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Take Your Daughter to Work Day

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I looked up from my bed where I was lying on the covers. There, in the last light of the evening, was my daughter, framed in in the doorway to my bedroom, the light from the shower room leaving her shadowy, and lit from behind. I could see that she was fresh from the shower, her long auburn hair damp, a small towel just covering her nakedness. She was watching me.

I took Cassie in, she began to walk towards me, her eyes fixed on mine, a nervous half smile on her face. As she drew nearer, she paused, and then slowly peeled away the towel, revealing her delicious body, small breasts, tiny waist, shaved. In a moment I was erect. The towel dropped to the floor and she climbed on the bed.

“It’s our time daddy”.


Cassie was excited. Today was Take Your Daughter to Work day. She was going with her daddy, Tom, to his office in Salford Keys, to experience what it was like to work in a media company. She couldn’t have been more pleased, and to be honest, more nervous.

Cassie’s daddy was a senior manager in a stylish and cutting-edge media company, making content for TV, cinema and online advertisers. She loved her daddy and was completely in awe of him, and not a little enamoured of him too. She jumped in his Jaguar that morning, full of nervous energy.

“Are you OK hunny?” he asked, looking anxiously at his 18-year-old daughter sitting next to him in the car.

Tom took in her clothes, bought for the occasion. A shorter skirt than he felt comfortable with, paired with heels showing off her long and shapely legs. A blouse that plunged just a little too far, revealing much of Cassie’s tiny but delightful breasts. Her glossy auburn hair was up in a ponytail, emphasising her high cheekbones. And she smelt delicious, Tom thought. He was taking her to work with him. She would spend the morning with his colleagues and be his PA for the afternoon.

“I’m fine daddy!” Cassie wouldn’t admit how nervous she was, but she knew from her daddy’s sideways glances, that she was looking hot. She was aware that her daddy considered her attractive. He tried to hide it from her, but she couldn’t help inwardly laughing at his difficulties. She knew an erection when she saw one. And she was flattered and a little turned on at the thought that her daddy, handsome, slim and charming, felt that way about her. Tom was the object of lust of all her girlfriends. They all wanted to come by the house, and stay over if they could, so they could chat and flirt with her daddy. She was OK with this at first but lately she’d felt pretty jealous of their attentions. Tom was hers! She knew he’d been lonely since his divorce from her, frankly foolish mum. She couldn’t help but feel proprietorial about Tom.

When they arrived at the offices she was put in to the safe keeping of one of Tom’s female colleagues, Laura, who showed her around. Everywhere they went it was “This is Tom’s daughter, Cassie” which was invariably followed by giggles, sighs, and knowing looks from all the women Cassie met.

“Laura,” Cassie asked when they were grabbing a coffee late morning, “I can’t help it. I have to ask. What do people think about my dad? His name always gets a reaction.”

Laura laughed, a little uncomfortably.

“Well Cassie, you see…” and her she paused to make sure she expressed herself carefully. “All the women (and some of the men too…) think the world of Tom. You know what I mean?” She raised a knowing eyebrow.

“Do you mean they think he’s hot?” Cassie asked, shuffling uncomfortably on her stool. “I know he is. All my girlfriends fancy him,” she said a little ruefully.

“Oh yes!” laughed Laura. Most of us…I mean most people have a crush on him. But none of us stands a chance!” She laughed, nudging poor uncomfortable Cassie.

“There’s only one woman in Tom’s life.”

Cassie felt herself colour up. Who was this woman that her dad had never mentioned?

“Who is she Laura,” asked Cassie “Have we met her today?”

“Oh, she’s here in the building!” Laura giggled. “It’s you of course!” Cassie was confused.

“Tom talks about nothing else! It’s Cassie this and Cassie that, all day long. We all know none of stands a chance against you!”. Laura was laughing but, Cassie wondered, a little sadly perhaps.

My daddy is really handsome, thought Cassie. And I know he likes me. Her thoughts went back to his erection in the car. Does everyone here suspect something? People at work admired and fancied him. She felt hot and bothered and bostancı escort squirmed again on the stool. She thought of her daddy again. In his suit, handsome and in charge. In the shower, dripping and wet. Back from his run, sweaty and hot. All those jealous feelings, hearing about him from his colleagues, and knowing how he looked at her, and that she was the only girl in his life. Her hand covered her mouth. In shock, she admitted to herself what she truly felt for him. She desired him, body and soul. She wanted to be his lover, his partner, and more, she wanted to be the mother of his baby.


Meanwhile Tom was getting on with his day, there were meetings, calls, accounts to manage, he was kept busy all morning. But all he could really think about was Cassie. He kept taking the opportunity to sneak a look at her. She seemed completely at ease whenever he glimpsed her, laughing with his colleagues. She fitted right in here. And what’s more in her short skirt, and revealing top, she did brighten up the office.

He shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Cassie was pretty, fun, smart and the image of his divorced wife at her age. It all added up to a powerful combination that had Tom reeling every day. He wanted to be a good father but ever since his friend Brian had pointed out what a hottie Cassie was, he hadn’t been able to put aside the wicked thoughts that kept him awake at night: Cassie in the shower, Cassie in the pool, Cassie in bed. She was by far the prettiest woman here, he thought. None of the other women, as lovely as they were, meant anything to him. There was one woman-shaped whole in his life, and it was only funny, clever, beautiful…sexy… Cassie who could fill it. He imagined her, in his arms, in his bed, and then shockingly, Cassie naked and pregnant. The realisation hit him like a train. He knew for sure now. He desired her with his whole body and soul.

In the afternoon Cassie was going to work with him as his PA. At least that was the plan. She came into his office after lunch and they chatted a little awkwardly, for the first time in their lives. He showed her around his office. She sat in on a couple of meetings and took notes. She sat by his side and he couldn’t help but look at her legs, crossed and tanned, whilst she kept notes a little notebook. From time to time she would look up at him, and their eyes would meet, with a knowing look. He shivered every time.

For Cassie it was torture. Her daddy, handsome and strong, was right there in front of her. Now she knew what she felt, it was all she could do to stop herself from grabbing him, pushing herself against him and ravishing him there and then. She giggled, a little embarrassed. He looked at her almost as if he knew. She was wet and hot and bothered. Did he know that too?

At the end of the day everyone had gone home. Tom and Cassie were alone in his office. The silence was thick with something thought but unsaid. They kept stealing glances at one another as they worked. Cassie and Tom were putting documents in a cabinet, working side by side. Cassie broke the silence.

“If I were really your assistant daddy, is this where you’d be backing me against the filing cabinets? Would it be in my job description to sleep with the boss?” She laughed flirtatiously. Tom laughed, gently.

“I’ve never backed any of my team against a cabinet” A long pause. “Then none of them were as beautiful as you”.

“Do you think I’m beautiful?” Cassie asked, feeling her cheeks burning.

“You know you are Cassie. You’re the most beautiful girl, woman, I have ever seen. And the most precious thing to me.” Tom stopped. He was suddenly aware of how he felt, the desire that filled him, how inappropriate it was.

“I’m so sorry Cassie…I shouldn’t.” He faltered.

“Why sorry daddy? Do you not think I have feelings too? Desires?”

A long awkward silence.

“Thanks for giving me a wonderful day daddy,” Cassie said, and leaned in to give Tom a kiss on the cheek.

At that moment he turned towards her, so instead she kissed him on the lips. He was surprised for a moment, but then she did more, and put up her hand to his head, and pulled him in to her, and kissed him again, this time her mouth opened, and so did his. Her tongue flicked out. For a moment they kissed passionately. Then he pulled back.

“Oh, my darling. I can’t…we shouldn’t…”

“Just shut up and do it daddy, for once, follow your instincts”.

She grabbed him and backed ümraniye escort bayan up against the filing cabinet.

“I’m your assistant today. This is what bosses do. Fuck their secretaries. Show me how.”

They grabbed at one another lewdly, he felt her tiny and firm breasts, hard nipples, and pert bottom, pulling her to him and grinding his groin into hers. She revelled in the bristly manliness of his face, and the hard penis she could feel rubbing against her through her skirt. She pulled out his shirt and put her hands inside, feeling his hard body, reaching up and raking his nipples with her nails, feeling him squirm with pleasure. Then she reached own, and found his zipper, pulling it down, reaching inside for his penis. She put her hand on it and it was hot, rigid. She drew it out and began to pull on it. She wanted it inside her. He groaned into her hair. With her other hand she pulled her knickers aside. She tried to angle his penis so that it would enter her. She was possessed with an urge to have him come inside her, right there and then.

Just then, the door handle turned, and the door began to open. They jumped in surprise and pulled apart guiltily. Laura backed in, juggling the door and with her arms full, not seeing what was happening as Tom and Cassie quickly tucked away shirts, fastened zippers and straightened hair. She turned around and looked at them, subconsciously picking up that something was odd, but unable to put her finger on it. She chatted with Tom, said goodbye to Cassie and left, closing the door behind her.

“God, that was close,” said Tom. He’d blushed a deep crimson. “I’m so sorry Cassie, I don’t know what came over me. Forgive me.”

“There’s nothing to forgive, daddy.” Cassie was also embarrassed but also profoundly aroused by nearly being caught. “Let’s go home.”


Tom sat outside on the patio chair, a glass of whisky in his hand, in the last of the light. The journey home had been quiet, awkward. How had it come to this? His beautiful Cassie. Everything was in danger. His job, if he’d been interrupted and seen making out with his daughter. And his daughter, beautiful, kind, sexy Cassie. He loved her without limit. He couldn’t lose her. But God, he wanted her. What was he to do?

In her bedroom Cassie slowly took of her work clothes, thinking about what had happened, how aroused she was at the thought of her daddy in her arms, of nearly being caught. She walked naked down to the bathroom. She didn’t care about being seen any more and stepped into the shower. The water was warm, and she carefully washed her hair, soaped her body, paying attention to her sensitive breasts, nipples, and then finding her clitoris, and slipping her soapy fingers inside herself. She imagined what it would be like with her daddy. How he would feel in her arms. How she wanted him, unprotected, inside her. This was the middle of her cycle, and she wanted to be clean for her daddy, if what she hoped might happen.


Tom looked up from his bed where he was now lying on the covers in just a cotton dressing gown. There, in the last light of the evening, was his daughter, framed in in the doorway to his bedroom, the light from the shower room leaving her shadowy form lit from behind. He could see that she was fresh from the shower, her long auburn hair damp, a small towel just covering her nakedness. She was watching him. His heart pounded and he could hardly breathe.

She began to walk towards him, her eyes fixed on his, a nervous half smile on her face. As she drew nearer, she paused, and then slowly peeled away the towel, revealing her delicious body, small breasts, tiny waist, and she had shaved herself to be smooth for him. In a moment he was erect. Her towel dropped to the floor and she climbed on the bed.

“It’s our time daddy”.

“Yes,” he said simply.

All his agonising counted for nothing when confronted by his beautiful daughter, naked and ready for him. He accepted his fate, his future life, whatever that might hold. Happiness or disaster, none of that mattered. He was caught in the moment, and in the grip of the inevitability of their imminent lovemaking and whatever consequences would follow.

Cassie knelt beside him and leaned over to touch her lips to his. They revelled in long moments of kissing. Their mouths opened, and the gentle exploration of tongues became more urgent. She groaned into his open mouth, as the enormity of what she was doing, and her lust, hit kartal escort her at the same time. Her daddy. She was about to commit the most basic of sins. Incest. With the man she loved most in the world. Her body was on fire, she was wet between her legs, in the middle of her cycle, and she was breathless with anticipation.

Tom sat up, undid the dressing gown and slid it off. For the first time, but not the last, hey were naked together. He lay back down, and she climbed on top of him, his erection between them. Holding each other in this way was the most sinful, erotic moment of either of their lives. They stared into each other’s eyes, as Cassie moved her body up, until the head of his penis was at the opening of her sex. She slowly, so slowly pushed down, and Tom pushed back as the head of his penis parted her labia. Then, he was inside her, quickly engulfed by the heat and silken softness of his daughter.

“Oh…” she mouthed softly as she was in a moment full of her daddy. Her eyes widened as she accommodated his penis inside her. She wasn’t a virgin but this was so very different.

“Daddy, I love you.” She stared deep into his eyes. “This is the start of our new lives together daddy. From now on I will be your daughter and your wife. We can make love all the time if you want. I want to daddy.” And she began to move, using every inch of her body she writhed and ground against him, raking his body with her hard nipples, gripping his penis and rolling her hips in a way he’d never experienced before.

Tom was filled with the most delicious of sensations and his daughter was showing him possibilities he’d never imagined. Buried inside her, he suddenly rolled her so that he was on top of her and still inside. He began to drive into her, hard and rhythmically, sweat coating both their bodies. They were both moving inevitably to a climax, the frenzy of their lovemaking overtaking them. She raked her nails across his back, drawing blood, marking him. He yelled out loud as the pleasure-pain, and the sheer wickedness of this wild sex, brought him to orgasm. She was a little afraid at this point, at the manliness of her daddy, and what they were doing. She knew he might come inside her. Did she want that? Yes. She knew she wanted his seed, and the possibility of pregnancy, more than anything. The thought tipped her over the edge, she felt her orgasm beginning, building from deep within her, and bursting out of her.

“Fuck me. Fuck me!” She screamed. “Inside me. I want your cum inside me”.

Then it hit, her body spasmed, muscles bulging on her neck, her mouth open, frozen in time as a wild thing, no longer human, just lust, orgasm, sweat, and desperation. They came together, he, pumping her full of his seed, she clinging on to him, welded to his body forever, and calling out repeatedly, in delirious pleasure.

“Daddy. Daddy. Daddy.”


In the morning half-light Tom was looking at his sleeping daughter. He had no regrets, none. The lovemaking last night had shown him some truth about their relationship. They were bound to one another now, in lust, and in love. She lay face down, her sinuous back a temptation he couldn’t resist. His hand stroked her, felt the shape of her spine, travelled down to the curve of her lower back. He palmed the globes of her bottom and she stirred. He dipped his hand between her thighs, and brought his fingers to her labia. She was wet. He tasted his fingers. Delicious. They both groaned as they new this was the start of their second time together. She pushed back against his fingers, lifting her bottom enticingly. God she was delicious, Tom thought. He was erect now and moved behind her, on his knees, body upright. She manoeuvred until she was also on her knees, curved her spine down, lifting her bottom into an impossibly lewd invitation. Reaching around, she took his penis and guided it inside her. From this position she was even tighter, and she gripped him with her inner muscles until he could barely move inside her. Then she began to move, milking him with the strength of her vagina. No-one could resist this, as she dragged him towards orgasm. He knew that he would come again, and from this position, he could feel how deep he was inside her. Something else. He knew, instinctively, that this was the moment when he would put a baby inside her. He bent over, and reached around her, palming her tiny breasts and hard nipples.

“I love you baby,” he told her, almost shouting his adoration for this wonderful human being who was his entirely now.

“Make me a baby daddy,” she called out. And at that moment he came, filling her with his seed.


The following year, Tom took both his daughters to work again. And this time, one of them was also his granddaughter.

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