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Lisa Finds a Lover Ch.1

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Lisa felt the familiar pumping as her conquest of the evening squirted his cum into her. She wondered why she had bothered to say ‘yes’ and bring him home. He was an indifferent fuck. On the bright side she’d managed to pick up a good looking man and he was the one who had to get up and leave when finished.

He had a nice body and a very nice cock but he was a dud in bed. His cock was just the right length, not the sort that would bash her cervix with each thrust. He was a good thickness and his cockhead was of sufficient size for her to enjoy the sensation of it penetrating her. Trouble was he was lazy and relied upon his nice cock to work the magic.

It was nice to have a comfortable cock inside her but she didn’t have sex just to feel nice. She wanted to feel wonderful and at least satisfied.

One of the reasons she’d left her husband was that apart from hiring young women to suck his cock at work he wasn’t that good in the sack. Here she was on her back, legs open hoping this one would finish and leave.

Lisa loved cock. When younger she’d been seduced by a much older man who from the moment he first laid a hand on her had treated her like a princess and, God, the things he’d done to her! She still shuddered in nostalgic bliss at the thought of his tongue probing her virgin pussy, how he gently fingered her open and put her to his cock for the first time, how he savoured and raved about her taste.

She’d not wanted for anything when she was in his bed. In a sense all men with one or two exceptions had been a letdown after him.

When she’d left her husband she’d called him and, by God, even at 65 he’d still got the capacity to turn her insides to a warm pulsing goo. She’d told him that she’d like to be his lover again but he’d made her promise to fuck other men and not to feel guilty should she fall for one. He felt he was getting on in years and that Lisa needed a younger man to tend to her requirements. His business interests would eventually see him retiring to a tax haven in the Channel Islands – somewhere she didn’t want to go.

She agreed reluctantly but once or twice a week would bring her pussy for its regular oral check up. The feel of his cock slowly inflating in her mouth was all it took to moisten her panties. Still, she now accepted that their relationship had a finite existance, even as she knelt biting the pillows in ecstasy while his adorable cock sheathed and unsheathed itself with her pussy.

Back in the present she felt the cock slowly shrink and slip from her pussy. The head touched her inner lips an dropped alongthecleft of her buttocks. She was relieved to be empty again. She took the cock’s owner by the hand and showed him the bathroom. As she emptied herself and washed in the bidet he showered. She got him dressed, out the door in short order and returned to bed to masturbate.

This couldn’t go on. She had to become more choosey. For God’s sake she was a tall, slender 36 year old. Her skin was pale and flawless, her hair a flaming red. She had firm c-cup breasts tipped with pale pink nipples. Between her legs, framed by red curls, sat her feminine treasure box. Any man lucky enough to get to see this was in for a treat.

As she shuddered to her self-induced orgasm she vowed not to be quite so promiscuous in future. What she needed was a competant lover she could rely on into the future. She was even prepared to train one up, but if she were to do that she’d have to be sure it was love. She wasn’t about to waste her time any more – well almost.

Lisa decided to take herself on a holiday for one last binge on men before she set about her quest. For some inexplicable reason she booked a trip to a tropical resort just off New Caledonia. Inexplicable because she couldn’t take the sun so it would be umbrellas and midnight dips. She also hoped it would be a final feast of cock.

She flew out of Auckland to Melbourne and went wild in the shops for a few days. Boarding her flight at Tullamarine for Tontouta she savoured the new silk undergarments she had purchased as they pressed to her pleasure centres. In business class she sat beside a handsome looking man in his forties. She heard an unfamiliar accent when she exchanged pleasantries with him. It turned out he was from Quebec and his name was Guy.

He was well put together and when he stood up halfway through the three hour flight to stretch his legs she saw he was well over six feet tall and had a very interesting rear. They had been chatting away during the flight. Lisa was keen to brush up her French and it only took a short while to get used to his idiosyncratic North American French. She liked his manner of speaking and found the accent very pleasant.

He was travelling to New Caledonia to check on a tourism project of his. It was about 20 minutes from where Lisa was booked in. He spoke very highly of where she was staying but expressed his regret that he would not be given the chance to cater to her needs. His blue eyes twinkled as he delivered that line. Lisa’s first hint that bostancı escort this man had some qualities beyond his looks came when she made her pass at him.

She looked him staight in the eye and told him he was welcome to cater to her needs now if he wished. He smiled and without turning a hair replied that in his estimation she was not a woman to be had in an aircraft toilet. Adding with a wink that they could not possibly have time as there was only an hour and twenty minutes left of the flight.

“I’m forty-five now. I don’t like to rush such things.”

Lisa’s new panties got their baptism of moisture.

“If you would like and some lucky man has not already fallen for your charms I would very much like to have you for dinner tomorrow evening.”

The ambiguity in the invitation was quite intentional.

“I think I should like you to have me for dinner.” Came Lisa’s calculated response.

They had just finished their arrangements as the aircraft began to descend.

After clearing customs Lisa headed to her connecting flight and Guy to Noumea to attend to some business and to join his yacht for the voyage to his resort.

Lisa arrived and after washing the travel off her and tending to her soaked pussy went and settled under an umbrella at the beach. She wore a little, black, silky bikini bottom and a diaphonous wrap. As she removed her cover and sat down a number of wives had cause to dig their husbands in the ribs.

The skimpy black pussy cover merely highlighted her delicate beauty. She relaxed and contemplated the certainty of sex with her new friend.

That evening and the next day passed in a pleasant fog of wine and sexual anticipation. At 5pm that afternoon she stood at the jetty as Guy’s resort’s launch eased in. She boarded and joined Guy at the stern as he opened a bottle of the wine he’d purchased in Australia. The launch departed and made the 20 minute run to Guy’s.

His was a small very exclusive, clothing optional resort to which nobody under 20 was admitted. Lisa understood why as she stepped off the launch and walked arm in arm with Guy past a couple entwined on the shore. A handsome cock was at the young woman’s entrance. As she walked by Lisa heard the sigh of insertion. Why hadn’t she come here? She mused.

Lisa asked if she were overdressed only to be told that she might wear as much or as little as she pleased. Personally Guy liked to imagine what she looked like naked for the moment. He imagined her nether hair and just how delicate her scent might be. They made their way along the beach to a comfortable looking french colonial style house. This was Guy’s private area. They kicked off their shoes and padded inside barefoot. Their dinner was waiting in the dining room when they arrived and more wine was poured. Had Lisa felt any inhibitions they were soon banished. She had worn a cream coloured chinese silk dress, silk panties and a little jewellery. Her hair she wore down and it cascaded over shoulders.

Dinner was a combination of local seafoods washed down with some wine from France. As they reached the end of the meal Guy simply stood up and taking Lisa by the hand led her to the bedroom. They exchanged a long kiss that left Lisa limp. Guy reached behind her and unzipped her dress. It fell to the floor with her ample breasts pressed to him Guy ran his hands across her silk covered cheeks. Lisa stepped back and unbuttoned his shirt. She kissed each inch of flesh she exposed. She reached his belt and unbuckled him. Soon his trousers were at his ankles. Lisa didn’t see them hit the ground. Guy wore no underwear and Lisa’s eyes never made it beyond the tanned flesh between his legs.

She remained bent over as she nuzzled his public hair. Her hand cupped his balls and allowed his expanding cock to run up across her wrist. He was a nice thickness and length. If she were to venture an opinion his cock was beautiful. It grew as she tickled his balls and began to lick his shaft. She wanted to kneel before him and love his manhood with her mouth.

She was interupted as Guy lifted her head and beckoned towards the bed. She almost reluctantly moved to it. Guy remained standing a moment. His not yet fully inflated cock twitched as it grew. What he had said to her in the plane he now began to demonstrate. He started at her toes. He ‘fellated’ each of her toes which was a first for her. It seemed that they were connected to her clit. It took him 15 minutes to get to her ankles. Another 10 to kiss his way up one leg to the back of her knee. With one leg in the air and the silk of her panties damp Guy ran his tongue along the back of her thigh to the point where flesh ended and panty began. He lowered her leg and ran his lips along the line of her panties and across the their top. He nuzzled into them and sniffed deeply as Lisa spread her legs moaned and bucked up at him. God knows how long this took.

Her panty crotch was soaked and stretched tightly across her sex. She begged Guy for relief.

Guy pulled her ümraniye escort bayan panties down and craddling her buttocks in his hands he made oral love to her overheated sex. Lisa’s red curls were slick with juice. Her outer lips were a deep pink, flushed and puffed with desire. Her flower opened to display the route to her core. Topping the vision of beauty was her pink opalescent clit which was standing out of its hood.

Guy made his tour of all these delights and then latching onto her clit pressed is tongue to it and began to hum. Lisa thought she’d go mad. There was no relief from what Guy was doing. What happened was a need was becoming an ache. She felt her body congest with want. She couldn’t breathe properly and then it happened. One solid lick and she came. She had wet the bed with her juices. She arched her back and mouthed a scream but nothing came but the sound of rushing air. Guy had spent an eternity between her legs. Just caressing her. No man but her beloved deflowerer had ever even fucked her for that long. Guy still had to get his cock into her!

Something soft, her panties perhaps, was between her legs mopping up her fluids. Her legs were lifted, her cheeks spread and the moisture between them blotted and dabbed. Lisa lay with her ankles together and knees parted, panting with her eyes closed. As each breath emptied from her it came as a soft cry.

A kiss to her stomach that moved north across her breasts to her neck and thence to her mouth brought her partially to her senses. She came around further as a hard, warm, smooth probe began to enter her. It took a minute to get him inside her. She felt he was a nice size, filling without being uncomfortable. He felt her envelope him and grip. He could have pushed into her in a second or two. She was certainly wet enough but he wanted to feel every millimetre of her with his cock.

She felt the ripple of his bulge go deep and as his balls kissed her rear entrance she crossed her legs behind his back.. They rocked back and forth like this as Lisa had two more orgasms.

She told Guy that she would love to taste his seed. If he would permit it she wanted to suck his cock.. He withdrew slowly and lying him on his back Lisa set about orally worshiping his cock. She took some moisture from her pussy and moving from his balls down between his cheeks she inserted a finger and gently massaged him. Her only oral contact with his cock was a soft suck on his tip as her lips surrounded it. She stroked his shaft softly. With a grunt Guy bowed to the inevitable and humping her finger he spurted into her mouth. She sucked him dry and curled up beside him.

Three hours had passed. He’d been right. He’d have been useless in an aircraft toilet.

The night was punctuated with two further intimate exchanges. Lisa was greedy for Guy’s sperm. By sun-up they had made love for over 7 hours in total. Still his seed had not been deposited in her pussy. She hungrily demanded he fill her mouth each time he came close.

As she had entered the bedroom the previous evening she had noticed an odd piece of furniture. She had never seen anything like it. It was a small dark leather sofa-like object. The only problem would be that you couldn’t lie back or sit on it so far as she could tell. It was covered in a very soft hide and beside it was what looked like a black bearskin.

As the lovers stirred about 11 am Lisa asked Guy what the object was.

“Stay the day and I’ll show you this evening.”

“I’ll stay so long as I’m not imposing.” Her words cut short as she swallowed his cock.

“In that case shall I send for your luggage?”

She nodded her assent. He lifted her head from his cock.

“I want to save that for your pussy this evening if you don’t mind. Or do you not want me to come in you? Do we need contaceptives?”

She shook her head.

“No, dirty as it sounds I like the taste of sperm and yours is just delicious. Come in me right now if you want.”

“No, tonight. I will try for a special treat so you don’t feel short changed.”

Lisa’s luggage arrived and she settled in. Guy arranged for her to attend the resort spa. She walked over to it stark naked with a parisol to keep her skin from burning. She was attended to by an attractive young woman and a good looking man. They wore no clothes as seemed to be the norm for all the staff. Lisa was having her shoulders massaged as she looked up to see a lovely young cock two inches from her face. She would have stuck her tongue out but decided not to as it might have embarrassed Guy had she sucked an employee.

Her legs were spread as the massage table opened out and her masseuse slipped between her legs. Lisa felt warm soft female hands kneed her buttocks and the insides of her thighs. Her masseur’s cock remained swinging hypnotically in front of her. Lisa’s rear was entirely exposed. She felt a warm flannel begin to wash her all over her most intimate places. She was asked if she wished her pussy to be trimmed. She declined as she did kartal escort not have much hair anyway and Guy had expressed such admiration for her as she was. After two hours of pampering she was carried to a spa by her muscular masseur. His cock had grown to a very appealing seven inch spear. Her masseuse joined her to give her a final relaxing rub over, telling her all the time how attractive she was. As Lisa departed she noticed her young masseuse bending over the table to take her colleague’s manhood between her open legs.

Lisa floated the 400 metres to Guy’s house. She didn’t dress for dinner and nor did Guy. She told him how she had been tempted by the cock at the head of her massage table. Guy thanked her for her discretion. He told her however that she need only forbear from the staff given that she was the boss’s lover. The guests were, should she choose, hers to use as she saw fit.

Their meal was light as Guy had a surprise in store. His odd piece of furniture was a custombuilt fuck stand. The soft rug was laid across it to increase its user’s tactile pleasure.

Finally Lisa had her questions answered. The way to use it was to lie face down upon it in a crouch not unlike a motorcycle racer. The nett effect was to have her body lie along its soft centre with her knees spread and her entire rear end open, exposed and tilted to just the right angle for unspeakable acts of pleasure to take place.

There was one more surprise. It had a hydraulic system that allowed it to rise or fall and to turn if necessary. Guy explained all this to Lisa and asked if she would like him to tend to her as she relaxed upon it.

Lisa couldn’t wait. Guy offered her a blindfold. She willingly accepted. This was to be a feast for the sense of touch and she felt no need to be distracted by any other.

She tied the silk scarf herself as she straddled the pleasure seat. Then with a sigh she leant forward to embrace the fur and display herself to her lover. Guy raised the chair and began to plant little kisses all over Lisa’s back and sides. Slowly he began to move south along her spine. Christ, he didn’t stop! Her pussy flexed as her rear was kissed licked and tongued. Guy violated her bottom gently. This was new, this was dirty, this was exquisite! Now she understood why her masseuse had spend so much time primping and pampering her rear end.

By the time Guy’s tongue reached her pussy lips she was edging to her first orgasm. Her breasts were rubbing against the soft fur. Her whole front was being stimulated by it and now Guy entered her pussy with his tongue. She came, nothing could have stopped her. His lips left her she felt the chair rotate. Guy’s cock was at her lips. Hard, moist with his precum. She opened and swallowed. She tried to take him all but he risisted. He withdrew and she felt the chair turn again.

Three seconds later she was entered in one long slow stoke. She felt herself open all the way along her interior to take him. In and out, in and out. Not a word said. All darkness and stimulation about five minutes into this Lisa bagan to come again. She was not coming hard it was sweet, long and rolling. She felt enveloped in a soft cloud. This was seemless. Lisa said one word.


She felt Guy begin to spurt and as the first warm gush hit her insides she swooned. It wasn’t a proper fainting spell just a delicious lightheadedness as her stomach rippled and she tightened to milk his cock.

She felt herself being carried to the bed. She was spent and went to sleep immediately she hit the pillow. In the small hours she woke to feel Guy’s cum caked on her. She leant over and kissed his sleeping form. She cuddled up to him and masturbated quietly. She wasn’t in the least dissatisfied. She felt she had attained a new sexual consciousness and sought simply to revel in it as she juiced her fingers.

Lisa was blissfully happy. She didn’ know whether this was love but, by God, it was marvelous. Guy would do anything she asked of him in bed. The freedom to explore her sexuality at the resort sent her off on a journey of self exploration. To be able to lie at the waters edge and masturbate as waves lapped at her and Guy craddled her head felt so liberating.

All too soon it came her time to return to her life at home. Guy had to head for Singapore and the flight passed through Auckland so Lisa got to entertain him in her bedroom for a couple of nights. It was not an easy parting. The pair were clearly infatuated. Lisa cried at the airport as Guy’s flight left. He was through Auckland every six weeks but her pussy and her soul cried out for more. It had never been discussed but both made the assuption that their relationship was not exclusive.

Six weeks later as they relaxed between trysts. Guy asked her about her time away from him. She told of her old lover in whose arms she had consoled herself. She told Guy she assumed he had someone somewhere. He did, explaining she was married and that they saw each other only occasionally. She lived in Tahiti at the moment, she and her husband were old friends. Before Guy had been widowed the two couples were intimate friends and in the years since Adele had seen no reason to stop loving him. Lisa sensed no threat from this woman and indeed expressed a desire to meet her and her husband.

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