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Poor Annie Ch. 01

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I should have had enough sense to say no. Not that I had even the remotest thought that what happened would happen, but because I had l had gotten used to living alone. I had gotten kind of set in my ways after my wife left me. I lived alone and I liked living alone, but when my son came up to me and said, “Please dad” what could I say? His National Guard unit had just received orders sending them to Iraq.

“Annie can’t afford to keep the apartment on my allotment check and what she makes at her job. You have three bedrooms and two aren’t being used for anything but storage. It is only supposed to be for six months dad and I know you can tough it out for that long. Please dad?”

So Dave went off to the desert and Annie moved in with me.

Our very first day alone together started out bad. I’d gone out drinking the night before with some friends and when I woke up in the morning I rolled out of bed and headed for the bathroom. I sleep naked and I was used to running around the house naked and that is the state I was in when I walked into the bathroom and found an equally naked Annie at the sink brushing her teeth. I’d always known that Annie filled out her clothes nice, but I hadn’t realized just how spectacular she was until I saw her nude. In the second or so it took me to realize the situation, say “Oops” and back out of the room I saw Annie’s eyes drop and I glanced down and saw that I was very, very erect.

That sort of set the pattern for the next few weeks. Neither of us was used to having to cover up or close doors when we were at home and as a result Annie and I saw quite a bit of each other until we got in the habit of closing doors and wearing clothes when the other was around. I don’t know about Annie, but I spent a lot of time beating my meat.

Annie worked as a secretary, a nine to five job, and she usually beat me home most nights and we settled into an ordered existence. If she got home first she would fix dinner and I would do clean up. If I got home first, which I rarely did, then I would cook and she would clean. After dinner she would watch TV or read while I went down into my basement workshop and worked on projects or got together with my friends to drink and play cards. About two months after Dave shipped out Annie started stopping after work with some of the people that she worked with. First it was one night a week and she would be home by ten and then it was two nights a week and she wouldn’t get in until midnight. Next it was a couple of times a week and every Friday and she didn’t get home until two or three in the morning.

I had my suspicions of course, but it really wasn’t any of my business. Dave had always been a bit of a wild one before he and Annie married and for all I knew they had an arrangement. The nights she came in late and I happened to be up she would give me a little guilty look and then head on up to bed. I’d watch her climb the steps to her room, remember what her ass looked like when I had caught her in the bathroom and wished that it could have been me that she had just been with. But she was family so all I could do was curse my wife for running off and leaving me alone to face the problem.

Like I said, I had my suspicions, but I never knew for sure until the night of Brad’s birthday. Several of us went out drinking with him to celebrate and he wanted to go to a bar on the other side of town. The girl he was dating worked there and he planned on going home with her that night. We hit two other places first and didn’t get to Mike’s Bar and Grill until a little after ten. As we pulled into the parking lot our headlights swept past a car in which two naked legs were up in the air and kicking. Steve said, “Looks like someone is getting some. Want to sneak up and watch?”

“Hell no, let them have their fun” Brad said and we got out of the car and headed for the side door of the bar. Just as we got to it we heard a car door slam and a woman laugh and I turned to see two people get out of the car that had the kicking legs in it and I saw that the woman was Annie.

We were already inside and seated when Annie and the guy came in. They went to a table where five other people were sitting and ataşehir escort bayan for the next three hours I watched as Annie drank, danced, laughed and talked with the people at her table. There were four guys at the table and Annie danced with every one of them and every one of them felt her up and kissed her while they had her out on the floor. Half an hour before last call one of the guys took her by the hand, pulled her up out of her chair and started leading her to the parking lot and it wasn’t the same guy she had been out there with earlier. She was following alone behind him and laughing and as she went by our table Steve laughed and said, “I wonder if she’ll do me next?”

It was just loud enough that Annie heard him and she looked our way. Even in that dark bar I saw Annie’s face pale as she saw me. She tried to stop, but the guy had a full head of steam up and he pulled Annie along behind him. Steve laughed again; “Did you see that? She heard me and she tried to stop him so she could come over and tell me I could be next, but the asshole didn’t want to share.”

Everybody at the table laughed and Ralph said, “Shit Steve, if she’d do you she’d do all of us. When she comes back in go ask her if she would like to pull a train.”

“Maybe I’ll do just that” Steve said.

Last call came and we ordered one last round. The people who were sitting at Annie’s table started leaving and when she and the guy came back in from the parking lot the table was empty. The guy picked up a drink and finished it off and then left leaving Annie alone at the table. She picked up her coat and purse and, being very careful not to look my way she headed for the parking lot. Steve watched her go and then he jumped up from his chair and started after her. A couple of minutes later he was back. Ralph greeted him with, “What’s the deal slick? You already got her on a back seat waiting for us?”

“Sorry guys, I couldn’t even get me in the saddle. For a broad who did backseat time with two different guys in less than three hours she was a cold one. All she said was, “Did he put you up to this?” I told her that I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about and she said, “The hell you don’t” and she got in her car and drove off.”

We finished our drinks and left the bar. Annie’s car was in the driveway when I got home, but she was in her room and I didn’t see her.

The next day was Saturday and I slept in. I finally got up around nine and went down to the kitchen and found that Annie already had a pot of coffee on and was sitting at the table reading the morning paper. I got a cup, sat down opposite Annie and asked for the sports section and she wordlessly passed it to me. We sipped our coffee and read in silence for about five minutes before she put her paper down and looked at me for a moment.

“Why did you send that man after me last night?”

“I didn’t. Steve has a perpetual hard on and he figured that since you did at least two guys in the parking lot last night that he might have a shot.”

“Two times?”

“You were in the parking lot doing one of them when we pulled onto the lot.”

“Oh. You going to tell Dave?”

“I didn’t sign on to be your keeper. Dave didn’t put you in a chastity belt and tell me to stand guard. All I agreed to do was give you a place to stay until he gets home.”

She was silent for almost a minute and then she said, “I love Dave, I really and truly do and I meant to stay faithful until he got home, but I didn’t know how hard it was going to be. To go from six or seven times a week to nothing almost overnight…..I tried dad, I really, really tried.”

I just looked at her and shrugged.

She stood up, “I need to take a shower” and as she walked away my eyes watched her tight ass swing back and forth and the fact that she was family slipped just a little farther back into the recesses of my mind.

Annie stayed in for the next two days. The third night was Friday and Annie wasn’t home when I got there so I guessed she was in some bar with her friends from work. I showered and left to meet my buddies to drink some beer and shoot some pool. I got home at two and hadn’t been escort kadıköy there five minutes when Annie came in. She was a mess. Her dress was torn and her lower lip was bleeding.

“What happened to you?”

“I got stupid.”

“Would you care to explain that?”

“I picked the wrong guy. He had a friend and his friend had friends and I said no and they said yes and I struggled against them and I lost.”

“People you work with?”

“No, just a guy in a bar.”

“You want to call the police?”

“Good God no. It would become public and Dave might find out. I’ll just have to treat it as a lesson learned.”

“You intend to keep on doing it?”

“It is either that or a broom handle. I’ve got to go soak in the tub. Goodnight dad.”

The following week Annie came straight home from work every night and I wondered if her experience might just have mad her rethink her “either that or a broom handle” philosophy. The answer I got on Friday was ‘apparently not.’ I got home from work and as soon as I came in the house I heard the shower running. I headed up the stairs planning on being the next one to take a shower. Either Annie hadn’t expected me home so early or she was getting careless again much as we both were back in the beginning because she had left the bathroom door open.

She stepped out of the shower just as I hit the top of the stairs. She grabbed a towel and began to dry her hair and her firm, full breasts shook from side to side and I felt a stirring in my loins. I just stood there and took in that young, firm body as my cock began to grow. Her pussy was bald – the first one I’d ever seen completely shaven – and I wondered what it would be like to fuck it or eat it.

“Easy guy” I told myself, “She’s your son’s wife,” and myself laughed at me and said, “Bullshit! She’s giving it away all over the place and you know you want some.” I shook it off and went to my bedroom to get undressed and lay out the clothes that I was going to wear when I went out.

I was in the bathroom getting a fresh towel out of the linen closet when Annie walked in on me. She was wearing black lace panties with a matching bra, thigh high nylons and high heels. Startled at seeing me she said, “Oh, I didn’t know you were home.”

As soon as I saw her my cock sprang up and we stood there looking at each other. I saw her glance down at my hard on and for just a second it looked like she was going to say something, but then she turned and left. I watched her magnificent ass as it swayed with every step she took and then I looked down at my throbbing cock and said, “Fuck this shit! Enough is enough.”

I put the clean towel back on the shelf, turned and went down the hall to Annie’s bedroom door. I opened it and saw she was taking a dress off a hanger. Annie looked up at me and said, “You want something?”

“You could say that” I said as I walked over to her, took the dress from her and hung it back in the closet. “You won’t be needing that tonight.”

“What are you doing?”

“Protecting Dave’s interest in you. I’m going to see to it that what happened to you last Friday doesn’t happen again.”

As I stepped to her and took her in my arms she said, “No, we ca…” and whatever else she was going to say was lost when I covered her mouth with mine. She tried to push me away but I held on to her. I pushed my tongue in her mouth and she responded by beating on my chest with her tiny fists. With my hard cock pushing against her belly I walked Annie backward towards the bed. I took my mouth off of hers and she said, “Stop this, please stop. This isn’t right. You know we can’t do this.”

“Yes we can. And even if this isn’t right, neither is what you are doing when you go out.”

I pushed her back on the bed and then I swung over her to sit astride her stomach. I reached down and unhooked her bra and when her large breasts were freed of confinement I started tweaking her nipples and rolling them between my fingers with one hand while with the other I reached behind me and slid it into her panties. My fingers were probing her pussy and she was moaning, “No, no, oh please please no.” I got two fingers in maltepe escort her pussy and as I started to work them the moans changed to, “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh yes, oh god yes.”

I swung over to the side and lowered my mouth to her right breast while using a hand to push her panties down. When I reached her ankles she moved her legs and kicked them off and then spread her legs wide. I kissed my way from her breast down to her pussy and then I slid both hands under her hips and pulled them up as I buried my face in her cunt. I found her clit with my tongue and went to work on it and Annie cried out, “Oh yes, oh yes, like that, oh god, just like that.”

I wasn’t in a sixty-nine position – both of my legs were to the left of Annie’s head – but her hand reached over and took hold of my cock and started stroking it. I kept the pressure on her love button and she started pushing her hips up at my mouth hard and she started crying, “OH, OH, OH, OH, OOOOOOOOH GOD” and she pushed her pussy hard at my face and held it there as her body gave several little shakes and then, suddenly her body just relaxed and fell back on the bed.

I spun around and moved between her legs and then lifted them up on my shoulders. Lining myself up with her cunt I started easing myself into her. Annie’s hands moved to my ass and she pulled me to her and gave a long, “OOOOOOH.” I started stroking into her tight pussy and her moans got louder and louder and her nails were biting into the skin of my ass and her legs came up and locked around me.

For the first time I was glad that my wife had run off with some guy she met at a bar. If she had stayed I never would have gotten to experience the beautiful, hot and tight young woman under me. I didn’t know what our relationship would be like when it was over, but if it were up to me I would be fucking her every day until Dave got home and maybe even after. I felt the build up in my balls and I both urgently wanted release and I wanted to never cum so I could stay hard in Annie’s hot, tight pussy forever.

Underneath me Annie was making sharp little cries and I told her I was getting ready to cum and she moaned, “Wait, wait, with me, with me, please wait, pleaseeeee” and she came and I spent myself into her. I rolled off her and for a long time the two of us lay there next to each other looking at the ceiling and not talking. Then Annie broke the silence.

“Why? Why did you do this? It isn’t right that you did this, you are my husbands father.”

“I did it for the three of us, for you, for Dave and for me.” “I don’t understand.”

“Remember the morning after the night I saw you at the bar? Remember how I said I didn’t sign on to be your keeper”

“Yes, I remember.”

“Then you came home after being gang fucked and you had a cut lip and bruises and I knew then that it didn’t matter what I had signed on for. If anything happened to you Dave was going to hold me responsible for not taking care of you. So, to make sure that Dave comes home to a reasonably safe and un-scarred wife, to keep him from getting pissed at me for not protecting you, and to keep you from having another bad night like the one you had last Friday I did what I did, Hopefully I did it well enough that you will want to stay home rather than go out.”

She was silent for a bit and then she said, “It’s too late for that.”


“Because I liked it when I was gang fucked. I didn’t like the fact that it wasn’t my choice and that they didn’t stop when I told them to, but I loved the way that I felt when they were done and I wanted to do it again. I was going to do it again tonight, but I doubt that the guys I set it up with are still waiting for me to show. They probably think that I got cold feet. So you see, it is too late for you to protect from having another night like the one I had. I want it, and I’m going to have it. As far as Dave coming home to a safe wife, well, that isn’t going to happen either. Dave is going to come home to an absolute slut. I love him dad, I really, really love him, but I doubt that will keep me from fucking other men after he gets home.

“But that is in the future. My current problem is in the here and now. I was expecting six men to ring my chimes tonight and you got in the way. So, you have your work cut out for you old man” she said as she reached for my cock and started stroking it.

“I just hope I don’t fuck you to death and have to try and explain that to Dave.”

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