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‘Spread your legs. Let me see it. Yes… That’s it! You’re such a good boy, aren’t you? And this little cock of yours, it is so fucking hard right now, isn’t it? Remind me, boy, how long since you’re last cum?’
‘Six days, Mistress.’
‘Well it’s not very impressive. You’ll not break the world record for cum denial, ha-ha-ha.’
‘No, Mistress, I will not.’
‘Never mind. Go on, jerk your useless meat. Do it for me, boy!’
‘Yes, Mistress!’

I wrapped my fingers around the shaft of my hard cock. Damn it was so sensitive! Six days were not enough to impress my Mistress but on the other hand were more than enough to turn my cock into a knot of nerves and feelings. I gently pulled down the foreskin and uncovered the glans. No sign of precum yet; it was dry and with beautiful shades of purple color. With my legs spread wide all of my genitals were on display. I started to move my fingers down then back up also moving the foreskin. I moaned making Mistress smile. It took me just a couple of moves and the first clear drop of precum appeared on the tiny slit of my glans.

‘Speed up but don’t lose your control!’
‘Yes, Mistress!’

My hand began to make faster moves again down the shaft and back up. Shinier precum oozed from my cock’s tip and wet the glans. I squirmed on the wooden chair. Mistress smiled again. She was sitting comfortably in a soft armchair wearing a black bra, thong in the same color, and a pair of fishnet stockings. Me, I was completely naked as I had to be! My cock shivered! I moaned and quickly removed my hand güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri leaving the throbbing penis to jump helplessly in its first edge. This time Mistress laughed.

‘Edged? Already? Wow your cock must be desperate to shoot its sticky cum, is it?’
‘Yes, Mistress, it is.’
‘Well, not at this time! Hands off for the moment. Good boy. Just leave it like this I wanna enjoy its throbbing. Mmm! Good boy. Lovely. Make it jump for me!’
‘Yes, Mistress!’

I slid to the edge of the chair and with some harsh moves of my pelvis I made my cock jump. It barely slapped the skin of my stomach and s**ttered some clear juices all the way to my chest. Mistress approved by nodding her head. She had slipped fingers between her thighs and was caressing her pussy through the lace fabric of the thong. She told me to continue with my masturbation. What a relief for me! I gripped my fingers around the shaft of my cock and restored the medium paced moves. Down the shaft and back up until my hand touched the glans. In a few pumps more precum leaked making my penis slippery. I felt it covering my fingers. A natural lubricant for my hard sensitive cock.
My index finger rubbed the frenulum and sent me on the edge!

‘Wow this time it was close!’
‘Yes, Mistress!’
‘Take a short break.’

Mistress pulled down the bra and cupped her breasts. She has beautiful C-cup sized breasts with large areolas. Now her nipples were hard! They get really hard turning into a dark brown color. She touched them with fingers güvenilir bahis şirketleri pressing her breasts together at the same time. I wanted my hand back on my cock and wanted it now!
I didn’t wait for permission and resumed my stroking. I knew my cock and was sure it will reach another edge in just a few moves. The tension rose in a flash and I edged almost immediately.

‘Did my girls do that?’
‘Yes, Mistress, and I can barely hold my orgasm now.’
‘Oh so soon…’

She sounded disappointed.

‘I’ll tell you what: Give me one more good edge and I may allow you to shoot your load. But! Make it slow.’
‘Yes, Mistress!’

Fuck yes! I was going to cum today! I grabbed my throbbing cock gently and started to move my fingers slowly using a light grip this time. Mistress slid three fingers in her thong. She was going to masturbate with me. Her beautifully trimmed pussy must be soaking wet right now. Her fingers were sliding between the pussy lips and gently surrounding her clit. I wanted to be there! I was dying to be there with my hand, my tongue, my penis…

I edged!!!

It was a sudden and really powerful edge. I clenched my muscles and did my best but it was a hopeless situation. I was feeling the pressure getting bigger and bigger, and I knew that this time I could do nothing to prevent my cock from blowing its load. I heard something like ‘What the fuck?’ coming from my Mistress’ mouth and … the semen exploded from my cock. One big spurt! It flew in the air and then on the carpet. The first one stream was canlı bahis şirketleri followed by few more but they were closer to leaking. And again through my testicles down on the carpet and the wooden chair.

‘What a fucking mess!! I will not clean all this; you will!’
‘Ye-Yes, Mistress.. I-I will clean the-the mess, Mistress!’

My cock was still leaking white sperm.
Mistress didn’t stop her masturbation. She sat more comfortable in the armchair but first she pulled off her wet thong. She spread legs wide. Her pussy was naked on display. Damn it was beautiful! I blew, literally blew, all my chances to touch or taste it today and now I was punished only to watch it.
She opened her labia and rubbed a middle finger between the wet lips. The same finger slid inside the warm hole followed by the fourth finger too. Two fingers! I shivered. Fuck I was actually getting hard again; before my cock even got limp!?

‘No, no, no! No more touching today! You may only watch.’
‘Yes, Mistress!’ ‘Damn!’

My Mistress grabbed her left breast with hand and continued to fuck her wet pussy using two fingers and at the same time pressing a thumb against her clitoris. I was observing the scene silently sitting on my wooden chair. My cock was semi-hard. Mistress was speeding up as her arousal was growing. She was close. Her thumb pressed stronger against the sensitive clit. She pinched her left hard nipple, twisted it fiercely, and pulled it until it slipped out of the grip. Same sweet torture she applied to the right nipple. Then back on the left one…

She came with one big convulsion! I saw the clenching of her pelvic muscles. I saw her body shivering. I saw her juices pouring out and covering her fingers. I could be there drinking those juices, feeling the convulsions, taking her sweet orgasm in me… Yes, I could be there. My cock was hard again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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