Haziran 5, 2023

Brother Asked to Correct Bratty Sis

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“Noah Johnson please, tell him Lee Gardner is calling,” I told the sweet sounding lady on the other end of the call.

“Yes Sir Mr. Gardner, he’s been looking forward to hearing from you, just a second and I’ll connect you.”

“Mr. Gardner, so happy you called. You come highly recommended and I hope you can help us,” he said and coughed several times. ” Sorry I’m a little under the weather.”

“Sorry to hear that, but what can I help you with, I was told you were having some technical issues but was not given any details.”

“Well we are a small publishing company, and of course everything is controlled by these infernal computer programs. Not like when I started this business 50 years ago,” he laughed and coughed again. “The problem seems to be our software I think. Anyway, the last guy we hired we spent a ton of money and he told us it was fixed, then by damn here we are a month later and we are completely shut down.”

“Yes Sir, I’m sure things are different from when you started, but with the right equipment and software it’s a lot more efficient and cost effective than the old ways.”

“I know, and my son helps run the company, and his wife Sandy, she’s the one that answered the phone when you called, Sandy’s pretty good with computers, and she can’t figure out the problem either. So, what’s it going to cost me to have you come and take a look?”

“Sir I’m in Alabama, and if I have to come out to New Mexico it’s going to cost you $5000 just for me to come out there. Not counting my fee per hour when I investigate what the problem is, and the fee to fix it.”

“Jesus, I guess I wasted your time,” coughing again, and sounding like he was on his last breath.

“Not necessarily, If you hire me I can work on your problem from here. I just need permission from you to access your system and I’ll find your problem. My fee for doing that is $1000, plus $150 per hour. When I find the problem I’ll fix it, but I require you to sign an agreement paying me $500 a month for at least 2 years, which makes me available to you 24/7 at no extra charge.”

“Son you have a deal, just give me your email address and tell me what info you need.”

“Just tell Sandy to give me a call in about an hour, you told me she was computer savvy, it’s probably best I talk to her. I have another call I have to make and I should be free in about an hour. My number is xxx-xxx-xxxx.”

“Thanks son, hope this works out, we’re backed up here and desperate,” coughing again.

“Look forward to doing business with you, bye.”

While talking to Mr. Johnson I had an incoming call from my Dad, and I sent it voice mail. I was successful because I put business first, and I knew I wasn’t going to be on the phone long with the client. The only reason I took Mr. Johnson on was I owed a friend a favor.

Checking my voice mail, Dad didn’t go into detail, just said he really needed to talk to me. He sounded really down and that worried me, because lately he has been excited about early retirement in the near future.

“Hi Dad, I called as soon as I could. What’s going on?”

“Son it’s your sister Ava……your Mom and I are at wits end. We thought maybe you could help, your Mom can’t take much more,” his voice trailing off.

“Dad, I know in the past you have told me she was not performing well in school, but didn’t she just graduate this past month? I know I got a graduation card and sent her a $1000 Visa gift card, that way she could get whatever she wanted.”

“Son, I reckon we should have said something earlier, but your Mom and I thought we could help her work thru her problems…..and we thought we were making some head way.”

I heard my Mom in the background crying, “Just tell him the truth Delbert!”

“Dad, what’s really going on,” I said firmly. Growing up my parents didn’t believe in spankings, discipline might consist of taking our tv’s out of our bedrooms for a day or two. Ava was 10 years younger than me and only 8 when I went off to college. Even at 8 years old she was a little brat and was seldom disciplined. During college I only went home for short visits, for several reasons, one of them being Deer Creek, Iowa was a small town and I hated it.

“Son we thought things were getting better…..”

“Dad! Quit stalling out with it,” I shouted out of frustration. Which immediately made me feel bad. I had never raised my voice to either of my parents. They were good hard working people.

“We…caught her doing drugs….and…..in bed with her boyfriend…..when we came back from a movie your Mom wanted to see,” he choked out.

“Dad, I don’t know what I can do, hell I haven’t even seen her in four years. I’ve sent her birthday cards, Christmas presents, but hell I never get a thank you card or ever hear from her. She’s not going to listen to anything I say.”

“Well your Mom and I thought maybe you could get her to come stay with you for a while, just so we can get her away from this jerk she’s dating. We would ask your Uncle bursa escort George to help, but his health is bad, and….well you’re a lot like him. You are smart, determined and believe in strict discipline. Guess I should have been more like my older brother, but you were so easy to raise and never a problem, we made the mistake of thinking Ava would respond like you and make something of herself. We failed son, and need help,” he whimpered.

Yeah I thought, Uncle George ruled his house with an iron fist. I had watched him raise 3 older cousins, 2 boys and 1 girl. He didn’t spare the rod, he tore their asses up when they misbehaved. I watched them grow up to be fine young adults. I told myself then, if I ever had a family, or even a girlfriend I would not stand for any bullshit, and that was the way I ran my business. My way or the highway!

I had no desire to get involved, but I owed my parents. They had worked hard and scrimped and saved to help me in college, always putting my needs first. Fortunately I had learned discipline from Uncle George, he tore my ass up several times when I was visiting if I got out of hand! I learned a red ass got your attention.

“Dad, don’t tell her I’m coming, if you do, no telling what she might do. I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

“Thank you son, we just hope you can help get her straightened out before something bad really happens.”

“No promises, but I’ll try. Bye Dad.”

Damn, this was going to fuck up things. I was getting my current girlfriend trained the way I wanted her, now I have to deal with my brat sister!

“Lee baby, I heard you shout, sounds like you need me to relieve your stress,” she cooed, standing at the edge of my office door, with one finger in her mouth and her other hand rubbing her panty covered pussy.

“Not now Laura,” I barked at her, “I’ve told you before, never come to my office unless I tell you too!”

“Sorry,” she whimpered and turned and went downstairs.

Laura was a sexy little blue eyed blonde I had picked up in a bar several months ago, a nice body, a good fuck, and not bad at blow jobs. I was debating on calling Laura back for a blow job to relieve the stress from the phone call about Ava, when my phone buzzed.

Looking at the screen, it was Johnson Publishing calling, “LG Technical Services,” I answered. Might as well sound professional, I chuckled to myself.

“Mr. Gardner, this is Sandy from Johnson Publishing. I was told to give you a call.”

“Yes Sandy, I thought it was best we talk. Mr. Johnson said you were computer smart, and I wanted to make sure I get the right information if I’m going to help you.”

“Well I’m no expert, but I can take care of basic things, but I can’t figure out why our system crashed,” she sighed.

“Tell me exactly what happened and when the problem occurred.”

“It was working fine yesterday, slow, but at least working. Then when I came in early this morning it was dead as a door nail.”

“Were you the last to work on it?” I asked.

“Yeah, I think, when I left my husband Larry was still here, but he was catching up on paperwork. I asked him if he had used the system after I left to go home and start supper, and he said he hadn’t.”

“Sandy you have a fax number, so I’m going to fax you the information I need, plus documents for Mr. Johnson to sign. It’s a binder for the contract we agreed to, plus I’ll need payment up front as he and I agreed. Do you use PayPal?”

“Yes Sir, that won’t be a problem, plus let me give you my personal cell phone number, in case after office hours you need to contact me. It’s xxx-xxx-xxxx.”

“Thanks Sandy, you should be getting my fax within the next few minutes. I’ll be in touch. Good bye.”

“Good bye, and thanks for helping us.”

Hanging up, I wondered what she looked like? She sounded cute on the phone. I would have to see if we could FaceTime at some point, I chuckled. Snap out of it asshole, you have your hands full with Laura and now my brat sister, told myself.

In a funky mood I didn’t have any desire to fuck Laura, and I decided to send her home. With no one here but me, maybe I could knock out the problem with Johnson Publishing before going home.

Walking in the den downstairs, Laura was laying on the couch in just panties and a t-shirt and no bra, watching some Netflix romance movie. When she heard me walk in the room she rolled over on her back and spread her legs.

“Come here baby and let me get that frown off your face,” she purred.

“Sorry, I have too much to do and you need to go home,” i said gruffly as I walked past her to the kitchen.

Trailing after me, “Baby if you would just go ahead and let me move in I would already be home,” she giggled.

“Laura I don’t think things are going to work out between us. It’s been fun and you’re a sweet girl, but it’s better for both of us to end things now,” I growled. Damn why did I ever think she was the one, I wanted to kick myself for ever getting bursa escort bayan involved with her.

“Baby I’m sorry, I’ll stop asking to move in, we can take things more slowly, if that’s what you want,” pleading now with tears in her eyes.

“Stop it Laura my mind is made up, and you should know me by now that I’m not going to change my mind. Now calmly put your clothes on and leave,” I huffed.

“You…..you….bastard….you will regret this!” she screamed.

God what a shitty day I thought, as I heard her storm out, slamming the door, then heard her car start and leave. Well, hell might as well have a beer and call my friend and let him know I was owning up to the favor I owed him.

With a cold beer I kicked my feet up on the coffee table, turned the tv off, then dialed my friend Richard.

“Hello Lee, tell me, how in the hell do you always manage to call at the worst times.” he laughed.

“Well your wife Lisa always texts me when you’re trying to get in her pants, so I can call and interrupt, she really doesn’t want your tiny dick near her precious pussy,” I chuckle.

“Uh oh, anytime your first sentence includes the word pussy, it tells me you’re not getting any,” he chuckled. “Now why did you call, please don’t tell me you’ve been arrested again,” he joked.

“No asshole, to let you know I contacted Noah Johnson like you asked and I’m going to see if I can help him.”

“Thanks Lee, I’ll let my Dad know, he and Noah or old army buddies and talk all the time. He’s the one that asked me if I knew anyone that might help his friend.”

“Sure no problem, hopefully I can help them, they are going to send me the info I need. I’ll let you know how it goes. Tell that beautiful wife of yours I said hi, goodnight.”

I spent the rest of the evening drinking beer and wondering what the hell I was going to do about Ava. I had not seen her since she was 14, and the few pictures I had seen she had a scowl on her face, and usually dressed in a baggy shirt and had a ball cap smashed down on her head. Ava, Ava, you’re in for a rude awakening young lady, I chuckled to myself.

Before going to bed, I went into my playroom, and picked up the shock collar I had purchased and never used. I had never really had a need, or an excuse to use it. I had bought it on a whim at the club I belonged to, VIP Club. I had already installed the app on my phone so I could control the amount of shock it distributed. It would not take long to install sensors around the house that would trigger the collar to shock the person wearing it. This way I could keep her from running off, or going into parts of my home I didn’t want her too. Satisfied I had the answer to one problem I went to bed.

Early the next morning I reviewed the info Sandy sent, and checked to make sure the money was paid into my account. With the contract signed, I fired up my computer and went to work. Within 30 minutes I found the problem, which I suspected after talking to Sandy. The software was not the problem, except better protection should have been put in place. The problem was someone, I’m sure the son, was spending a lot of time on porn web sites, specifically gay porn. Also there was evidence of him talking to some gay men on several different chat rooms. He had picked up a virus and some malware that had caused the computer to slow down, then finally crashed.

I made sure to make copies of the porn sites he viewed, and his chat room conversations. Cleaned up the computer and restored it to its original settings, and added better protection. Hell in an hour and a half I was done, easy money, plus they would be paying me $500 a month for the next 24 months.

It was only 9 a.m. when I called Sandy on her private cell phone, “Good morning Sandy, are you at the office now?”

“Yes Sir, I just got here a few minutes ago, thought I would catch up on things I could do without the computer,” she laughed.

“Well fire your computer up, I fixed your problem and you’re back in business,” I chuckled.

“Real…ly!” she squealed. “Oh my gosh you are a life saver. I figured it would be at least a couple of days.”

“Well just for you, I stayed up most of the night after I got your information, so you’re ready to go. You have my phone number and I’m here for you for the next 24 months.”

“May I ask what the problem was, was it the software?” she asked.

I suspected Sandy was smarter than her husband thought she was, and didn’t believe it was the software. I didn’t want to explain what I had found, at least not now, so I fudged a little. “No the software was fine Sandy, I did find a virus and malware had infected your system, I cleaned that up and installed better protection so you should not have a problem going forward. However using “password” as your password is not a good idea. Someone could have easily hacked your system and caused the problem,” I explained.

“I tried to tell my husband and father-in-law that, but they wouldn’t listen. escort bursa They wanted an easy password to remember,” she sighed heavily.

“Well, you tell them I said to change to a more secure password. If they won’t listen let me know and I’ll talk to them. Okay?”

“Yes Sir, and thanks,” sounding a little more upbeat.

“I’ll be checking in with you from time to time, but if you need me just give me a call, I’m always available to help a pretty lady,” I replied.

“I could be fat and ugly for all you know,” she giggled.

“”Not with a voice that sweet, no way,” I laughed.

“Thanks Mr. Gardner, look forward to talking to you,” she said in almost a whisper.

“Call me Lee, Sandy, and I’ll be in touch, good bye,” I replied my voice low and husky.

Hanging up, I sipped my coffee and reviewed my financial statements. Life has been good as far as business. I was making in excess of $50,000 a month now, and able to work from home for the most part. The Johnson account would be my 100th customer, but to expand would mean I needed to hire someone to help, or get a partner. My investment account showed I had 1.3 million accumulated, another savings account had $103,455. My home and car was paid for, and I could live very comfortably on $10,000 a month. meaning I could kick back $40,000 a month into savings or investment. If only I could find the right female companion life would be perfect, I frowned!

Finding the right female would have to wait until I handled the Ava problem. I sent an email to my clients letting them know I would be out of contact over the next few days, but would be checking my messages regularly and in touch with them. They all knew from experience, that rarely they had to wait more than a few hours and I would return their calls and assist them. It helped that I could work from anywhere as long as I had access to the internet.

I purchased a ticket for a flight out of Pensacola, Fl arriving in Des Monies IA at 3:15 in the afternoon, and had Enterprise arrange for me to have a car available. By 4 or 4:30 I could be in Deer Creek. That settled I spent the rest of the day making the guest room ready for Ava and packing my clothes. Last I requested an Uber to pick me up at 8:30 the next morning to avoid leaving my car at the airport.

Next day…..

Parking my rented Nissan Armada in my parents driveway at 4:20 pm, I sighed heavily dreading what awaited me. Dad’s truck was not here, so I figured he was still at work, but Mom’s car was here. She only worked part time at Walmart, 7 am to 12 noon Monday thru Thursday.

Knocking I waited for someone to answer, yes it was the home I grew up in, but I wasn’t going to just walk in. The creature that opened the door I didn’t recognize, she was dressed all in black, black hair in a ponytail, black mascara, black lipstick, black fingernails with a smirk on her face. The baggy black top did nothing to hide the fact that she had big breasts, but those blue eyes were what drew my attention.

They were warm as a pale light blue sky, but yet cool as icy water, making me draw in a deep breath.

“Well, if it isn’t the perfect son,” she smirked, “you fucking lost or something, what the fuck you doing here?”

My mind raced, my first thought was to grab her ponytail, force her down on her knees and push my cock down her throat while staring in those amazing eyes! Shit I wasn’t here to fuck my sister, I was here to straighten her ass out.

Shoving past her to enter, I chuckled loudly, “Good to see you have grown into a bigger brat then I remembered, the sun’s still out you may want to crawl back in your cave.”

“Fuck you!” she yelled, as she shoved me from behind.

Now was as good a time as any I thought, turning on her quickly I grabbed her by the back of the neck and led her over to the back of the couch and pushed her over the back of it.

“Oh, ouch, shit….let go you bastard…” she squealed. Her feet were off the floor kicking, as I threw a leg over hers to hold her still, her black jean covered round ass was wiggling trying to get loose.

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK my hand came down on her ass, “You really need to control your mouth,” I growled as my hand pounded her ass. Then I grabbed her legs and pitched her over the couch, where she bounced once on the couch head over heels and landed on her butt on the floor.

She was so shocked she couldn’t speak, she just stared up at me, finally she stood and got her courage back. “You….you fucking asshole…..Ray is going to beat the hell out of you for that!”

“What’s going on?” my mom said coming from the back of the house.

“Oh nothing Mom, Ava was just telling me how glad she was to see me,” I chuckled.

“I was not…..Mom he spanked my ass….and Ray’s going to kill him,” she sobbed while rubbing her sore ass.

Mom had one hand over her mouth surveying the scene she walked in on. I couldn’t tell if she was shocked, or she was trying not to giggle.

Walking around the couch toward Ava I growled, “Ava you have until the count of three to shut up and go to your room, ONE, TWO, Thr…..” was as far as I got and she took off running to her room, and slammed her door.

“Mom it’s good to see you,” as I walked over and hugged her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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