Nisan 13, 2024

A Perfect Day for Chili

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My girlfriend Kaylee and I have been living together for about two years. Our relationship is still as exciting as when we first met. We enjoy doing a variety of things together. We fell in love quickly, but I never opened up to her about any of my fetishes because I have a fear of losing her. We communicate well with each other, despite the fact that I have never shared my sexual fantasies.

We live a vanilla life but I do try to pamper her and let her have as much control as possible. I always believed that she is the type of girl who likes to be pampered. I want to treat her like a Queen and be her slave, but I don’t take it that far and I never thought she would let me. I do as many chores around the house as I can before she insists on contributing. She doesn’t have to lift a finger for the job she has, but I encourage her to work less so she can have more time for herself.

I think she is the most attractive girl I have ever laid eyes on. She has brown eyes, long brown hair down to her ass and is five feet four inches tall. It is a Friday afternoon, the sun is setting and I am just getting home from work. Kaylee has been home all day; she doesn’t work on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

After I get cleaned up from my long day at work, I go into the living room where my girlfriend is laying on the couch. She is still in her fluffy fleece pajamas and nestled under her fleece blanket. I get the desire instantly to go over and put my face in her warm ass or kiss her feet. My fear of creeping her out or her breaking up with me stops me from doing it.

“Hey baby, how was your day?” I say, kissing her on the cheek, noticing how warm her body is.

“Pretty good, I had a lazy day,” she says, happy to see me.

I love when she wears her fleece pajamas, they are really soft and she looks extra cute in them. We sit together in front of the TV talking and kissing. I start feeling her body and work my way to her tits to spark something that leads to sex.

“Not now Mark. I’m kinda gross, I haven’t showered since Wednesday morning,” she says, pushing me back gently.

“Okay,” I say, getting turned on secretly, by the idea that she hasn’t showered.

I did notice her hair; it smells stale and looks a little greasy.

“Can I get you anything? What do you want to do for diner, do you know yet?” I say, feeling disappointed that she pushed me away.

“No, I’m actually pretty full I finished the leftover chili. It was so good! You can hand me the computer though,” she says.

I get the laptop off the coffee table and place it in her lap. I realize the last time I ate was this morning, so I decide to go in the kitchen for a bite to eat and have a glass of water.

I feel better after putting some food in my system and I make my way back to the living room, I can hear a video playing. I get closer to her, playing the video on the computer.

“Oh my God! That’s… uh… I forgot to clear my history… bahis firmaları let me see that… no please just shut it off,” I say embarrassed, trying to take the computer away.

I can see her laughing a little, at what she’s watching.

“You like this stuff, she is farting on him! That’s so funny… wow,” she says, amused.

I don’t know what to do at this point. I just want to know what she is thinking.

“pfft,” she lets out a small fart.

She has farted around me in the past, but I can’t believe she just did it knowing I’m embarrassed by what’s happening. I am looking at her speechless.

“What… I think if you can watch this, I can fart around you. Do you like my farts?” she says, laughing.

“Um… no… I don’t know, please can we forget it,” I respond, nervously.

“PFFT! No I think you like it… That chili makes me so gassy, I don’t even know why I was holding it in while you were sitting here,” she says, smiling.

I sit down next to her now, still hoping that she doesn’t leave me for this. I put my arm around her, unsure of what to say. She farts a few more times and I can feel the vibrations lightly, in the couch. The smells slowly come out from under her fluffy blanket. She squeezes my crotch, letting me know she is aware of my erection.

“Is this what you want… me to fart on your face… maybe I can try it… it’s not me who has to smell the stench in his face,” she says, giggling.

“What… are you serious,” I say, shocked at what she is saying.

“Yes… let’s go, get down there… I don’t think you want to waste any,” she says and grabs my hair, pulling me off the couch onto the floor.

It is the first time I ever felt her force me to do something. She lifts up her blanket and I get between her legs. She traps me under and I smell immediately, the warm stale sour stink coming from her pussy and some lingering farts.

“Pppppphhhhrrt,” she farts louder and longer.

The stench is much worse when I am this close to her ass, but I have a full erection now. It is extremely warm with her fleece against my face and her blanket over me to keep everything in. I stay down between her legs for about ten minutes; I never try to stop her. I have always fantasized about her doing this to me, but never believed it would happen.

She taps me on the head, signaling me to come out.

“I can’t believe I just did that! it was kinda fun actually… how can you stand the smell?” she says delighted, surprisingly.

“Well… it does stink… I just like when you… I don’t know,” I say, trying to figure out how to say, what I want to say.

“Whatever… it was so fun… I gotta pee now though… get me a glass of water then lay on the couch,” she says demandingly, a tone I never heard from her before.

I do what she says. When she comes back she is happy to see me laying face up on the couch.

“Take your shirt off,” she says demandingly, kaçak iddaa again.

I do what she says quickly. She climbs onto the couch and I get an idea of what she is doing. She plops onto my face, burying me in her ass. Kaylee is not a large or fat woman but she never does anything physical, so she is really soft and has a couple extra pounds. I still can’t believe that this is happening; I have never seen this side of her before.

“pfff pppppttttt,” she farts directly on my face and wiggles her butt burying me deeper into her soft cheeks.

“Phhhhhhrt” she lets out another one and at this point the only air I can get is from her bottom.

I start to smell her pussy and it sure smells like she hasn’t showered since Wednesday. It doesn’t smell like she wiped herself after using the toilet either.

“Pbpbpbpb, I’m going to watch my show… it’s only a half hour so you should be okay under there,” she says, laughing.

She farts so much during the half hour, giggling each time. I’m so surprised at her reaction to the video and how much she seems to enjoy doing this. I never realized how smelly she lets herself get, she only showers on Monday and Wednesday for work and when she goes out occasionally. I lose track of time while under her ass and I think I dozed off at one point.

“Ppppwwaaarrrppp… oh that one sounded gross… I think I have to take a shit,” she says as she gets off my face.

“Move,” she pulls my arm to get me to sit up and then sits next to me.

“Wow… I can’t believe you did that,” I say as I put my arm around her and my head against hers.

I have a full erection from everything that just happened and I go in slowly so I can make out with her.

“No… EW I just farted on you… do you think I want to smell that… I have to take a shit,” she says, as she gets up and goes to the bathroom.

I wait on the couch thinking about everything, still shocked and realizing that I can’t predict or assume what she will do next. However, I expect her to take a shower after she uses the bathroom.

She comes back very soon; I don’t even know how she had enough time to shit. I get up to use the bathroom myself and when I look in the toilet, I see that she didn’t flush. She would have never of done this before today. I don’t say anything about it when I go back and sit next to her.

We sit for a little while in silence, until I get the courage to say, “so… what do you think?”

She looks at me with a sort of adorable evil smile.

“Um about what… I think I should quit my job and sit on your face more,” she says, laughing about that idea.

“Oh yeah… you could,” I respond, hesitant.

I assume she is joking. I have always encouraged her to stop working, but she never seemed to like the idea.

“What other weird stuff do you like… tell me,” she says, looking at me like she wants an answer.

“Well… I always wanted you to be… the queen kaçak bahis in the relationship… and own me like your slave,” I get the courage to say.

She laughs at what I just said, making me start to regret I said anything.

“Oh yeah… that could be fun, I kinda like ordering you around and when you do everything,” she says, casually.

“Really, wow… how come you don’t let me do everything when I try to… like chores and waiting on you and stuff,” I say, feeling more comfortable.

“I don’t know… I guess I feel like I should… I’m definitely not doing anything anymore… I’m glad we talked about this,” she says, looking so happy.

I don’t respond I’m a little nervous and shocked about everything. We sit on the couch for a little while, I just wait for her to say something first. She yawns a few times and teases my cock outside my pants.

“I’m getting kinda tired… let’s go, shut the TV off, take my blanket,” she says, as she’s walking away.

I meet her in the bedroom and she’s already snuggled up under the covers. I get into bed slowly, trying to start kissing her again.

“No, I always liked your tongue better, you can kiss down there… what are you waiting for, get under the covers!” she says, impatiently.

She has her pajamas pulled down, just enough for me to get to her pussy. It smells sour and sweaty, but I don’t hesitate to start pleasing her. It tastes really bad to and she’s wet, partly from being aroused and partly from not wiping. She flicks on the TV and lies there comfortably, enjoying everything. I try my best to bring her to an orgasm as quick as I can. When I lick lower under her pussy, it starts to taste a little shitty from her ass. I bring her to orgasm eventually and then I start to come out to lie next to her.

“No!… ugh stay down there, clean me… and make sure it’s clean,” she says, in a bratty tone.

I work hard to make sure that I lick every part of her. She shoves my face into her vagina occasionally, rubbing her scent all over. I feel her pinch me hard many times, on my back and neck with her pink manicured nails.

When she is satisfied that I did a good enough job she turns over to lie on her stomach, making sure that I stay under the covers. She guides me to lie on my stomach, under her legs with my face in her ass, trapping me there with her pajamas that are still pulled down.

“I still have a lot of gas left… I love this!… make sure you clean me good!” she says, laughing at my predicament.

It smells like shit between her perfect soft cheeks and I can taste it. I can’t believe she didn’t wipe her ass either. I wonder if it’s because she’s lazy or if she just enjoys doing this to me.

“Ppppppptttttt,” she seems to enjoy it so much.

I think she laughs or giggles every time she farts.

“I’m going to fall asleep soon… you’re staying there… I better not be dirty when I wake up!” she says, enjoying every minute.

She falls asleep but that doesn’t stop her from farting. I fall asleep to eventually, but I’m often woken up by her farts or because she is adjusting herself. Kaylee sleeps like a baby all night long.

The End

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