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Finding the Family Pt. 01

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A story set in the future… about a boy and his quest to find his mother.

Everyone in this story is 18+ that is engaging in sexual activities.

Everything is calculated for the metric system like meters, kilometers, kilograms and celsius (for heat).

Part One


Kara Anders woke up early. She had slept nude, as she did every night as the weather in California was hotter than all hell. It was much better a thousand years ago, but she had not been born a thousand years ago, so she could only dream of the weather then. She stretched her arms out searching for her lovers, but as they had gone to work, her sides were empty. She just smiled as she remembered the night before and she felt her own sex become hotter and she started by feeling her pussy, but she only felt it a little. She started by first massaging her outer lips, making a circle over her pussy until she could feel her moister start to leak out of her.

She separated her pussy lips, started working on her inner lips and her ‘love tunnel’. She had tried to avoid masturbating in the morning, but today, she just had to do it. She had a problem that she did not enjoy and that made her masturbate now, instead of tonight, with her lovers. Her psychologist had told her that it was okay to masturbate when ever she wanted, just that she should try to keep it down to a maximum of five times per day.

Her problem was that she suffered the mostly unknown psychological sickness, which was nymphomania. This meant that she needed a lot of sex every day and usually, she needed heavier and heavier sex each time. But as she needed to be a good mother, she had only taken two lovers and she never went to a third, except for once per month when a high class prostitute came to her home and fucked her good.

She knew that she needed more so she put one finger in her very wet pussy and started to go in and out of her love tunnel, but she needed more. She needed more of this feeling so after a few minutes, she took three of her fingers and shoved them inside herself and moved them in and out until she felt her first orgasm coming slowly. She just kept at this speed and with her other hand, she started to massage her clitoris and she felt the orgasm coming much quicker until she felt it knocking on her door and she screamed with pleasure.

It took her a few minutes before she stood up, walked to the window and looked out at her large garden. There was some flowers, some bushes and a few trees. She looked at the large pool that had three chairs in it that floated on the water and next to the pool were a large seating area that had ten seats, a table and a large grill.

The window she was standing in was very large too. She knew that if anyone would be in her garden, they would see her naked body, her blond hair, her shaved pussy and her large tits. She had E cup size tits, a bit larger then her twin kids who had a pair of D cups. This had made them very famous in the photography world as they did not mind to show them to almost anyone. They had a bit of her nymphomania, but not all of it as they had not fucked anyone but themselves.

Now you may wonder why they fucked themselves, but truth be told, they just loved each other, where 18 years old, almost 19 as she had become pregnant two years later and she had already accepted that they had these feelings for each other and let them be. Now they were in Chile to make some photo shot, so she was alone in the house. This was something that was unusual as they were always home otherwise and she would have seen them on the grass, taking in the sunshine or just… fucking each other. Every time she had seen them being romantic with each other, she had to go away to either do more work or masturbate and if her lovers were at home, she fucked them hard.

Something they have said that they liked.

She went to her large walk-in closet and took out the cloths she was going to wear that day, a pair of white pants and a white shirt with white buttons. She never bothered with putting on any underwear, neither bra or panties as her psychologist had come up with the most wonderful idea for her. She was not going to wear any underwear to give her the illusion to have control of her sexuality and not fuck anyone she did not want to fuck. This had had a very good effect as she had not done anything with anyone, except for he prostitute that she had meet a week ago.

This prostitute was a white man with a large cock, good muscles and the best part was that he was silent as she did not want him to say anything. He only answered her if she asked him anything and when he answered her, he answered her very silently and with as short of an answer as he could. The first man she had meet, a black man, had not stopped talking with her. She had called his boss and laid out her complaint and she told her that he would never again come to her and offered another man, but she just said that his cock was good, so it was fine.

But he was never bursa escort coming back to her and the next man, who was an eastern man, had a rather good cock and he never spoke a single word to her. She had never even asked him anything, so he had been good to her and when he was going home, he kissed her on the check and then she had closed the door behind him.

She had seen this man three more times since then, but not again until after at least six months.

After she had taken out her cloths, she put them on but her shirt she never buttoned up, she just tied it under her tits to make them really stand out more then the shirt would normally allow. She took a look in the mirror and she liked what she was seeing.

She went out of her room, but she did not take the stair down. She stopped at the next door and went inside. In this room there were only white walls, white floor, white bed, white everything except for a teddy bear that were on the bed that had the usual beige color. She loved that bear as that was all that was left of her son.

Her son that she had lost when he was one year old because her husband had found out that she had done something that he did not like. She had done everything for her husband, but as she had become a nympho at a very young age she had a few hiccups and then she had done the ultimate mistake. She was allowed to flirt with anyone as much as she liked as long as she did not fuck anyone, and she did not fuck anyone… anyone with a dick. She thought that it was okay if she fucked a woman for some reason and that was the mistake she then did. She found a woman and fucked her and then she came home and told her husband.

He became furious and kicked her out.

She became homeless and childless and all the could do, was try and fight him in court but she had cheated on him and she lost. But she still fought him until the courts told her that she could not see her son ever again.

She swore that she would never again fuck something that was so evil that she would loose her child, but she became addicted to drugs, alcohol and sex with women. She became an addict in all three and she ended up in a house for drug addicts, alcoholics and sex fiends. She would never touch a man, but still she got pregnant.

When she realized that she was pregnant, she left the house and went to a clinic to get clean and then she moved from New York to the new city called New California that had been established in the year 2700. Now she lived in that city and she started a company that dedicated itself to find lost children, then she started another company, and another one, then another one and she kept at it until she today had eight companies in her name and she made more money then almost 99 percent of the population in New California.

Kara is now 34 years old and she has made a name for herself. But she is still missing one thing.

Her son.


The boy that would be 20 years old, if he was alive and all she wished for, was that he was alive. She had given birth to him when she was only 14 years old after a mistake with her man. She married him after a few months but one year after he had been born, she was thrown out as she had made the mistake of fucking that woman.

She went out of the white room. The room she had made for Johnny. The room that no one was allowed access too unless she was there and watched at the time. She hired a cleaning service once per month, and even they had the standing order to not asked any questions about the room. They were just going to clean it, make sure that all the dust had been removed, the bed had been changed, the windows had been cleaned and his bathroom had been cleaned before they left the room, just letting her stand in the room and just stand in it for God knows how long.

His bathroom had two doors in it, one that he opened to be able to into that room and one that lead to his bathroom, a room that had two other doors, one that lead him back and the other that lead him to her bedroom. She wanted to be able to be connected to him every day, forever. If she would find him. If he would find her.

She went out of the room and down the stairs and went to the kitchen. She pushed a button and a few seconds later, she heard the coffee was ready. She pushed another button and then she drank her morning cup of coffee. She also ate a sandwich, a fruit, today it was a pear before she left he house.

She came out and there in the driveway stood a large limousine with its driver, Jonas Hendersen, waiting for her.

“I’m sorry I’m late.” She told him with a smile on her lips. She was never late as she never had told him when she was going to come out. She had put her coffee maker with the button she had pressed once to send a signal to him that she was now almost ready to go. So he had gone out and waited for her from a small private house a hundred meters away.

“Do not worry Miss Anders.” He said and opened the door for her. She bursa escort bayan got in, sat down and she pushed a button to start the news channel to see the news and her own program as the car had been started and started to roll through the gated community she owned.

The gated community had very few people living in it, but the ones that had bought a piece of land, had been told that they could build anything on the land, with a few exceptions. They could not build anything that was higher then her house was, which was kind of easy as her house was on the highest part of the land.

She now had one Admiral, three world famous actors and actresses, a few political people and a hand full of others living there and they payed her to live there. And they paid a lot of money. But she only kept enough for herself to never having to pay anything out of her own pocket. All the money was just to pay for the guards at this community. Beyond that, she did not need any money as she made more money then all of them could ever dream of. But she also had a bunch of rules that nine out of ten who had asked if they could buy a piece of her land did not want to be affiliated with. This had helped her weed out the undesirables.

This area was at least thirty square kilometers end to end and where situated on a large forest with two small lakes, one large hill, where she had built her home and a very large open area that she loved. She had bought this piece of land as soon as she could afford it and just a few years later, she had let the first person move in on her land.

It took them almost thirty minutes to come to the end of her private community and once they were out of it, the driver had started to really speed up. She knew that it would take them around forty five to fifty minutes to get to her job.

Kara did not care about what was outside the window as she was busy with checking her scheduled. She had a meeting with Cecilia, then a meeting with a potential client and after that, lunch and then four more meetings with both clients and some people that worked for her. She also had a meeting with someone that she would hire, but the man seemed to be full of himself and she knew that he would most likely not be hired.

She put away her screen and focused on something else that she saw going outside the window, but all her thoughts had been on her son Johnny and her twins. She really wanted to find him, bring him home and let him stay with her for all his life. But at the same time she knew that even if he did not want to live with her, she was prepared to letting him move in to either a house next to her, to an apartment in the city or anywhere else.

All she hoped for, was that he wanted to move in with her. But she also knew that he could be angry with her and not wanting to move in with her, but if he did, she was prepared to buy anything for him. She was ready to buy his cloths, his furniture and exactly anything he wanted, and of course give him the account she had started for him after she had gone to the clinic. She would have a job for him in her company, anything he wanted but she really wanted him to do, was stay in her office, next to her.

She came in to her office, the door opened and Jonas gave her his hand, something she accepted and stepped out.

“Thank you Jonas. I have to get you to pick up the next client, they are staying at…” She started saying, but he just raised his hand to stop her with a smile.

“I know Miss Anders, I will get them as soon as you are inside your office.” He said and watched her bow her head, walk in through her door before he closed the door, walked around the car and got in. As the door had closed, he was on the way to the clients he had to pick up. It would take him an hour to get them, thirty minutes to get them, and thirty minutes to get back. He was going to drop them of at the main entrance.

Kara walked in and the first person she meet, was one of her lovers, Cecilia. She knew that she was going to meet her as she had already read it on her schedule, she was her main assistant. That she had written that she was going to have a meeting with her was a bit redundant, but she obviously wanted to talk to her, so she would talk to her.

“Hi Cecilia.” She said and gave her short kiss on her mouth.

“Hi honey. So we have a meeting, let’s go to your office.” She then turned around and walked to her office, opened the door and went inside. Kara followed her and she saw that she was not alone. In her office was her other lover, Allison. She had come from her office to have this meeting as well, but why had she left her job and what did her lovers want to tell her?

“Hi sweetie, umm, what are you doing here? Did you want more pussy?” She asked with a glint in her eyes as she really wanted more sex, as he knew that her lovers would love to have.

“Umm, no, but yes. We want you to go to Henri, he has let us a message saying that he might have found your son.”

Kara escort bursa just froze. Did they just tell her that Henri had found her son? Had he? But if they were wrong, why was he not there instead of them? Why did she not have a meeting with him and Carl? Why had not their assistant called her for letting her know this?

“What did you just say?” She asked with a low voice.

“They called last night, but unfortunately, we were sleeping. So they called my work phone and left a message saying that they needed to meet you at lunch and not later. They said that they had something for you, something that would make you happy.” Allison told her, Cecilia continued before Kara could say anything. “So you need to go to them, they have found Johnny, but they also told us that he was not in America. Now you have to wait to see them for a few hours so… you know.”

She did not know. What did they mean? But Cecilia came up to her and gave her warm hug, then Allison came up to her and hugged her as well. Then they both kissed her on the cheek but they did not stop there. They continued kissing her until she felt one of their lips on her own lips. She opened her eyes, not knowing that she had just closed them as she had felt the first kiss and she saw the red hair of Cecilia. She stopped kissing her and went down to start kissing her neck as Allison took over her mouth, kissing her as she felt someones hands on her pants, unbuttoning them until she felt a slightly colder air hit her pussy.

All she wanted now, was to feel her pussy being eaten as she started to moan quietly. As the one who had opened her pants heard her moans, her lover took her hand down to feel her pussy in her hand. Her hands were small, so she thought that it was Allison, she always had smaller hands, but it still could be Cecilia. But in the long run, she did not care who had their hands on her hot and wet pussy.

She felt that who ever it was that held her pussy, now had started to pull down her pants, this told her that it was not Allison, it was Cecilia that had started to remove her pants. All she wished for now, was that she had remembered to lock the door, but even if she had not, she did not care as all she now wanted was to be eaten by them both, at the same time. And she would be eaten out by Cecilia, as it was her that now had lifted her leg, to help her remove one of he legs of her pants from her flesh, then the other until she stood naked from her waist down. She started to become desperate after a tongue, but she felt a nose smelling her pussy. Cecilia always enjoyed smelling her pussy, or Allison if it was her she was going to lick.

Then she felt the first touch of the tongue on her open pussy and that feeling was the best feeling she could ever feel.

“Oh, sorry Miss Anders.” She all of the sudden heard, but she also heard who ever the man was who had disturbed them, close the door behind him. But the best was that none of them had stopped giving her pleasure and just as she heard the door closing, she came the first time. Kara had spread her legs but Cecilia had taken one of her legs and placed it on her shoulder and started to really eat her out and Allison had started to untie her shirt and let go of her mouth and began to pinch her nipple and then, she lowered her mouth to kiss her other nipple.

Just as she did, she came again.

Now it was Allison’s turn to eat her pussy and stopped kissing her nipple, stopped feeling her tit and had exchanged with Cecilia in her spot, but Kara did not want to stand up anymore. She stopped her by putting her hand on her head just before Cecilia had started to lick her tits.

“I want to lay down, I want to eat some pussy too.” She said loud enough that they would hear her. She laid down on the couch and took of her shirt before she put up her hands and waited for one of the asses to come in to her view. It took them a few seconds to lay down with her in the huge couch, one between her legs and the next over her face. She felt Allison start to at her pussy as she put out her own tongue to give her other lover, Cecilia a deep lick. In fact, she went so deep inside her that she almost felt her uvula, but as she liked to deep-throat their dildos or some cock once per month, so it did not disturb her one bit. She just keep sucking and licking her.

Something that Cecilia seemed to like as her moans had started quickly.

“Oh god Kara, yes, just like that… ooooh god Kara, keep it up, keeeep it uuuup.” And she had no intention of stopping until she would come hard on her tongue, just like she now felt that she herself was about to do, but not yet, please, not yet. She tried to keep herself from coming by thinking about boring stuff, but all she could ever think about was the wonderful feeling of Allison’s lips on her pussy, of Cecilia’s pussy on her own lips. She thought of the feeling she felt when she touched both of them, separate or together, when she kissed them, when she slept beside them and when she woke up next to them or between them.

Then she came, hard and she screamed in to the pussy she was trying to eat out and Cecilia came as well. Her loud voice had sent something in to her so she came as well. Now it was just Allison’s turn to cum.

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