Aralık 2, 2023

A Fantasy that goes too far? Part 3

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A Fantasy that goes too far? Part 3
The next and last day seemed to drag on forever! Finally, once the meetings ended, and I literally ran out, grabbed a cab and headed to the airport. I cleared TSA and got to the gate with plenty of time to board. Once in my seat, the plane pushed back and there we sat. It was only a 45 minute flight between major cities but I felt a long way from home… particularly with what my wife wanted to discuss with me.

“Uh.. this is your Captain speaking” said the voice on the P/A. “Sorry about this but we have a slight maintenance issue that will delay our departure. I’ll get us going as soon as possible so please remain in your seats with your seatbelts fastened.”

The harmonious moan could be heard through out the plane. I texted my wife, as several others did as well.

“Hey Baby… I’m on the plane but there is a slight delay that will hold us here for a bit. I’ll keep you posted.”

I got an almost immediate response:

“Oh No. I really want you home NOW! Pls keep me updated.”

“Will do” I replied.

The wait was agonizing, particularly since I knew that my wife was excited and wanting to talk to me about our latest fantasy.
Finally, we got the green light to depart and I texted my wife. It was now 3:45.

“Looks like we’re on our way.” Will only be 30 mins late.”

“Pls hurry and be safe” was her immediate response.

The 45 min flight seemed to go very slowly, yet in reality, the pilot made up a few minutes and we arrived 10 minutes early.

At 4:20, I texted my wife:

“Just landed, on my way.”

No response from her, which was very unusual, particularly since I knew that she was anxious for me. With my imagination wandering, I wanted to call her, but I was in too much of a hurry as I ran through the airport. I jumped in the first cab I found and told him to DRIVE!

As the cab hurried through traffic, I texted her again:

“10 mins away… Love you”

After a long delay, I got her response just as we were pulling up into the driveway, and it blew my mind:

“Upstairs… come quickly”

I literally three $40 at the cabbie and ran into the house. I yelled upstairs as a pulled off my shoes:

“I’m home” I yelled, “Everything okay?”

“Yes, Baby” my Wife replied softly, “Now get up here.”

I skipped every other step as I hurriedly went upstairs. The first thing that I noticed was my wife sitting on the side of the bed, her feet just barely touching the floor. She was on my side of the bed, farthest from the door, so I could see her side and back, but she was slightly turned away. She was wearing a bra, yet no panties and her hair looked disheveled. The next thing that I noticed was that the bed was unmade… even messy. canlı bahis şirketleri This was very unusual for this late in the day, as my wife and I ALWAYS made up the bed immediately, once we got up. My natural assumption as that she had slept with someone else and I felt very conflicted at that moment: I was excited about the possibilities, yet I had wanted to be there to see everything! My heart sank a bit even though there was a jolt of excitement.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Why don’t you undress, Baby” she suggested while still facing the window and not looking at me, “and then come over here” my wife added while motioning me a ‘come here’ with her finger.

I was still uncertain about what was going on yet that didn’t stop me from stripping out of my clothes like they were on fire. Once naked, I slowly walked around the foot of the bed and approached my wife. As got up in front of her, she slightly parted her knees and reached for my cock. For the first time, since I arrived home, my wife made eye contact with me and maintained eye contact with me as her grip on the middle of my cock tightened and she opened her thighs even more. She was watching for my reaction as I looked at her. The erotic passion in her eyes was very intense. She watched my expression as I looked down at her hand wrapped tightly around my hard cock. I then looked over to her now-spread pussy. I noticed that her small triangle of fur seemed a bit wet and matted. Her vulva seemed red and a bit puffy. Her labia looked tender.
Naturally, my imagination took me to a situation where she had recently experienced a total fuck-fest in our own bed without me being there. Her grip on my ragging hard-on remained tight and with purpose.

“I wish” my wife said softly, “that your plane had been on time”

“Me too” I replied, still looking at her puffy pussy.

She then gently pulled me, by my cock, closer to her pussy. She was now rubbing the tip of my cock right at her outer-lips.

“It seems that you want me” she noted, rather casually.

“I do” I responded, not being able to deny my excitement.

She then pulled just the tip of my cock into her opening. Her constant grip with her hand allowed only about an inch of my cock to slip inside of her wet lips.

“You want me right now?” she asked, as she teasingly rubbed the tip of my cock just inside of her excited pussy. “Even though this looks bad? Even though it looks like I was bad?”

“I do” I replied, my voice breaking just a bit.

Her hand was still tightly gripping my cock and I could only go in a couple of inched as she rocked her hips, causing her vagina to slowly, and teasingly, rub the first canlı kaçak iddaa two inches of my cock.

“Had your plane been on time” she said in a very breathy and seductive tone, “you would have seen it happen.”

“I would have seen WHAT?” I asked, trying to genuinely sound confused because I wanted her to tell me everything.

“Well, Baby” she replied, “you could have actually seen him standing right where you are now. His feet right where yours are… His strong hands under my thighs lifting them up to totally expose and take my pussy… YOUR pussy. I know that you wanted to see me do it… watch another man fuck me!”

“Oh My GOD!” I exclaimed “Please baby! Please! Move your hand! Why won’t you let me in deeper?” I panted as reached my hands around to her ass and tried to pull her onto my cock. I pushed my cock as far into her pussy as the tight grip of her hand would allow.

“Oh baby” she said sympathetically, “if I allow you to go in any deeper….” She hesitated to allow my mind to catch up, “…you might feel what he left in there.”

“Wait, WHAT?” I asked excitedly

“Baby?” she said in a nurturing tone, “If you go any further, your cock will be surrounded by his hot cum that’s still swimming around inside of me. It’s all still inside of my pussy and you’ll probably feel it… his hot, sticky cum coating your entire cock as you fuck me.”

I let out a horrendous growl as my eyes rolled back up into my head just before they screwed tightly closed. My cock throbbed and spasmed, shooting streams of my cum just barely inside her opening. She seemed to almost squeal with delight as she pulled me back just a bit and had me finish up by shooting all over the outside of her pussy. I came and came and she tenderly milked the last few drops out of me, smearing my cum all over her pussy.

Once I calmed and opened my eyes, she smiled at me with such joy and happiness in her eyes.

“You REALLY DO want this” she asked, “Don’t you?”

“Is it that obvious?” I asked in a somewhat embarrassed tone. “But I really wanted to be here to see it happen.” sounding a little disappointed. “To watch you with another cock.”

“Oh Baby” she tenderly confessed, “I didn’t do anything with anyone else. I staged this to see your true reaction. I needed to know if you really want this and how you might react, assuming that it were to really happen.”

“You staged this?” I asked, still confused.

“Yes” she replied, reaching under the pillow to reveal a very big and very real-looking life-like dildo. “I used this on myself as you were on the way home. I purposely didn’t respond to the one text to make you wonder. I messed the bed and there-you-have-it!” she canlı kaçak bahis added with a mischievious smile.

“Well,” I asked, still sounding a bit embarrassed, “How did I do?”

“You showed me that you really want this…” she replied. “I still have a couple of concerns, but the videos really excited me.”

“Yes, I couldn’t help but notice,” I said, adding “once I saw your panties.” as I tried to shift any embarrassment away from me. “What about the videos excited you the most?” I asked, wanting to move away from my recent overly-excited reaction.

“I loved how hot the woman felt and acted as their man watched them.” She explained, “They totally let themselves go and acted like total sluts… but with permission to do so. That was really intriguing for me.”

“And?” I asked, hoping to see what excited her the most.

“In that one video,” she explained, “right after the other guy left….” She hesitated, “her husband slipped his cock into her freshly-fuck pussy and took her. I could actually hear the first lovers cum being pushed out as they fucked. That was TOTALLY hot for BOTH of them, or so it seemed.”

My wife had since released my cock and was now swirling her fingers around her cum-covered opening.

“Anything else that you enjoyed” I asked, as I felt my own cock begin to get hard again.

“Well…” she took her sweet time answering, “In one video, the husband cleaned up his wife, right after…. Just like you did the other night, …. remember?”

“Well, the other night” I replied, “I did that to demonstrate that I would still desire you… just as I do now…. Even after you tricked me into thinking that you had fucked another man. I do want to ask something of you, however, assuming you want to really do this.” Trying to change the subject away from me eating my own cream pie.

“Yes” she asked.

“I really want to be clear in that I ALWAYS want to be there if and when you fuck another guy” I explained. “That’s part of the excitement for me is to watch you and watch you enjoy yourself.”

“Deal” she quickly replied, adding her beautiful smile. “I’d always want you to be there with me too. But I do have two conditions as well.”

“Go On” I encouraged, adding my own genuine smile.

“It’s important that you and I not confuse our vanilla life with this potential new kink. In other works, the ‘GUY’ can’t be a friend that we already know socially.”

Agreed” I replied, “and the other?”

“This ‘GUY’ has got to be clean and needs to be vetted.” She added, using a serious tone. “No pick-ups. I need to feel that I’m safe and we will remain healthy.”

“Again” I replied, “Agreed.”

I was still hard in spite of the somewhat serious discussion, so my wife playfully slid back and invited up onto the bed, into her arms and deep into her cum-covered pussy! We fucked like newlyweds the rest of that afternoon.

The next morning, I quietly set into motion a plan to find our “GUY’ for my wife’s first time.

To Be Continued…

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