Şubat 2, 2023

A Walk in the Park

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It was one of the first warm spring days… with record high temperatures even. Winter had relinquished its grip on the world. Trees were budding out. Soon the woods would be that soft delicate new green that only happens once a year and is so ephemeral before leaves turn their dark hard summer shades of green.

The path was a dirt track that wound snake-like around ancient trees. It was a rough path with tree roots criss-crossing it, protruding above the ground in places, threatening to grab the toe of any unwary jogger’s shoe or even that of a casual stroller, such as myself.

I was rounding a curve in the path that skirted a huge old oak tree when I was nearly bowled over from behind by a large fur covered creature racing past me on a mission. It ran around to the other side of the tree, stood on hind legs with paws on the tree trunk and began a high pitched excited barking, while bouncing up and down and staring eagerly at the branches above.

The squirrel sat on a low branch nibbling at a tasty acorn (no doubt from a cache of last year’s fruit put away for the winter, as it was much too early for acorns this season). The squirrel was completely disdainful of the annoying beast making such a commotion below its tree. Finishing its feast, it scampered up the trunk to higher branches.

“Oh my, you’re beautiful,” I told the Golden, “are you friendly?”

I took a chance and knelt next to the dog, since I’d never heard of a Golden Retriever that wasn’t friendly. I stroked the thick soft fur on her back, then moved my hand to her head and scratched behind her ears, which she seemed to love, because she turned to me and started rewarding me with big wet sloppy dog kisses on my chin and face.

I was about to rise and escape the slobbering canine onslaught when I heard a thumping sound coming from behind me. I turned my head just in time to see a shirtless young man come barreling down the path at a dead run heading toward me, when one of the aforementioned roots grabbed the toe of his sneakers, as they are want to do, and he began a headlong dive through the air… which terminated on top of me.

I let out a loud ‘ouuuf’ sound as I landed on the ground and found myself on my back being crushed by the half naked young man. A wet tongue was lapping at my face. The dog again. She alternated between my face and the face of the young man.

“Bailey quit that! Naughty girl! Where have you been, damn it,” the fellow said, then he turned to me.

“Oh shit, I’m so sorry, are you alright?” He said, when he finally realized he had me pinned. A referee in a wrestling match would have been slapping the mat next to us and counting to ten.

“I think I am, but with your hand on my boob, it’s kinda hard to tell if my heart is racing from being tackled, or, from sexual arousal – feels kinda nice actuallly,” I told him.

“Oh my god… so sorry!” He said, leaping up and offering a hand to help me up.

He pulled me up and I started brushing myself off.

“Oh, that doesn’t look so good,” he said looking down at my left leg.

I followed his gaze down and saw rather a lot of blood running escort down my leg from a nasty looking cut on my knee, which I hadn’t felt until he pointed it out. Suddenly, it hurt like hell.

“Oh fuck,” I said, my voice quivering. I get all queasy at the sight of blood.

My knees gave out and thankfully the young man caught me.

I should point out here, that the young man in question, could easily have auditioned for the part of Greek God in any play or movie that included such a character, and gotten the role based on looks alone, he was beautiful. Especially without a shirt.

“Hey, stay with me here, it’s not that serious. But, I should get you to the E/R to get it looked at,” he told me as he put his arm around me to hold me up.

“I’m okay, it’s just that the sight of blood makes me woozy. And, I don’t have insurance, so I can’t afford the E/R. I’ll be alright, I’ll put a bandaid on it when I get home,” I told him.

“Hold on, let me look at it, I’m a fourth year med student,” He explained. “Hmmm, it may need stitches,” he said after looking closer.

“Oh no.”

“Look, I’ve got a very comprehensive first aid kit at my apartment. If you want, I could clean the wound and, if need be, I could even do a couple stitches, even though it’s not strictly kosher since I’m not licensed yet. It’s up to you, but you should have it treated. You don’t want it getting infected.”

“Lead on doc,” I said and took a step… I yelped. My knee was really stiff already.

“Let me help, lean on me,” he said and put his arm around my waist to support me. I put my hand on his strong shoulder.

I limped back up the path with him as Bailey darted into the woods from time to time.

“Can you drive?” He asked when we reached my car.


“I’m the old blue pickup over there, just follow me,” he said.

When we got to his apartment, he told me to sit on his sofa while he got his kit. When I sat, I yelped again.

“Your knee again?”

“No, my tailbone.” I said, “it really hurt when I sat down.”

“Let me take care of your knee first, and if you want, I can check your coccyx.”


“Your tailbone is called the coccyx,” he explained.

“By the way, I don’t even know your name, I know your dog’s name, but not yours.”

“Oh… Josh, and yours?” He said, as he worked on my knee.

“Joan,” I said. “Ouuch, that stings.”

“Sorry, I think you should have a few stitches, mostly to minimise the scar since it’s on your leg… it’ll look better in a bikini,” he said with a chuckle.

“Ok… will it hurt? I’m such a wimp.”

“I can numb it first,” he said.

He did three stitches and was very gentle. Then he wrapped a bandage around my knee.

“Okay, let’s look at that tailbone,” he said, “ahh…,you’ll have to remove your shorts, if that’s okay.”

“Sure, no problem,” I said.

I stood and slowly pulled my shorts down my legs. I wasn’t wearing panties, as it turned out.

“Oh… ahh… I can get you a towel…” he offered, stuttering.

“I don’t mind you seeing my pussy, if you don’t mind looking…” I said with a escort bayan giggle.

“I’m just trying to keep this on a professional level,” Josh said.

“But you’re not really a doctor yet, there will be plenty of time for ‘professional’ some other day,” I said provocatively, because Josh was really turning me on. “I know I’m a bit older than you, but I’m not that bad to look at, am I?”

“No, not at all, quite the opposite, actually. Ahh… let’s look at that tailbone okay?”

“Where do you want me?” I stood with my bare pussy just inches from his face.

“You can lie on the sofa.”

“I could lie across your lap… please?”

Joah reluctantly agreed, so I lay across his lap. He began gently palpating the area around and over my tailbone.

“Your hands feel nice on my butt,” I told him. “Ouuch… that hurts.”

“How about here?”

“Yikes! Yes, that hurts too… even more,” I complained, “is my tailbone broken? And, you could massage my butt, if you like, and make it feel better.”

“I don’t think it’s broken, probably just bruised, but only an x-ray would tell you for sure. Even if it were broken, there’s really no treatment for it other than letting time heal it. Kind of hard to put a cast on your tailbone. Only ten percent of cases need surgery – just the most severe ones. You just need an ice pack. Hmmm, and maybe a butt massage, like this…”

“Ouuuh yes… like that… oh that feels so nice… hmmmm… what’s that hard thing pressing against my tummy?”

“You realize having sex could be painful… for your tailbone.”

“I’m willing to take that chance… if I’m on top, it shouldn’t hurt so much, maybe.”

“You’re very wet…”

“Oh my god, yes… right there… rub my clit Josh…”

I had an orgasm within minutes. I thrashed about on Josh’s lap – his cock getting harder still. My tailbone smarted a bit, but it was worth it.

“I want you inside me, Josh,” I told him.

He lifted me up and I straddled his legs and reached in under his gym shorts to extract his hard cock. It was beautiful; long and slender. I guided it to my opening and pushed it up and down my slit to get it lubricated from my juices. Then I lowered myself slowly on it and felt the delicious sensations it was sending through my body as it penetrated me. I pulled my tank top up over my head and unhooked my bra which fell to the floor.

“Do like my tits, Josh, I know you felt them already,” I said with a giggle as I worked slowly up and down on his marvelous piece of meat. I shuddered each time he was at maximum depth and I felt the tip of his cock bottom out in me.

“Yes, Joan, I love your breasts and I love the warmth and softness of your vagina,” he said. I’d never fucked a doctor or medical student before, but I was learning they tended to use too many technical terms.

“Its my pussy, Josh, or cunt, not vagina, forget med school for a minute and just fuck my brains out, okay?”

“Yes Joan… god your cunt feels wonderful on my dick!”

Josh was a very kind and considerate lover, especially given my sore tailbone. He bounced me up and down on his bayan escort stiff member until I had another mind bending orgasm. He had to hold on to me to keep me from falling off and onto the floor. Whenever I cum, I sort of lose control.

Another wonderful thing about Josh – he had tremendous staying power. He fucked me for almost an hour without cumming. I had three of the best orgasms of my life on his magnificent cock. He never once stopped or took a break, he just kept fucking me.

“Oh my fucking god, Josh, you’re they best fuck I’ve every had,” I said breathlessly after my third orgasm.

“But, I want to feel your hot cum filling my pussy… please honey,” I begged.

Josh didn’t speak. He just put his hands on my shoulders and pulled me forward until my head was inches from his. Our lips met and our tongues touched in the most sensual kiss of my life as his hips began to lift and fall more rapidly, driving his glorious cock in and out of me faster, and faster.

I lifted my breast to his lips and he suckled voraciously as he continued to fuck me frantically. I felt the familiar heat building in my groin again and knew I would climax once more very soon as a hot tingling spread in electric jolts from my burning cunt, up and through me. I was near delirious with joy. When his teeth nipped at my turgid nipples, it sent me over edge one last time.

At that same moment, Josh let out a mighty groan and I felt him thrust one last time deep into me. I felt his cock pulsing inside me, I felt the warmth of his seed filling my velvety cavern… I was in heaven.

Josh pulled me tight to him as he came. His body jerked and shuddered uncontrollably. I relished his strong embrace as my own body quivered and I turned into a ragdoll.

My lips found his again. Such a sweet kiss to end our love making. It lingered. I never wanted it to end. But, eventually it did and I slid off his lap. His cock was only semi-erect and covered with a mixture of our combined juices. I leaned in and collected that sweet ambrosia on my tongue. Nothing ever tasted better.

“Thank you my sweet Josh,” I said.

“Oh Joan, that was the best experience of my life,” he told me.

I gave Josh a funny look.

“I meant the stitches.”


He gave me an odd look in return. A sad look.

“Oh, you silly thing, I was just joking… I have a rather twisted sense of humor, sorry,” I said, laughing and giving him a gentle punch on his shoulder.

“Oh, good… you had me there for a second,” he admitted.

“So, doctor, do I have to come back for a follow up visit? I sure hope so… or, maybe I could just move in,” I said, giggling.

As ridiculous as it may sound, that’s what I did a few days later, moved in with him – or rather, he moved into my place. My three bedroom home is a little more spacious and I have a pool.

I know I’m old enough to be his mother, well, almost. But, the age difference doesn’t seem to matter to either of us. Josh wants kids even though I’m a bit past my prime in that department. But I’m pregnant and so happy, as is Josh.

Though I sometimes wonder about our future together, what with the age difference and all, I couldn’t be happier. And I sense Josh feels the same way.

I thank Bailey everyday for bringing us together. She licks my face to say ‘you’re welcome’.

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