Mayıs 28, 2023

Closing The Deal

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While studying at University I held a few part time jobs during the semester, though summer holidays were the main opportunity to earn and cover course fees.

With my final year starting after the summer break, I took to the local job sites where short term contracts perfect for the summer, were often listed.

One short term sales job looked like a good fit.

With a reasonable salary and an attractive commission structure, I emailed through my resume and continued to browse other positions.

The following morning there was a reply regarding my application.

I was invited to meet the company boss and discuss the role, the next day at 4pm.

I confirmed my attendance and set about preparing for the interview.

The next day passed quickly, and mid afternoon I found myself arriving at the office address about fifteen minutes early.

The building was an ordinary looking office building just on the outskirts of the central city.

Making my way to the fifth floor, I found the office and buzzed the entry intercom.

A few moments later a loud click, indicated the door was unlocked and I made my way inside, where I was greeted by a small reception desk, before several rooms spread out down the hallway.

A tall well built gentleman arrived, introducing himself and Matt, the company boss.

After brief introductions Matt asked me to follow him to his office, highlighting most staff were out for the day, so we could conduct the interview without distractions.

Matt asked me to sit on the sofa while he sat in a lounge chair, a coffee table separating us, in one corner of his large office suite.

The interview started well, and continued in similar fashion.

As the basic salary plus commission were very attractive, I was hoping I would be able to sign on that afternoon.

Matt informed me that he was impressed with both my resume and the way I presented during the interview and the job was mine, however he did need to caution me regarding why the previous staff member had resigned.

I was pleased to have the job, and readily agreed to hear what was the issue for the previous staff member.

Matt took a moment to catch his thoughts, and then started telling me of the main incident.

A VIP client had taken a liking to the staff member handling the account.

The gentleman had found the young male staff, agreeable istanbul travesti and had tried to have his lust satisfied by the member of staff, who had quit on the spot.

Leaving Matt short handed and also having to discreetly keep the client onside, as the account was too large to lose.

Matt looked directly at me, waiting to see how I reacted.

I kept quiet, processing the information and waited for Matt to speak.

Soon enough Matt asked me what I would do in that situation.

I replied saying that I wouldn’t know until I was in that type of situation, how I would respond.

I was hoping that my answer was enough to let the matter rest, though clearly Matt had other ideas.

Suggesting we role play a scenario where a client may behave inappropriately, I reluctantly agreed and we went through the process of finalising the contract details, according to company procedure.

Just then Matt stood up, walked over and said that if I wanted his signature on the contract, I would need to do him a favour.

Smiling at him, I asked what the favour was, and without missing a beat he undid his jeans and removed his semi hard eight inch cut cock.

I kept eye contact with him as I passed him the pen and told him to sign, as I started to stroke his shaft gently with my hand.

Matt returned my smile as he leaned across the desk and signed the contract, while I opened my mouth and guided his bulbous cock head onto my tongue.

The smoothness of his cock head felt great as I started to wrap my tongue around his cock, working it slowly into my open mouth.

Feeling his shaft work it’s way inside my throat.

Matt let out a moan of appreciation as he placed his hands on top of my head, gently guiding me down on to his shaft, until the base of his cock was touching my nose, his big cock now stretching out my mouth and making me gag with delight.

We held this position for a few moments, my breathing returned to normal, before Matt started to slide his cock out of my mouth.

Then slowly he worked his shaft deep down my throat again.

I was loving the slow yet steady rhythm Matt had established and was giving his cock the attention it deserved, my tongue taking every opportunity to work its magic each time his cock head was close to my lips.

Matt increased his tempo, each stroke deep into my mouth being rewarded with istanbul travestileri a moan of satisfaction from Matt.

He was clearly building to a large orgasm and I was determined to make sure it was one he wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

Matt was becoming lost in the moment.

With his hands no longer guiding my head along his shaft, but supporting him as he leaned against the desk I took the opportunity to focus on his cock head, occasional deep movements down his shaft adding to the pressure building for his orgasm.

Taking a firm grip on the base of his shaft I looked up and making eye contact with Matt I briefly paused, his cock head barely out of my mouth, and I asked Matt to cum in my mouth.

This pushed him over the top.

He guided my mouth back to his cock head and within moments I could feel his body tense.

His cock head expanding momentarily before the first spurt of hot cum hit my waiting tongue.

More hot cum continued to shoot from his rigid cock and the musky cum flowed smoothly down my throat.

It’s silky texture helping it flow right down.

I continued working my tongue on Matt’s cock head while my hand firmly milked his shaft.

Taking every last drop of his cum before reluctantly removing my mouth off his beautiful cock.

Smiling at me, Matt let me know he hadn’t cum like that in a long time.

I thanked him for the compliment and teased him by telling him that my ass was ten times better than my mouth, and he should try it out some time.

The sly smirk and grin was enough to know Matt was already thinking about it.

The only question remaining would be when Matt would fuck me.

After my first day at the office, I would know the answer.

Having completed orientation and running through the office protocols, I received an email from Matt, asking me to stay back after my colleagues left.

I knew exactly what was on the agenda and simply replied with a smiley face.

After the last colleague left, I made my way to Matt’s office.

He asked me to lock the door behind me, and as I turned to lock the door, Matt came up behind me and started kissing my neck.

His strong hands searching my body and undoing my belt, pushing my jeans and boxer briefs down in one motion.

Matt continued working my neck with his mouth and tongue, occasionally pulling my mouth back travesti istanbul to kiss him, our tongues wrapped together with urgency.

Matt had worked my bare legs apart and as we continued to kiss, I felt a cool wet finger stroke my ass, before Matt inserted his lubed finger inside me.

The intense feeling of pleasure was welcome and I let Matt know how good it felt.

Not long after I heard the distinctive thud of Matt’s belt buckle hitting the floor, and soon after that, his hard cock pressing into my thigh, as he started kissing me once more.

Another lubed finger worked it’s way into my ass and before long I was pushing back hard on to Matt’s hand as his fingers worked more lube into me, and opened me up at the same time.

Matt asked me to lean forward, and resting my hands on the wall next to the door, I knew what was about to happen.

I stood there waiting, my naked ass exposed before Matt’s well lubed raw cock head started to apply pressure against my hole.

I relaxed my body as much as possible as Matt worked his cock head into me.

Slowly at first, waiting for my body to adjust to his presence, before he pushed deep past my resistance, his raw shaft fully inside me as he leaned in and whispered in my ear.

Telling me how good my ass felt, wrapped like a velvet glove around his strong cock.

I let out a sustained moan of pleasure, responding to Matt’s mouth and tongue, his words still filling my mind as his cock continued to fill my body.

Matt was now fucking my ass with a steady fast rhythm, and he let me know he was close to cumming.

I placed my left arm behind me, on Matt’s ass and pulled him into me, just as I pushed back hard on his cock.

Clearly letting Matt know I was ready for him to pump his load deep inside me.

The hard grip on my waist followed by the tensing of his body, and pulsating cock was followed by his hot cum hitting the inside of my ass.

I encouraged Matt to keep going, asking him to empty his balls nice and deep, and the loud grunt from Matt was enough to know that he was having a pleasurable orgasm.

We spent a few moments in silence.

Matt’s heavy breathing on my neck the only noticeable sound.

Slowly he started to pull his still hard cock from my ass, his cum rushing out and hitting the floor when he finally worked his cock head out of me.

I could feel more of his cum leaking from my ass, as I dressed, Matt still half naked and resting on the sofa.

I smiled at him and asked him how was my ass? which was returned with a giant smile, and a wink, as I made my way out the door, smiling to myself as a new chapter began.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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