Haziran 5, 2023

Blue Roses

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Tonight was the night, she had as much promised me. It was Valentines Day and it was also Brandy’s Twenty first birthday. She told me when we first started dating two years ago that she was a virgin but that she hated the thought of turning 21 still being a virgin. We have been going out with each other for these whole 2 years and she has never let me even so much as see her naked. But tonight I planned on asking her to marry me and then reminding her of her pledge.

I called her sorority sisters and invited them over to my apartment for a little cake and Ice cream party to be followed by a more intimate party with just the two of us. Her sisters were a very close group that called themselves the ” Blue Roses” It was rumored that each member had a tattoo of a blue rose somewhere on their body but there had only been four confirmed sightings. Jaylee had hers tattooed on her ankle, Shayna’s was on the inside of her left breast and it was visible with almost everything she wore, Melinda’s was on her right shoulder blade, and Sara’s boyfriend Jason told everybody that hers was on her left hip. I have no idea where Brandy’s is. Which I expect to remedy tonight.

Everything was ready, the decorations were up and the cake was in the fridge. I had an hour to shower and get ready, plenty of time. Then came a knock on the door. Laughing I answered with “your earl…Oh hi Brandy.” “You aren’t supposed to be here yet.”

“Can I come in please I have to talk to you.” I had been trying to block her view of the room with my body and the door but the look on her face told me to go ahead and let her in. She stopped when she saw the decorations and I mumbled about it being a surprise that she wasn’t supposed to see yet. Out of nowhere she started crying. Soft sobs that I thought were little chuckles at first. I started chuckling myself till she turned toward me and I saw the tears.

“What’s wrong baby? It’s just going to be your friends for cake, no big deal.” She grabbed my hand and led me to the couch.

“Jaime, you are so sweet and this just makes what I have to say worse.” She was still crying as she said this and I tried to put my arm around her to hold her but she pushed me away.

” Brandy what is it? What’s wrong?”

She stood up and sobbed, ” It’s over between us, last night Randy asked me to marry him and I said yes.”

” Randy? Randy Cass? You’re joking right?” And I started laughing, thinking it was a joke. Because I knew something that Brandy apparently didn’t. Last year after a long drinking binge Randy had told me that he was gay. Brandy just started crying harder and ran out of the room.

At the door she stopped and yelled back at me ” Last night I gave myself to him and we’re getting married!” which was followed by a slam of the front door.

I was floored, I was crushed, I sat there numb. A few minutes later I staggered up the stairs to my bedroom. When I saw her picture on my dresser I lost it. I threw it against the wall where the glass shattered. I wanted to go kick the shit out of Randy. Then I wanted to go scream at Brandy till I convinced her to take me back. Then I just said fuck it and collapsed on my bed. “Screw them both, they deserve each other!” I yelled at the room. There was another picture of her on my nightstand and I grabbed it and turned to toss it in the drawer, where I saw the half ounce of Mushrooms that I had stashed there. I again told myself fuck it and started eating them. I didn’t quit till I had finished the whole bag. I laid back on the bed and closed my eyes and cried for awhile.

The doorbell ringing jolted me out of my little jag and I stumbled down to the door. When I saw the decorations I flinched , I had forgotten all about the party. It was the Blue Roses, all of them. I gathered myself and said ” Sorry girls but the party’s been canceled.”

Shayna pushed me back into the living room and said “Brandy just came home and told us what she did. We all think it’s really fucked and we decided to have the party whether she showed up or not. She called Randy to come get her and they took off, so we’re here, let’s party!”

I was really starting to fly from the shrooms at this point so I said what the hell and went to the kitchen for a beer. Some music came on from the living room so I went in and sat on the couch. ” Ladies there is all kinds of stuff to drink in the kitchen help yourselves.” A couple minutes later Shayna sat next to me on the couch.

” Poor baby, I can’t believe she did that. You are so sweet and she treated you like shit.”

“You know what Shayna? I really don’t want to talk about Brandy right now.”

Shayna took my face in her hands and kissed me lightly on the lips. She then whispered in my ear, ” Let me take you upstairs and make you forget all about her.”

I paused for only a second then said ” Please do.”

I grabbed a six pack from the fridge and walked up behind her admiring one of the finest asses in the world. ” You istanbul travesti know you have one of the finest asses in the world?” She turned her head and just smiled at me. When we got to my room she stooped and picked up the broken glass and the picture, turned and dumped it in the trash while giving me an I am going to fuck your brains out smile. I sat on the bed and tried to take my shirt off as she started slipping out of her dress.

” I’m going to fuck your brains out.” she then said. I remember thinking, these shrooms are magical. As soon as her dress hit the floor my cock sprang to attention. Shayna was gorgeous and now she was half naked in my bedroom. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her tits were so nice. She pulled her panties off and walked over to help me undress. I let her do it and finished off my second beer. She had a little trouble getting my pants past my hard on so I stood and helped. She immediately dropped to her knees and had my engorged cock all the way down her throat before I could even finish kicking off my shorts. I stood there mesmerized looking down at the rise and fall of her hair.

She stood up and threw me back onto the bed. She then stood on the bed and I rose up to suckle her very pretty pussy. She grabbed my head and pushed my face into her and a very erotic moan escaped her lips. I went after her like a starving bum at a free Christmas dinner. When she could take no more she pulled my hair and my face went with it and collapsed on the bed and spread her legs wide. I needed no more invitation than that and laid myself on her and kissed her hard and completely. I spread her legs a little more with my knees and strode into her with one quick thrust. Her gasp was part surprise and part pleasure but the look in her eyes was all pleasure.

” I’ve wanted this for so long.” she whispered in my ear. Then she nibbled my earlobe while I thrust into her going as deep as I could with every push. I leaned on my elbows and brought my hands over to flick at her nipples with my thumbs. ” Yes Jaime please! Yes!” Just then there was a knock on my bedroom door. ” Is everybody dressed?”

Two simultaneous ” No’s” were the answer. ” Oh shit!” I said. ” That was Brandy!”

By the time I threw my pants on and got downstairs she was gone. I turned away from the door and all the girls were looking at me. Most with a sad kind of pity on their face but not Shelly. Shelly had a little smirk and was looking at my crotch. My hard on was still full fledged and very obvious. I looked from it to Shelly and she smiled that fuck me smile I was starting to really like. I grabbed her hand and headed for the stairs. On the way up we met Shayna headed down and though I was embarrassed for a second she just smiled at me and said ” Go get her Tiger.”

I just shook my head as I lead Shelly into my room. I was rock hard and ready, I whipped my pants off and then grabbed her before she was even out of her top. I starting kissing her breasts as she wiggled out of her pants and panties. She had bigger tits than Shayna and I latched onto them like a drunken wino to a bottle of Boones Farm. When she was fully undressed I threw her on the bed and jumped on top of her. The drugs and the beers and the realization that I was now going to fuck two of Brandy’s friends in the same night turned me into a wild animal.

I slammed into her and started humping her with everything I had. She matched me buck for buck and started making a keening whine from deep down in her throat that just fueled my desire. I was so hard and so hot all I could do was just ram her without mercy. I started dripping sweat on her chest and watched in marvel as my drops bounced off her heaving breasts. She grabbed my ass and arched her back and slammed her pelvis into mine and came with a scream that nearly hurt my ears. She went limp and closed her eyes and just grinned.

I had stopped at her scream and just kind of held myself in her waiting till she recovered. I wasn’t done yet and I needed release. Then came the knock on the door. I jumped up to grab my pants knowing it was Brandy again. Shelly made a little whimper at my abrupt departure as the door swung open. Only it wasn’t Brandy, it was Jaylee.” Shelly, your boyfriend Marcus is on the phone.”

Shelly yelled ” Oh crap.” grabbed her clothes off the floor and ran downstairs to the phone. As she went by I saw the blue rose tattoo on her right ass cheek.

Jaylee let her through the door and then turned to look at me with my pants in my hand and my still erect penis saluting her. ” Well I guess she can’t finish what she started, want me to?”

I was laying on my back with my hands on Jaylee breasts wondering if I had accidentally cracked my head and ended up in Oz or something. Here I was being fucked by the third Blue Rose girl of the night after two years of unsuccessfully trying my ass off to get just the one. Hell I had only had three women my whole life before tonight. All from high school. I met istanbul travestileri Brandy my first day on campus in the college book store and had been in love with her ever since. I was high and I was horny and I was still not satisfied. Jaylee rocked and bounced and grinded her way to orgasm after orgasm, but I still couldn’t cum. Then came the knock on the door.

At this point I couldn’t have cared less if it was Brandy or not. ” Come in!” I yelled.

It was Sara. ” Shayna needs to talk to you Jaylee.” Jaylee stretched and kind of purred and pulled off of my still engorged manhood and casually got dressed while Sara started taking off her blouse.

Sara whispered something in Jaylee’s ear and Jaylee just smiled and said ” Not yet.” I was stretched out on my bed with my mouth hanging open not even believing what I was seeing or what was happening this crazy Valentines night.

” What the hell is going on?” I asked her. ” Don’t get me wrong I am definitely not complaining but why, and aren’t you engaged to Jason?”

” Jaime, we all thought that was a shitty thing Brandy did to you, I mean after all those love letters and poems and two years of devotion to just dump you like that was so wrong.”

I winced a little, ” You know about the letters and poems?”

” She read every one of them to us. We all have fallen a little bit in love with you. Well accept for Melinda, she thinks you are a mushy wimp. And I don’t think the twins even know who you are. But you write so beautifully the rest of us just adore you, and your faithfulness and devotion to Brandy, well we all wanted to make you feel better.”

With that she lowered her mouth to my cock and started licking, up one side then down the other, swirling her tongue around the tip and then licking back down to my sack. She sucked one of my balls into her mouth and I gave a little groan as I cupped one of her breasts and pinched the nipple. She had left her skirt on so apparently this was as far as she would go without feeling she was cheating on Jason. I didn’t care, she was giving a world class blow job and I figured if Jason ever found out I would deal with him then.

She switched balls and then licked back to the tip again. She swirled her tongue around the tip and tried to stick her tongue into my pee hole. I was engrossed watching this incredibly foxy chick eat me like an all day sucker. She finally took all my hardness into her mouth and oh so slowly went down. Watching my shaft disappear into her luscious mouth is something that I hadn’t even dared dream about.

I had always been aloof with the rest of the Blue Roses for fear that Brandy would catch wind of any indiscretions and end any hopes of being with her but Sara was the one that I stole surreptitious glances at whenever I could. She was model gorgeous and sexy as hell. She continued to deep throat me as I watched in amazement.

Then came the knock on the door. ” Unfucking believable.” I muttered. Sara immediately stood up and in walked Melanie.

Sara grabbed her blouse and bra and slipped out the door. Melanie was tearing off her clothes but looking at me like I was a pissant loser. By this time I was aching for release, but I had to know. ” What is going on, I know you don’t even like me.”

Melanie finished jerking off her panties . “Shut up asshole.” was all she said and then she jumped on top of me and slammed her pussy down onto my cock. Incredibly she was already wet and she just started pounding my cock, pistoning up and down faster than a jackhammer. I was basically being raped and it was great. She was a very statuesque black girl, loud and proud and in your face was pretty much her motto, and she was very hot. ” Come on baby, momma needs a new pair of shoes.”

I had no idea what she meant by that and I didn’t really care. I also didn’t care if she liked me or not if she was going to fuck me like this. She was unstoppable anyways. She just pounded my meat as fast as she could over and over. I hung on to both sides of the bed as I watched her huge breasts with those great purple nipples slap up and down in front of me till there was a knock at the door.

” Shit!” she cried and that was it, she picked up her clothes and walked out the door just as the twins walked in. Identical twins Teri and Jeri both stripped in front of my now incomprehensible eyes. Everybody knew the twins were gay. Rumor had it that they were also incestuous lovers. Maybe everybody was wrong because here they come.

They both bent their little pixie faces to my dick and I watched in total disbelief as they performed synchronized fellatio on me. They moved in unison as if of the same brain. I was coherent enough to notice that one of them had a blue rose tattooed on her left tit and the other on her right. Fully covering the aureole with the nipple as the dark center of the flower. It suddenly occurred to me that I had more than one unique opportunity here.

“Jeri!” I called out travesti istanbul loudly and when the one with the rose on her right tit looked up at me I just smiled. I was now probably the only person in the world besides their mother who knew which was which. Of course I would have to see them naked to tell but in my drug induced state it was still a beautiful thing to know.

As they both brought their tongues up my cock to the very tip I let out a little grunt. They tickled the very top of my penis and each others tongues at the same time. This turned into a full tongue on tongue kiss and unbelievably they just sort of forgot all about me and I watched an incredible mirror image make out.

Their hands moved in unison with practiced ease as they slid fingers into each other. I sat up against the headboard of the bed, grabbed a sorely needed beer and just watched. This was way better than any porno movie.. I stroked my now completely sensitive rod and thought that this had to be some kind of hallucinogenic dream. I was enthralled as they moved into a perfect 69. I watched as they brought each other to simultaneous orgasms again and again. Then came the knock on the door.

This time though it was nothing more than a little tap. I barely heard it and the twins if they did just completely ignored it. They were so wrapped up in each others mind and body I doubt if they even realized they were not alone. I tapped one of the twins on the shoulder and said ” Come on in.

“The look-alikes came out of their reverie and silently picked up identical outfits and left. And in shuffled Tina. Her head was bowed and I saw her eyes lock on my angry engorged penis. She just stood there and I saw a tear fall from her cheek to the floor.

” Oh Tina, what are you doing here?” She just shook her head and stood there.. Tina was the wallflower of the group, Shy and quiet and always in the background. Nobody really understood why she was part of this hot sorority clique, but I knew she was a childhood friend of Lisa’s. When she started to take off her too big sweater I tried to stop her but she just shrugged off my attempt and took it off. ” Tina? Why are you in here? You aren’t like the other girls, you shouldn’t be doing this.”

Tina’s eyes never left my cock. ” I have to.”

” No you don’t, you never have to do anything you don’t want to.”

“She just shook her head and said, “Every body got in on the bet so I had to too.”

“What?” She jumped a little as I kind of shouted this. ” What the hell bet Tina?”

And she told me in a very quiet voice as she peeled off the rest of her clothes. ” When Shelly came down to talk to Marcus, Shayna asked her if she had made you cum.” This last word spoken so softly I wouldn’t have known what she said if I hadn’t been watching her lips. ” When Shayna found out you didn’t yet she started a pool to see who would make you do it. We all get fifteen minutes and whoever makes you do it wins. Every body got in it so I had too.”

” No, you didn’t.” I said and she just shook her head again. ” What the hell is the bet anyways?”

She said.” Whoever makes you cum gets one of two things. The ones who have boyfriends and such get a new pair of 200 dollar shoes bought by the other girls.”

” And the other choice?” I asked.

She looked into my eyes for the first time since coming in the room and said” You, they get you.” By now she was completely undressed and for the first time I noticed how incredibly sexy she was. Everybody assumed she was built like a stick because she always wore oversized loose clothes but that was definitely not the case. She had very sexy perky breasts and when she turned around to drop her very unsexy underwear I saw a perfect heart shaped ass emerge. I also saw a very tiny little blue rose just above her backbone. Apparently always hidden till now.

“That’s ridiculous, and you don’t have to do this Tina ,in fact I won’t let you.” I muttered insistently.

” But I want to.” The almost silent words barely falling across her lips. As another tear fell onto the floor. ”

Then why are you crying?” At this she just shook her head again, and it hit me like a right hook. ” Are you a virgin?” I couldn’t keep the incredulity out of my voice. Christ this was 1980, there was no such thing as a twenty something year old virgin.

Again she shook her head no, but she said ” Yes.”

” I don’t understand Tina.” She had her eyes locked on my cock again but I could see that it was in both fear and wonder that she looked at me. I had been hard for over two hours now, I was sweaty and red and so was my shaft. The drugs had complete control of my erection and by now I was straining for release. And I wanted this little flower even though I hated myself for it.

” When I was 15 I was searching my moms dresser when I found her dildo.” Again only by lip reading was I able to pick up that last word. ” I knew what it was and I had heard so much about it that I had to try it. I snuck it back to my room and hid it. Later that night when everybody was asleep I took it and I just shoved it in really hard. It hurt so bad, I almost screamed but I stopped myself. I pulled it out right away but then I saw the blood.”

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