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Adventures of Julie and Sarah Pt. 01

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“Honey there is a note on the door along with a tray of cookies.” My wife shouted, as I was getting the groceries out of the car.

“Sorry we missed you, welcome to the neighborhood we look forward to meeting you. Your neighbors.” Signed, the Thorns.

“That’s nice.” I said, as I entered our new house. The living room still wall to wall of boxes. “I wonder which neighbors they are?”

As we were unpacking the groceries and putting the dishes away, the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it!” I shouted, opening the door.

“Hi we are your neighbors! I’m Matt and this is my wife Sarah.” Announced a very attractive couple standing in my doorway. Matt looked to be around my age, mid 30s, average build, good handshake and nice smile. His wife, Sarah looked to be same age as my wife, somewhere in the 30 range, she had gorgeous blue eyes, brown hair, nice ample breasts and wore spandex leggings that made her look athletic. “We are who left cookies earlier, hope you didn’t mind. We just wanted to say hello and ask if you need any help moving?”

“That would be great!” My wife said, appearing next to me offering her hand. “Hi I’m Julie, please come in.”

As the day went on; Julie and Sarah completely finished the putting the kitchen together and moved to the bedroom. Matt helped me get all the furniture moved to their assigned places making the house now liveable. We moved to the bedroom and was moving the bed around when Sarah opened the box containing our wall art.

“Wow!” Sarah proclaimed, holding a framed picture up in front of her. “Wait is this you?” She asked, looking a Julie.

Julie unpacking boxes looked up, “Yep, that’s me a few years ago.”

Sarah swung the picture around, showing her husband. It was a picture of my wife sitting in a chair topless with a silk scarf draped over her lap. Her large breasts looked even bigger in the picture.

“I had that picture taken right after I got the new girls.” Julie said, giggling and jiggling her breasts with her hands.

“Best money I’ve ever spent.” I said, laughingly.

Sarah kept pulling pictures from the box. Some pictures were erotic and some were more hard core. She would whistle, eyes would get big, and she would swing each picture around and show her husband. Poor Matt was in the position to not look to interested and never knew how to respond to each picture being shown to him.

“You put these on the walls?” Sarah asked, curiosity in her voice. “What if people see them?”

“Well the only people that would get to see them are people I bring into my bedroom.” Julie responded, while folding some towels.

Sarah now held a picture of my wife bent over the bathtub, checking the water. Her perfect ass was framed perfectly, her left breast hung down and looked huge. Her arm was reaching into the tub. It was one of my favorite pictures.

“Damn I wish I had your body.” Sarah said, gawking at the picture.

“I tell you what, as a thank you for helping us I am giving you 6 months worth of my spin class for free. Plus I’d like to offer my home studio as a place you can use that membership. I have had my own personal training business now for 15 years. I promise you give me 6 months, and we will have pictures like that of you!” Julie said, while taking the picture form Sarah’s hands. “Don’t be envious, use that as motivation.” Julie smiled, turning to go back into the bathroom area.

“Thank you! That would be amazing, and I will take you up on your offer.” Sarah said, picking up another box from the pile.

“Hell yeah! I’m all for it.” Matt proclaimed. “Speaking of working out; Chris what do you do that keeps you so fit. I mean You’re pretty damn intimidating.” He said, looking around at a few pictures of me in which I was shirtless.

“I have to thank the ole Uncle Sam work out program. The military gave me the base frame and after meeting that beast over there.” I nodded towards my wife. “Well she knows how to sculpt and put muscle on a person.”

“Well if you ever need a work out partner I’d love to join you. Especially if my wife is going to start a program. I don’t want her to pass me up.” Matt said, picking up a box from the pile.

I wasn’t even paying attention as he ripped open the tape. My wife, engulfed in conversation with Sarah, istanbul travesti didn’t see him opening the box with the black writing Bedroom Only on the side.

I turned just as Matt was opening the top of the box which was full of Julies sex toys and lingerie.

“Oh shit!” I yelled, as everyone now turned to see Matt reach in and rummage through the box. His eyes and mouth were wide open.

Julie ran over and shut the lid of the box. “I’m sorry, that’s our bad, we had it marked but i wasn’t paying attention.” She said, face turning red.

“What is in it?” Sarah asked, coming over next to Julie. “We saw these pictures and yet you cover THIS box. Now i really gotta see in there.” She said, like a kid in a candy store trying to get to the treats. She started removing Julies hands.

“Ugh, it’s just our toys. Not really what you want your neighbors to see on the first day you meet them.” She laughed, as Sarah opened the box and looked in.

Sarah pulled out some lingerie first. The breast areas were cut out. The next pair had crotch less features.

“Oh wow! Jack pot.” Sarah proclaimed, as she kept pulling each sexual piece out and looking it up and down. “Oh babe you would love something like this.” She said, showing Matt a very slutty black outfit.

“Shit, you’d never wear anything like that.” Matt said, snickering.

“What does that mean?” Sarah asked, defensively.

“Just what it meant. You would never wear something like that. Not even when we were dating. Sure as hell not after 10 years of marriage.” Matt laughed.

Sarah threw the black lingerie at him. He caught it and looked it up and down. I could tell he was imagining what my wife looked like wearing that. Especially, the way he looked at the outfit and slightly glanced over at Julie.

“Lucky man!” He said, tossing the outfit to me. “Sarah close the box. Those are personal things, and I’m sure they don’t want you rummaging through it.”

“Oh my!” Sarah gasped, as she withdrew a large double ended dildo. She then promptly pulled out a thick dildo with a harness. The shaft was thick and veins ran down the length of it. On the base side was a round mound with a metal bullet that vibrated. The wearer would have their pussy stimulated why they fucked whoever. “Wait, is that for?” Sarah gestured towards me.

“Oh heavens No!” Julie laughed, as she put the toys back into the box and was closing the lid. That was her way of stating show and tell was over.

“What do you use all that for?” Sarah asked, inquisitively.

“We were in the lifestyle for a few years with a few friends.” Julie explained, setting the box on the ground.

“Lifestyle? I don’t think I understand what that means” Sarah asked. Keeping her eyes on the box.

“Lifestyle, as in swingers, couple swapping, hot wife swapping, group play, etc. There are a few names you could use, I guess. Let’s head back to the kitchen, I’ll grab us some beers.” Julie said, leading us back to the kitchen.

“So you guys had sex with other people and are still together?” Sarah asked, confused.

“Well that is pretty blunt.” Julie laughed. “There is so much more too it though.”

“We had great friends, and we did life with them and well sometimes when everyone just wanted to get naked, well always created some good times. Plus from when we started dating, Julies and I both realized we had high sex drives.” I explained, while taking a beer from Julie.

“I don’t know, I would be so jealous I think.” Sarah said, looking down at her beer.

“Where do I sign up?” Matt asked, laughing.

Julie and I both started laughing with him. Sarah, no so much. She looked at him with daggers in her eyes.

“So, you’d let some other guy fuck me?” She asked Matt, with what seemed like anger in her voice.

“Does he have a dick bigger than mine?” He asked, laughing again.

“I’m serious you asshole!” Sarah said, punching him in the gut.

Trying not to laugh, I spoke up. “Look it’s not for everyone. It took many conversations between Julie and I before we ever did anything. Plus we had friends who introduced us and guided us, I guess you could describe it that way. We just didn’t decide one day to make it happen. Honestly, never even thought of it, until an opportunity was istanbul travestileri presented to us.”

“Well I still don’t know.” Sarah said, you could tell she was defensive. She was crossing her arms and clearly frustrated.

“Sarah, I do apologize that you saw those items. They were not meant to be seen like that. You would have never known or even realized that side of us ever and this conversation would have never happened. This is our first time meeting, I only hope this did not ruin the start of a potential friendship. Please know that part of our life is something we keep to ourselves. I only told you because you asked, and I wouldn’t lie to you; especially since I would like to build a friendship with you guys.” Julie said, putting down her beer and grabbing hold of Sarah’s hands.

“I’m Sorry, please don’t feel like this did anything bad. I was just curious, and I know I ask a lot of questions, it’s just my nature. I too hope we can be friends. Thank you for not lying to me or treating me like a child, thinking I couldn’t handle the true answer. I’m sure it was a risk telling me and being honest.” Sarah responded, giving Julie a quick hug.

“Lets call it a day, how about I take us all out to pizza? You guys know any good places?” I asked, and we headed out to the truck.


“What time will they be here?” I shouted, while trying to put on my swim trunks.

My wife came from the closet wearing a red sling bikini. Two straps barely covering her nipples made a V right at her pussy and barely covered her pussy lips. Her tits were fully exposed except for her nipples. As she spun showing me the rest the piece of string went right up her ass like dental floss. I stood there one leg in my shorts and getting hard on the spot.

“When the hell did you get that?” I asked, my cock twitched.

“Sarah and I ordered matching suits. Do you like?” She said, spinning again.

“Um yeah! You have to be joking, Sarah ordered one?” I asked, in shock”

“I’m telling you babe, ever since she lost that weight and got the boob job she has been different.” Julie said, while finishing her lipstick.

Julie finished her lipstick and put her hair in a ponytail tail under a hat. She came into the bedroom where I was tying my bathing shorts. The semi bulge in my crotch still apparent. She sat on the bed next to me.

“You remember how she was when we first met? She is always asking us about the swinger life be it dinners, camping, game night. Babe, she wants to go there I know it. Hell you remember how many times she wanted to feel and see my tits because she was getting hers enlarged. Then when she got them, I was the first person that had to see and feel them. She made me watch her try on every pair of my lingerie and give my opinion, claiming she wanted to get the right outfit for Matt. When I knew for sure was when she kept asking about all the toys. Hell I even offered to use the double dildo with her, since she couldn’t stop talking about it. She insisted she couldn’t because it would be cheating on Matt. Yet she just sat there holding it in her hand looking at it. That’s when I suggested we buy some slutty bathing suits and show off a little.” Julie said, now jumping to her feet.

“So tah dah!” Julie said, posing all sexy for me.

“Babe, she picked these out and I knew tonight it’s going to be all up to Matt. As for Sarah, she’s all in.” Julie finished, as I pulled her to me. My cock now fully hard hearing her describe her and Sarah’s relationship.

“So you plan on fucking Matt?” I asked, rubbing her ass, looking up at her.

She wrapped her arms and me and hopped up further into my lap. Her knees on either side of me. My cock, looking like a tent pole in my shorts.

“I hope so. You gonna watch?” She said, biting her lip and kissing me. She ground her hips into my fully hard 8 inch cock, which was trying to break a hole through my shorts.

“I’ve missed playing, and I am having fun with you.” She said, dry fucking me.

I reached down and undid the knot in my shorts. My cock burst free! I moved the piece of string covering my wife’s pussy and my cock slid straight in. Julie gasped and arched her back.

“They are going to be here any second.” Julie protested, as she moved travesti istanbul forward and back on my cock. Her pussy was soaking wet.

“I’ll only be a second.” I said, laughing. You know how I love when you talk dirty.

“Talk dirty?” She said, with pouty lips, looking at me. “I didn’t say anything about how I’m going to suck his cock dry and show you my mouth full of his hopefully large load. Sarah says he is quite the heavy cummer, and she doesn’t swallow. Think he’ll like seeing someone swallow his thick load?” She asked, in a school girl voice.

I was pulling her ass and fucking her faster. The wet sound was so loud, her pussy was soaking. I knew she was excited and turned on.

“Fuck I need to hurry, so you can clean up.” I said, picking up my tempo, pumping her harder.

“Who says I’m cleaning up? You’ve always liked in the past when I’d sit on our playthings face without telling them you came in me earlier? How many guys and girls have thought I was just that wet for them? Julie said, now making circles with her hip, on my cock.

I pulled the straps off her nipples exposing her full breasts. I leaned back and started to use my legs to really thrust. I was lifting her off the bed with each thrust. Doing this made her tits bounce.

She laughed, enjoying the ride. “I know when you are getting close. You always want to see my tits bounce. That is your tell.” She said, reaching down rubbing her clit.

“Come on do it! Cum in my pussy. I know you want to see me sit over Matt’s face and tell him how turned on I am, how wet I am. I know you will get so hard, as you watch him lap at that pussy you just pumped full of cum only moments ago.” She was rubbing her pussy faster and her legs started to twitch.

“I’m going to cum!” I cried out.

“Yes baby cum for me! In minutes, I get to be your slut. Show me you love being married to a slut.” She arched her back “I’m Cumming, fuck me!” She yelled.

I was pumping her full of cum. Not having came for a few days, I knew it was a nice size load. She shook and was just holding her finger on her clit. Her orgasms were so sexy to watch, her body completely clenched.

I finished twitching inside my wife’s warm pussy. She stood up and move the bathing suit quickly over her pussy. Her fingers being a little wet, were brought up to her lips where she sucked them dry.

She kissed me, passionately. “Tonight is going to be so much fun!” She said, now heading for the bathroom to get a wrap.

I watched her walk away my cock still twitching. A little cum oozed from the tip. I wiped it off and tucked my cock back in my shorts.

As she walked, the insides of her legs looked wet. My cum must be leaking out the sides of string bikini. She was so fucking sexy though, walking like she didn’t even care. Which now that I think of it, she probably didn’t. This is my wife I’m talking about whom I’ve seen completely drenched in cum after being the center of attention of a circle jerk. My cock twitched at the thought.

Now, I wish i would have shot that load on her face. That was always my favorite. She was right though, I did love filling her ass or pussy up before we played with others. It was quit the turn on for me, kind of like our little secret. She always said I shot thick white ropes, which was not only a turn on for her and I but allowed her to play with it as I kept fucking her. That was her favorite, to be center of attention, all eyes on her.

I continued watching her ass sway as she walked away. I can’t wait to see Matt fuck her later. His thick cock is going to look amazing in every one of her tight holes tonight. Oh, she was right! I smiled to myself. I know for fact we will be fucking them later.

Matt and I have been talking about it for months. Me and him have been jerking off together for months, watching each other’s movies we’ve been making.

He has wanted to fuck Julie since the day they met us; just as much as I have wanted Sarah. We had to make the girls seem like it was their idea though and not be pushy. I’m surprise my wife lasted a year though. For a bit, I thought she didn’t want to swing anymore. I know for fact Matt sure as hell didn’t hope she stopped. Especially, since the last video we watched was Julies Gang bang video.

I stood up as I heard the doorbell ring. Hell yes, here we go I thought to myself. I walked over kissing my wife one last time and spanking her ass hard.

“I’ll see you downstairs.” I said, leaving to welcome our play things, I mean guests for the evening.

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