Haziran 5, 2023

Acquired Taste

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For the past three years, I’ve been working as an executive chef in a restaurant located in a high-end resort hotel in the south. The hours are long and I have given up a lot in my life to run this successful kitchen, including my social life and my love life. Since I am what I would consider extremely sexual, it’s the love life I miss the most.

When I started at the hotel, I had a girlfriend, but after the first year she gave up on me since I usually work 6 days a week and 10 hour shifts a day. I messed around with a former sous-chef, but when she took another job several months ago, I found myself without a partner again. What has really horny is that I have been fantasizing about something I have never done before, and with a partner I never thought I could be with. Let me explain.

Since the days that I got into sex, I have had a fascination with cocks, big cocks. More specific, big black cocks. Since I turned 19, I basically used as a source material for masturbating, online porn. Actually, interracial porn. After a year or two I realized what really turned me on the most wasn’t the women who were doing the fucking and sucking, but who they were fucking and sucking, those huge black dicks. Now in my 30’s, when I’m alone in my apartment and I know I won’t get caught, I like to watch videos of white men sucking black men and even getting fucked by them.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy women, very much so, but I yearn to try a nice black cock, just once. I never thought I would ever get the opportunity to be with one until just two weeks ago.

Our hotel has many managers and supervisors. It’s hard to keep up with them all, because they come and go. After a couple of years, I just got used to always having to answer to someone new. Three months ago, we got a new Food Nathan drank Tequila Sunrise.

After the waitress left, Nathan leaned into me and asked, “Have you had a black man recently? I have!” He said with excitement.

“Um, no. It’s just a fantasy. I guess.” Then it hit me what he just confessed. “You’ve been with a black man?” Suddenly I was really into this conversation.

“Oh, hell yeah!” Nathan gushed. “It was wonderful. Every black man I have been with has been fantastic, but I have only been with three, but WOW! They have been some of the nicest cocks I have ever been with!”

Now my excitement was showing. “You mean they were…” Nathan knew what I was pertaining to and shook his head in a large motion. “ALL THREE?”

“I have never seen one that wasn’t at least eight inches!’ He said with pride. The thought of a big black cock started to make my blood rush, I was probably getting red in the face, my cock started to come alive. “Especially the last one, Christopher’s”

The name was familiar, we have many Jamaicans who work at the hotel. Some work as servers, busboys, dishwashers. I remembered a Christopher who worked as a busboy and helped clean the kitchen at night. “You mean Christopher, the busboy?” I asked in amazement.

Nathan just shook his head as the waitress brought us our drinks. I took a large swig of my Rum I was sort of curt and rude, telling him to make sure he wiped down the stainless steel in the kitchen. I could believe he might be packing such a magnificent appendage; he was tall and there was a certain air about him.

The next question I stammered because now I was absolutely turned on. “How… how… how did you…get…”

Nathan leaned closer to me. “You really want to get with him?” When he said those words, I began to imagine Christopher nude. He was handsome, tall, slender, young… maybe in his mid-20’s. When I first met him, I considered him to be attractive, now I could admit he turned me on.”

I leaned into Nathan and responded, “Yeah, I do!”

Nathan pulled back and looked me over. It was just 15 minutes ago that I was telling him I wouldn’t let him suck my cock, and now he was considering fixing me up with another guy. “Ok, when we first hooked up, I gave him a ride back to the employee apartments.”

Our hotel owns some apartments that are 10 minutes down the road from our hotel. The employees who istanbul travesti stay there are either driven by the hotel or co-workers give them a ride back. Nathan told me that one night Christopher asked him if he could hitch a ride. Christopher had just missed the hourly bus ride and didn’t want to wait for the next one. Nathan claimed it was Christopher that made the suggestion, but Nathan was only too happy to give him the blowjob he requested.

Nathan described Christopher’s cock as the biggest he had ever seen and the best he ever sucked. As I sat there and listened to him carry on about what it was like that first night, I envisioned myself with Christopher and what it would be like to be with my first black man like that. Nathan was extremely animated when he described how long Christopher’s cock was and the fulfillment he got in sucking a cock like that. If my number one fantasy was to be with a black man before that night, Nathan’s account and descriptions just took it to a much higher level.

My arousal was simply too much and I knew I had to run home for some relief. As we got to our cars, the image of my sucking Christopher’s big black cock was all I could see, I was a man possessed. Nathan told me that if we didn’t get to talk before I got my hands on Christopher, I should be warned of two things. First, Christopher could be very dominant, which was actually music to my ears. I rather enjoyed that thought. Most of all I was warned that he was a heavy cummer. Oddly, I never gave much thought about a man’s orgasm. I never saw myself as the type that got into men cumming. I usually shot my load before the black man came in my fantasies or in the scenes I watched. Nathan said unless I planned on swallowing a lot of cum, I should bring a towel.

As soon as I got home, I ripped off my clothes and jacked off. The vision of me on Christopher only took me five minutes to achieve orgasm. I showered and began to envision what a ten-inch black cock would look like in person. I wondered how aggressive Christopher really was and again I imagined sucking him. My cock got rock hard again and I masturbated a second time, shooting in ten minutes this time. I slept like a baby afterward.

My first day back to work was a little disappointing. Christopher had the day off, as did Nathan. We were very busy and my mind was very cloudy thinking about Christopher. I messed up a couple of times and in frustration threw some food on the floor. During our last hour of service, I heard my name being called from the back of the kitchen. When I went to answer, I saw it was Christopher. My body froze and I felt like my stomach was swirling, I was so excited.

“Hey Boss, you think you could give me a ride home?” He asked. Christopher always called me Boss, from the first day he started, but a few other of the Jamaican employees did as well.

“What are you doing up here?” I asked. I was in shock to see him and that was all I could come up with.

“A friend gave me a ride and dropped me off here.” He said.

“Sure, no problem.” In my mind I wanted to squeal. I wasn’t putting the big picture together and questioning why he was here. I was just excited that he was and I was taking him home. Normally I stay until the service is done and the kitchen is clean but my best assistant was there and there wasn’t much to do. I asked if they were ok and when they assured me that they were I decided to take Christopher home right then.

It was getting to be near 10 o’clock when we walked to my car. Christopher noticed I was driving a 1978 Camaro and thought it was so cool. I told him I have a brother that restores cars and he gives me a classic car every few years. I was really dying to know why he was here on his day off but too happy to ask. He was wearing jeans and a nice polo shirt. I thought he had to be 6’3″ and yet so slender. He shaved his head and didn’t wear any facial hair. He always reminded me of Anthony Mackie in looks. What really drove me crazy, besides that thought of what might be in those pants was his Jamaican accent. It was so sexy when he spoke and with that deep voice istanbul travestileri of his.

“So Boss, you ok with giving me a ride home?” He asked.

“Yeah, no problem.” I told him.

“Maybe I make it up to you some way.” He said to me.

My heart fluttered when he said that. Is it possible he knew everything? As we left the hotel, I was about to ask him something about Nathan. Just a feeler question to see if maybe I wasn’t getting excited for nothing. Before I could come up with something Christopher says, “So Boss, you want to suck my cock real good then?”

The shock of the straightforward question blew me away. I almost questioned what I heard. I stammered. “Um…I…I…”

“Come on Boss, you want to suck me off, don’t you?” Now he sounded as if he was being played.

“Yes…yes, I do” I quickly affirmed. I figured this was no time to be coy.

“Good, good. Follow this road.” He instructed. Christopher had me pass the apartments he was staying at and then turn down a road less than mile down the road. The area we were driving through was less populated. Only scattered houses and farms were on the road. He had me turn one more time and then told me to take a dirt road. I slowed down as we drove down it, it wasn’t wide enough for two cars but there was a heavy thicket of trees on both sides. The road turned and in less than a minute it came to a dead end. We were alone and secluded with all of the woods off the road.

I left the car running as I sat there, just looking forward. My mind was racing. I was both nervous and excited, but I couldn’t tell which I felt the most. I was also too curious. “How did you know?” I asked.

“Huh?” Christopher said.

“How did you know I wanted this to happen?” I amplified my question.

“Nathan told me.” I should have guessed; it was the only possibility but still I was curious.

“Was he the friend who brought you to the hotel?” I wondered.

“Oh sure.” Christopher relayed. So, Nathan wanted this to happen to me the first chance he could. He had a thank you coming.

So now that the big mystery was solved, there was only one thing left to do, fulfil my greatest fantasy. I was still frozen for some reason, deep inside me I felt ready and yet I just couldn’t move. Christopher must have sensed my apprehension.

“Is this the first time you have sucked a black cock?”

“I’ve never been with another man, black or any color.” I tell him.

“But you tell Nathan you are very curious. You want to suck a black man. True?” His words, voice and accent only begin to fuel the fire.

“Yes.” I say as I turn my head and make eye contact, to show my sincerity.

“Let me give you your first black cock Boss.” Christopher announces as he begins to undo his pants and pull his zipper down.

As he is pulling out his cock, I reach up to turn on the overhead light. I want to lay eyes on the first black cock I will ever see and not try to make it out in the darkness. My hands are very shaky, trembling with excitement. I bring my eyes down to lay upon this black beauty that Nathan bragged about and I have lusted for years over. To my disappointment, it is flaccid and looks to be about four inches long.

I’m stunned with the underwhelming image in front of me. It simply looks like a black worm has made its way out of Christopher’s pants. I can’t even see his balls. My frozen stare only makes Christopher agitated as he grabs me by the back of my head and pulls me down on his cock.

“SUCK MY COCK WHITE BOY!!” He yells as he holds my head and takes his flaccid penis, stuffing it in my mouth. It feels like a wet noodle in my mouth, flopping around and with no rigidness. I nearly pull away and say forget all of this but with my mouth full of limp dick, I begin to suck it.

With it about four inches long, I easily engulf the cock completely. It lays on my tongue, entirely in my mouth. As I draw out all the air in my mouth, tightening the grip on it, I think of the praise Nathan heaped upon it. Wondering whose cock he was sucking. As I pull back my head, it slips out of my mouth, I push travesti istanbul back down on it before the head passes my lips. I repeat the action as I hear Christopher exclaim, “Yeah, suck that cock.”

I moan slightly, not out of excitement or pleasure but in dissatisfaction with my first black cock being such a dud. Suddenly as I am fixated with the disappointing state Christopher’s cock is in. I can feel a pulse going off in my mouth. For the fourth time I pull back my mouth and I can tell that it has grown at least an inch. Now I let out another moan, one of curiosity. I can sense a change starting.

Christopher has now taken a grip of my head with both hands as I am leaning over to his side of the car. My mouth continues to go up and down his cock but with ever slide up and down there is a metamorphosis occurring. His cock is growing rapidly, like I have never seen or experienced. What was a limp, pathetic penis has swollen into a nice, stiffening cock. And its still growing.

Now my moans are louder and if Christopher could decipher them, he would know that my disappointment has turned into respect. Now I can’t fit all of his cock in my mouth, no matter how deep I try to go on it. The ease of my lips wrapped around it has dissipated. I now have my jaw wide open. My mouth begins to wetten, I am getting my first tastes of his cock, and its delicious. I now wrap my hand around his cock and my finger can barely touch my thumb. And its still growing.

Whimpers have substituted my moans, but the volume is still very loud. It’s only been two minutes of sucking him and Christopher know he has me in total admiration. The floppy feeling is nearly totally gone, I can feel veins, thick veins on my lips and now I can’t swallow half of his cock. The last thing I saw before I had this cock stuffed in my mouth was an image that let me down. Now I had to see it again, in this new erect state. I pull away from it and all I can utter is, “Oh my God!”

What looked like a black worm has magically transformed into a large ebony spike. Hard and long. Thick and veiny. A bulbous head, shiny with a lighter hue than his elongated shaft which is shadowy yet glows from my saliva. Which I need to add some more. I jump right back on it sucking it with added fervor. Christopher simply says “Get it white boy.”

Although the sensation of that cock growing so dramatically in my mouth is an experience I will never forget, I know I have to get to work. Christopher’s cock is not just a cock you simply suck on, you have to worship it. I slide my mouth up and down on it, trying to get as much as I can in my mouth, but it is impossible to swallow this ten-inch black mamba. With so much cock that I can’t fit into my mouth I use my hand to aid me, stroking the lower part of his shaft.

I sense I am groaning and whimpering as I suck on it like a mad man. I am so committed to making this black king enjoy this, I pull off long enough to ask, “Am I making too much noise?”

Christopher says, “No, but you can make some louder sucking sounds.” I obey his command as I let my saliva flow more than trying to keep it from getting messy. And messy it quickly gets as I slob and droll all over his magnificent cock. He releases my head so that he can pull his pants down freeing the rest of his package. I am stunned by the vision of his balls.

Incased in a very large nut sack are a couple of testicles that are nearly the size of plums. Not grapes or cherries but fucking plums. I never thought that balls could turn me on. The second I laid eyes on these black beauties I was hooked. I began to suck and lick on them immediately.

“Mmmm. Yeah! Suck on them. Lick them.” He tells me. I do as ordered, giving each ball a proper washing with my mouth and tongue. I can’t fit them both in my mouth but I give each one equal treatment. Is there nothing on this black man that isn’t mind-blowing?

When I bring my mouth back to the top of this ebony tower and stick it back in my mouth, I give Christopher’s balls a good pulling as I continue to suck. I can hear his own moans of delight when I give them a friendly squeeze or pull. They are as sensitive as they are beautiful. My only hope is that I am doing the job that a cock like this deserves. Suddenly, Christopher pulls me off of his cock and opens the car door. I guess he is tired of sitting and I in turn get out of the car, racing to the side he is standing at.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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