Haziran 5, 2023

ENM Intertwined – Jack Pt. 10

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Zayne produced a pair of briefs that I immediately snatched away. I quickly shuffled the fabric up my legs just before the next customer entered the store. The woman who entered pretty much had the same reaction as the last ones, only this one didn’t run away. She froze at the entrance staring at me.

I finally had a moment to get a real look at what Zayne gave me. Looking down at myself then turning around into the three-way mirror I confirmed that I was wearing a pair of briefs that were black on the hips and white on the front and back. Moreover, there was a cartoonish picture of a panda eating bamboo on the crotch and backside. Not exactly the most dignified look for a big guy like me.

Face flushing, I turned back around to see the customer laughing as she sauntered over to the dress rack never taking her gaze off me. My hands went to my crotch again as I turned to Zayne, “Um, Zayne…what is this?”

Zayne pulled out his phone, “I thought they were very cute. I was just dying to see you in them. Just one picture? Please? I wont show it to anyone. It’ll be just for me.”

‘It’ll be just for me’ he said. Despite how embarrassing this was, I kinda liked the idea of me and Zayne sharing something between the two of us. So with shaky arms, I put my hands on my hips and smiled while Zayne snapped a photo; preserving this memory forever. Was this the right choice?

“As I thought, briefs suit you the best,” Zayne strolled right up to me and placed his hand on my junk “they really draw attention to this big boy here.”

I nearly fell off the pedestal. “Z-Zayne, please! Um, some pants would be nice.”

“Sure, sure, but first try on this!”

Zayne pulled out another garment that looked rather small and stringy. Before I could get a good look at them Zayne yanked down my panda briefs stealing another good look at my over-sized cock. Face turning red again, I stumbled out the briefs and hastily tried to put on this stringy garment around my legs. It was a bit hard to accomplish between my long legs and all the strings. It was of course, at this time somebody finally came out of one of the dressing rooms. Some middle aged man wearing glasses blinked catching the sight of the big naked giant pulling up the tiny garment around his legs. I paused for a moment and gave him an awkward wave.

Zayne laughed stepping up on the dais to help me pull up the material. He took extra careful measures pulling up the material around my package. I had to will myself not to get hard at his touch, otherwise this thing I was trying on was going to tear in two. I felt a string snap at my waist and I finally had it on. Zayne turned me towards the mirrors and…well…there was no other way to describe it…it looked like a thong. It was a neon green thong with a tiny pouch for my manhood at the front that was held together by two tiny strings at the waist and one thin string going down the back. My butt was entirely visible.

My face reddened, “This…is a little too revealing for me Zayne.” I scratched the back of my neck.

“I know, ain’t it great?” He gave my butt a squeeze and my heart hammered. The one dressing room that became vacant while pulling on this thong filled up again by some guy in his 20’s who stared at my ass for several seconds before shutting the door.

“Maybe something that covers more?” My head darted left and right for any more wandering eyes.

“Of course, leave it to me.” Zayne went up on his tiptoes while pulling at my arm to plant a kiss on my cheek. I smiled at his quick affection. “I’m still going to buy them for you though. I think they look sexy!”

Zayne fished around in his bag and pulled out another pair of briefs, istanbul travesti tossing them over. I was hoping for pants but I guess this did cover more.

Taking a quick glance towards the entrance, the dressing rooms, and pretty much the whole store, I slipped off the thong while no one was looking. Well, no one but Zayne. I pulled up the briefs and they appeared to be as ‘animated’ as the last pair. They were yellow and black striped with a picture of a bumblebee on the backside. “Get it? Jack-my-bee! It’s our thing.” I actually laughed at this one. ‘It’s our thing’ he says. Zayne and I have a thing! The thought of that made me happy. Zayne was just too adorable sometimes.

“That’s funny Zayne, I like them but…some more clothes? Please? If you don’t mind?” My cheeks were a little pink as I gestured at my nearly naked body.

Zayne eyed me hungrily. I would have appreciated his lustful gaze a lot more if all the other dressing rooms didn’t open up at that very moment. An assortment of men and women came out and spotted me standing there in just my undies. I just stood there blushing as a couple of them whipped out their phones and started snapping pictures.

I self-consciously covered my crotch, “Zayne?!”

“Don’t worry, I gotcha big guy…pants right?” Zayne went fishing in his bag again and pulled out a pair of leather pants. I swiped them up greedily and jumped right into them. The people from the dressing rooms pointed and laughed watching me pull my pants up around my legs. It was harder than it looked, they were a little tight. When I finally zipped them up I breathed a sigh of relief to finally have pants on. Facing the mirrors I could see how tight these hugged me but they were stylish and stretchy enough for me to move comfortably in.

“Huh, these actually look kind of cool.” I turned around to feel out the pants and the small crowd actually clapped and whistled. I blushed when I remembered I was being watched. When they finally went about their own business, Zayne came up from behind me and tied something around my neck. It was a red dog collar with a silver buckle. Zayne then jumped up and placed a headband with dog ears on top of my head. I blinked as I faced the sight in the mirrors. “Uh, Zayne? What is this about?” I pointed to my reflection.

“I just had to see this. You look adorable Big Dog, woof!” Zayne jumped off the dais and slid his hand down my back. “Look this way.” I turned to Zayne confused, he was holding out his hand. “Shake, boy!”

I was a bit taken aback for a moment. I have never been in such an alien moment in all my life. But bottom line, Zayne called me over so cheerily I could not bare to disappoint him. I curled up my fingers and laid my palm down tentatively on Zayne’s hand like it was a paw, “Um…like this?”

Zayne shook my arm, “That’s right! But say it in dog speech Jack.”

I raised an eyebrow. For a fraction of a second I considered declining Zayne’s request merely out of the absurdity of the situation but I figured it couldn’t hurt to indulge him just for a bit. “Woof?” I barked.

Zayne was practically jumping up and down. “Yes, yes! There’s a good boy!” Still holding my palm, Zayne reached up and stroked my cheek. I couldn’t resist. I leaned into Zayne’s touch and closed my eyes for a moment. I relished in the sensation as I rubbed my cheek against his soft fingers. “You like that huh?”

“Arf!” I winked at him.

Zayne was all smiles, “Now there’s a good boy! C’mere you!” Zayne pulled me lower and ruffled his fingers through my hair. He pet my scalp and scratched behind my ears. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but this actually felt really good. It made me istanbul travestileri want to play a little more for his attention, “Ruff, ruff! Arf!” I was literally barking cheerfully.

Zayne was just the cat in the cream, “That’s right. Who’s my big good boy?” Zayne traced his fingers down my face and scratched beneath my chin.

“Woof, woof!” I responded wanting more praise. Zayne kissed me on the nose and I stared into those majestic blue eyes of his. I leaned in closer and gave his ear a gentle love bite. This time, it was Zayne’s turn to blush. He flinched from my bite and his cheeks turned pink as he looked at me in surprise.

Holy crap. Just when I thought this kid couldn’t get any more adorable!

“H-Hey! Jack! Careful with the ears, those are my sensitive spots.” Zayne looked away.

“Bow wow!” I barked playfully. For the most part, Zayne appeared infallible. Totally shameless and confident. Now I discovered that his ears were his weak point. The idea of that made me giddy.

There was the faint sound of giggling coming from around us. I turned around and noticed that the people who saw me in my underwear from before were not-so-subtly checking us out from the clothing racks. They pretended they were not watching us by returning their attention to the clothes but even I knew they were looking at us before I saw them. The embarrassment shifted back to me as I became aware that I’m still shirtless in a store with dog-ears and a collar. Not to mention I was so caught up in our play I neglected to think about what a total idiot I must have looked like in front of them,”Eh, erm…Ahem.” I collected myself as I looked back at Zayne. “So, are we finished here?”

“Yeah we’re all done here Jack.” Zayne gathered up the bags and tried to lift them.

“Oh wait! Let me carry those for you!” I rushed over and gathered up all of Zayne’s clothes in my arms. I had a pretty long reach so it made sense for me to carry the stuff. Plus, I didn’t want Zayne to burden himself with all the work after paying for everything.

“My handsome gentleman. Thank you.” Zayne winked and my heart fluttered. He looped his fingers through the front of my collar and pulled me to the front desk with my arms preoccupied with the merchandise. Being pulled around by Zayne was both embarrassing and…a little bit exhilarating? I just felt like I wanted Zayne to be attached to me all the time.

I brought up the clothes to the front counter where Cassidy rung up our purchase. Zayne bought a lot more than what he had me try on. I wonder what else he got. I should have checked everything when I had the chance, since I was beginning to believe Zayne had some kinky tastes. Before I could see what else Zayne got as Cassidy pulled them out of the bags, I had to open my big stupid mouth, “Oh, Cassidy!” I gestured to what I was wearing “Can I wear these out?”

Very subtly, Cassidy looked over my shoulder so she could see Zayne right behind me making an ‘X’ with his arms while shaking his head. She smiled, “I’m sorry Jack, all purchases have to be rung up and put in bags on your way out. It’s…a new policy meant to prevent theft.” She shrugged. My face went low knowing what this meant.

“I…understand.” I took off the dog ears and laid them on the counter. The collar came next but that of course, was the easy part.

Cassidy rang up the items and then eyed my pants. “Those too Jack.”

I swallowed. With shaky hands I undid my fly and shucked off my leather pants. There was a lull of chuckling popping up around me. I looked to my sides in a panic and didn’t see anything. Perhaps I was getting paranoid. I felt like someone was going to see me travesti istanbul whenever I stripped down. It was that kind of day. I didn’t want to dilly dally any longer so I just tossed the pants on the counter leaving me in the bee-themed briefs Zayne had me try on. I bit my lower lip as Cassidy stuffed the pants into the bags and dropped her gaze to my underwear. She let out a whistle and jabbed her index finger in the direction of my pelvis. I lowered my eyes to my last shred of clothing.

Zayne sidled up to me and tugged on the waistband of my briefs. “She needs these too, Jack-my-bee.” I knew what I had to do so I might as well get it over with. Taking a breath, I hooked my thumbs in my waistband and yanked them right off with the fastest motion I could muster. The moment I dropped them on the counter was when the store-wide laughter commenced. I shifted my head left and right and without fail, there were scores of people emerging from the racks and aisles of the store. They all ogled me with cheeky smiles on their faces as they pointed. It was as if everyone in the whole store just got the same idea to come out and catch me naked at the same time.

Feeling wildly embarrassed, I threw my hands to my groin as my face turned into a tomato. Cassidy held up my underwear and nodded as she looked at them for a long moment before bagging them as if to prolong my nudity in the store. When she finally rang us up, I had to do a double-take at the numbers. “Whoa! Zayne! How much did you buy?” In the past, that high a price wouldn’t even faze me with all the cash I had, but now…

“Don’t even sweat it Jack-my-bee, this is nothing for me.” Zayne took out his wallet and I caught his wrist. “It’s not nothing Zayne,” I shook my head “I used to have friends I bought all sorts of stuff for and now…well, let’s just say they just took off when I could no longer foot the bill…”

“Jack…” Zayne looked stung.

“My point is,” I took his hands in mine “I don’t want money to come between my relationships again. Especially with what…you and I…have. So if you’re going to do this, let me pay you back.”

“You really don’t have to.”

“I insist! I know I’m broke, jobless, and I already owe a lot to Rorke and all my other friends right now but I can set a little aside after I start saving just for you. I promise I will get there eventually it’s just…I want you to stick around as long as possible! If am in your debt, I can at least keep coming back to you until it’s paid off.”

Zayne opened his mouth as if to protest but then he looked thoughtful, “Okay Jack, you can pay me back.” I smiled and leaned my forehead on his.

“Thanks Zayne.”

“Just a fair warning,” Zayne’s eyes flicked down towards my penis hanging low “I may ask for different compensation once I come collecting.” He licked his lips. I was excited but that may have been a problem. Not for the first time, I was so focused on Zayne that I forgot I was totally naked. The presence of the lingering eyes around me reminded me to throw my hands back down for cover. Zayne chuckled at my reaction as he approached the counter to pay for the clothes. “Jacky boy, these bags are too heavy for little old me. Would you be so kind?” He indicated the bags.

“Absolutely, I would love to.” I really would. Not only did not want poor Zayne to carry that much weight but also with that many bags I could use them to cover my privates on my way out. I positioned one armful of bags before my front and another armful to cover my butt. I looked ridiculous to everyone around me but less so than I did when I was naked or in my underwear. “Shall we?” I tilted my head towards the door eager to leave.

“We shall, Jack-my-bee.” Zayne moved in closed and took my arm carrying the bags that obscured my backside. I didn’t dare shake off Zayne so the rest of the store got one more look at my ass as we left.

“I will be seeing you again boys.” Cassidy waved us off.

What does she mean by that?

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