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Kitty Loves a DP

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Most of my lady friends have personal preferences when it comes to making love. They all adore having me eat their pussies but, after that, their tastes vary. Kitty is a rather chubby redhead with a pretty face and what she likes most of all is being the filling in a sandwich. That usually means one man lying on his back, with her lying face to face on top of him, his cock plunging in and out of her pussy, and another man on her back doing the same for her ass. She usually cums a couple of times from this part, as well as climaxing from being eaten out before the assembly of the sandwich, and both men immensely enjoy the whole encounter, so everybody is happy.

Personally, I am always happy to be one of those men, but a problem with this arrangement is that it is more trouble for me to call on Kitty and satisfy her sexually. With most lady friends, they call me or I call them, and one of us goes to see the other. With Kitty, after the initial phone call, I have to look for another man to go with me.

More often than not, I call on Frank first, and he is usually available because he knows what a great time we will have. The women like him too because he is young and handsome with blonde hair and green eyes and seems to be always horny. His cock is not particularly large, nor is mine, but when he and I have formed the outside of a Kitty sandwich, she has never expressed any complaints. Neither have we, of course.

The most recent time was last Saturday when she called me at home and asked me to come over and see her. She usually phones on a weekend because most of the men who go with me are at work otherwise. After talking to her, I called Frank and he was as eager as he usually is, so I phoned Kitty back to tell her what time to expect us. She would have her bed and herself ready, and would have the supplies we would need. These would include special condoms that include pleasure bumps, and erotically scented lubricant for her ass. Usually, I don’t care for artificial scents like that but the lube would be applied after Frank and I had finished eating out her pleasure holes and would not interfere with their own delightful natural aromas.

We arrived at the scheduled time and rang her doorbell and, after looking at me through the peephole, Kitty let us in. She knows Frank too, from previous sessions, but she wants to take no risks. We both enjoyed a hug with the young lady and took turns kissing her lips before we removed our shoes and socks and she led us to her bedroom. Kitty had been wearing a short kimono but, once we stood beside her bed, she tossed it aside and stood completely naked between us. Our clothing didn’t stay on very long either and, after a few seconds, all three of us were equally unclothed.

“Let’s take a shower first,” Kitty suggested to me, grinning lewdly.

I knew why, in particular, she wanted to take a shower with us, and I grinned back at her. “Let’s go,” I said. She was between us, and Frank and I were both fondling her delightful ass as we headed for the bathroom.

None of us was all that much in need of washing, and we spent most of our time with me carefully soaping and rinsing the insides of her ass cheeks and gently laving her adorable pink rosebud. The understanding already was that I would fuck her ass while Frank would be on his back with Kitty’s pussy impaled on his hard shaft but, before that started to happen, both of us would eat the place where our cocks would be. With most women, if I am going to be fucking her ass, I like to lick the insides of her cheeks and her cute rosebud first, just as I want to eat her pussy before I start thrusting my cock into her there.

Three big, fluffy towels were already waiting for us, and we all dried each other’s bodies before climbing onto Kitty’s bed. She lay on her back, while a man got on either side of her and gently held one of her big, luscious breasts and leaned forward to begin licking it. Kitty is a natural redhead, which I already knew, and her creamy skin is splashed fetchingly with a few freckles. Her nipples are big and pink, and the one topping the breast allotted to me was already erect, so I could feel the tiny, stiff ridges under my tongue.

Since it is so big and plump and succulent, I held her breast with both hands as my mouth caressed her nipple, sometimes using broad strokes with the flat of my tongue, and sometimes dabbing with just the tip. Frank pleasured its lovely twin, and he licked and sucked and nuzzled it the way he preferred. Between the two of us, we must have been doing something right, because, in less than a minute, Kitty was murmuring happily while squirming on the bed from our ministrations.

Wanting to please her breast and my mouth even more, I drew as much of the luscious globe as I could into my mouth and started sucking. My lips formed a seal as my cheeks worked like a bellows and my tongue continued caressing Kitty’s adorable nipple and areola. Her movements grew more erratic and murmurs turned to cooing, and she bahis firmaları seemed to be trying to thrust her gorgeous breast even more deeply into my mouth. As my mouth pleasured her breast, I could smell her pussy juices trickling. I had a moment of envy for Frank, because he would momentarily be savoring their delicious flavor and aroma as he licked the pink hole that was their source.

Kitty was thinking along the same lines. “You guys are the greatest,” she flattered us. “But now, it’s time to eat my pussies. The front one is all wet and dripping, the way you like it.”

We all knew what she meant by that, and agreed with her, and I saw no reason to correct her nomenclature. Kitty had been lying passively, but she turned so she was facing Frank, put her hands on his shoulders and started turning him so he would be lying on his back. He had no fault to find with the position she wanted to use, so he turned with her, nestled his head in the same pillow she had been using, and let Kitty kneel over him, and straddle his face.

To aid in his movements and so he could reach everywhere his mouth wanted to, he placed his hands on her thighs, just below the soft curve of her ass cheeks. With one man in place and already licking the fresh juices from her legs, Kitty turned and smiled lewdly at me. That was my cue to get into position to eat her other pussy, and I swung my leg over Frank, being careful to avoid kicking his erect cock, and straddled his belly so my mouth was right above Kitty’s curvaceous ass.

She reached back and spread her cheeks, to let me gaze on the beauty of what I would soon be eating and fucking. As her face and her breasts are, the skin on the outsides of her cheeks is extremely fair, with a few freckles that contrast nicely. On their inner surfaces, she is flawless and the color of ivory, while her rosebud is pink, with tiny wrinkles, and it is surrounded by a white puckered area. The skin surrounding that area is soft and smooth, like a satin pillow, but warm and vibrant.

Frank was already avidly eating Kitty’s front pussy, so I started on her rear one. The first thing I did, after I pressed my face between her cheeks, was to replace her hands with mine, so I was holding them apart and Kitty would be able to hold onto the headboard when she started cumming.

The next thing I did was to lick the cute little dimple at the base of her spine. This is not actually part of her ass, but my tongue enjoys curling in and out of it, before starting on one of her ultra-smooth inner cheeks. Moving slowly, reveling in every stroke of my tongue, I licked slowly down, skirting the puckered area, and all the way to Kitty’s crotch. From what we had done earlier and what we were doing then, she was heavily lubricating, and I sneaked my tongue in to sluice up some of her fresh juices. I felt no guilt at all over cheating Frank out of a few drops of the nectar that he most likely hoped to have all to himself.

After that delightful treat, I helped myself to another that was nearly its equal. Very slowly, loving every second of what I was doing, I let my lips and tongue meander up the inside of Kitty’s other cheek, which was just as soft and smooth and alluring as her first one had been By that time, her sexily plump body was squirming under my mouth and grinding into the face of Frank, the lucky guy. She was cooing loudly from the intense, erotic pleasure the double licking was giving her, and exhorting us to keep eating her pussies. There was really no need for her to do that, because neither of us had any intention of removing our mouths from Kitty’s delightful pleasure holes.

After my tongue had finished slowly caressing its way up the Damask inside of her cheek, it was where it had started. I paused only a second, before starting to lick down the center of Kitty’s ass cleft, once again swinging to the side when I reached her the puckering began. This time, although I was unable to see where I was going, I knew I was licking the white, puckered area. After the satiny smoothness of her cheeks, my tongue relished the corduroy, but I knew the best part, the pink crushed velvet was still farther inside.

I was aware of what a great time Frank was having too, because I have been on the other side of Kitty a few times. Her juices are delicious, but all I was doing just then was enjoying their aroma. I was hoping for a chance to steal some of them, but licking her ass was so much fun that I continued around the same puckered area until my tongue returned to directly above and no more than an inch from her adorable rosebud.

Kitty was writhing in bliss between us and begging Frank to suck her clit and make her cum. I was in no hurry for that to happen, and I didn’t think he was either, because both of us were having so much fun with what we were doing. Slowly, I licked downward until my tongue started to caress Kitty’s rosebud, the pink velvet itself. I probed with the tip and felt the tiny crevices, and even the tight slit in kaçak iddaa the middle.

My tongue was too soft and too blunt to make any penetration, but I knew my cock would soon be inside her there. For the time being, I satisfied myself with slowly stroking Kitty’s precious rosebud, applying quite a bit of pressure with the tip of my tongue. I alternated between licking with up and down strokes and slowly moving from side to side across the velvety spot, and continued until Kitty started cumming.

That glorious even happened shortly after Frank drew her clit into his mouth and started sucking on it. Because Kitty’s body was between us, I would not have known that happened, except that she let us know.

“Yes! Yes!” she cried. “Suck my clit!” and her movements between us became even more erratic.

While Kitty was thrashing between us, her arms and legs swinging wildly back and forth, I took advantage of the opportunity to move my face a bit lower to the position where I was able to snake out my tongue and lick some of her fresh nectar from her crotch. It was even more delicious in a larger quantity than the few drops I had relished earlier, and I kept my face pressed between her ass cheeks and extended my tongue as far as it would go to lick off as much as I could.

Of course, the taste of Kitty’s juices wasn’t the only thing about having her cum in between Frank and me. One of my favorite things to do is feel one of my lady friends totally letting herself go and really enjoying herself as she cums, and Kitty certainly did that. Her lower body couldn’t do much, being between us the way it was, but she swung wildly from her waist and her arms flailed the mattress, until her back bowed and she rammed her pussy against Frank’s face as she climaxed.

After her orgasm, she completely relaxed, and our tongues sort of fought a duel to see which of us could devour the most fresh nectar. I was able to start licking first, so I believe I got more than Frank did, but not by much. He had to leave some inside the pink hole that had produced the delicious treat, because it would be needed as a natural lubricant, but I know how much he hated doing that.

I backed away and got off the bed, and Frank slid out from under Kitty’s pussy and joined me. She lay face down on the crumpled sheet and, while she was resting and catching her breath, we put on condoms and I picked up the bottle of lubricant that had been left on the nightstand. A few minutes after we were ready, Kitty got to her knees on the bed and looked back at us. Seeing how we were ready for the next round of fun, she smiled.

“That was terrific, you guys. I see you’re ready for more, and so am I. Just lie back down here, Frank,” she said, indicating the place that he had just gotten up from, including the pillow he had been using.

He lay down where directed, and Kitty wasted no time straddling his legs and moving forward until her pussy was pressing against his erect cock. Placing her hands on his belly, she rose up to crouch over him, while Frank held his erection ready for Kitty to impale herself. After making contact with the head, she stopped so he could rub the tip in her wetness to spread her natural lubrication. With Frank and her both fully prepared, Kitty lowered her body slowly, and I heard her sigh happily when the first penetration was made.

“Oooooo,” she murmured as her body dipped lower and engulfed more of the hard cock that was waiting for her.

Over the next few minutes, there were many more sounds of happiness as Kitty fully enveloped Frank’s stiff shaft. When its entire length was inside her pussy, she turned to me with a lewd grin on her face.

“Your turn now, George. Oil me up good and stick your cock in my other pussy.” Having said that, Kitty stretched her legs out beside Frank’s and reached back to spread her ass cheeks.

I was ready, willing and able. I reached between those succulent pink cheeks and used a thumb and forefinger to pry open the pretty rosebud that had felt so good to my tongue a few minutes earlier. With a small hole available, I inserted the tip of the bottle, and squeezed in a nice, big dollop. It smelled nice, but nowhere as alluring as her natural aroma. Kitty liked it, though, and she murmured happily when she felt the cool, oily fluid squirt into her ass. I squeezed the bottle again, wanting to be sure to use enough. When I was satisfied there was enough, my finger entered her ass, and I carefully spread the Aqualube all over the inside, even covering the rosebud itself.

With her rear pussy prepared, I thoroughly covered my latex-wrapped cock with the same lubricant, concentrating on the head. With both of us ready, I knelt between Kitty’s and Frank’s legs and leaned forward until the tip of my cock pressed against the oily rosebud. Anticipating what I was about to start doing, she wiggled her ass in welcome and pulled her cheeks slightly farther apart. I gave a firm push with my cock and felt the head pop inside kaçak bahis the delightful place where it where it was wanted so badly, and Kitty cooed in joy.

“Ooooo, George, that already feels good.”

It felt good to me too, because the ring of muscles around Kitty’s ass is so tight, but I knew it would feel much better to both of us in a few seconds. Wanting to be sure to avoid any injury to either of us, I checked with a finger to make sure there was no loose skin or other potential problem. I found none and, with another firm push, an inch of my stiff shaft was imbedded, and it was welcomed by another sound of joy. Two more thrusts just like the first ones were enough to squeeze half my cock in Kitty’s tight pleasure hole, and I knew it was inside her ass deeply enough that I no longer needed to hold her open, so I placed my hands on her hips for leverage.

With Frank’s thick shaft filling her pussy, Kitty’s ass was tight, but I was able to get my cock into her with a series of slow, firm strokes. Every one of them was met by an expression of joy from her and one from me as I felt the muscles in her rear pleasure channel ripple over my shaft, and another from Frank, whose cock was being massaged by Kitty’s front pussy. By the time my penetration was complete, and my pubic hair was tickling the satiny insides of her ass cheeks, she was moaning in bliss and her body was squirming in between us.

We lay like that for almost a minute, letting the exquisite pleasure rocket through our bodies, until the filling in our sandwich turned her face and spoke to both of us:

“That feels great, you guys. You’ve really got my pussies crammed full. Now, start fucking me, and make it just as good.”

My hands were holding her plump, white shoulders, and I started slowly drawing my shaft out of her ass, until just the head remained inside. I paused for a few seconds and, just as slowly, began driving its whole length back inside. Frank and Kitty felt it surging back into her, and he withdrew most of his cock at the same pace, and she fucked her ass back and up to meet me. At the end of our first stroke, she and I moaned in pleasure and the entire length of my cock was imbedded in her. Seconds later, when I felt Frank’s cock driving into her pussy, I pulled back again. This time, it was his turn to form a duet of joy with Kitty.

We continued stroking in and out like that for a few minutes, taking our time and making the pleasure last. I didn’t expect to cum for quite a while, and neither did Frank, but that was not the case with Kitty. After just a few minutes of our cocks plunging into her front and rear pussies, she was moaning and whimpering in bliss, and her body was rocking from side to side between us while her feet pummeled the mattress.

“Fuck me hard, you guys. Make me cum,” she urged us.

That sounded like a great idea to both of us, and Frank reached up to place his hands on Kitty’s sexy, round hips to help guide his cock in and out of her pussy. My hands were still on her shoulders, and we started increasing the speed of our strokes. The filling in our sandwich matched the faster pace, and her movements became more and more erratic. Her arms were flailing while her legs thrashed behind us as she kicked the mattress, until Kitty let out another loud and joyous cry.

“Yes! I’m cumming! Keep fucking me!”

We did what she wanted and what we wanted, hard and fast, keeping Kitty’s sexy body between us as her movements grew even more frenetic. She seemed to have little or no control over her muscles while she was cumming, but Frank and I made sure their spasms didn’t throw her off the bed. Like a pair of pistons, our cocks drove in and out of both pleasure holes until she cried out again. This time, it was incoherent, but we knew Kitty had climaxed by the way her wild flailing and the bucking of her body ceased, and how all her muscles relaxed.

Our movements continued, but slower, wanting to build the lady up to an orgasm again. We both enjoy sex, and really love women, and one of the best parts of our sexual escapade for us that day was knowing how much pleasure we are giving to our partner. Our rhythm stayed the same, but much slower, while Kitty caught her breath.

It didn’t take very long. “That was great, you guys,” she enthused. I hope you can make me cum again, just like it.”

“I hope so too, Kitty,” I answered. “It’s a lot of fun for us too.”

Frank agreed with what I had just said, and we continued fucking her in both holes. Once again, she set the pace, ramming her ass back and up against me as my cock plunged into her and Frank’s withdrew from her pussy, and fucking down to meet his shaft when she felt it driving back into her. The two of us continued pistoning into Kitty’s pleasure holes for a long time, while her movements between us went from squirming to writhing in bliss.

“Both at once,” Kitty directed us. “Fill me up!”

We knew what she meant by that, and it sounded like a good idea to us too. Frank’s cock was buried deeply in her pussy, and he left it there while I drove mine equally far into her ass. She was even tighter than she had been, and her cry of pleasure was louder and more fervent.

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