and Ward Cleaver but I knew they weren’t stupid.

I stopped in the living room and asked if I could get anyone anything to drink. It was way too early for alcohol but my dad surprised me when he asked for a beer. Mom declined as did everyone else. I fetched a beer from the refrigerator and an iced glass and brought them back. Dad smiled and took both and poured a head-free glass of beer and took a big sip off it. I took the empty can back to the kitchen and then made my way through the dining room to the stairway.

I took the stairs two at a time to the second floor. I opened the door to the first bedroom on the right and Thia was lying naked in the middle of the bed trying to pick the ‘balls’ out of her pussy. She was incredibly wet. I walked over and noted Thia’s frustration. I suggested that she squeeze her vaginal muscles to push the ‘balls’ out and she was delighted to see that it worked.

The bed in this room was particularly high off the floor and after Thia had my pants on the floor, she flipped over on her back and hung her head over the edge looking up-side down at me. She pulled my granite hard cock down to her face and rubbed it all over as she moaned. She guided it to her lips and kissed the underside of my cock at the nerve bundle and said, “Fuck my face little brother.” My cock surged even harder as I bent forward and pushed my cock past her stretched lips. She reached up and fondled my balls which settled on the bridge of her nose as I pushed deeper. She gagged slightly when I was almost all the way in and I stopped there and withdrew. She dropped her head lower and pulled off my cock and sucked in a glob of saliva as she said, “Fuck my face and cum all over me. Okay?”

I smiled and presented my cock to her again. She lifted her head and I pushed my cock back in again. I knew where her gag point was and I began thrusting my hips forward and back and my cock appeared and disappeared into her face. Her cheeks bulged with each insertion and hollowed as I withdrew. Tears flowed from her eyes. She started fondling my balls again and I leaned forward and palmed her erect nipples.

The doorknob turned behind me and Alexis stepped into the room. She quietly closed the door and locked it. She came over to the bed and watched as I drove my cock deep into my sister’s mouth. In this position, she could deep-throat where she normally couldn’t. We could see Thia’s throat expand to accommodate my fatty and then contract as I pulled back out. Alexis stripped off her dress. She had no bra or panties on. She was ready as she climbed up on the bed and dropped her lips to Thia’s pussy.

Thia’s eyes went wide as she involuntarily thrust up her hips. Alexis followed them up and back down again and maintained contact with Thia’s pussy the whole way. Thia groaned around my cock from Alexis’ attack. In less than two minutes, Thia was thrashing around trapped in Alexis’ arms as a climax crashed over her. My orgasm was only seconds behind hers and I launched one cum shot into her mouth and then pulled out as she instructed and came all over her face and tits and stomach. Alexis stayed right with Thia’s throbbing pussy until she settled down and went quiet.

My cock was still rock hard just as she had expected and when she could move, she pushed herself back onto her front and got in a doggy position in the middle of the bed. She motioned for Alexis to slide in under her in a sixty-nine position. Thia motioned for me to get in behind ataşehir escort bayan her and I moved as directed. I pushed my cock to her pussy and touched her labia. I figured that if she wanted my cock in her ass she would lower her body to indicate that. She didn’t move except to push her pussy back on my cock. My balls were right in Alexis’ face and she tried to suck them into her mouth whenever they were close enough.

Thia dropped her cum soaked face into Alexis’ pussy and flicked her tongue on Alexis’ clitoris and then dipped her speared tongue into Alexis’ pussy. She ran into an obstacle and separated Alexis’ labia with her fingers to see Alexis’ gold ‘balls’. Alexis was using her vaginal muscles to push the ‘balls’ out and Thia grabbed the larger one with her lips and then her teeth and pulled them both out of Alexis’ pussy. Thia groaned hard with my balls on her lips as they popped free.

Thia set the ‘balls’ aside and went to work in Alexis’ pussy and Alexis was thrashing her hips all over. Thia held on tight as I drilled her pussy with my cock. I changed up pace and depth and Thia was going absolutely nuts as she moaned continuously into Alexis’ pussy. I pulled my cock out of Thia and pushed it down for Alexis to struggle her lips onto it. I fucked her face for a dozen or so strokes and pulled it out and pushed it back in Thia. I repeated this several times and was getting ready to cum again. Both Thia and Alexis’ could tell I was close and Thia started slamming her pussy back on my cock as I was slamming it forward. Skin was slapping together in our fury.

Alexis convulsed into her orgasm first just as I was pushing my cock into her throat. Her muscle spasms made her throat even tighter and I could feel the difference. She groaned and tried to get her face off my cock. I withdrew and drove it back into Thia. I could feel cum boiling in my balls and then I launched a powerful, long stream of cum into my sister’s pussy. She was screaming a little too loud for the circumstances as her orgasm crushed her. Her pussy clamped hard on my cock in rapid succession. I must have launched eight or ten salvos of cum into her and she groaned with every single one.

My face became a mask of contorted muscles as I spewed my load. I’m glad I couldn’t see it. I had a fierce grip on Thia’s Hip bones as I humped up into her. She broke the spell when she complained that I was hurting her. I immediately released her hips and after my last salvo pulled my cock out and let it drop to Alexis’ face. She had recovered from her climax enough to suck my softening cock into her mouth and lash it all over with her tongue. She kept at it until she couldn’t taste any hint of cum or Thia’s vaginal juices.

Thia collapsed off to Alexis’s side and let out a loud groan as the last of her climax washed through her. Alexis released my cock from her lips and I sat back on my heels. Alexis was grinning up at me and I bent down and kissed her. Thia watched and motioned that she wanted one too. I crawled up between Thia and Alexis and kissed Thia hard on the lips.

When we broke our embrace, Thia was looking into my eyes. There were tears in hers. She gently laid one hand on my face and feathered her fingers around behind my ear and down along my jaw line. We didn’t break eye contact. Thia’s chest was still heaving in her search for oxygen. Her tits went along for the ride.

Thia was quiet for a long moment and then said, “I’ve done a terrible thing and I hope you don’t hate me for it.” That got Alexis’ attention and she sat up and turned around and cuddled up between me and Thia. We were listening. Thia hesitated again and then stammered out, “I told Mom and Dad about Thanksgiving. I told them everything.” She burst out crying. Through her tears, she babbled out, “I’m so sorry. We were having a bonding moment after you guys left. I didn’t mean to.” She started sobbing. “I said the wrong thing and they dragged the rest out of me. Please don’t hate me.”

Alexis was the first to react. She put a hand on Thia’s hip and said, “No one’s going to hate you.” Thia’s sobbing ratcheted up again. Alexis said, “When you say you told them everything, do you mean everything about you and your brother, you, me and your brother? What does everything mean?”

Thia collected herself and stopped sobbing. She said, “I told them about all of us with all of us.” Alexis’ face sagged from that revelation.

Alexis looked up at me and said, “Great, just fucking great.”

I looked at Thia and then at Alexis and said, “If they’ve known about all of us for a month, why did they accept the invitation? Something weird is going on here.”


The “Something weird” was being explained at that very moment downstairs in the living room. Jack and Doris had maneuvered themselves through several conversational sub-groups and were now sitting across from Emma. Jack was holding Doris’ hand. She suddenly looked nervous and was trembling slightly. Emma was confused escort kadıköy when Doris whispered to her husband loud enough for Emma to hear, “You start. I don’t know how.”

Jack took a deep breath, held it a moment as Emma’s eyes flitted from Jack to Doris and back again. Jack leaned forward and took Emma’s hand in his. Now Emma was really confused. Jack started, “Emma. First of all Doris and I want you to know we think the world of you and Alexis. We hope that what we have to say won’t change what you think of Hunter or us.”

Emma interrupted and said, “Nothing could change my opinion of Hunter. I love him like he was my own son. What is it you need to say?”

Doris nodded at Jack but she wouldn’t look at Emma. Jack continued, “I’ll just jump into it and we can go from there. Thia told us about your group sexual activities at Thanksgiving. She told us every detail about her and Hunter and Alexis and how the rest of you participated. She explained that Hunter’s pool cleaning clients became lovers and after knowing you and Alexis and seeing Olivia and Sophia today, he certainly has impeccable taste in women.” He glanced over at Olivia, who was chatting with Dee and Jarrod. He kept his voice low and Emma had to lean forward to make sure she heard everything he had to say.

Emma had no clue where this was going but she was already bracing herself for a confrontation. Tears came to her eyes as she contemplated what would come next. She was wringing her hands in her lap. Jack could see that Emma was getting anxious and he said, “Emma, I can see that you’re getting upset. We’re not here to chastise you or anyone else. God help us, but after the initial shock of the information from Thia was processed, we both find the thought of Hunter and Alexis and you and the others all engaged in various forms of sex very erotic.” Emma could have been knocked over with a feather. She looked from Jack to Doris and back and forth. Doris finally made eye contact with Emma and spoke for the first time.

She said, “Back in the days before Thia and Hunter were born we participated in swinging groups. We were mostly all friends but there were some strangers too from time to time. We got together in a rotating group of friend’s homes. We loved having sex with others but we reserved our love for each other and it worked out well. I can’t say the same for most of our friends. When I got pregnant with Thia, it was a complete surprise. We fretted over who the father was. I had been taking BC pills like everyone else but I guess we fell into the two percent. Our friends weren’t really into sex with a pregnant woman and it was gently suggested that maybe we shouldn’t come any more.

After Thia was born, we had DNA tests done and were thrilled to find out that Jack was the father. We thought about picking up where we left off but our so-called friends had moved on or broke up and we no longer considered them to be friends anyway. We searched for other groups and even joined orgies a couple times but the participants were either much younger or much older. I didn’t care for the coarseness of the guys and Jack wasn’t turned on by the skanky women either. Forgive my language, but these groups weren’t engaged in sex anymore. There was not emotional connection or even the caring of friends. They were just fucking; if you know what I mean.”

Emma was enthralled by Jack and Doris’ story and neither she nor Jack and Doris had realized that everyone else in the room was listening to their story too. When she noticed, Doris buried her face in her hands as she turned red with embarrassment. Emma leaned forward and put her hand on Doris’ knee and said, “There’s no need to be embarrassed in front of this crowd. No one here can throw any stones.” Emma looked around the room to nods from everyone. Emma asked, “Have you told this story to Thia and Hunter?”

Jack said, “No. We’ve never said anything about our history and I’m sure they will be shocked to hear it now.”

Emma said, “Why are you telling us this story now?”

Jack started to answer but went quiet and Doris took over for him and dropped the bombshell. “Because we would love to join your group,” she gave a tentative smile and looked at the other’s listening in.

Emma thought a moment and asked the sixty-four thousand dollar question, “What about the fact that your son and daughter are members of this group? Are you prepared to have sex with your adult children?” Emma knew she was being blunt but it had to be said.

Doris answered, “When Thia told us that she’d had sex with Hunter, I know we should have been outraged but we weren’t. They’re adults and we have no say. Besides, when Jack and I discussed all this after Thia’s revelation we were extraordinarily turned on by it.”

Emma said, “Well, this is an unanticipated twist. I think you two should go have this conversation with Hunter and Thia. I’ll discuss it with my friends and family. Unless I miss my guess, Thia and Hunter and maltepe escort Alexis are upstairs right now.”

Just then Alexis walked into the living room. Emma excused herself from Jack and Doris and towed Alexis into the dining room and related the gist of the story and Hunter’s parents request to join their ‘sexual family’. Alexis was freaking out and related to Emma that Thia had confessed that she had told her parents about them having sex and about all of us having sex. Emma just nodded.

Jack and Doris stood up and went to the stairway. Alexis saw them and tried to pull away from Emma to go warn Hunter and Thia. Emma held her back and said, “Alexis, Honey. They need to work this out between them. Then we’ll see if we want to include them in our group.” Emma led Alexis back into the living room where the rest joined in the discussion about this turn of events.


When Alexis dressed and left the room, Thia was quiet as she lazily dragged her finger nails along my cock. She was delighted to see it growing back to full size. I was on my back against the headboard and Thia’s head laid across my stomach with her lips randomly kissing my glans. Her right tit was resting on my upper thigh. I ran my fingers through her hair as she stretched her lips over my knob and slowly pushed down my shaft. I let out a loud groan as she descended. Her right hand cradled my balls and moved them around with her fingers.

There was soft knock on the door and then the door opened. I assumed it was Alexis and I didn’t even open my eyes. Thia’s eyes were closed too as she luxuriated on sucking my cock. I felt a weight on the edge of the bed and still assumed it was Alexis. Then I felt another weight settle on the edge of the bed and I wondered who else had accompanied Alexis. My immediate thought it was Dee. With eyes still shut I said,”Hey babe, did you bring reinforcements? No need. Thia’s doing fine.”

Doris spoke up. “I can see that.” Thia and I jumped a foot and Thia struggled to get her lips off my cock. I was trying to cover myself with my hands and Thia did the first thing that came to her startled mind; cover her tits with her right arm and her naked pussy with her left hand. Thia had the most horrified look on her face. As bizarre as it sounds, the Southwest Airline commercial flashed through my mind, “Want to get away? Now there’s an idea for their next commercial.”

Doris grinned at Jack and said, “Look at that Honey, Hunter’s cock is bigger than yours.”

Jack grinned and said, “I see that. Thank you for pointing that out.” The four of us just stared at each other. I finally was able to speak and said, “Mom, Dad. Why are you here? This is very awkward.”

Mom grinned at me and said, “I guess we have some explaining to do,” and she told her adult children the story that they had related to Emma and finished it up with their request to join their sexual family to use Emma’s words.

Jack concluded the story with,”We need your approval. The others are discussing it now. If either of you or they say no; then we will go back to our lives. Either way we want you to know how desperately we love you both.” No one knew what to do or say next. Thia made the first move when she wrapped her fingers around my less than erect cock and started jerking on it as she watched her mother and father watch her every move.

Mom’s face was flushed and her breathing had gone ragged as she ran her fingers under the hem of her dress. My dad saw her move and so did Thia. Thia looked at her dad. I could feel Thia’s heart pounding furiously in her chest. She removed her hand from her pussy and slightly parted her thighs and noticed the bulge in her dad’s pants.

My mind was in free fall. I thought, ‘Holy shit. This is going to happen. I loved Alexis’ and her mother’s relationship but I never in my wildest thoughts imagined this could possibly happen. My mom is an attractive women but I had never looked at her that way. I was sure that they were sexually active if I thought about it. I just never thought about it.

Thia dipped her head back down and stretched her lips over my cock again. She never took her eyes off her parents. I groaned hard and tipped my head back against the headboard. She slowly pushed her lips down my shaft and gagged near the bottom.

Mom watched my cock disappear into Thia’s mouth. She said, “Can you deep throat his fatty?” She shook her head and tried to take a little more of me. She gagged again and pulled off. A huge glob of saliva followed her mouth off the glans. Mom looked at me and said, “Do you mind if I try? Your cock is longer than your fathers but the girth is about the same. I can take all of him so it will be close. From what I just saw, I would bet that Thia can take all of her dad’s cock.”

Mom got off the bed and stripped off her clothes. Dad watched her as she motioned for him to do the same. He hesitated but then stood and unbuckled and unzipped his pants. He wore boxer shorts and his fatty pushed out the hole. Mom was pulling down her panties and then unfastened her bra. I had no idea that she had a body that nice. She was getting the middle-aged spread at the waist and hips but her legs were fantastic. Her tits sagged a little but I liked hefting large fun-bags.

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