Temmuz 17, 2024

Helen’s Weekend

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Helen is sitting in her favorite place, the window seat, looking out at the street and the people walking by. She sips tea and thinks. A look of liberation moves over her face as she comes to a decision. A smile breaks out and she calmly finishes her tea.

Helen dials the phone, now nervous again, but determined to push through. Brian picks up on ring 3 just as Helen is about to hang up. “Hello.”

Helen, with a slight stutter: “Hhello, Brian.”

“Hey Helen, how are you? It’s good to hear your voice.”

“Brian, I I I am ready.”

“Oh I see. Let me think about this….mmm ok….how about if I book a bed and breakfast up in the mountains for this weekend?

” Ok.” Helen is suddenly terrified but at the same time her heart sings with delight.

“Helen, I am glad you called. This will be great. I will make sure it is right for you. Now let’s talk about something different for a bit. How has your day been?

“It’s been ok, though I have spent most of it thinking about this. I am nervous and excited.”

“Of course you are Helen. This is a once in a life time experience and its not everyday that you call up a man and say: I’m ready. What else is going on? Work good? How is Mandy doing?”

“Oh yeah everything is going fine. Brian I can’t wait to be with you.”

“It will be delicious to be with you. Tell you what — let me call some places and you go out with Mandy and get a new dress, some nice comfortable, sexy underwear and some fun new bracelets or whatever.”

“Ok, talk to you soon.”

“Helen, thanks for calling. That is a brave thing to do.”


Brian pulls up to Helen’s house and before he can even get half up the walk, Helen is out the door and busy locking it. She is stunning, happy and radiant. Summer was invented for her to wear that dress. Brian’s eyes roam over her — hair falling lightly to her shoulders, eyes sparkling with anticipation, the line of her dress accentuating her delightful perky breasts, slim waist, full womanly hips, shapely legs and painted toes in sandals. Brian takes her backpack for her. “I see you did not bring much. That’s good because I don’t know about you, but I don’t plan on leaving bed much.” He says with a laugh. “No I hope not.” Helen replies quietly. She can hardly believe all this happening but knows it is a good thing.

On the drive they chat about friends, work, gardening, trips to the beach—laugh and have a great time. Before they know it they have arrived at a small B&B slightly outside of town high in the Sierras. The inn keeper escorts them to the Honeymoon Suite, which is actually a cute cabin up in the woods a bit with its own private hot tub and stunning view of the surrounding mountains. ataşehir escort bayan The inn keeper gives Brian the keys. “I am sure you will have all the privacy you need. The champagne is chilling in the room. Please do not hesitate to ask for anything you need.”

They step into the cabin. Its modern yet rustic. Along one wall is a steep set of stairs to the loft. On the back wall is a large fireplace surrounded by a cozy sectional couch. Along the wall opposite from the stairs is a kitchenette stocked with everything one would need for simple meals and snacks.

“Helen, Home Sweet Home for the next 2 days!”

“Yes this is soo nice. Thank you! Brian.”

Brian puts down their bags and checks out the door near the kitchen. “Ah here is the hot tub. Oh and that must be the bathroom.” They both go out to look. The bathroom is almost the size of the cabin. It has a steam shower, sauna, his and her sinks. “This is delightful isn’t it? Helen, now I want to check out the loft.”

“Let’s” she replies with a giggle.

They climb the steep stairs and there they find a simple king size bed, a night stand on each side, champagne in an ice bucket, two glasses, and on the bed a rose and a box of chocolate.

“Helen, let’s get comfortable and enjoy that champagne and chocolate, ok?”

Her heart skips a beat as she realizes how soon it will all be happening. Her whole body smiles.

Brian pops open the champagne and pours each a glass. He steps close to Helen as he hands her her glass. “To you, beautiful sweet Helen. And goodbye to your virgin girlhood. Soon you will be a woman and I am so happy to be your man.” No words come to Helen. She just smiles as she sips her champagne. “May I undress you, my Helen?”

Helen manages to whisper, “Yes”

Brian steps very close, takes her champagne and places it on the night stand next to his. He traces a line down her beautiful neck and along her shoulder to the strap of her dress. His lips are near hers, but not touching. “I want to see all of you before I kiss you. Is that ok?” “Yyess”.

Brian slips the one strap off her shoulder, then the other—easing the dress down off her yummy body. Her breasts are soft mounds lifting slightly up from her chest—delicious in their delicateness. The tight pink nipples punctuate each breast perfectly with a ‘!’ that draws his eyes. He squats down and lifts a foot and slips off one sandal, then the next. As he stands he lingers slightly at her womanhood, noting how the cotton panties follow and highlight each curve. He stands so close yet not touching. His eyes are glued on her deep brown eyes, lost in them. His hands move to the hem of her panties on each hip and escort kadıköy he begins to slide them down. Once she is wonderfully naked he says: “Now sit there on the bed and enjoy your champagne while I undress.” Without a word she does as asked.

Brian slips off his sandals, unbuttons his jeans and slides them down and off. He is wearing dark blue micro-fiber boxer briefs. The silky material molds to the shape of his manhood. Helen sips from the glass as he pulls his T-shirt up over his head. Helen’s eyes are following intently as he slips the briefs down and off. His semi-hard cock immediately springs out. His balls hang low in the loose sac.

Brian then crawls onto the bed in front of Helen. He opens the box of chocolate and finds a delectable round truffle to feed her. As he feeds her: “Slide down on the bed and let me kiss you.” She slides down between his legs. Her eyes note his now fully hard cock pointing down toward her. “Brian its so big. I don’t know.” “Helen dear, I have been with many women, none have found it too big. I will go slow, I promise.” As his lips touch hers he eases his body down on her. The heat of his cock folded up on her belly explodes through her. She sighs and opens her mouth to his. Her hands wrap around his broad shoulders. They kiss and kiss and kiss. Their tongues twirling around, teeth clicking, passion building. After minutes maybe hours of kissing, time is meaningless now, Brian unlocks his lips from hers to kiss below her ear, her eyelids, the line of her chin. His lips move down her sexy neck, along her collarbone and down, around the slight rise of her breast. The butterfly kisses circle up between her breasts flitting seeking the nectar of her flower. His hips grind softy as his lips find the ripe berry of her nipple. All she feels is the flow of energy descending down from her nipple to her loveblossom. The heat of his tongue and the heat at the base of his cock against her mons opens her, melts her. Her legs open voluntarily but without her thought. She is unsure who or what is controlling her. Brian’s tongue flicks lightly around her nipple, then slow to explore each bump and crease around the areola. He moves to other so has not to leave it out. Helen’s hands move to his head as her head rolls back giving herself to him.

Brian begins to move down her belly, pausing at her belly button, but moving downward with mutual urgency. As he arrives at her Venus, Brian groans: “Girl you are enchanting.” He parts her lips slightly with the tip of his tongue licking her salty nectar. His tongue explores each petal, fold, and crevice of the outer reaches of her loveblossom. Helen whimpers with delight—playing with his hair, knees opening wide, maltepe escort drawing her feet up. Brian enters into her heat sinking in his tongue as deep as it can go. His tongue gently fucks her. Her juices flow freely over his face, her whimpers increase in volume, Brian’s tongue moves up to her clithood. He caresses it, rolling it back and forth. He plays, sucks, runs the tongue up and down, increasing his urgency as her whimpers turn into pleading shouts of Yes, Yes, Yes…..Now….. as the repeated waves of orgasm roll from the tip of her toes to deep inside her Venus to the tips of her nipples. Brian relishes in the spasms of her vulva as he licks and sucks her.

Before her orgasms completely wane, Brian slides up to kiss her deeply on the mouth. Helen has never tasted herself on another. Its salty spunkiness along with the heat of his cock head at her opening draws another orgasm forth. Brian then rises up onto his knees between her wide spread legs. His hard cock pointing straight at it target. “I want you to guide me in.” “Hmmm….ok.” Helen’s hand moves immediately to him. She can hardly belief herself. She has never wanted something as much, never felt so secure and confident. Helen pulls him close, smiling up at his face. She runs the head up and down her swollen, glistening, pink lips. “Enter me. I am READY.”

Their genitals merge in one fluid motion. Both cry out YES. Helen is not sure if Brian has entered her or if she has entered him. In the full deepness there is momentary stillness. Their lips find the others, hungry with desire, needing the other, wanting the other, being the other. One begins to draw out, the shaft passes up and almost out. The loveblossom’s petals kissing the firm delicate head. They descend into each other again. Rising and falling, entering and retreating, the rhythm that knows no end, no beginning no time moves between them. Each has no idea where the other begins or ends. They are hopelessly lost in the moment. As their mouths open to the other kissing gasping groaning, the rhythm at their base builds. The strokes are full and long, the heat and hardness inescapably intense. Deep in each’s sacral chakra the orgasm begins to build in increasing ripples up and down the body. Now the rhythm knows no bounds just a frenzy of intense energy. They each hear shouts and gasps of need and joy but are not sure if they are coming from the other or themselves.

JOY and ECSTASY flow out, in and between the two. He pulses hot cum deep into her. She explodes in waves of delicious warmness rolling throughout her. As the spasms end they collapse into each other. As her self returns to her, she feels the cozy weight of Brian on her body. They lay still relishing the subsiding waves as their breathing returns to normal. The puddle of wetness fills between them as his cock shrinks and withdrawals. It finally slips out and Brian moves to her side to kiss and play with her hair. A sleepy warm feeling descends upon them and soon they are each asleep.

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