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You walk into the bedroom after work to find me laying on a single white sheet on the bed, our comforter and pillows stacked on a chair. A soft light is lit, and our favorite mix of sexy songs is playing.

As our eyes lock, I smile.

“Take off your clothes and join me, gorgeous.”

Your smile widens as you immediately comply. You kick off your shoes and remove each sock. As you shrug off your jacket, I admire your shoulders, wide and strong. I can’t take my eyes off your hands as they unbutton your shirt.

You notice me looking and slow down, making each movement deliberate, delicious. I roll onto my side, resting my head on my hand as you teasingly strip for me. I am amazed by how much you turn me on with this simple act. Just the sight of you.

As you bare your upper body, my eyes graze over your chest, and follow the path of your hands down your torso to your belt buckle.

I longingly lick my lips as I watch you unfasten the trappings of the business world, leaving them behind to enter the world I have created this evening for just the two of us.

As you step out of your briefs, I can see that you are ready for an evening of fun at home.

“So, what’s on the menu tonight?” you ask.

“A little artistic entertainment,” I reply. As I pull out a few tubes of red lipstick, I explain.

“I want you to paint me; decorate my body for your pleasure.”

Your eyes light up and I continue. “I want to be your work of art, your palette.”

Grinning widely, you take the lipstick from me as you sit on the bed. I lay back, looking up at you. Your eyes roam my body, as if unable to decide where to begin. As you reach my face again, I can see you have made a decision. You take a deep breath.

“I have always wanted to do this. Open your lips for me, just as you would if you were applying your own lipstick.”

I part my lips as you lean down and carefully apply scarlet color to them. The feel of the stick against my lips, stretching them a bit as you firmly apply the rouge, is quite sensual.

When you finish, you move your head down closer to my breasts to analyze your efforts.

“Not bad for a first try.” You are so close I’m sure you can hear my heart beating.

You smile slowly and move up, kissing me gently at first, then again, more intently.

Your tongue slides into my mouth, tasting the color you applied and my lips themselves, causing my heart to beat faster still.

The taste of you is almost a metaphysical sensation, your spicy breath closing on mine, the amazing wetness of your mouth. I reach up to embrace you, to pull you closer to me, trying to drag you into me, to make our bodies one.

Your tongue dances around mine, teasing and tantalizing me, making me melt inside before you pull back and away from me. I gasp at the loss of you and glance up. Your eyes are soft as they look at me, and a small smile hovers around the corners of your mouth. Smears of my lipstick outline your lips as well, making them even more sensual to me.

“I could very easily get distracted and take you right now,” you say, “but an artist must have discipline.”

You reach out and run your index finger along my jaw line, holding my chin between it and your thumb and tilting my head off to the side. I close my eyes, wondering what you are up to, but ready to experience what you offer.

I feel the tip of the lipstick touch me lightly, then with more pressure in the tender spot just behind my earlobe. It rests a moment, then begins to swirl out from there, down the side of my neck, over my collar bone, ending between my breasts.

It is amazingly erotic to feel you drawing on me in this manner. The slight chill of the cooled lipstick, the tip dragging across my tender skin, the faint trails of waxy color left behind, all combine into an experience I have never felt before.

On my chest, I can feel you draw a heart, and color it in, and I smile up at you, opening my eyes to watch you. bostancı escort As I catch your eyes, you wink at me, then return to your work, an expression of concentration on your face.

In two quick strokes, you circle each breast with a line of color. You dab a little color into each nipple, using a fingertip to smear it in, rouging my areolas to a deep rosy red. My nipples harden instantly under your touch, bringing a slight smile to your face.

You lean down to gently kiss one, then the other, your tongue quickly flicking out. You look at me. “This is as much color as I will be using on your breasts. I plan to taste them completely, and I want nothing interfering with my enjoyment of you.”

I smile at you, knowing nothing needs to be said.

Still working in swirls and sweeping stokes, you add some decoration to my upper chest above each breast. Dots, lines and circles begin to fill in the space on my pale skin. Again sitting back to critically assess your work, you reach out with your thumb and forefinger to roll a deep pink nipple, stiffening it even more, and eliciting a sigh from my lips.

Gliding your color wand across my torso, you decorate me adoringly. Raising myself to my elbows I watch your movements and love the rapt fascination I see radiating from your face. I smile, feeling that even without lovemaking this night is a success.

Circles, swirls and dots; they cover my torso now as you begin to embellish my hips and upper thighs. Running out of lipstick, you open a new tube, working your way down my legs.

Watching my body become less familiar and more exotic with every sweep of your hand brings a rush of intimate feelings. You are making me less myself and more an object that belongs to you, totally and completely. A canvas for your whim.

Gently, you spread my legs apart, continuing your embellishments.

The color is spreading across me. I look at my legs as if they are the red painted legs of a woman from some faraway land. It is a primal feeling, and I feel moistness between them.

You leave a wide swatch of bare skin around my pubis. The color swirling everywhere makes the bareness of my breasts and mound stand out as even more decadent, as if the rest of my body is nothing but a frame, a display for the sexual parts of me. A tightness clutches at my belly, a feeling I recognize and attribute to your presence.

You continue your design down even to the tops of my feet. Scarlet vines explore beyond my ankles, as if reaching for my toes.

Sitting back from me and taking in my body with one glance, you add a few touches here and there, then look at me.

“I want you to stay still. Do not move until I return.”

Curious as to what you are up to, I just nod and watch you rise and walk out of the room.

When you return, I see you have the digital camera with you.

“I want to remember this. I want a souvenir, and most of all, I want you to see your body right now as I see it.”

I smile, and lay back, stretching myself out on the sheet for you. You snap a few shots, checking the screen until you are satisfied, and bring the camera over to show me.

I inhale sharply. The photo includes my full body, from my neck down. Because my face is not visible, the anonymity is shocking. It is like a photo of someone else. A sensuous, primal woman, decorated for the sacred act of love. My eyes fly to your face.

Your expression is a mix of amusement, satisfaction and a deep carnal desire I feel mirrored in my own body.

You turn off the camera, setting it aside.

“Roll over onto your stomach carefully. Disturb my work as little as possible. Once you are turned, I need you to stay very still as I complete your back. Will you do this for me?”

“Yes,” I breathe.

As carefully as possible, with your hands guiding me, I roll over onto my stomach, sinking into the support of the mattress, my legs slightly parted.

I feel your hands running ümraniye escort bayan down my back, exploring me as you might a block of stone before carving. You brush my hair away from my neck and back, exposing me to your gaze.

You begin work quickly, as if you have an inner vision that you are simply channeling onto my skin with your movements. I feel you drawing on my shoulder blades, first the left and the right, cover most of my back with a design I cannot see, but feel with every touch.

As you finish your work there, you move to the nape of my neck and begin a long sinuous line down my spine, ending at my tailbone with a spiral I can feel you draw. More curlicues and shapes drawn on my back slowly push me into a reverie, a half-doze fantasy of being a mighty queen being painted and decorated for her wedding night by her favorite slave.

I am brought back to reality by the clicking of the camera. Click, focus, click.

Again, when you are satisfied, you bring the camera to me, to show me my body as your masterpiece.

Great wings sprout from my shoulder blades, folded down against my sides, the tips brushing the tops of my buttocks. Curls of color dance across my back and thighs. Every inch of skin is transformed into a swirling fantasy, leaving my buttocks completely bare, white and exposed.

The contrast of color and bare skin serves only to highlight the sensuousness, lushness of that female form pictured. My body.

Again, you set aside the camera. As you do, I see the effect this has had on you. You are rampant, standing tall and strong before me. I can see the flush of desire in your cheeks and the gleam of your eyes. I smile slowly.

Your smile is one of hunger as you reach down and lift me up. I make a sound of protest for just a moment, and you hush me with a finger to my lips. “There is no more need to be careful. We have our record of this evening. I want you.”

I relax. This evening is, after all, for you.

I let you pull me up to a kneeling position on the bed, as you stand on the floor. You pull me to you in a strong embrace, at once tender, yet full of rough need.

Again, your lips press into mine, and I suck wildly at you, my need rushing over me like a tidal wave. With a hand on my ass and another twined in my hair, you lay me down on the bed, climbing over me, on all fours above me. I can feel your erection bouncing against my hip as your mouth explores mine.

Your hand slips out from behind me and fingers trail across decorated skin to cup my mound. I moan quietly into your mouth as I feel you touch my wet heat. My hips raise to meet you without thought, and I wrap my arms around your back, kneading and scratching you lightly.

You hold your hand on me, still except for the movement of your middle finger, sliding with excruciating slowness up and down my slit, causing my lips to open to you, inviting you inside of me.

You break the kiss, pulling back and glancing down at my body once more before lowering your mouth to a breast.

You suckle at me greedily, your tongue flashing wildly around as you nibble and suck. I arch my back, trying to push myself deeper into you. You pull your head back, drawing my nipple up and away from my body, stretching me out.

Your lips leave me with a loud “pop,” as you turn your attentions to my other breast, growling softly as you lower yourself to me again.

I realize suddenly that your hand has been moving gently on my cunny, causing my hips to grind into your palm. I can feel your fingers sliding through my wetness, and my clitoris is beginning to hum.

I reach down with one hand to grasp your firmly, sliding up and down your silky hardness. There is a drop of wetness leaking from your tip. I gather it onto my fingers and bring them to my mouth to taste your salty pre-cum. I lick your essence off of me, and wet my hand with saliva before reaching down again.

You groan against my breast as I touch you again, kartal escort and slide my hand up and down, slicking your cock with my spit.

You release my nipple and your eyes bore into mine with a ferocious intensity. “I want to be inside of you. Now.”

I bite my lower lip, smiling slightly and nod. “Yesssssssss.”

As you lift yourself, I feel you dip your middle finger into me, sliding it all the way in, then back out again. Your smile is hardened with lust as your hands wrap around my hips and lift me onto you, sliding into me in one long stroke.

I can feel my wetness coating you inch by inch, as I feel you fill me, complete me.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes,” I exclaim.

I feel you sink fully to your root, your balls slapping my bottom, reminding me of the color on my flesh. I wonder what I must look like to you now, laid out below you.

You begin to slide out of me, pulling out with agonizing slowness, until just the tip of you remains inside. As you pause there, I begin to rotate my hips against you, circling the head of your cock inside me. I can see the skin around your eyes tighten as you feel me, and you plunge smoothly back into me up to your hilt.

This time, your withdrawal is not slow and teasing. You begin to stroke me steadily, holding my hips in place, pulling me onto you as you push into me.

Every time you begin to pull out, I clamp down on you with my vaginal muscles, trying to hold you inside me. I can feel your response as your hands tighten on my body.

The room is warm, and I can feel a light film of sweat forming on your skin. I run my hands along your back, massaging you as I rock with you. I love the feel of you inside me, close to me, fucking me.

I lose myself in the feel of you, and I am startled when I hear you let out a growl. I look up to see you watching me. Your eyes shift for a moment and your hands leave my hips, sliding around my back and gathering me up to your chest, lifting me from the bed, holding me tightly. I wrap my legs securely around your waist, locking us together.

You hold me close to you, so tightly that I can barely breathe. I melt into your arms and sigh. You hold me still like that for a few moments, then begin pulsing yourself in and out of me in the tiniest of increments, just enough to create a small kernel of warm sensation and make it grow deep inside of me.

I begin rocking on you, my face buried in your neck, feeling tender and incredibly hot. In this position my clit is grinding against your pelvis, lending additional sensation to our lovemaking.

One of your hands leaves my back, sliding down to my bottom, lifting me against you. I let my head fall back as I feel your pace begin to increase in time with our need.

Loud moans and gasps escape both of us.

“Oh god, I want you so much,” you say.

“Take me,” I reply.

You increase your tempo, plunging into me with determination, taking all that I have to offer, holding me close to you as you claim me.

“Cum for me, Heather. I want to feel you.”

You know me so well. You know I have been waiting for you. At your words, I begin to let go of control, and ride the waves of passion you are creating inside of me.

I begin to shudder on you, my pussy spasming as I cry out. At the first rush of my juices, I feel you jerk inside me and let go, filling me with your seed. My orgasm goes on and on each pump of your prick inside me taking me further and further, until neither of us has more left to give.

Gently, you lower us both wearily to the bed, never leaving me as you cuddle me close. Your hand moves to my hair and you breathe in deep. My hands massage your back, feeling your strength ebb into relaxation.

We must have fallen asleep, I realize as I wake with a start.

My movement rouses you and you open your eyes to look at me muzzily. I lean back a bit and take in the scene we have created. My body covered in color, your body smeared with your artistic efforts, the white sheets around us now rumpled and stained with wide swaths of scarlet.

I see you looking around as well, and I grin abashedly. You smile back at me, a wicked gleam in your eye and say, “Well, um… I think perhaps a nice hot shower is in order.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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