Eylül 28, 2023

Covid Resurrection

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Covid Resurrection

Tragedies sometimes become unexpected opportunities.

Nobody expected the pandemic when it came crashing into our lives. Despite taking every precaution, my wife contracted the virus in March of 2020. ‘I will spare you the gory details of her struggle since we are all familiar with how gruesome they can be. Two months later she was dead. I still don’t know how I escaped getting it.

It’s now a year later. After the funeral and legal details were finished I became a hermit, only leaving the house for vital necessities and to get fully vaccinated. I’ve become surprisingly accomplished at using a computer to get things done; I’ve even become adept at using a smart phone.

Last night I was on a community forum with my laptop looking for someone to do some work in my yard. After locating a landscaping service I happened to see a post for someone who gave massages. My late wife and I loved giving each other a massage and even bought a professional table and turned our den into a spa of sorts. I sent a response with my phone number and said I was interested.

The next day I received a call from a woman with a very pleasant voice that asked me if I was interested in a massage. I said I was but only if it could be done in my home. She said she could bring her portable table. I told her I had my own professional table. She then asked me if I had been fully vaccinated. I told her I had been. She then said she could come to my home to evaluate our compatibility. I gave her my address and told her I would be home all day. She said it would be around two and that she looked forward to meeting me.

The door chime rang a little after two and I walked to the door and opened it.

I hadn’t formed any preconception about what she would look like and it was just as well because it would have been obliterated instantly. Tall, blonde and beautiful, she appeared to be in her mid twenties with a smile that could melt lead. I immediately went into my deer in the headlights pose.

“Hello, I’m Tiffany Scot and I’m here to talk about giving you a massage.”

“I’m sorry, I seem to have forgotten my manners, and I’m Jeffery Rawlings. Please come in.”

I held the door while she walked through and into the hall that led to the main living room. I had a chance to scan her from behind while I followed her. She wore skin tight silver leggings that provided a perfect showcase for her incredible, slightly jiggling ass.

She stopped in the living room and sat down on the sofa. I sat in a chair across from her.

“I’ve been by this place a couple of times but I had no idea it was somebody’s home. I thought it was a private club or a museum of some type. You actually live here?”

“Yes, this is my home. Would you like a tour before we get started?”

“Yes I’d love to see it”

“My father owned most of the land around here and saw a home in Europe and decided to build a similar house here. He was very wealthy and he wanted a place that he, my mother and I could live in style. The house is three stories with six bedroom suites on the first and second stories. The third story is for an office, three game rooms for billiards, cards and an exercise room as well as three bathrooms’. I use the third story for reading and just observing the land around here. It has a large balcony that is a great spot to just relax.”

It took half an hour to show her the house and she was very impressed.

“You have a lovely home Jeffery, your wife takes excellent care of it.”

“My mother died three years ago from a stroke. My father died 8 weeks later from a heart attack. That was when my wife and I sold our house and moved in here.

“She died of Covid last year. I’ve tried to uphold her high standards.”

“I’m very sorry about your, loss. I may be able to help you deal with that a little better.”

“If you could, I would be very grateful.”

“Let’s leave that for later, you said you had a massage table, could I take a look at it?”

“Certainly.” I stood and led her to a room at the back of the house. “This was originally a study but we transformed it into a mini spa for massage.”

“This is perfect! I have enough time to give you a massage now if you want one.”

“I don’t have any plans for the rest of the day. Let’s get started.”

“Jeff, Strip down to your shorts while I go to my car and get some things.”

When she returned I had the table ready with clean sheets and relaxing music softly playing.

“Wow Jeff, you really do know what you’re doing. Lie down on your tummy.”

As soon as I was on the table she took over.

She used heavenly scented oil on her hands and began rubbing my neck. I could tell her hands were exploring for the spots that harbored my tension and when she found one she began to dissolve the tightness and the pain. She seemed to know intuitively how to rub each spot the way it needed to be done instead of applying the same technique to each area. In just a few minutes I was feeling more relaxed than I had since my wife antalya escort died.

“That’s good Jeff, let it go. Try to stop thinking and just feel what I’m doing. Watch your breathing, it should slow down as you get more relaxed.”

It was not difficult to follow her directions as her warm hands traversed my body. When she reached my feet my breathing was slower and deeper. What she did to my feet was incredible; it almost put me to sleep. She told me to turn over and she slowly moved up from my feet returning to my shoulders.

“OK Jeff, we are finished.”

“That was the best massage I have ever had, thank you Tiffany.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. You still have issues that need to be worked on; I think you should let me come once a week for a while.”

“I agree, what day is good for you?”

“I have Thursday at two available.”

“That’s good for me too Tiffany.”

She told me to drink water and take a warm shower then just take it easy for the rest of the day. I walked her to the front door still in my shorts and took two hundred dollars from my wallet and handed it o her.

“I only charge one fifty for an hour.”

“It was worth twice that, keep the change.”

As soon as she left I drank a glass of water before getting in the shower. While I was drying off I thought about how long it had been since I had been touched so tenderly by a woman. I realized how much I missed that and looked forward to her next visit.

T he next few days were spent with the landscapers I hired making changes and tending to the many gardens surrounding the house. I always thought of my mother when I did this. She was a gardening fanatic and spent hours taking care of the plants and flowers. When she died my wife replaced her and loved doing it. Now it was my turn to be the custodian of all the beauty they had brought to life all over the estate.

Some times when I was working on a particularly beautiful spot I had to just stop and admire it in communion with the plants, the birds and the insects. If I dared shed a tear they would remind me:” Don’t cry because they are no longer here, smile because we got to be with them”

By the time Thursday came around I was eagerly awaiting Tiffany’s arrival. When she rang the front door chime I hurried to answer it. This time I was even more startled by what she was wearing. I had never seen shorts that tiny on a grown woman. Her top was a pink bra that was completely transparent.

“Hello Tiffany, it’s very nice to see you”.

“Hello Jeff, it’s good to see you too. Are you ready for another massage?”

“Yes, I’m looking forward to it. Can I get you something to drink?”

“Some sparkling water if you have it.”

I walked to the kitchen and opened a bottle of cold sparkling water and poured two glasses then returned to the living room and put them on the table between the sofa and chair across from her. She took a sip of her water then looked at me.

“Before we get started I want to talk with you about the therapy I can provide you. I am a licensed massage therapist and I am also a licensed physical therapist as well. In addition to that I spent a lot of time in a Zen monastery while I was in college. I learned a lot about myself and I use some of the techniques I learned there in my therapies. I have a knack for sensing what my clients need pretty quickly.

Many of my clients have issues with sex and the pandemic has exacerbated those problems. In your case, you are holding in a lot of grief and loneliness. Your sex life is probably in a shamble too. Having a robust sex life is important to your health and wellbeing. You need to touch people. I know you are leery of doing that during this pandemic but I can help you with your problems. Would you like me to help you?”

“I agree with your diagnosis and I would very much appreciate your help.”

“That’s good. I was hoping you would say that, it’s also the reason I dressed this way for you today. I wanted to see if I could get a rise out of you. Now before we go to the spa what have you been doing all week?

“Are you in a rush for time today?”

“No, you are my last appointment. Why?”

“Because I would rather show you what I did this week, I would like your opinion on it.”

“”OK, show me.”

I stood and took her hand and led her to an outdoor patio on the side of the house. It was large enough to accommodate some lounge chairs, a fountain and several shrubs and some perfectly arranged flowering plants.

“Wow Jeff, is this what you did in a week? It’s beautiful.”

“No this patio has been here for a long time. It’s the shortest route to where I’ve been working.”

Still holding her hand I led her thru the patio down some small steps out into the yard to a path that led into the vast expanse of the property. We continued on the path for several minutes until we came to another patio where there were stone benches surrounded by perfectly manicured trees that provided shade as well as being a joy to look at. antalya escort bayan We paused for a moment to take in the beauty of this spot before continuing down the path.

A little further we came to a marble monument inscribed with the words” ‘No effort that we make to create something beautiful is ever wasted”

“Jeff this yard is unbelievably gorgeous. How big is it?

“Just over twenty-six hundred acres….not counting the wild area that is not developed.”

“Holy shit Jeff this isn’t a yard it’s a state park. And it all belongs to you?”

“Yes, I seem to have inherited the role of caretaker of this wonderful place. It is a privilege I accept gladly. Come along, it’s not much further.”

When we got to the place where I had been working she stopped without saying a word. She just stood there in awe of what was before her. What she was looking at was something that could have been magically transported there from a garden in Japan. Everything about it was exactly the same as something in Kyoto including a red curved wooden bridge over a Koi pond.

“You did this…in one week?”

“No, it took a couple of months to get all the material and I was lucky enough to find a Japanese landscaper that helped me. I used my regular team to do the plumbing for the pond.”

“Jeff you are a true artist. What others do with paint and canvas you do with living things. I am truly amazed. How many of these living tableaus are in this magnificent place?”

“This is number forty three.”

“I want to see them all.”

“You can come here any time you want and walk with me to see as many as are here. But now it’s time for my massage, let’s get back to the house. Would you do me a favor and walk ahead of me? I want to look at your adorable ass while we walk”.

“You will hold my hand and walk beside me just as you did before. I promise you will get an unobstructed view of my ass during your massage.”

When we got back to the house we headed straight to the spa.

“This time Jeff, remove all your clothes.”

I hesitated for a second but when I saw her remove her bra I stripped and watched her drop the tiny shorts to the floor then watched as she slowly bent over to retrieve them and put them on a chair with her bra. She wore no panties.

“Get on the table Jeff, you will have ample opportunity to examine me when you give me a massage.

I lay face down and felt her slick hands on my neck. This massage was similar to the last one with one important variation. This time she rubbed my butt. She moved my legs apart so her hands could get high up on my inner thighs and occasionally slide across my balls. When she finished my lower legs she told me to turn over onto my back. While I rolled over she moved to the head of the table.

“I’m not going to cover you so don’t feel uneasy if you begin to have an erection. That’s perfectly normal; in fact it’s my goal for you today.”

Her hands moved to my shoulders and began to rub them. Then she leaned over to reach my chest. This position brought her breasts into my view when I looked up. Each time she reached over to get lower on my chest her breasts slid across my face.

“Tiffany, you have very pretty tits.”

“Thank you Jeff, you could lick them if you wanted to. I get very aroused when someone sucks on them.”

It was an offer I couldn’t refuse; especially when she pressed one of them onto my mouth. Her nipple began to swell as soon as my lips closed around it. She let me suck her for a few minutes before replacing her left t it with her right one. I gave it the same loving treatment as the left one.

She pulled up releasing her tit with a slight pop then moved to my right side and worked on my arm then moved around to my left side. When she finished there she told me to scoot down to the end of the table. As I slid down she grabbed a cushion off of a nearby chair and knelt on it then told me to pull my knees up and spread my legs.

“I’m now going to give you a special treat. Have you ever had your balls massaged?”

” NO!”

“Well get ready for a new experience. Trust me you’ll like it.”

She put some oil on her hands and told me to just lie back and enjoy it.

“Is it OK if I watch?”

“Sure, if that’s what you want.”

I wanted to look at her face and her fabulous naked body more than watch what her skillful fingers were doing to my testis. She had such a beautiful smile and seemed genuinely happy to do this for me. I wondered how anybody could still be filled with delight after what we had all been going through for over a year now. Nevertheless her smile was as contagious as Covid and it put me at ease. Her head would tilt back ever so slowly as if she were playing a piano concerto instead of gently caressing my balls. She knew exactly where to touch and how much pressure to use to keep from hurting the fragile containers of life.

After a few minutes I felt a warm glow in my groin which gradually increased as she rubbed me. Her hands escort antalya could not avoid contacting my cock as her fingers moved to the top of my scrotum. I realized that the warm glow was my ability to feel sexual stimulation coming back to life after being repressed for so long. I now felt the warm glow in the base of my cock as the blood slowly started to flow through the little valve that controls it. I was getting an erection and it felt wonderful.

She felt it too and her eyes sparkled with joy.

One of her hands moved to incorporate my cock into the massage and it got harder with each stroke of her hand. Now my cock was throbbing in her hand and the once familiar feeling of an impending orgasm rushed through my genitals.

“Tiffany, I’m going to cum.”

“I know!”

The hand on my cock was quickly replaced with her mouth just in time to receive the first volley of hot semen which she quickly swallowed. It was followed by several more as what seemed to be a year’s worth of cum emptied spurt by spurt into herwelcoming mouth.

When it was over I flopped back on the table gasping for breath.

Tiffany got up and moved beside me then started stroking my hair.

“You did great Jeff. That was just what I hoped for. Do you still feel up to massaging me?”

“I’m more than up to it, you have revitalized me.”

I rolled off the table and moved to the head as she lay face down with her arms at her side. I put some oil on my hands and began to rub her shoulders and neck. I tried to copy the way she rubbed me but it was a little difficult to stay focused with her luscious body spread on the table. Her ass was particularly distracting and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. After a few minutes I leaned forward to get to her back. This afforded her a great view of my cock thru the face hole.

“You have a very nice cock Jeff. You don’t mind if I hold it do you? “

Before I could respond to such a loaded question with the obvious answer I felt her hand softly wrap around my flaccid cock. Her gentle fondling was warm and caring and felt wonderful. After finishing her back I moved to her right side to do her arm and her side above her hip. This was followed by her left side. Once I finished her side my next move was to the foot of the table. I told her to scoot down a little and when she did her pretty ass came within my reach. It was tempting to put my hands on those soft globes but I decided to give her a foot massage first. Her soft moans told me it was the right decision and convinced me that all women love to have their feet massaged. Finally I began my journey to her ass by massaging her legs starting with her calves and moving up to her thighs. Before going too far up I spread her legs apart to get full access to her ass and what was between those creamy thighs. The thrill of rubbing her spread through my whole body. When my hands moved from the top of her crack all the way down through it to her warm pussy my fingers tingled and she trembled at the intimate touch.

“Oh yes Jeff that feels divine, touch my pussy, feel how hot you’re making it.”

I followed her directions to rub where she wanted to be touched. A few minutes later her pussy was wet and she turned slowly over on her back.

“Play with my pussy Jeff, take your time, and rub my clit with your thumb, put your fingers in my hot wet vagina! Move them in and out until they’re covered with my juice. Ooooh Jeff that’s perfect.”

It was obvious that she was getting close to an orgasm so I slowed my movements and then stopped.

“Jeff don’t stop I’m so close, make me cum!”

“I will but not with my fingers.” Kneeling down I pulled her legs down until her pussy was at the same level as my mouth. It was then I could see clearly that there wasn’t a single hair in her entire crotch. I was mesmerized by the sight of her. She was exquisite. I just knelt there staring at her.

“Jeff, are you just going to look at me or are you going to eat my pussy?”

I snapped out of my trance and moved my face toward her widespread legs until my lips contacted the warm wet opening to her vagina. Kissing her pale pink lips was yet another incredible surprise. She tasted delicious. So much that I had to demote chocolate to be the second best thing I had ever put in my mouth. My hands moved to her naked ass and my mouth went to work on licking and sucking every part of her that my tongue could reach. She urged me to keep going at a fast pace and I could tell she was close. Then I felt her hand on my head mashing it into her pussy until she began to shake as her orgasm swept through her.

I stayed on my knees for a few minutes until her orgasm subsided. When I stood up we both discovered that my cock was fully erect.

“There’s no point in wasting it Jeff and since you are in exactly the right place you should go ahead and put it in me.”

The head of my cock was only a tiny distance away from her gaping vagina. There was no need to use my hand. But I couldn’t do it, I froze.

“Jeff let me give you some advice. If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.”

So I moved forward until the head slipped into her. I had a fleeting thought this was the first time in over a year since my cock had been inside a pussy then moved forward and buried it inside her. It felt wonderful.

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