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Mommy Daughter Awakening

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Mommy Daughter Awakening

Everyone in this story is over the age of 18!

This involves some abusive words so be warned!

18 th Birthday

Danielle wakes up to her alarm blaring. Groggily opening her eyes, she grabs her phone and turns the alarm off.


Urgh, as if I forgot to turn that off. She thinks, remembering that she’s officially finished school and doesn’t need to get up early anymore.

Lying back down, the light pouring in through her curtains won’t allow her to fall back to sleep though.

“Wake up!” She hears her mum shouting as she opens the door.

“Urgh Mum!” Danielle moans, “I don’t need to be up so early!”

“Not every day that you turn 18!” Her mum says with glee in her voice walking into her daughter’s room.

Danielle had almost forgot that she is turning 18, however it is met with joy. Finally, being an adult, she can go on a night out, actually buy alcoholic drinks and she has been saving herself for her boyfriend to have sex. Something she is extremely excited about.

“Fine.” Danielle says with a cheeky smile, sitting up from her bed she sees her mum is holding a present for her.

“This is for you.” She says handing over the small box.

Danielle joyfully unwraps the present, opening the box she sees a car key inside of it and looks up at her mum in shock.

“What’s this?” She asks although she’s hoping it’s what she thinks it is.

“I got you a car!” Her mum shouts.

“Oh my god mum! I love you so much!” Danielle shouts giving her mum a hug.

Pulling back, Danielle brushes her blonde hair away from her face and she’s unable to stop herself form smiling ear to ear.

“Can I see it?” She asks and her mum gives her a nod.

Running downstairs, she looks out the window and sees a red car sat there. It’s nothing amazing but it’s perfect for her.

“Thank you so much mum!” Danielle says again and gives her mum another hug.

“You’re welcome my angel.” Her mum says, “Right, get changed and I’ll make us some breakfast.” Her mum tells her.

Running upstairs, Danielle puts on some jogging bottoms and a baggy t-shirt and goes back downstairs to see her mum making a full English breakfast.

Sitting on the sofa, Danielle pulls out her phone and texts her boyfriend.

“Tony! You won’t guess what mum got me for my birthday!”

Before getting a reply, Tony tells her, “Hey! Happy birthday!”

“Thank you! Guess what mum got me?!” Danielle says back in pure excitement.

“Go on tell me!” He says.

“A car!!” Danielle shouts.

“That’s amazing!! When can I see it?” Tony asks.

“I’ll come round to your house today and we can go for a drive!” Danielle tells him, already hatching a plan in her head to start their new sexual relationship.

“Perfect, well you have a great morning. I’ll see you later. I love you.” Tony says and Danielle tells him she loves him back and puts the phone down.

“Breakfast is ready.” Danielle’s mum calls from the kitchen and Danielle goes to meet her.

They sit down in the dining room and start eating.

“Now you’re 18 and finished school, it’s time you start looking for a job.” Her mum tells her.

“I know, can’t I enjoy my birthday first?” Danielle asks. Even though she’s excited to be 18, the idea of starting work doesn’t thrill her.

“Of course.” Her mum says with a smile.

They eat in silence and Danielle’s mum takes the plates away before returning with a letter in her hands.

“Now, we need to talk.” She says sitting next to her daughter.

Danielle panics a little, her mum never looking this serious before.

“Your dad wrote this letter when he was ill. He wanted me to give it to you on your 18th birthday.” Her mum tells her.

Oh my god, I don’t know if I can handle this. Danielle thinks, already feeling her emotions coming to the surface.

“Now, I can read it with you if you want? Or would you rather be alone?” Her mum asks.

Thinking for a minute, Danielle doesn’t want to cry to much in front of her mum so she takes the letter from her hands.

“I’ll read it in my room if that’s okay?” She asks.

“Of course, I’ll be down here if you need me.” Her mum says.

Danielle gives her another hug and goes upstairs.

Sitting on her bed, she opens the letter and reads it.

“To my little sunshine.

So, you’re 18. I’m so sorry that I can’t celebrate it with you, God knows what I would give to be there. My biggest regret is not being able to watch you grow up and grow into the beautiful woman I know you will become inside and out.

Being 18 makes you a woman now and with me not being there I need you to help your mum. She will always say that’s she is fine because that’s her way. But I need you to do whatever you can to help.

Your mother and you and the greatest things that ever happened in my life and I thank my lucky stars every day that I got even the small amount of time I’ve had with you both.

Have an amazing birthday, I will be bursa escort looking down on you.

All my love,


Danielle wipes the tears that are streaming down her face and sniffs her nose. Folding the letter she puts it into her drawer, knowing she will always have a piece of her dad close to her.

For the next hour, Danielle sits on her phone looking at the pictures of her dad, crying and remembering all of their good times.

Eventually, she decides to not spend her birthday in sadness. She jumps in the shower and heads downstairs.

“Hi sweetie, is everything okay?” Her mum asks sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea.

“I’m good, thank you mum.” Danielle says sitting next to her mum and giving her another hug.

Holding onto her, Danielle is loving the warm embrace from her mum and doesn’t want to let go. Eventually bringing herself to do so, she looks at her mum who is smiling back at her but her eyes look sad.

“I’m going to see Tony if that’s okay?” Danielle asks.

“Of course, have fun.” Her mum says.

Getting in the car, Danielle drives over to her boyfriend’s house with excitement. Reaches his house she pulls up to his drive and heads to the door.

After knocking, his dad answers.

“Danielle, happy birthday is in order.” He says with a smile.

“Thank you, is Tony in?” Danielle asks.

“Yeah, he’s just in the living room, come in.” He says opening the door further.

Danielle walks in, says hi to Tony’s mum and goes to see Tony sitting on the sofa watching TV.

“Hey,” Tony says standing up and giving her a kiss, “Let’s see your car then.”

“Come on!” Danielle shouts holding his hand and taking him outside.

“Nice, that you have a car now!” Tony says looking around the car, “Should we go for a drive?” He asks.

“Yes! Get in!” Danielle says, already knowing where she’s going to drive to.

Getting in the car, she starts the engine and they drive away from the house.

“This is so cool, we can go away all the time now!” Tony says.

“I know, it’s going to be so fun!” Danielle says back.

They have general chit chat as Danielle drives the car. Not once does Tony ask where they are going, just playing with the music and staring out the window.

Danielle eventually pulls down a small country road and follows it down into a small, empty car park. It’s still the middle of the day, but Danielle doesn’t care right now.

“What are we doing here?” Tony asks, looking around and then turning his gaze back to Danielle when he hears her seatbelt unbuckle.

“This.” Danielle says, leaping across and planting her lips against his.

Tony is shocked at first but then happily kisses his girlfriend back. Tony turned 19 a few months ago and now that Danielle is 18, he is waiting to finally start getting sexual with her.

Danielle opens her mouth and pushes her tongue into Tony’s, she feels their tongues run against each other as they make out in the car.

“Mmmm.” Danielle moans into his mouth.

Tony’s hands are all over Danielle’s body as the car starts to get steamier on the inside.

“Ooohhh.” Tony says in shock as Danielle’s hand lands on his hard cock from the outside of his jogging bottoms.

Looking at his beautiful girlfriend, she’s smiling back at him.

“Are you sure?” He asks, never wanting to push her into anything she doesn’t want to.

“Oh, I’m sure.” Danielle says with a smile, putting her hand down his pants she grips onto his hard cock.

“Oh fuck.” Tony moans at the feel of someone else’s hand on him.

Both are virgins in every sense of the word but Tony is very excited to change that.

Danielle plants her lips back onto Tony’s and starts to make out with him once again as she slowly wanks his cock up and down. Feeling his precum leaking onto her hand, Danielle starts to moan into his mouth with excitement.

She unbuckles his seatbelt and pulls it back. Sitting back in her chair, Danielle looks at Tony who is smiling back at her.

Pulling her hair back, she ties it behind her head and then grabs onto his waist band.

“What are you doing?” He asks in shock but then he feels her pulling his jogging bottoms down.

“You’ll see.” She says with a smirk.

He lifts his arse up and Danielle pulls the bottoms and his boxers down until his hard cock is loose. Looking down at it, Danielle can’t help herself.

Grabbing his cock, Tony watches in amazement as his beautiful girlfriend’s head lowers down.

Opening her mouth, she guides it over his cock and wraps her plump lips around him.

“Ooooh God.” Tony pants, receiving his first ever blowjob and it feels like everything he’s imagined.

“Mmm.” Danielle moans around his cock.

Although Danielle was excited to try this, something doesn’t feel right. Not wanting to make Tony feel bad though, she slowly starts to bob her head up and down his cock.

Running her tongue along the head, she tastes his precum and it fills her senses. The taste is… okay. She bursa escort bayan thought she would initially love it, but she doesn’t.

“Oh god, that’s so good.” Tony moans and Danielle feels his hand resting on her head.

Powering through, Danielle keeps bobbing up and down the hard cock. She runs her tongue along his shaft and does everything she can think of.

Gripping the bottom half of his cock she wanks that as she sucks up and down on the head.

“Oh god, Danielle.” Tony moans.

Bobbing faster and faster, Danielle can hear Tony’s moans getting louder and feels his body start to tense around her.

“OOOOHHHH!” He moans loudly and without any warning Danielle feels the first shot of his cum hitting her throat.

“Gllggg!” She gags and coughs from the surprise of the cum in her mouth.

Doing her best to keep her lips around it, Danielle holds her head still and lets him keep cumming into her mouth. The taste isn’t great but she lets him carry on anyway. Swallowing it all down in hope to get rid of the taste and texture.

Once he’s done, Danielle sits up and wipes her mouth.

“That was so good.” Tony pants.

“Yeah.” Danielle says, wanting to seem enthusiastic and not wanting Tony to think she didn’t like it.

She looks down and sees his cock is still rock hard.

“Do you want to have sex?” He asks.

“Erm, not yet.” Danielle says. Although she was incredibly horny before, something about the blowjob has killed that.

“Oh right, okay.” Tony says in disappointment, worrying he’s done something wrong.

“I just want our first time to be special,” Danielle says, wanting to ease his worries, “Not just in the back of a car.”

“That’s fair.” He says, his worries gone.

Danielle goes to kiss him again but he pulls away.

“Woah, you have cum in your mouth.” He says.

“Oh right, okay.” Danielle says. Although she is a little annoyed by this, she has to swallow his cum and then he won’t even kiss her.

Danielle drives Tony home and tells him she’s going to spend the rest of her birthday with her mum. Hugging him goodbye, because he still won’t kiss her, Danielle then heads home.

“Mum? I’m back!” Danielle shouts going into the house.

She doesn’t hear any response and walks into the living room.

“Mum?!” She shouts again, wondering where she is.

“Hey sweetie, sorry I was upstairs.” Her mum says coming down the stairs in just a robe.

Her face is a little red and she looks flustered, Danielle gives her a funny look but then forgets about it.

“What do you want to do this afternoon?” Danielle asks.

“I’ve booked us to go out for dinner.” Her mum says walking into the kitchen and making herself a glass of water.

“Sounds good to me.” Danielle says going upstairs to get changed.

She walks past her mum’s room and hears something from coming inside. Curiosity getting the better of her, she walks in. Being quiet as to not let her mum know she’s gone in, knowing she would be in trouble.

It’s her phone that’s making the noise, it sounds like moaning.

Picking it up, Danielle’s eyes shoot wide open at what she’s viewing.

“Yes, lick my pussy baby!” A woman’s voice says.

Danielle watches as a younger, blonde girl is completely naked on her knees licking an older woman’s pussy.

Mum’s watching lesbian porn? Danielle thinks to herself.

The drawer next to her bed is slightly open and Danielle looks inside to see a fairly large pink dildo, larger than Tony’s cock anyway. Danielle goes to pick it up but her hand touches it and a moisture goes onto her hand.

Oh my god! Danielle thinks dropping the dildo back down.

She looks at the video for a few seconds longer, this beautiful young woman fingering and licking this older woman who is grabbing her own big tits and moaning loudly.

“Yes, finger your Mum!” The older woman’s moans and Danielle’s legs start to tremble beneath her.

Dropping the phone, Danielle rushes out of her mum’s room and into her own. Her head spinning as she closes the door.

Is my mum a lesbian? Was that woman her mother?! Danielle thinks sitting down.

For a minute or two her head runs wild with crazy thoughts, not believing that her mum was watching lesbian porn. Trying to distract herself, Danielle stands up and plans to get changed into nicer clothes.

Pulling her jogging bottoms and thong off, she realises that she is actually wet herself.

Moving her finger over her clit, her moisture spreading around.

“Ooohhh.” Danielle accidentally moans at the touch.

She’s never played with herself before but just this slight touch feels amazing.

Is this because of Tony? Danielle thinks, Or because of Mum’s porn?

Danielle sits down and presses her finger back to where gave her pleasure.

Sitting back, Danielle spreads her legs a little and starts to rub her finger over her own clit. Each slight movement makes her legs shake uncontrollably and she lets out a loud moan.

Oh god, escort bursa that feels good! She thinks to herself.

Closing her eyes, she pictures Tony, but when she thinks about the blowjob she gave him, if anything it starts to turn her off. Then, images of the porn scene she just watched comes to her head and rubbing her clit becomes greater.

“You coming down sweetie?!” Her mum suddenly calls from downstairs.

Jolting Danielle back to reality, she moves her hand off of herself and shouts back. “Be down in a sec!”

Giving her head a shake, she puts on a pair of jeans and a nice t-shirt.

Heading downstairs, her mum is watching TV. Although Danielle is staring at her, the whole time wondering if her mum is a lesbian.

She hasn’t dated anyone since Daddy died? She questions.

2 hours later.

“Ready?” Danielle asks her mum who is walking down the stairs in a nice black dress. Her brown hair is straight and she has a face full of makeup.

Danielle knows that her mum looks great for being 40 years old, she goes the gym most days and Danielle hopes that when she’s her mum’s age she will look that good.

“All ready.” Her mum says.

“Great let’s go.” Danielle says and they hop into the taxi outside.

They arrive at the restaurant that Danielle’s mum booked and they order starters and Danielle orders a cocktail. Being able to legally drink she was excited to actually get ID’d.

“18, I can’t believe it!” Her mum says.

“I know!!” Danielle replies in excitement.

“Feels like yesterday I was bringing you home from the hospital, I’m so old now!” Her mum says with a laugh whilst sipper her cocktail.

“You’re not old mum!” Danielle says back, having a drink of her cocktail and not enjoying the alcoholic taste.

Their meals come and three cocktails later Danielle feels a little tipsy. Tipsy enough for her to ask her mum questions she has never thought to ask before.

“Are you going to start dating again?” She asks and her mum nearly chokes on her drink.

“W-what makes you ask that?” Her mum asks.

“Well, I’m 18 now and I want you to be happy.” Danielle tells her.

“Do you not think I’m happy?” Her mum asks, worried that her daughter is fretting over such things.

“I do, it’s just… you haven’t dated anyone since Dad died. I just want to make sure you’re okay.” Danielle explains.

“Oh sweetie,” Her mum says and extends her hand to touch Danielle’s, “I’ll never be able to find a man as good as your father. But that’s okay.”

No man as good as Dad… Is that why she might be interested in women? Danielle thinks.

“What about a girlfriend?” Danielle suddenly blurts out.

“What?!” Her mum almost shouts and pulls her hand away, “Why would you ask that?”

“I… I… I don’t know, just thought I’d ask.” Danielle stutters out, not wanting to give away what she saw.

“Are you having those thoughts?” Her mum suddenly asks.

“No!” Danielle quickly replies.

“Oh, okay.” Her mum says with a confused look on her face.

Deciding to drop the subject, Danielle starts a new conversation about Admin jobs that she is going to look for.

They eventually get home around 11pm and the two hug each other goodnight. Whether it is the alcohol or not, but Danielle takes notice to the feel of her mother’s large breasts pressing against hers. Always jealous of the large chest her mum has as she only has smaller boobs.

Going to her room and lying down, Danielle thinks back to her conversation with her mum.

She never actually answered about being with a woman? She thinks.

Danielle has never watched porn before, but something about the video from her mum’s phone has gotten into her head.

Pulling out her phone, Danielle types in “Lesbian porn” and clicks on the first website.

Oh wow! She thinks, instantly getting turned on by the sight of naked women.

Clicking on one and keeping the volume quiet, Danielle watches one woman massaging another, covering her body in oil and rubbing her all over. The scene eventually leads to the masseuse fingering the woman on the bed, then to a 69 and finally them scissoring.

Danielle doesn’t know why, but she finds herself incredibly turned on.

Thinking of what she did before, Danielle gets completely undressed and rubs her finger against her throbbing clit.

“Oh god.” She accidentally moans at the slightest touch.

Working out what feels good for her, Danielle slowly rubs her clit with two fingers as she watches the video.

The up close shot of one woman licking the other’s pussy, Danielle starts to drool as she rubs herself faster and faster.

Feeling how wet she has gotten, Danielle slides one finger deep inside. Mimicking what the women on the video are doing.

Faster and faster, she fingers herself, her whole body starts to shake and quiver and she’s having to bite her lip to stop from moaning too loudly.

Pulling her finger out, it’s absolutely drenched and she rubs it against her clit again.

“Oh yes!” She moans louder than she intended too.

Rubbing her clit faster and faster, she watches these two beautiful older women 69ing as her body begins to tense up.

“Yes…. Yes… yes…” She pants as she feels like her body is about to explode.

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