Ocak 31, 2023

Car Sex

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Steffie straightened herself in the front passenger seat of his car and observed the stranger through a reflection in the rear view mirror. His features were soft and indistinct. His teeth white and clean; his clothes appeared to be new and he smelled fresh, much like the inside of his compact car.

“This guy looks a lot like my father,” she thought. “He looks just like any average middle-aged man, one could pull from the sea.”

She twisted around in her seat so they were now face-to-face, and placed her left hand on the center console; she held on to the steering wheel with her right. The stranger looked into her pleading eyes with a reassuring gaze.

“Here, take my phone, use it to call whomever you wish.”

She scrolled through his screen, pulled up a video app and entered her phone number into a box.

“I have something to ask and I want you to listen carefully. There’s a man in a car over there watching us; I’ve been coerced into this.”

“Pull down your pants, show me your penis.”

She clicked on the video app and held the mersin escort phone up over her head.

“Look straight ahead at the phone while I’m sucking you off.”

She gazed down at his crotch and watched as he slowly unzipped his pants. His cock was soft and his scrotum was shaved. She leaned her head down and took his dick in her mouth.

She swallowed and felt his erection unfold. The head of his shaft bottomed out deep in her throat. She felt his left hand on the back of her head. He grabbed on to her hair with his fist.

She pushed back with her neck and felt the force in his push. She sucked and swallowed, using her tongue as a guide. He pushed his cock wide into her mouth with his hips, and yanked her head up and down the full length.

“Suck on my big hard cock,” he said.

She hummed on his balls then pulled back and watched as her saliva dripped down from her lips.

“Are you going to cum for me Sir.”

The stranger pushed in again hard and his junk looked big in Steffie’s open mouth.

With mersin escort bayan her right hand, Steffie used the camera to captured his show; sometimes holding it up close then pulling away to pan from above, past the frizz of her locks. She used her teeth to keep him stretched hard. With her left hand, Steffie unfastened and pulled down her white cotton shorts.

The stranger released his grasp on her hair and watched as Steffie climbed up into his lap. He held on to the base of his cock and rubbed the head on her wet vulva and lips. Steffie held onto the stranger’s shirt collar and steadied herself with her knees on his thighs.

He held his shaft in his hand and used his penis like a wipe. Slowly, up and down, he rubbed the head of his cock on the cape of her clit. She felt her wetness spread down onto his work.

“Take me deep inside you,” he said.

Steffie lifted herself up off his lap as high as she could. His was hard and wet with her spray. Steffie captured the scene with his phone, then slid down escort mersin onto his tool. She realized she wanted to watch this man cum.

With his shirt collar in her left hand and the phone in her right, Steffie humped with her hips. When she felt she was ready to go, Steffie bit down on her lower lip with her teeth.

She felt the strangers thumbs press on her hips and her tits. She looked into his eyes, then moved her head to one side and kissed into his neck.

She whispered into his ear, just loud enough for the phone.

“Fuck me hard; make me cum on your bone.”

When she sensed the stranger was beginning to turn, Steffie lifted herself up off his bat. She watched his white cream leak from the spout, as he beat off into his lap and spilled onto the seat.

Steffie looked into the phone screen and hit send on the app.

Art let his hard-on rest in his sweaty palm, when he heard the vibration from Steffie’s phone in the passenger seat. He watched as the light flashed and then dimmed.

Then Art heard the stranger’s car door shut. He pulled up his pants and let out a groan.

He stared out at Steffie. He watched her walk back across the parking lot and stand at the grill of Art’s car. Steffie leaned in, spread her fingers out on the hood of the car, looked into his eyes, nodded her head, and waited for another sign.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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