Haziran 5, 2023

More Fun with Jamie

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**Everyone described below is over the age of 23**

After Jamie’s “rescue” and our fun evening, we made plans to hook-up again that Friday night, a few nights later. Work was slow and the days dragged. Jamie had texted me a few times the week to say hello and to see if I wanted to go out or stay in. I told him I didn’t mind either way, but was secretly hoping he wanted to stay in. I was rewarded by his offer to make me dinner, again at his place.

Friday finally arrived and after a busier than expected day, I was able to leave and run home to shave, shower and do some manscaping. Hey, it’s nice to be clean and smooth down there, right?

After my shower and mid-shave, I get a text from Jamie saying he’s on his way home. I tell him I’m showered and shaving and ask him what time he’d like me to be there. He tells me to give him an hour to get home, get cleaned up himself and get the meal on.

Me: What are we having?

Him: It’s a surprise! My speciality. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

Me: K. See u in a bit.

After I threw on some cologne, a nice shirt and jeans, I texted him to ask if I could bring anything. He said he was in need of a bottle of red wine, if I didn’t mind.

So, I went to the supermarket and grabbed a bottle of merlot and a malbec and rode over to his place. Once I got to his place, I headed up the walkway to the front of his complex, opened the door and buzzed his apartment. The loud buzz at the door granted me entry and I headed in and over to the elevator bank. As I got onto the elevator, I realized I was actually quite excited. Like my heart beating rapidly.

‘Damn, bud! Settle down,’ I thought to myself.

I knocked on his door and, a couple long seconds later, he opened the door and smiled big.

Jamie: HEEEY! Come on in. Dinner’s almost ready!

Me: (realizing I was smiling big, too) Thanks. I brought the requested wine. Hope you like.

I handed him the bag and he looked in, noticed my selections and smiled again, slightly more devilishly.

“It’s gonna be a good night.” He said.

I took off my shoes and coat, put my coat on a chair near the door. I turned to follow him and noticed that familiar nice little butt in a tight pair of jeans. He also had on a red polo and red socks. Stylish.

He asked me to open a bottle and we could get the party started. I gladly obliged, getting into the malbec first.

Getting into the kitchen, I smelled the unmistakable smell of marsala. Turns out his specialty was chicken marsala. Excellent!

I found a corkscrew and uncorked the bottle of malbec. A couple of cupboards later and found which one held wine glasses. I gave a nice couple glasses a generous pour.

After setting his glass next to his workspace in front of the stovetop, he turned off the burner and covered the pan. Jamie grabbed the glass and gave a little sniff.

“I love a good malbec,” he said.

“What should we drink to?” I asked.

“I’m gonna go with good food and fun nights in.” He replied.

We clinked glasses and took a sip.

“Mm! That’s really good.” He said as he turned to look at the bottle. “I’ll have to remember this one.”

“I could always have it ready for NEXT time.” I replied, presumptively.

“Yes, you could.” He said with a devilish smile.

He istanbul travesti grabbed a salad from his fridge and brought it over to a small kitchen table which was already set for two.

“Rice is in the rice cooker” he said as he took the lid off the pan.

“This really smells amazing” I said as I grabbed the pair of tongs off the counter and helped myself to some of the chicken.

“Thanks” he said as he used a large spoon to help himself to the rice.

I turned and realized how closely we were standing. He seemed to be lingering longer than necessary. Never one to squander an opportunity, I got close enough that I could smell the clean smell of the product in his hair. I then moved closer.

“Um, excuse me.” I practically whispered in his ear, allowing my lips to gently graze his ear.

“Oh, sorry. Am I in the way?” he replied as he pushed his little butt back so it touched my crotch.

He turned, smiling, while allowing his shoulder to brush against me as he turned to the pan on the stovetop.

The evening was getting steamy quickly.

After preparing our respective plates, we sat down at the table and started to eat. His meal did not disappoint. It really was good. More fun started after I complemented him. Feeling his foot rub on mine, I looked up at him and noticed he had what I could only describe as another of his devilish smiles.

“Starting early, aren’t we?” I asked while feeling his foot rubbing deliberately on mine.

“Yeah, kinda how I roll. Especially when I’ve got a hot date.”

“Oh, yeah. It’s on.” I replied.

The sexual tension was palpable as we attempted to make small talk. The under-the-table game was still going on and I could feel myself getting hard.

We got up from the table and started washing dishes and wrapping up the un-eaten food. There was plenty of “accidental” bumping into each other which turned into not so subtle contact.

“Excuse me while I just put this away.” I said, pushing myself roughly against his butt as I hung the pan on the hook above the stove.

“You’re killin’ me over here.” He said as he rinsed off some silverware.

Knowing I’d gotten him, I refilled our wine glasses with the last of the Malbec and went into his living room, sat on the couch and turned on his TV.

I had no sooner sat down and Jamie was standing in front of me. He took the remote and turned the TV back off. In a surprise move, he straddled me, tossed the remote toward the other side of the couch and pressed himself against me and leaned down for a kiss.

“I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for this.” He said to me in a husky voice.

I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him in for another wine-soaked kiss. Keeping him in a snug hug, I slid off the couch and onto the floor. Almost instinctively, he wrapped his legs around me. When we got to the floor, I interlocked our fingers together and pinned his hands to the floor, slightly behind his head. My cock had relaxed a bit after our kitchen fun subsided, but I now felt it straining against my underwear and jeans as I became re-aroused.

“You aren’t the only one who’s been looking forward to tonight.” I said with what must have been a devilish look. He seemed to return my devilish look and smile.

“You wanna have your way with me out here, istanbul travestileri or do you want to take this into my room?” He asked.

I quickly got up and gave him my hand to pull him up. Before he had a chance to turn and walk toward his bedroom, I grabbed him back in a hug and picked him up. Again he wrapped his legs around me, put his hands on the back of my neck and started kissing me hungrily. With as much quickness as I could, I made my way back to his bedroom. I bumped into one of the walls on the way back, causing him to laugh.

“How much wine have you had?!” He asked, trying to be sexy, but laughing.

“Just enough to make it an interesting trip to your bed.” I said, sheepishly.

We finished our short trip to his bedroom and I tossed him onto his bed. He looked at me perplexed, like he wasn’t expecting that. It quickly turned into a race to get our clothes off. His tight jeans were the first to go. As he had his legs up in the air while he shucked off his jeans, I saw a red thong with a black rubber circle underneath it.

“What’cha got goin’ on there?” I asked.

“I’ve been wanting you all day & was so horny, I had to pregame.” He said as he tossed his jeans on the floor and slipped out of his polo, throwing that on the floor, too.

I just stood there in my boxer briefs half off while I watched him scoot up on the bed, roll onto his stomach and slide his knees up, presenting his booty to me.

“Come on, daddy. I need to feel you inside me again.” He said with some SERIOUS “fuck me” eyes.

My cock was so hard at this point, it actually ached.

I climbed into bed and got behind him, sliding my fingers under the base of the toy he had inside him.

“Pull it out slowly, daddy.” He said, in a low voice.

I pulled with a small amount of pressure, waiting for his little butt to let me pull it out. A second later, I felt it release and I pulled out what looked like a stout little 3″-4″ plug.

He then reached under his pillow and pulled out some lube and a condom.

Without delay, I ripped open the package, positioned the rubber on the head of my cock and slid it down. Next, I took the little black tube of gel lube and rubbed it on my cock and on the outside of his opening.

“Get inside me, daddy. I want you inside me.” He said.

I took my left leg and braced it against him as I positioned my cock at his opening with my other hand on his waist. I gave a little push and slipped in almost effortlessly. I must have gasped louder than I thought, because I heard his voice.

“Does it feel good, daddy?” He said turning around and making eye contact.

“You have no idea.” I said as almost instantly my hips reached his butt.

“Worth the wait?” He asked.

I pulled almost all the way out, then kegeled as I slid back in and buried my cock as deeply as I could, moving him a bit forward and eliciting a moan from him.

“So worth the wait. ” I said back to him.

“You want daddy to fuck you?” I asked, playing his game.

Apparently, I struck a chord.

“Please fuck me, daddy! Fuck me with your fucking cock!” He replied, almost pleading with me.

He was pulling out all the stops and I had to re-direct or it was going to be a really quick night.

I pulled out and had him get on his back. travesti istanbul I grabbed a pillow and had him lift his butt off the bed so I could slide it under him.

With a much better angle, I pulled his thong to the side again and slid my cock inside him and started hunting for his p-spot with my cock.

“There it is, right there.” He said as I apparently found it quickly.

Having achieved a comfortable position I started rhythmically pumping inside his tight little butt.

“You like that? You like daddy’s cock fucking your little ass?” I asked.

“You’re fucking me so good, daddy!” came his throaty reply.

I kept up my rhythm, watching the look of euphoria on his face. My hips meeting his butt, his semi-erect cock flopping. Before too long he gasped and grabbed his cock and started stroking it.

“Don’t stop, daddy! I’m about to fucking cum!” he said excitedly.

I pumped into him a bit faster and harder.

My efforts were quickly rewarded with the feel of him pulsating while he shot a small rope onto his stomach.

“That felt so fucking good!” He exclaimed

“Looked pretty good too.” I replied.

He took his small offering and tasted a bit before rubbing the rest into his skin.

“I wanted to ride you for a little bit, but you already made me cum. Will you get me from the back again?” He asked.

“Gladly.” I said. “Flip over and show me that little booty again.” I said to him.

He did as I asked, head down with his little booty up at me.

“This little booty?” He asked, giving it a little shake for me.

“That’s the one.” I said as I resumed my position behind him.

Before I got inside him again, I noticed he was in need of some more lube.

“You better give me some more lube or you’re gonne be sore tomorrow.”

He reached up under the other pillow and handed me the lube again.

He took this opportunity to slide off his thong that had become a bit wet with lube.

I applied more lube to his butt and to my condom-covered cock and pushed inside him again.

“I’m already a bit sore, might as well go for broke.” He said, egging me on.

“I was hoping you’d say that” I said as I grabbed him around the waist with both hands.

By then, I’d been fighting the urge to cum for what felt like forever. I started going faster, harder. Pounding into him, my hips making that slapping sound each time they made contact with his butt.

His head was still down on the mattress with his eyes shut tight, but he was cheering me on.

“You’re fucking the shit out of me daddy! Fuck my little ass! Make me your bitch!”

That was about all I could take!

“I’m gonna cum!” I said breathlessly.

“Seed my ass, daddy!” He practically shouted.

I exploded in what must have been rope after rope inside his condom-protected little butt.

Having shot my load, I collapsed next to him.

Looking over at him, smiling he was still laying there with his butt up in the air. He finally slid his legs down and layed on his side, shit eating grin on his face.

“THAT was freaking awesome!” He said.

“I aim to please.” I replied, still trying to get my breath.

He looked down at my shrinking cock and pulled off the cum-filled condom.

“Wow. Nice load!” He said, showing me.

Looking at the condom, it did look like I had made a substantial donation.

He went and disposed of the condom and brought me a warm washcloth.

After a bit of cleanup and what I could only describe as pillow talk, we fell asleep and didn’t wake up until morning.

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