Haziran 8, 2023

Hellie’s Breeding Pt. 03

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Hellie went to sleep that night having started her new pack of birth control for the month, but her dreams told another story. Hellie dreamed of being bred again. And again. And again…

She dreamed that Chip, the shop-owner, came to her house. He found her naked in her room and wordlessly, he wrapped her in her blanket and carried her to his car. He brought her back to his apartment above his store, with none of her clothes and certainly not her pills. He somehow convinced her landlord, Bryant, and her job, that Hellie was leaving of her own free will, that she had a new place and a new job.

From there, Chip and Rav began her breeding.

The men fucked her several times a day, always cumming in her pussy, and they did this until she became pregnant. They took her to the doctor together, and the doctor, though helpful with the baby, was sleazy and would finger and grope Hellie during exams. The men would always be present, watching and chuckling as the doctor molested and violated Hellie, and finally Chip said “Go ahead and fuck her Doc, you’re doing us a favor.” The doctor fucked Hellie in stirrups, using her pussy and her ass, and after that appointment he encouraged the men to keep Hellie sexually active during her pregnancy.

And so, Hellie became a sex toy.

She was almost never dressed at home, and even when she was, the clothes they gave her were tiny and had thin fabric. Chip could never keep his hands off of her. He couldn’t get enough of Hellie, constantly reaching for her and touching her. Always grabbing her ass, her thighs. Stroking her hair. Running his hand up into her shirt, kissing her neck and ears. Massaging her shoulders when she sat down, taking her breasts in both of his hands. Pulling her onto his lap. Hugging her from behind. And especially rubbing her belly, even before she became pregnant or looked pregnant. When they were out in the car, he’d finger her pussy. When they were in public places, he’d keep his arm around her waist or his hand on her ass. Sometimes when Hellie spoke, he’d run his finger over her lips or slip one into her mouth. Often his finger would absently trace her jaw or twirl a strand of her hair.

“Can’t help myself,” he’d say. “I have to touch istanbul travesti my sweet little bitch.” And then he’d kiss her, sliding his tongue into her mouth before pushing her down to her knees.

Because of this, Hellie was almost always horny and wet, hoping one of the men would fuck her. And they did, and so did their friends.

For Hellie, Chip and Rav fashioned what they called a breeding stall, where Hellie was fastened to a bench in the store locker room bent over, or harnessed up to a network of pipes on the wall among the showers. They were able to tied her into a lot of positions there but most often they’d tie her arms spread at her sides and her bend legs on either side of her tied into a frog position. They put down sturdy rubber mats for the men to stand on while they fucked Hellie’s open pussy and ass. Drunk strangers would enter to use her holes, then leave without a word. Old men who knew Chip or were distant cousins of Rav would come in to enjoy her tits and slide their cocks inside her. Sometimes three or four men would line up, absently looking at their phones while they waited their turn to use Hellie’s holes. Sometimes they would untie her so that they could get her into position to be shared, with two cocks in her pussy, one in her ass, one in her mouth, and what felt like endless hands pinching her ass cheeks or pulling her nipples. Hellie couldn’t help that it all turned her on. Cum would leak and ooze from her holes, dripping down her ass or legs, globs of it sliding slowly down her inner thighs.

Chip and Rav would take pictures of Hellie’s cum-filled holes. Sometimes they would use the cum as lube to fuck her with objects, like bottles, or their fists, saying that they were helping her pussy prepare for labor. Hellie would cry and cum hard, and then they would hose her off with warm water and take her to bed.

Chip started sleeping on the couch in his break room, saying that if he slept upstairs with Hellie he’d be awake all night fucking his bitch. But often he would come upstairs anyway, and Hellie would wake to him eating her pussy or turning her on her stomach or side to finger her asshole. More than once she woke up int he morning with cum on her face or istanbul travestileri tits, having been asleep when Chip came up during the night.

With Chip, Hellie mainly stayed home or around the store unless there was an errand to run. With Rav, things were different. Rav would often stay the night at Chip’s so that the two men could share Hellie, but when Rav had Hellie to himself, he would take her out.

Rav was obsessed with dressing Hellie up and showing her off, before and after she became pregnant. He would bring over tiny outfits for her to wear: short skirts or tiny shorts that went up her ass crack, tiny tank tops and crop tops, dresses with cut-outs, rompers with flaps, and anything with a plunging neckline. Then he would take her to bars, clubs, even poker nights with his friends.

In bars, men would buy Hellie drinks (until she got pregnant), feel her up, and grope her ass and tits. Once she was pregnant, they’d touch her belly and make jokes about her breast milk. They’d get close behind her to rub their hard dicks against her ass, and whisper against her neck and into her ear.

In clubs, men would dance up against her, trying to angle their cock bulge between her ass cheeks, their hands snaking up her thighs or holding onto her tits. More than once a man had openly slobbered on her cleavage, pushed up the bottom of her dress to see her ass, picked her up and wrapped her legs around him.

Once Hellie was pregnant, Rav would let men take her into into bathrooms, backrooms, closets, and alley ways to fuck her. Sometimes her clothes would get lost, ruined, or taken, and Rav would wrap her in his coat, call an Uber, and make Hellie sit naked up front with the driver. When they returned home, Hellie would suck the driver’s cock or let him fuck her over the hood of the car.

Still, the poker nights were the most intense by far. The men would grab and grope Hellie as soon as she and Rav arrived. Her clothes were always peeled off of her hastily, ripped, stretched. They would do shots and lick beer off of her belly and back, slurp jello shots out of her ass crack. Often they’d set up the game to the winner of each hand to get Hellie’s pussy or a blowjob. They got a larger travesti istanbul poker table so that Hellie could climb up and get on her hands and knees in the middle, naked and sweetening the pot. Sometimes the men just called her over to sit on their laps, running their hands over her naked body as they played.

But once Hellie began to really round out, Chip and Rav kept her home more and only occasionally invited friends in to bend her over or suck milk from her tits.

When Christmas came, the men took a photo spread of Hellie, decorating her naked, pregnant body with tinsel. They fed her berries and candy canes. They took close-ups of her pussy. They sent the photos to friends via text and email, and they also mailed out a holiday card featuring a naked Hellie, the two men at her side, each of them sucking one of her nipples. Chip rested a hand on her belly while Rav cupped her pussy to shield it from the camera. Hellie’s eyes were closed in ecstasy, her belly on display.

In fact, the men always kept her belly on display, keeping her naked or topless at home. If she really had to leave the house, they’d have her wear something warm but tight. In public, men would often come to touch her belly and frequently their hands would stray to her breasts or ass.

With all of this, Hellie was constantly wet and begging for cock. Being naked, groped, objectified, all of it, just made her want to take more dick in whichever hole anyone wanted. As her visits and even her sex with Rav and Chip became lesser, she became very depressed.

And so the men threw Hellie a baby shower. They and their friends fucked Hellie continuously, on her back, on her side, on their laps. They used her ass and pussy, her mouth, and her even-bigger breasts. They ate her pussy and lubed her asshole with their tongues. If she was already taking three cocks, a fourth man would come in to suckle her titties and drink her milk. One man even milked her, squeezing and pumping her breast with his hands and letting the milk squirt into his mouth.

All of the men finished in Hellie’s mouth, as Chip explained that she needed more protein than ever.

When everyone left, Chip and Rav used her together and made her cum so hard that Hellie went into labor.

This was when Hellie snapped awake, rubbing her small belly which was luckily only filled with snacks at that moment. She reached down and rubbed her clit, imagining her next visit to the store until she fell back to sleep.

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