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Balti and Bru and Lovely Jen Too

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Chapter 1 : – : Inception

“Hi Hun, had a good day?”

“Hello love, neah, same old crap as every other day. Say something nice and make me forget.”

“Okay, erm… we’re having salad for dinner and as it’s the weekend, a couple of bottles of wine or several. Oh and Jen’s coming over for a few days too, I said she could stay in the spare room.”

“I said say something nice, not put a damp squib on the weekend. Bugger! That means we’ll have to be quiet again AND keep our clothes on around the house. AND I’ll have to be on good behaviour. Doh! Don’t suppose there’s time for a quickie before she gets here, is there?”

“Control yourself you sex mad sod! Go and have a shower and get changed before she comes.”

“What about a blow job just to tide me over?”

“Go on, get out of here and get ready. You might be in luck later if you’re good AND nice to Jen.”

Jen is my best friend. She has been since we were at secondary school together. I’m Bru, short for Brünhilde. Sorry. My parents are German and chose the name for “tradition” because it was my grandmother’s name — took me years to get used to it though. I’m thirty-four and Jen’s a few weeks younger. I’ve been married to Balti (that’s his nickname, his real name is Ronald but no-one ever calls him that and hardly anyone even knows his real name) for sixteen years. We’ve been trying to have children for the last ten but so far we’ve not had any luck. Jen has a daughter; Abigail aged five, from her marriage, which ended in a bad divorce two years ago. The bastard (his name is Julian) ran off with his best friend, Dick! Jen’s been sworn off men ever since. Abi’s gone on holiday with her grandparents in their seaside caravan for a few weeks, leaving Jen at a loose end.

Jen and Balti do get on alright most of the time, he just worries when she’s here that he’s not going to get his “oats” as often as he’d like. Jen’s husband used to come along with her and stay the weekend but Balti really didn’t like him much and the visits just sort of tailed off for a few years. Until the divorce that is. I don’t think he minds her coming. He’s always flirting with her. Well, she is prettier than me. We both need to wear glasses but Jen now has contacts. Balti insists that she’s no better looking than me, but I’ve always had a bit of an inferiority complex about her. She’s only needed glasses for the last five years or so, whereas I’ve always been very shortsighted and worn them for as long as I can remember. Balti says it was the glasses that first caught his eye but I really find that hard to believe.

Dinner went off fairly quietly and afterwards we sat and watched TV for an hour or so. Then whilst Balti went upstairs to look for something, I sent Jen off to fetch another bottle of wine from the chiller in the cellar. She was gone a while and when she came back she was holding the wine in one hand and a folder in the other.

“What are these, you sly old dog? I found them on the floor, next to the bench in the cellar.”

It was a folder of photos that Balti had taken of me. Intimate photos. I blushed madly. I’d forgotten that they’d been left out. “Have you looked at them?” I asked, not daring to catch her eye.

“The folder looked like it had fallen on the floor and a couple of pictures had come out. I only looked at those. They’re gorgeous. Stunning. Can I look at the rest?”

“I don’t know, let me see the ones you’ve already looked at.” Jen passed the folder over with the two pictures that had fallen out on top. One was of me posing in skimpy undies with my back to the camera and looking over my shoulder, which wasn’t too bad, but the other was a full frontal view, in the same outfit, but minus the thong. You could see the entire front of my smooth and bald pubic area.

I was so embarrassed. Balti and I have been doing photo sessions for years. We’ve always kept the results strictly private. Fortunately, in this session, it was just me in the images. Sometimes we got a bit carried away and would end up doing some really, really, rude photos. In fact, the photo sessions always ended with a passionate romp. It was the reason I was so keen to have him take my photos in the first place. So it was lucky that this time there were none in the folder of us actually having sex.

I was about to refuse Jen’s request when Balti walked back into the room and saw what I was holding. He did a double take and then looked from me to Jen and back to me, with a quizzical expression on his face.

“What are you doing getting those out, I thought you didn’t want anybody to see them?”

Blushing madly again, I replied “I left them in the basement and they must have fallen off the bench”.

When I explained that Jen had found them after I sent her for more wine, he just nodded. I said, “Jen wants me to let her see the rest. I’m not sure what to say”.

“What, all of them?”

“No just these. She doesn’t know about the other sessions”.

Then Jen said, “There are more? Do you do ankara escort this a lot?”

Balti and I looked at each other and then he shrugged, saying, “S’up to you hun. She is your best friend and I know that you’re proud of the pictures. I’ll let you decide. I don’t mind.”

I thought about it for a while and then came to a decision. “Ok” I said, looking at Jen, “yes, we do ‘do this’ quite a lot. Balti’s a really good amateur photographer and we both enjoy the sessions we have. You can have a look through the pictures, but only the ones in this folder.”

“Ooh, ok. Thanks.” After Balti opened the fresh bottle I poured more wine and we all sat together on the settee, with Jen in the middle, going through the pictures.

When we first started doing these sessions, we used to use film in the camera and when Balti had time, usually at the weekend, he’d develop them himself in the basement, which he’d converted into a darkroom. It was quite messy and very time consuming, but the results weren’t too bad at all. Since then, though, we’ve gone all digital, so now there are no messy, smelly chemicals and there’s no drying time either. Plus the results look truly professional, and we can have the first set of prints the following day, if it’s on a weekend. We could probably have them that same evening, if we weren’t so “busy” with each other. The thing is that we both get so turned on in our photo sessions that we can’t keep our hands off each other and we start touching each other up long before the session is over. Often, we just abandon the posing and really get into the ‘afters’ part of the session. Even after all these years, our sex life is still fantastic and boy, does he ring my bell.

Anyway, by the time we’d looked through the photos, it was getting quite late. We were all a little tipsy and so we decided to go to bed. Jen had gone a little quiet and I assumed she was tired so we said goodnight to her and went into our bedrooms. Jen was in the guest room, opposite ours, which, like ours, has its own bathroom.

Balti and I decided to shower together as a prelude to what I’d promised earlier. A lot of touching was done in the shower, which is over a full sized bath. Balti lathered me up from behind with the shower gel and I could feel his penis hardening against the crack of my bum. I started to slide my bum up and down his shaft and then turned ’round and kissed him full on the lips, my tongue going deeply into his mouth. I felt so turned on as a result of looking through the photos and somehow, I was even more turned on because Jen had been looking at them too. I reached down for Balti’s cock, which felt even harder than usual, if that were possible. I slid it down between my legs so it was pressing up against the swollen lips of my, by now, ultra aroused mini and started to slide my clitoris along it. The sensations were mind blowing and I knew I was very close to a massive orgasm.

I reached down again and pulled his cock even harder against my clit, rubbing and sliding faster and faster. As I lost all awareness of anything except the incredible sensations emanating from my most intimate area, I pushed downwards harder and harder, groaning “Oh my G-O-O-O-O-O-D! Fuck… fuck… F-U-U-U-C-K. O-o-o-o-o-h ye-e-e-ssss. My god that’s good.”

Suddenly my knees buckled as the climax hit me, spreading out from my throbbing, tingling cunt. Wave after delicious wave of erotic pleasure broke against my legs, my belly, my spine, cascading right up into my brain, seeming to spin it round and round. “O-o-o-o-h God. O-o-o-o-h God. O-o-o-o-h God. Huh, huh, huh, h-a-a-a-a……”

Almost collapsing, I was suddenly aware again of Balti as he held me up whilst I recovered. “Oh my fucking god”, I gasped. “That was sooo good. It felt like I was turning inside out through my fanny and being kissed all over, on my insides, in the most incredibly erotic way. That was fan-fucking-tastic. I was so turned on I didn’t even feel you come”.

“What do you mean; ‘feel me come’? I was only just getting started; there was no time for me to come. It was all over in less than two minutes from when I lathered you up, you dirty, horny tart.”

I dropped my hand back to his knob and looked down. It was still very hard and pointing at me. I looked up with what I hoped was a cheeky grin on my face and said, “Oh dear, I suppose I’d better get this for you then, hadn’t I?”

Sinking down onto my knees, I stuck my tongue out and very gently licked around the head of his shaft, then slowly downwards towards his balls, which were pulled up tight because of his erection. Licking back up to the tip, I opened my mouth and took all of the head deep onto my tongue and closed my lips around it, gently moving my head back and forth.

“Jesus Bru, that feels good. O-oh fuck, keep going. Tell me about the fantasy you had when you came.”

Slipping his solid member out of my mouth, I said, “Are you kidding? I hardly had time to breathe then, ankara escort bayan never mind have a fantasy. The sensations were so fantastic; I just stopped doing anything except enjoying the rapturous pleasure. I was totally oblivious to anything else. It all ceased to exist.”

I put my left hand around the base of his rock hard cock, gripping tightly, whilst slipping the head back, and deeper, into my mouth. I can’t do deep throat (I’ve tried) but I can get about five inches into my mouth. I started to move again, back and forth, sucking and licking hard, but this time I moved my hand as if it were attached like a single unit, to my mouth. With my right hand I very gently caressed his balls, whilst at the same time stroking behind them with my middle finger. I could feel him tensing and increased my speed and pressure slightly. His knees began to tremble slightly and he started to push back against me. Faster. Faster. Harder. Harder.

Suddenly, he wrenched his throbbing cock out of my mouth. Still holding it firmly with my left hand, I reached up and added my right hand to the grip I had on it, stroking backwards and forwards, whilst pointing it towards my chest. He gave an enormous groan and came in a flooding deluge, a wild torrent of thick, white jism, coating my chest, breasts and nipples in his spunk. He seemed to come for ages until he gradually subsided, letting out a deep breath and moaning loudly. “Fuck… Fuck…”

Later, as we lay in bed (after cleaning up of course), he turned to me and said, “I don’t know what possessed you tonight, but I think it was catching. That was the best shag we’ve had for ages, and you never even got it in you.”

“Yeah, I thought so too. I’m not sure, but I think it turned me on letting Jen see the photos. It was sort of, I don’t know, naughty, I suppose. I’d never thought about showing them to anyone else before, but I think that this time, and one time only, I liked it. A lot.”

We lay there quietly for a while. I was getting tired and Balti was almost asleep. I gradually became aware of a very faint noise that sounded almost like someone’s voice. Nudging Balti I said, “can you hear that?”

“Yeah, I thought I could hear something.” Getting up and going to the window, which was slightly ajar, he looked back and said, “I don’t think it’s coming from outside. You’ve not left the telly on have you? I’d better go and look.”

Getting up without dressing, tip-toeing to the door and very quietly opening it, I presumed so as not to wake Jen, he went out onto the landing and stood very still, listening for where the sound was coming from. He poked his head back round the door with his index finger pressed against his lips, indicating for me to be quiet, and then gestured for me to join him.

As we both stood there, completely naked, I could clearly hear that the noise, which was actually a feminine groaning sound, was coming from the guest bedroom and was accompanied by a soft hum. Jen was quite obviously having some serious ‘me-time’, evidently having arrived well prepared. I gently took Balti’s arm and pulled him back into our room, saying; “I think we ought to leave her to it. I don’t think she’s been with anyone since Julian — and she hadn’t had sex with him for at least a year before they finally split up.”

Balti replied, “O-oh, just let me stay till she gets to the vinegar stroke, she sounds like it won’t be long now”.

“Come back in here, NOW, or I’ll make a noise to let her know we’re here, you dirty Peeping-Tom.”

Just then Jen’s pace seemed to quicken and we heard quite a bit of loud, prolonged gasping, followed by what sounded like a deep grunt and “O-o-o-o-o-h… U-u-U-h-n-n.” She’d obviously climaxed, and pretty loudly too. Balti, with a huge grin on his face, followed me into the bedroom. Looking down, it was apparent that Jen’s solo effort had had its effect on Balti’s rapidly inflating penis. I looked him in the eye and said, “You’d better save that for tomorrow night, unless you want to have a wank. I’m going to sleep. Now!”

I think he must have laid on it. I never felt the bed shaking.

Chapter 2 : – : Awakening

Sunrise at break of the following day was amazing. After weeks of dull and overcast misery (quite usual for April and May in these parts of the UK), we awoke to a beautiful, bright and sunny mid-May morn, with not a cloud in the sky, like something from a fairy story or a fable. I arose with a definite spring in my step, leaving Balti fast asleep in bed, to find Jen already up and in the kitchen preparing a fried breakfast for us all.

“Morning Bru. And isn’t it a gorgeous one? I thought I’d get breakfast ready; I couldn’t stay in bed a moment longer. Balti still asleep?”

“Out like a light. Used up a lot of energy last night. Needs some recovery time.”

Jen suddenly blushed a bright beetroot colour and refused to make eye contact. “I know. I heard you… and I think I heard you hearing me, too” she escort ankara said very quietly, almost whispering.

“Oh Jen, I’m so sorry. We honestly weren’t spying on you. We could hear a noise and went to investigate… We had no idea until we got out onto the landing.”

“Oh that’s ok. I heard you both come. It was only fair that you should hear me come too. Anyway, shall we get ready for breakfast? It’ll be about five or ten minutes, do you want to go and wake Balti?”

Thankfully, Balti was very discrete over the food, never mentioning the previous nights antics. Afterwards, Jen and I decided to go for a walk through the woods at the bottom of our garden, whilst Balti said he had some DIY jobs to sort out around the house.

The woods are fairly sparse and being so early in the year, the trees were not yet fully covered in leaves, so there was plenty of sunlight getting through as we walked and talked. It was such a lovely and peaceful day and we talked endlessly about absolutely nothing at all, carefully avoiding the embarrassment of the previous nights events.

Finally, I could stand it no longer and blurted out, “Look Jen, we’re skirting around what seems to be a great big elephant in the room. Shall we talk about it or not?”

“Phew, sorry. Didn’t know where or how to begin.”

We’d arrived at an old fallen tree trunk and without a word we both decided to use it as a bench, sitting down in the gentle warmth of the mid morning sun. There ensued a long, anticipatory silence, and then, “Bru, I don’t know where to begin. Looking through your beautiful photographs, I got so turned on. They are just, so… stunningly gorgeous. But when I saw that you were shaved… it was almost too much. It made you look even more sexy. Apart from when Abi was born, I’ve never had my pubic hair shaved and that really wasn’t particularly erotic, I can tell you. How long have you been shaving like that?”

“I’ve been having my pubes removed for, ooh, years now, probably about, I don’t know, fifteen years or more, but I don’t shave anymore. I wax them off, or at least, Balti waxes them for me. I used to get him to shave me but we discovered waxing about five years ago and I’ve never looked back.”

“Waxing? Isn’t that really painful?”

“It can be. It depends how you do it. Balti was quite reluctant at first; he didn’t want to hurt me. But we figured out ways to keep the pain to a minimum. You see, if you only take a few hairs at a time, it’s not so painful and once you’ve removed them once, when they start to re-grow, they’re a lot less painful to remove again. So what we did was, we started off with just a small bikini wax, leaving most of the hair in place, and then two weeks later, we did it again, but took an extra quarter inch all round. Then we repeated it every two weeks until they were all gone. Now, we only need to do it about every four or five weeks and then, what there is, is very fine. In fact, Balti only waxed me the other day.”

“Oh, wow. But how did you learn what to do and where did you get the stuff from to do it with?”

“Don’t you ever use Google? There’s just so much information out there on the internet. You can buy almost anything these days and you can buy all of the equipment and supplies to do the waxing, and then there are instructional videos and manuals so you can learn how to use it all. We get the stuff from a company that supplies professionals. It’s not expensive.”

“When you heard me last night, you know, masturbating, I was fantasising about what it’d be like to be shaved like you and be photographed in the poses you were in. I’ve always wanted to pose like that but never thought that ordinary people like us, even you, did things like that. I was so turned on looking at your pictures and the thought of having no pubes just pushed me over the edge. Does it feel nice, you know, being completely smooth down there?”

“God yes. There’s really no way to describe it. Sensitivity’s increased and it feels so good to just touch it and stroke it. But when Balti goes down on me… Oh my God, that’s the best. The moment he touches me there with his tongue, I’m almost coming. And if I sit on his face, it’s like I’m having oral sex with about ten people at once. I can’t help myself; I just get s-o-o-o, so hot. Even before I started shaving, sex was really good. But afterwards, with no hair there to get in the way, I started to have multiple orgasms, regularly. Now, when I come, I sometimes have ten, fifteen or even twenty or more orgasms, one after the other and sometimes, it feels like I’m coming, continuously, in one massive climax, for ten or fifteen minutes. It’s so intense sometimes that I have to stop. I’ve just not got the energy to carry on with it.

“Last night when we had sex, we were in the shower. Balti didn’t actually penetrate me with his, you know, his cock. I just rubbed my clit against and along it. But, ooh, it was sooo good. I really do recommend it. You should start off by shaving first, to see if you like the sensation, but as soon as you can, try waxing. Since we started doing the wax thing, we’ve found a cream that you can use; a ‘topical anaesthetic’, I think its called, and whilst it doesn’t make it painless, it does reduce the pain by quite a lot, making it much more bearable.”

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