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Erotic Escape

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She walks into the hotel room after a long week. Her name is Claire and she is excited to have some time to herself out of town among strangers with no home responsibilities. Claire is a single mother struggling to balance her career and her home life. Ever since the loss of her husband she has shut down emotionally and focused on taking care of her family. She has a successful career which has brought her to San Diego for the week. As she is returning to her room she is smiling as she has landed her company a deal that will mean extra income for her family.

She decides to celebrate a little, she kicks off her high heels and reaches into the minibar to find a drink. She enjoys two cocktails and is feeling rather relaxed. Claire has also shut down sexually the last few years, she has not been with a man since her husband. She has tried masturbating a few times but was never able to relax enough to bring herself to climax. She then pours a third drink and walks into the bathroom, strips down in front of the mirror, and admires her breasts, even though not as perky as they once were, not too bad for a 41-year-old mother of two, she turns away from the mirror and winks at her plump ass which still gets attention from all who see it. She grabs the razor from her bag and steps into the shower, she shaves her legs and armpits, then decides to give her pussy the love it needs and shaves it completely, she has not done that in many years and it led to some excitement throughout her body of which she has also not felt in years.

Once out of the shower she walks naked thru her room to her luggage and finds a pair of bright red lacy panties she has been saving for a special occasion along with a matching pushup bra. She slides her panties on and admires the fit over her cleanly shaven pussy, even a nice camel toe bulge she notices in the mirror. Next is the bra which fits perfectly over her 36b breasts. She is feeling a bit of a buzz from the drinks earlier and rather sexy. Claire finds a long tight fitting black skirt and white v-neck t-shirt. She looks amazing, and is ready for some human contact, she decides to head down to the hotel restaurant/bar for a light meal and a few more drinks to celebrate.

Once to the restaurant the hostess named Jen takes her to a seat in the corner. She notices Jen is young and has a firm body, perky breasts and izmir escort not a care in the world and can most likely get any man she wants. She sits down and begins looking at the menu. The waiter Carlos shows up and she is immediately attracted to him, he isn’t too tall, has a nice build and a great smile, she laughs at his jokes as he introduces himself and discusses the drink menu. She orders a drink and smiles at him as he walks away. While reading the menu she cannot get the thought of Carlos out of her head and feels something she has not felt in a long while, a tingle and dampness in her panties.

Carlos comes back with a glass of wine, and she orders something light to get her thru the night. While ordering she cannot help but notice the bulge in his pants, and it gets her even more turned on. She drinks her glass of wine, and he comes for a refill, they flirt a bit and she feels the room heating up as her body temperature rises. She heads to the restroom quick and while in there notices the damp patch in the cotton patch of her panties, while sitting on the toilet she slides a finger into her tight wet pussy, she wants nothing more than to bring herself to climax, but she doesn’t, she slides her panties off, places them in her purse, washes up and heads back to her table.

Immediately after her return, Carlos arrives with her food. She notices the bulge in his pants is a bit larger now and she so desires to see what he has hidden away in there. She finishes her meal and decides to make a bold move. She knows the restaurant closes in a few minutes so she is going to leave room key on the table for Carlos and when he returns she says she hopes to see him later. While pulling her wallet from the purse, her panties fall onto the floor, at the same moment Carlos returns, he bends over to pick them up and realizes they are her panties, he sees the wet spot in them and smiles while handing them back to her.

She leaves the restaurant shaking, and makes her way to her room, once to her room she cannot contain herself anymore. She raises her skirt lays back on the bed and begins fingering her juicy pussy. The thought of Carlos on top of her thrusting his large cock into her tight and lonely pussy brings her closer and closer to the much-needed orgasm she has been withholding for all these years. Moments later, izmir escort bayan she reaches climax, screaming in delight while soaking the bed with her juices. She drifts off to sleep with her bare little pussy exposed on the edge of the bed.

Moments later Carlos makes his way to her door, nervous about the encounter ahead of him. He is young and not very experienced. He has also brought his roommate Jen with him, they share an apartment and have been friends a long time, she winks at him as he slides the key card in and the light turns green. Upon entering the room they see Claire on the bed, skirt pulled up and her sexy little pussy exposed for them to see. Jen smiles finds a seat near the door and lets Carlos do the talking.

Claire startled by noise wakes and sees Carlos standing in front of her, his bulge even bigger than before. He leans in and gives her a kiss on the lips, she hasn’t been kissed in years and was unaware how much she needed it. Once they break the kiss, she sees Jen in the corner and recognizes her as the hostess from earlier. She is a bit embarrassed, but Carlos explains they are roommates, and he is her ride home this evening. They begin kissing again and he pushes her back onto the bed, he reaches forward and slides her skirt off her, kneels and begins kissing between her legs. She loves the teasing, each kiss getting closer and closer to her little hole, she looks over and sees Jen watching them. She is turned on by the fact that Jen is enjoying this as well.

Carlos never makes his way to her pussy, he stands up and removes his pants, he is wearing tight underwear and the dark spots of pre cum are noticeable, she really wants to see what he has in there, she sits up and grabs his waist band and pulls them down. His cock is hard as can be, large and strong, he has shaved his pubic hairs and she knows what she is going to do next. She stands up and lays him on the bed, she removes her white top and her red push-up bra exposing her hard nipples. He smiles as she crawls onto the bed and starts sucking his cock with her bare ass in the air. She kisses around the base and finally takes it all in, he is long, but she tries her best to take it all in, up and downs he goes sucking and stroking it.

She looks to the door and sees a pile of clothes on the chair but does not see escort izmir Jen, at that moment she feels something she has not felt in years, a tongue on her pussy. She lifts her head, turns and sees that Jen is there naked, and licking her pussy. She moans in delight and returns to servicing her new man. She has a hard time focusing on the cock in her mouth while also trying to control what is going on in her nether regions. The licking has her ass rocking back and forth and she is trying to control her orgasm, she wants her man to cum first. She gets back to sucking and all at once Carlos lets an explosion into her mouth. She takes in his load and begins cleaning his shaft with her tongue.

She is now free to focus on what is happening to her. She rolls to her back and gets a good look at Jen. She is a young brunette with long hair, she is beautiful, she has small perky breasts with small hard nipples, and a shaved pussy, very sexy. She climbs onto the bed straddling Claire and leans in and gives her a kiss. Claire had never been with a woman before, a few close encounters with a friend many years ago but she stopped anything from happening. Jen slides down and begins sucking on her nipples, she cannot believe what is happening and knows she will be having her second orgasm of the night. Claire works her way down to her pussy and buries her face into her for the second time, she cannot believe the feeling, never has her pussy been licked like this, she is close, she looks over and sees that Carlos is hard again and knows she needs him inside of her. She pulls away and says, “I need him inside of me when I cum.”

Jen backs away and Carlos stands at the edge of the bed, pulls her close, spreads her legs and slides his hard cock into her. She screams with pain and delight, he stretches her wide around him, and begins pumping at her pussy. She is moaning in delight and looks over as Jen moves in closer, she straddled Claire and lowered her pussy onto her face. Her scent is amazing, and she darts her tongue into Jen’s pussy, she has a sweet warm taste and between that and the pounding from Carlos she is close. Jen begins rocking back and forth while Claire tongues her young pussy, she can see her young tits bouncing up and down with the thrusts of Carlos cock.

All at once, Claire begins having her orgasm the same time as Jen, she can taste the increased flow of delight and is in heaven as Jen moans along with her. Moments later Carlos gave one last thrust and had an explosion inside of Claire’s pussy. They all laid their staring at each other for a few minutes, smiles on their faces admiring each other before falling asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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