Mayıs 28, 2023

Mardi Gras Magic

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Mardi Gras Magic

After raising two wonderful kids who were finally out on their own, Lynn and I found ourselves as empty nesters. Our son, Dan, was an accountant for a firm in Grand Rapids. He lived there with his wife of two years, Becca. She was a fine young lady and they made a good couple. Our daughter, Tiffany, lived with her spouse of four years in Cleveland where she was a nurse. She looked a lot like Lynn when Lynn had been younger. Even now, I think Lynn is as beautiful as ever. She stands about 5’6″, 128 pounds, with still perky A cup tits and a nice ass! With her short hair and beautiful smile she reminds me of Jamie Lee Curtis.

With the house to ourselves, it didn’t take us long to rekindle our sex lives. We started watching porn, visiting adult bookstores, and even joined some adult dating sites. We were surprised at the number of people within a 75 mile radius of us who were on those sites. There was a wide age range and people of all sizes. We tended to click on pics of couples who were similar to us in size and shape. Since we lived in a small town in southern Michigan, we had to be very discreet. Any adult shops we visited had to be at least an hour away to reduce the possibility of anyone we knew seeing us enter or exit them. Small town gossip could be pretty damaging.

While scanning one of the dating sites one day we happened to see an ad for an adult nightclub in a town slightly over an hour south of us. The club operated on weekends and once a month had a theme night. Attendees were encouraged to wear proper attire to those events – e.g., Cheerleader night in the fall, Toga night, Santa’s elves, etc. Lynn and I visited the club one evening and were impressed by its classy ambience. We were given a tour of the facility and noticed the variety of playrooms adjacent to the dance floor and lounge area. There were rooms that catered to BDSM play, orgies, foursomes, and rooms where a couple could have others watch them through windows with sheer curtains or be invited in if the door was open. We became members and began attending every other weekend. We found we really enjoyed the exhibitionism the venue offered. We met some nice couples and enjoyed sharing ourselves with them. Lynn and I both found we really got off watching the other playing with a different person. Lynn has always been fairly vocal during sex and I found it incredibly erotic to hear and watch her enjoying another guy or gal. Lynn really enjoyed girl-girl time and the men found it stimulating to watch as well. While we typically played with couples relatively close to us in age, we occasionally indulged in age play with young couples seeking older playmates. Lynn enjoyed the stamina of the young men and I didn’t mind playing with the young ladies.

Unfortunately, the club lost its lease while it was shut down during the Covid pandemic. It subsequently relocated to Dayton which was a three hour drive from us. Our membership lapsed during this time as we debated whether to drive that far. What had previously been a trip down and back within a reasonable time would become an overnight stay at the hotel associated with the club. We made a trial visit to the new facility in June. It was just as classy as the old venue with a great setup and layout similar to the old venue. Several of our friends had migrated to the new venue and we reconnected with them. We renewed our membership and began attending once a month. The theme nights continued and we found ourselves arranging our weekends to attend those to see how the participants would be dressed (or undressed as the case might be). Lynn enjoyed shopping for lingerie to match the theme and I enjoyed watching her model it for me. The club’s calendar of events would list the themes for several months out.

Scanning the calendar one week, we noticed the Mardi Gras event listed. Lynn and I began shopping for masks that wouldn’t inhibit play time since one of the rules of the evening was that all masks had to stay on until midnight. Of course, once we got the masks we had to have several test runs with them to ensure they stayed in place! That meant a lot of the more flamboyant masks were out but there were still several attractive ones that met our requirements.

Between work and family commitments, we ended up missing a few events before Mardi Gras night. We drove to Dayton that Saturday morning and checked in to the hotel in early afternoon. After taking a short nap to prepare ourselves for a late night, we rose and headed to the shower. I never tire of seeing Lynn’s naked body and my cock rose enjoying the sight. As we showered together, I reached around to her front and offered to soap her body. My hands gently circled her tits and I flicked her nipples eliciting a moan. With my hard cock pressing between her ass cheeks, my right hand traveled down to her pussy while the left massaged her left tit. “I’ll make sure you’re nice and clean inside and out,” I whispered as my hand caressed her pussy. Her bursa escort moans increased in volume and she parted her legs as she leaned back on me. I slipped one finger into her pussy to her accompanying groan. Then, a second finger slipped in and she cried out as I began to massage her G spot.

“Oh fuck!” she groaned as she began humping my hand. My cock felt like an iron rod and it was all I could do to keep from slipping it into her.

“Time to see if it’s all clean,” I whispered as I turned her around and sank to my knees. My tongue replaced my fingers and at the first lick, her knees buckled. My hands had moved to her ass cheeks and I held her up as I lapped at her pussy.

“Oh fuck, baby,” she hissed. “Yes, right there, right there,” she panted grabbing my head with both her hands and holding it tight to her pussy. Moving my right hand, I thrust two fingers in her as I continued teasing her clit. Her moans increased with intensity and with one final “OH FUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!!!!!!” she screamed as she came. Her body shuddered as she climaxed and became limp. If she hadn’t had my head in her hands she would have fallen forward. Rising up, I took her into my arms and we embraced as she softly continued moaning. My hard cock was pulsing against her pussy as I held her. “Time for a fuck,” she whispered. “I need your cock, baby.”

With all my willpower, I replied, “Oh no, babe. I want you to be on edge tonight.”

Looking up at me, she said, “You fucking teaser! I need a cock now!”

With a smile, I replied, “I may be a teaser, but I’m not a fucking teaser right now.”

“Come on, baby,” she begged. “Please?”

“This will only make you lust after me even more tonight,” I winked.

“Fine!” Lynn sighed exasperatedly. “I’ll just find some young stud tonight who’ll satisfy me.”

“Now you’re the fucking teaser,” I winked. “You know how I love watching you being pounded by some young stud. I guess I’ll have to be satisfied trying to keep said stud’s playmate occupied,” I said trying to sound disappointed.

“You can’t fool me, babe,” Lynn replied. “You know how much I enjoy watching some young slut riding your cock.”

“You’ll have to get her ready for me, honey,” I said.

“I guess that’s a sacrifice I can make for my hubby,” Lynn replied with a wink.

We toweled off and began dressing for the event. I had black pants and a colorful vest with a bowler hat and mask. The star of the show was Lynn. She had found a colorful bejeweled bikini with dangling beads that almost looked like a flapper style. She had found a beautiful pair of fuck me heels and a headband. I damn near came to ripping her clothes off and fucking her right there! As I moved towards her she laughed. “Not now big boy. You had your chance earlier.”

“You damn teaser,” I said. I won’t be able to find you tonight because you’ll be in the midst of a throng of studs.”

“Promise?” Lynn winked as she put on an overcoat. We headed to the club.

Arriving at the club a bit early, we found a table in a corner near the dance floor. The lights were low and the music was rocking. From this vantage point we could watch the arrivals and grade them from definitely doable to no way. We enjoyed seeing the different costumes and masks. The venue was filling fast and the DJ had the music thumping as the dance floor filled. Several friends came by to chat a bit with promises to meet up later. Most of the tables had filled when a young couple walked by. Noticing two seats at our table, they asked if we were saving them for anyone. We replied that they were welcome to pull up a chair. The young man was trim and looked fit and the young lady was a knockout! She was definitely my type – slim with perky small tits, a tight ass, a cute ponytail, and an engaging smile. Extending his hand, the young man introduced himself as Tony and his partner as Shelly. Tony was indeed toned and as for Shelly, I’d love to see what was under the Shell! We learned this was their first trip to the club. Friends had raved about the club so, even though it was a several hour trip, they had decided they needed to see it for themselves. They were also staying at the same hotel as we were.

As we sat and chatted, Tony glanced at Shelly and then asked,” Do you two ever play with younger couples?”

As I opened my mouth to reply, Lynn said, “Yes, we do. It’s not a regular thing but we enjoy it when we have the opportunity. Would this be an opportunity?” she asked with a smile. I noticed her hand slip below the table and imagined she had it on Tony’s thigh.

Shelly nodded. “I’d be open to it,” she said with a sparkle in her eyes.

“Well, maybe it’s time we checked out a playroom before they get too busy,” I said. Shelly took my hand as we walked down the hallway. Ahead of us, I noticed Tony’s hand on the small of Lynn’s back caressing her smooth skin. “Do you enjoy girl play?” I asked Shelly.

“Oh, yes,” she replied. “I’d love to play with Lynn,” she said looking up into bursa escort bayan my eyes.

When we got to the room, Lynn gave Tony a deep French kiss as Shelly did to me. As if that didn’t get us hard, the girls then slowly stripped down and began kissing each other as their hands roamed over each other’s body. Tony and I stripped down and watched as the girls pivoted around on the bed into a 69 position and began tonguing each other. Tony and I stroked our hard cocks as we watched the girls and listened to their moans. I noticed Tony was about an inch longer than me but I was a bit thicker than him. Being petite, Lynn didn’t like huge cocks but Tony’s looked like it would satisfy her well. The girls both shuddered through multiple orgasms. Looking at us with devious smiles, Lynn said, “These boys have been patient long enough. Time to take care of them.”

I had sat down on the bed and Shelly crawled over to me. As we shared a deep kiss, my hands cupped her tiny tits and gently tugged her nipples. She responded with a long moan. Breaking our kiss, she looked into my eyes. “Mommy got me nice and wet,” she said with a smile as she slid her sopping pussy along my shaft. “I should probably lube you up though because my pussy is pretty tight,” she winked as she slid down and took my cock in her mouth.

“Oh, fuck,” I groaned as I slid into her mouth. I glanced over at Lynn and she was doing the same to Tony. After a few minutes, she laid back and Tony lined up his cock and slowly entered her.

“Mmmmmm,” Lynn moaned. “You’ve got a nice cock, baby. Now, fuck Mommy.” Tony began fucking her with an even pace as Lynn groaned with each thrust. I could tell Lynn was really getting into being fucked by the young stud as she became more and more vocal.

After a few minutes of watching my cock sliding in and out of her mouth and feeling her tongue on my shaft, Shelly slid back up and, looking into my eyes, she reached down and guided my cock into her pussy. “Oh my god, Daddy” she sighed as she slid down, “I love your cock”. Her head rolled back as she let out a loud groan as she bottomed out. Man, was her pussy tight!

My hands slid down to her hips and as I looked down at her beautiful shaved pussy grasping the base of my cock, I froze. I’d recognize that birthmark anywhere! My darling daughter, Tiffany Michelle (Shelly), was riding my cock! “Tiffany?” I said.

At that, Lynn’s eyes snapped open and she looked over at us then back at Tony. Her hands went up to Tony’s chest to stop his fucking as she said “Matt?” Our son in law’s middle name was Tony. Tony had buried himself in Lynn and was massaging her tits and pulling her nipples.

“You want me to stop?” Tony whispered as he slowly withdrew his cock until just the head was in her.

“Y-e-e-e-, NO” Lynn groaned as she grabbed his ass cheeks with both her hands and pulled him back into her. “Pound my pussy, Matt,” she hissed as he began driving into her. Lynn loves to be fucked hard and Matt was really pounding her now. The slapping of their bodies together filled the room. “Yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” Lynn wailed at each thrust. “Oh, so good, so good, so good,” she panted.

Meanwhile, Shelly was gripping my cock with her pussy muscles. Looking into my eyes she lowered her head and whispered, “Please don’t tell me to stop, Daddy. Your cock feels so good inside my pussy.” Then she kissed me deeply and our tongues danced. As she rose up, my hands pulled her down and my hips drove my cock into her tight, wet pussy. “Oh, fuck,” she groaned, “Now I know why Mom is always smiling.” Then she began riding me like a wild cowgirl. Using her hands on my chest she would rise up until I was nearly out of her before plunging back on my cock. Her eyes had closed and she was panting and groaning with every thrust. “Oh, fuck, Daddy. I love your cock,” she gasped.

“You’ve been a bad girl,” I said through gritted teeth as I smacked her ass cheeks. She let out a scream.

“Yes, Daddy, fuck your little girl. Fuck your little slut as Mommy fucks Tony.”

I looked over as Tony pounded Lynn. She was gasping and babbling with each thrust. “You want me to fill your pussy, Mom?” Tony panted.

“Yes, baby,” Lynn panted. “I’m so close.” Then with a scream she shouted, “I’M CUUUUMMMMIIINNNGGG!” I watched as she grabbed his ass cheeks to pull him in deep and her body convulsed. With a groan, Tony pumped his cum into her. Then, he collapsed next to her on the bed, his cock still buried in her pussy and his right hand absentmindedly massaging her left tit as smaller orgasms rippled across her belly.

Shelly was grunting now. “Cum for me Daddy,” she moaned. “I want you to cum in my slut pussy. Oh, OH, OHHHHHHH, FUUUUUCCCCCKKKK ME DADDY!” she screamed as she came. Her pussy clamped down on my cock like a vise and she squeezed rope after rope of cum from it as I grunted. Then, she slumped down on my chest as my arms embraced her. We were all covered in a sheen of sweat. I felt Shelly shudder escort bursa as her orgasms slowly subsided. Her panting slowly gave way to shallow breaths. “I love you, Daddy,” she whispered in my ear.

“I love you, baby,” I replied softly stroking her back.

“I guess there’s no reason to hide behind these masks anymore,” she said slowly rising up and pulling her mask off. As I pulled my mask off I glanced over and saw Lynn and Tony locked in a kiss.

Falling back on the bed, Lynn said, “Well, that’s a first!”

“Hopefully, not the last!” Tony and Shelly replied, almost in unison, before laughing.

Lynn smiled and looked over at me. “I think your father and I need to talk about it,” she said, then adding, “But I have to admit it was fun.”

“You youngsters wore us old folks out,” I said as I reached for my clothes. “Lynn and I will sleep on it and let you know.” After dressing, we gave the kids kisses. “You two go enjoy the club,” I said. “Your Mom and I are headed back to the hotel. We’ll see you at breakfast.”

As Lynn and I drove back to the hotel and went to our room, we discussed the mind blowing events that had just transpired. Lynn said, “That was a fantastic night! Once I knew it was them part of me wanted to stop because it seemed so wrong. But the other part of me that found the taboo so erotic won. Plus, our little girl has a great tongue and a delicious pussy and Matt’s cock was fabulous!”

“I agree with you about our daughter’s oral skills,” I replied. “And I know it seems wrong, but if it had been another young couple we didn’t know, we wouldn’t have had any problem playing with them.”

We hit the shower again and as the warm water washed over us, I embraced Lynn and gave her a deep kiss. “Time to make sure you’re clean again,” I murmured as I dropped to my knees. My tongue drove into her pussy as she gasped. The salty taste of Matt’s cum mixed with her juices and tasted like sweet nectar to me.

“Oh, baby,” Lynn gasped. “Get every drop.” She cried out and shuddered as she orgasmed. I slid back up her body and in one motion drove my rigid cock into her.

“Time to reclaim my territory,” I whispered as I twisted her around and began pummeling her pussy doggie style. She supported herself against the shower wall and began grunting.

“Yeah baby,” she moaned. “Pull out when you get close. I want to swallow your load.”

I thought I would last longer but the replay of the night’s events running through my mind had me close in no time. I pulled out and Lynn spun around, dropped, and took me in her mouth as I exploded. Spent, I staggered back against the shower wall as she rose. She kissed me again and I tasted my cum on her tongue. Then, thoroughly tired, we toweled each other off and collapsed into bed.

We slept in a little longer than normal the next day. We went down to the restaurant and grabbed a corner booth away from other diners. Fifteen minutes later we saw Matt and Tiffany at the doorway. We waved at them and they came towards the booth. Tiffany slid in next to me while Matt slid in next to Lynn. After the waitress delivered our order, Tiffany turned to us and nervously asked, “Well, what’s the verdict?”

Looking at Lynn, I replied, “Well, the family that plays together stays together, is what I’ve heard,” I said with a smile. Tiffany and Matt both grinned and visibly relaxed. “However,” I continued. Matt and Tiffany’s brows furrowed. “If, at any time, any one of us feels things are getting awkward, or if they just want to stop whether for a while or forever, then the rest of us will honor that request without any recriminations or attempts to dissuade them. Understood?” Matt and Tiffany both nodded in agreement. “The goal is to have fun together without being under the impression that every time we see each other we expect to have sex. I mean, we always enjoyed your company before last night’s events and there will be times in the future when we’ll just enjoy social gatherings without the expectation they will morph into sexual gatherings.” Matt and Tiffany nodded again.

Lynn chimed in. “Before last night, I was appalled at the idea of incest but that’s because I thought most incest was forced on the child by the parents. After last night, I feel a free exchange between consenting adults can be good. In fact, the taboo makes it downright erotic. So, your father and I are willing to continue if you both are,” she said looking from Matt to Tiffany.

“Well, Matt and I both talked about it a lot last night. First off, we truly were checking out the club based on our friend’s recommendation. We had no idea you were into this stuff, much less that you would be here last night. Secondly, we both like age play because we’ve found older couples are more experienced and generally are interested in their partner’s enjoyment and not just looking forward to adding another notch to their belt. Plus, quite a few of the good looking young couples can be so arrogant which is a big turn off. Naturally, we’re both attracted to older couples who keep in shape and are similar in size to us. Thirdly, when we walked into the club last night and saw you there, I was mortified that you would immediately recognize us.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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