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The Beach

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Big Dick

Will I go to hell for kissing my wife with lips that had just been wrapped around my best friend’s cock?

Crazy question, I know, but it’s the first thing that comes to mind as I open the door of the hotel room where my wife of 10 years might be waiting for me.

Because if I can still taste Rick’s semen in my mouth, wouldn’t she be able to do the same?

But let me back up and explain how I got to this point.

Jenny and I — my name is Tom — are at a resort in the Dominican Republic, on a trip we’ve been planning for months. We have a good marriage, but with work and kids we don’t often get a chance to have the great sex we enjoyed all the time when we were dating. This trip is intended to allow for lots of quality time in bed.

We haven’t come alone, though. We’re sharing a villa with Rick and his wife, Debbie, who we’ve been close to for years. They don’t have kids, but Rick has confided to me, and Debbie has confided to Jenny, that their sex life could use a little spark, too. So while we’re sharing the villa we’ve also agreed that both couples can take all the private time they need.

Not that we plan to spend all our time in bed. We’ve arranged to do some things as a group: windsurfing, snorkeling and so on.

And partying. None of us are big drinkers, but we do like to smoke dope when we get together, and Rick managed to score some excellent weed off the bell-boy who first showed us to our rooms.

Our first night here was huge fun; we had a big seafood dinner, drank some wine, laughed like idiots at each other’s jokes and stories, then shared a bowl of what turned out to be very potent weed on the terrace outside our villa. When the high had mellowed a bit Jenny and I went inside, where we had one fast and furious fuck that literally curled my toes, and then a second slow fuck so intense that Jenny actually cried from ecstasy.

We had made a point of not scheduling anything to do the next day so we could fall in and out of bed whenever the mood struck us. Jenny and I had a nice morning fuck and a long shower before ordering room service breakfast, then napped until about 1, when we joined Rick and Debbie on the beach. We sipped pina coladas and basked in the sun till about 4, when we smoked another bowl and headed inside for an afternoon fuck, which for Jenny and me turned into a two-fer. We had another great dinner and sat for a long time on the terrace, watching the sun go down and the moon come up, and when Jenny and I went to bed we were too relaxed and blissed-out to do anything but sleep.

The third day was a busy one; we went snorkeling in the morning and tried windsurfing in the afternoon. After another long dinner with much more wine that we usually drink, we went back to the terrace for our evening smoke.

I guess the dope and wine on top of the exercise was too much for Jenny, who stood up unsteadily and said she needed to crash. Debbie decided to call it a night, too, and after kissing us goodnight the girls wobbled into the villa and into their respective bedrooms.

Rick and I looked at each other.

“Damn,” he said. “It’s not even 9 o’clock.”

After a few minutes I went in to check on Jenny. She was just coming out of the bathroom, still a little woozy, but she had managed to brush her teeth and put on one of the oversize T-shirts she likes to sleep in. She clearly was too tired for sex, so I gave her a kiss and tucked her into bed.

When I came out of our room Rick was just closing the door across the breezeway that separated the two halves of the villa.

“Out like a light,” he said, cocking a thumb behind him.

“Jenny, too,” I said.

We moved back to the terrace and sat down in a couple of the soft chairs next to the gas fireplace. The air was warm, but I turned the switch and the flames came up just enough to give us a little light. Rick fired up another bowl.

“You guys having fun?” he asked.

“Sure, this has been great.”

He paused a beat, then said, “I meant are you having fun.”

“Oh,” I said. “You mean fun as in sex?”


“Why beat around the bush?” I teased him. “Can’t you just say what you mean?”

He laughed.

“Ok, then,” he said. “Are you and Jenny fucking a lot?”

“Yes,” i said, laughing myself now. “More in these last two days than in about three months before we came here. You?”

“Best sex we’ve had in years,” Rick said.

“Nice,” I said, slapping his hand.

He took a big hit from the pipe.

“I was really ready to go again tonight,” he said.

“So was I,” I said. “Maybe we shouldn’t have let the girls drink so much wine at dinner.”

“Maybe not,” he said.

We both stared into the darkness for a while. There was no moon yet, but the stars were so bright and plentiful that you could almost see shadows. Through the palms scattered around the villa, we could just make out the faint white line where gentle waves broke on the shore.

Rick turned to me.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Sure,” I said. “Anything.”

I should say here that Rick istanbul travesti and I have known each other since college, where we were roommates for a time. We had drifted away from each other in our mid-20s, but had reconnected in recent years and gotten closer still when it turned out our wives got along so well.

Like most men we didn’t talk much about our ‘feelings,’ but when we did neither of us held anything back. So I wasn’t taken aback when he matter-of-factly asked, “Does Jenny blow you?”

“Sometimes,” I said. “It’s not her favorite thing, but she’ll do it once in a while to please me.”

“Debbie hardly ever does it,” he said sadly. “I can’t remember the last time. It had to be at least a couple of years ago.”

“Do you go down on her?” I asked.

“Whenever she likes, which is fairly often,” Rick said. “I keep hoping she’ll reciprocate, but it doesn’t seem to happen.”

“Jenny used to suck me fairly often when we were dating,” I said, “but she wouldn’t let her come in her mouth. A couple of years ago things got away from me one night, and she got a big mouthful of cum. She spit it out right away, and hasn’t gone down on me since.”

“Damn,” Rick said.

He squirmed in his chair. In the dim light from the fire I noticed his hand moving in his crotch, as if he were adjusting a boner. I was getting hard myself, and of course I had to adjust, too. He noticed.

“You got a hardon, too?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said. “The dope and your questions aren’t helping.”

“Maybe a swim would cool us off,” he said.

“Good idea,” I said. “I’ll go grab my suit.”

“Dude, it’s dark and there’s no one around,” he said teasingly. “Let’s just go skinny-dipping.”

“Ha, ok,” I said. “But let’s take a couple of towels to sit on, anyway.”

I grabbed two towels off the stack we kept on the terrace and we headed down the path through the palms.

When we got to the beach the moon was just starting to rise, a sliver of silver just showing above the horizon. I spread out the two towels and we started to strip.

I was a little self-conscious, given that I was still half-hard from our discussion. But when Rick shucked off his shorts, it turned out that he was rock-hard.

I couldn’t help but look at his dick. I felt him looking at my cock, too, which had gotten slightly harder in the last few seconds.

Finally, after what seemed like a very long and awkward five seconds, Rick turned and strolled across the sand into the water.

I followed, my thoughts in a whirl. What was that about?

The water was warm, and we paddled and swam about, talking occasionally about nothing in particular. You could see lights here and there along the shore, but the beach itself was utterly deserted.

After about twenty minutes Rick waded ashore and headed for the spot where we’d left our clothes. I watched him in the thin moonlight, smiling at the white flash of his untanned butt. He had never been a muscular guy, but you could tell even in the dimness that he had kept himself fit.

I felt my dick, which had shrunk in the cool water, hardening up again.

What the fuck is happening with me?

I stayed in the water another minute, hoping my boner would recede again. But it didn’t go down much, so I waded ashore anyway, trusting that my semi wouldn’t be too obvious.

When I caught up with Rick he was sitting cross-legged on one of the towels. I picked up the other one, shook off the sand and dried myself off. I made no attempt to hide my dick, and I sensed that he was looking at it.

I spread out the towel and sat down. For a moment neither of us said anything.

Finally Rick cleared his throat and said, “Should we smoke another bowl? “

“Sure,” I said.

He fumbled for his shorts, reached into a pocket and pulled out a pipe, a small plastic bag and a lighter.

“Give me some light,” he said, handing me the lighter.

I flicked it on and held it so he could see what he was doing. Even in the flickering light it was impossible not to notice his cock standing straight up in his lap.

My hand must have been shaking, because the lighter went out. I had to flick it several times before we got the pipe lit. We passed it back and forth several times, then Rick put it aside. A long silence followed.

The air felt somehow charged.

I don’t know what RIck was thinking, but I was thinking about what happened one night a few weeks before we graduated from college.


We had been to a party at some classmate’s house, where we had met two women who seemed to be looking to get laid, just as we were. But after spending much of the party dancing and drinking with the two of us, they had gone off with two older guys who showed up just before the party ended.

Back in our own apartment, Rick had turned on the kitchen light, grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge and handed one to me. We sat on the couch, drinking in silence for several minutes.

“I’ve got such a hardon,” Rick had finally said, squirming uncomfortably istanbul travestileri in his jeans.

“Me, too,” I said. “It actually hurts, it’s so hard.”

After a pause Rick had said, “I really want to jack off.”

“I do, too,” I admitted.

There was a long pause.

“Let’s do it then,” he had said.

I hesitated only a moment before saying, “Okay.”

He stood up and started taking off his clothes, right there in our living room. In seconds he was naked, and a few seconds later I was naked, too. We stole glances at each other in the light of the lamp.

Rick was a little taller than me, about 5′ 10″, and slim without being skinny. His hair was reddish-blond, thinner on his legs and arms than mine. His pubes were sparse, but they framed a pretty impressive cock — a good 7 inches long, I guessed, and absolutely rock-hard.

“Dude, you got a big dick,” I said.

“Yours is nice, too,” he said, almost shyly.

I looked down at myself; my cock wasn’t as long as his but it was noticeably thicker, and just as hard as his. My pubes are dark and thick; I’m a pretty hairy guy.

After a long pause Rick flopped down at one end of the couch, took hold of his cock and started stroking. I dropped onto the other end and did the same.

I remember watching Rick’s hands moving furiously up and down his cock, and how much the sight turned me on.

Being young men with a bad case of blue balls, we didn’t take long to cum. I did first, shooting long ropes of semen all over my chest and spattering my chin.

“That was hot,” I heard Rick say.

I looked over. He had turned partly toward me, and apparently had been watching me for some time.

Seconds later he gave a grunt and an enormous wad of cum shot from the end of his cock and landed on the floor. He kept making little grunting noises as he kept wanking, milking himself dry.

Finally we lay back exhausted.

“Wow,” I said.

“Wow is right.”

We lay there naked for some time, talking at first about the two women but eventually moving to the topic of masturbating together, which we both admitted had been pretty hot. We ended up jacking together twice more that night, and four or five times over the next couple of weeks.

I’m not sure what was going through Rick’s head during those days, but despite my excitement I was increasingly conflicted about what we were doing.

Getting off together was thrilling, but it also made me uncomfortable. There was a much greater stigma attached in those days to being gay — not that it’s a picnic now — and I began to wonder about my sexuality.

It really hit me one night a couple of weeks after the party. In our previous sessions we had jacked off while sitting far apart on the couch, but one weekend afternoon we had decided to watch some porn on my phone, which meant we had to sit close together.

I still remember the thrill I got when the naked skin of our hips touched.

We had just started stroking ourselves when Rick reached over and put his hand on top of mine.

“Let me,” he said.

I moved my hand and he touched my dick. I thought I might jump out of my skin, it felt so good.

When I recovered my wits I reached over and put my hand on his cock, and we soon were wanking each other. Within minutes we both came, and it seemed like there was semen everywhere.

It was then that Rick surprised me by leaning in and kissing me.

Stunned, I pulled back.

“I don’t….I can’t….” I stammered.

Rick turned a deep red and said, “Sorry, man.”

He got up, wiped himself on a towel, put his clothes on and left the apartment. He was gone for a couple of hours, and when he came back he said only, “Let’s forget all this happened.”

“Should we talk about it?” I asked.


And we never did..

I’m not sure why I reacted to his kiss the way I did. I had liked everything else we were doing, very much. I had even been fantasizing about taking things further, and was working up the nerve to suggest sucking each other.

Kissing, however, had never entered into those fantasies.

I know, I know: It’s stupid and illogical to contemplate putting your mouth on a guy’s cock while refusing to kiss him.

But you have to remember how new all this was to me — to both of us — and how confusing. I suppose in some way I reasoned that jacking or even blowing another guy is just doing a favor for a bro and isn’t necessarily ‘gay,’ but kissing him definitely is.

I thought a lot about what Rick and I had done during the last few weeks of college and for a couple of years afterward, wondering what it all said about my sexuality and if I would ever do it again.

But after meeting Jenny and falling in love, I managed to put it pretty much out of my mind. Even after Rick and I reconnected in our late 20s I rarely thought about what we had done.

Until, that is, that night on a deserted Dominican beach, sitting naked and stoned with Rick in the dim moonlight.


We were travesti istanbul both pretty horned up, as I said. I was fully erect, and even though I could barely see Rick I felt sure he was, too.


The weed had something to do with it, no doubt. Smoking dope always gets me horny.

But there was something else at work, too: the atmosphere of eroticism that had surrounded us for nearly three days.

True, Rick and I had come here mainly to have sex with our wives. But the sexual impulse is not easily channeled, as I remembered very well from that experience with him long ago.

And tonight the situation was more or less the same as it was then: we were two extremely horny guys thrown together at a time when female partners were temporarily unavailable.

Which is why, after a brief hesitation, I slid over in the dark until our legs were touching.

Rick drew a sharp breath.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

I sensed the excitement in his voice.

“I’ll take that kiss now,” I said.

I leaned toward him. I was gambling, one, that he would get the reference and two, that after all these years he still had the same desires.

When my lips somehow found Rick’s in the dark, and he kissed me back, I knew I’d won both bets.

The kiss was tentative at first, like first kisses always are. It was as if we were testing each other, seeing if this was really what we both wanted.

His lips weren’t as tender as a woman’s, and I could feel his razor stubble, but that didn’t bother me at all. In fact it was a bit of a turn-on.

Rick clearly was just as into this as I was, and after that initial touch the kiss grew more passionate. He slipped his tongue between my lips, and I met it with mine. I don’t think I’ve ever kissed anyone, not even Jenny, with more raw hunger.

RIck lowered himself to the ground, pulling me with him. Next thing I knew he had pressed his body against mine and our straining cocks touched.

The feeling was so intense I almost cried out. I would have if my mouth hadn’t been firmly pressed against Rick’s.

He moved his hips, rubbing our dicks together. I felt something wet, and realized one or both of us was leaking precum. There must have been lots of it, because after a few seconds our cocks easily slid against each other.

We wrestled like a couple of animals in heat. I remember thinking that if this keeps up for long I’m going to cum all over him.

But then I remembered what he’d said about Debbie not sucking his cock in a long time. And then I thought about how close I’d come to suggesting we try it when we were in college.

The next thing I knew I had broken the kiss and was sliding down his body.

I don’t think Rick understood at first what I was doing. For a second he tried to stop me from moving, to keep the kiss going. His arms, already wrapped around me, tightened as if to freeze me in place.

Then he understood. His arms relaxed, and I began moving again.

Looking back, it’s hard to describe the thoughts churning through my mind at the moment.

I remember feeling super-nervous, scared even, of what I was about to do. I was crossing a line that most guys won’t cross, however much they might be tempted.

In a confused way, too, I worried what it would say about my sexuality. If I did this, did it mean I was really gay?

Don’t get me wrong: I am very much a live-and-let-live kind of person, and I have never thought less of anyone because of who they loved. But what I would unhesitatingly accept in other people is not necessarily something I could accept in myself.

But against all this was one overriding fact: I was horny as shit, and I really wanted to suck his cock.

As I kissed my way down Rick’s chest and stomach, I felt him trembling with excitement. I was trembling myself; whether from excitement or trepidation is hard to say.

When I felt his cock touch the underside of my chin, I raised up and repositioned myself so that I straddled his legs. Then I leaned down so that my mouth hovered an inch or so above the tip. I opened my mouth and exhaled slowly, letting my warm breath caress him.

In the dim light I saw his cock give a little jump. I stopped to look at it, noting again how big it was, and how very hard. I remember wondering how I could possibly fit it into my mouth.

I was determined to try, however.

I lowered myself another inch and kissed the tip. Rick gasped, and gasped even louder when I stuck out my tongue and licked the head.

It tasted of precum. Salty and thick, with a hint of musk. I remember wondering whether it was his or mine, or a mixture of both. Either way, I thought it was delicious.

I licked more vigorously, circling the head with my tongue several times, then probed at the slit. I love it when my wife does this, and I was pretty sure Rick would like it, too.

He did.

“Oh, God,” he said.

Time for the main event, I thought.

I opened my lips, slid the tip between them and closed them around the head. Rick groaned. I then moved slowly down the shaft until half his seven inches was in my mouth.

It was new and strange, having a cock in my mouth, but also thrilling. Having sex with someone for the first time is always a thrill, but this felt different. I suppose it was the taboo nature of what I was doing.

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